Monday, August 20, 2018

Ant farms

This seems headed to a theory of Hess personally delivering to Churchill a conspiratorial proposal from Hitler, a proposal concocted by Rothschild. "The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England (I)"  "The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England (II)" (LaForest).  There does need to be an explanation for the Hess story, baffling in both what he did, and how well, and oddly, he was treated - completely out of line with his Nazi peers - thereafter.  If the issue was direct personal communication directly from the only person Hitler could trust to Churchill himself, what kind of indecent proposal could be so toxic that it couldn't possibly be allowed to fall outside of the Hitler-Hess-Churchill circle?

"Corbyn’s Labour Party is Being Made to Fail –By Design" (Cook).  As you might expect, the JYRB jews the story right up, until it bears no possible relationship to the facts, and it is all Corbyn's fault!!!:  "Behind the Anti-Semitism Crisis of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party" (Seaton).  He spectacularly identifies the problem as that Corbyn's politics isn't the same as Blair's.

"The CIA Owns the US and European Media" (Roberts).  Similar to my proposed game show in which the audience has to decide whether a contestant is a Khazar or a psychopath (a failure, I know, as it is impossible to tell), I now propose one where you have to decide if the journalist contestant is an IC stooge, or simply completely retarded.  I guess that $5 billion Nudelman-Kagan spent was all on cookies.

The snipers are exactly like the Maidan snipers, working off the same CIA playbook!:  "CENIDH's false human rights reporting" (Moore). Also, in the spirit of HRW and various Syrian PR enterprises, a fake 'human rights' organization to spread the propaganda.

"US Meddling: Washington Backs Fugitive, Terrorist in Thailand" (Thomas).  Like Gülen, a kind of human toxic waste stored by the assholians for just the right time.

"Will Turkey Back or Break Militants in Northern Syria?" (Cartalucci).  I'll bet Erdoğan's plans have changed a lot in the past week, seeing as he now needs Putin's economic help, which will come with strings, one of which will be tuning down the Ottoman imperialism.

"African migrants reel as Israeli law cuts into salaries".  Such an hilariously evil bunch, yet we can't notice!  Also.

"President Putin Visits Germany" (Korzun).  Another meeting, as with Trump and Putin, where the serious discussions between adults occurred without the treasonous riffraff staffers.

"SYRIA: The Emerging Reality of the U.S Coalition Regime Change War – On the Ground Reporting" (Macilwain).  There are some happy stories as people recover their lives from the monsters.

"Habakkuk on the dossier's beginings".  Comments are also interesting. Again, all evidence points to the fact that the target of these complicated machinations could not possibly have been Trump, but was Russia.

"Alan Dershowitz: "Immigrants Who Change America Are Its Lifeblood"" (Sailer).  He thinks his presence in the US is an argument for immigration!  Leaving aside his comic, and vulgar, degree of self regard, almost nobody in the US could possibly agree with that.

"Not The Onion: Southwest To Allow Miniature Horses As 'Emotional Support Animals'" (Durden):
"Each passenger will be allowed one Emotional Support Animal (ESA) - which we imagine will be the ultimate Sophie's Choice for those hoping to smuggle their emotional ant farms past security."
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