Sunday, August 19, 2018

Ca st’un bon jack tabarnak

"How Turkey’s Crisis Might Fracture NATO" (Auerback):
"As far as the Russians are concerned, Turkey provides an opportunity for payback for 20 years of hostile American foreign policy actions—the eastward expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders, the U.S. support for the Maidan coup in Ukraine, the destruction of Libya, and the regime change crusade against Assad. These happened under previous American administrations, Clinton, Bush and Obama. There were of course many liberals and progressives who were uncomfortable with the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. But they are now uncomfortable acknowledging these concerns for fear that gives aid and comfort to Trump, as well as legitimizing his foreign policies. For that reason, those liberals and progressives, who might otherwise be open to more measured relations with Russia, are reluctant, even unwilling, to ascribe any U.S. responsibility for the current breakdown in U.S.-Russia relations, because it would be seen as disloyal to the resistance to Trump. Hence, the Clinton and the Obama years in particular are now beyond reproach. Which in turn exacerbates the prevailing Russophobia, and therefore gives Moscow yet more incentive to exploit the situation in Turkey. Especially as Russia sees the latest round of sanctions directed against it by Washington as a heightened form of economic warfare.
Picking off Turkey would be a major geopolitical win for Moscow, given that the country is viewed by Washington as key to the American strategy of splitting Eurasia and blocking Eurasian integration. Turkey is also essential to the U.S. strategy of encirclement of Russia—control of the Black Sea and countering Russia’s breakout with Crimea and Syria (as well as potentially offering the EU a piece of a pipeline venture that could mitigate Europe’s dependence on Russian gas); Turkey plays an equally important role for the U.S. in terms of supporting Takfiri/Salafist destabilization of Syria and Iraq and blocking the “Shia corridor from Iran to Hezbollah,” as well as breaking Israel’s isolation in the Middle East (beyond the tacit alliance with Saudi Arabia) while helping ensure Iran’s isolation. And finally, Turkey is viewed by Washington as an essential ally in controlling the eastern Mediterranean and the eastern Mediterranean energy resources.
Which means (as usual) that Trump’s “bull in a China shop” approach to foreign policy, will create unpredictable knock-on effects well beyond the usual run-of-the-mill emerging markets crisis. Emerging economies as a whole can all expect to experience some adjustment/dislocation as the global central banking community continues to withdraw monetary stimulus. But Turkey’s unique geopolitical position has virtually guaranteed that it will have ramifications that extend well beyond the balance sheets of a few exposed European banks or peripheral emerging economies. A break with NATO may well mean lost leverage for Turkey with the West, but Erdoğan may well think it is essential for his political survival—and that will trump other considerations for the time being. As for Turkey’s love of NATO perks, perhaps the Council on Foreign Relations still believes they are worth something (along with those few Kemalist Turkish officers who have survived the Erdoğan/Gulen purges), but it would be astonishing if the average Turkish voter thinks NATO is in his corner."
"Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions – The Final Demise Of The Dollar Hegemony?" (Koenig).  Americans seem to have lost sight of the fact that sanctions are sanctions on themselves, and the cumulative effect of all these sanctions is to increasingly restrict the ability of Americans to carry on business in the world, to the benefit of their competitors.  The business still goes on, just to the profit of people who aren't American.  Even I am surprised that shekel bribery power is so strong that it removes all common sense.

"Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst stripped of security clearance after Stefan Halper complaints" (Scarborough).  "Pentagon Whistleblower Demoted After Exposing Millions Paid To FBI Spy Halper, Clinton Crony" (Durden).  "Who Hired Stefan Halper?" (Neumayr):
"The question Nixon once asked about the CIA remains relevant: “What the hell do those clowns do out there in Langley?” Under Obama, the answer was that they sat around a table with Brennan and Strzok and cooked up schemes to spy on Donald Trump."
"Jew Media Stresses Importance of Free Press While Trying to Shut Down Independent Media Voices" (Rogers). "An Open Letter to the Colluding Press" (Spicer/Hicks).  "Former CIA Director John Brennan’s brief for dismantling democracy" (Kishore).  It is important never to forget that this is the same (((media))) that straight up lied about, for example, WMDs, including ongoing massive lies in aid of starting wars against Russia and Iran.  It is impossible to take their self-serving claims about their importance seriously.

"Fact checkers".

First they came for the convicted mortgage fraud felons . . . : "Ya Gotta Read This One" (Sailer):
"Mortgage fraud is just a job Americans won’t do anymore. There are fraudulent mortgage opportunities rotting in the files."
Comment by Anonymous[527]"
"Say what you will, but during the time he was in jail, he didn’t commit a single act of wire fraud. Say what you will, but if that’s not someone who is committed to demonstrating he has changed his ways, I don’t know who is."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Ukraine has done the equivalent of Germany changing its official Wehrmacht salute back to "Heil Hitler—Sieg Heil" Congratulations to NATO, Washington think-tank flaks, and all the little Nazis who made this EuroMaidan possible."
On the American Nazis rudely failing to show up for their whopping:  "Where Have All the Nazis Gone?" (Hopkins). Oddly, Hopkins uncharacteristically seems to miss the point that turnout was absurdly low because the deplorables knew they were being led into a trap, and didn't fall for it.

"Saudi Arabia: Wherever One Looks, Failure Abounds" (Milhin).

"Why Pakistan Should Ditch Washington" (Coughley).

Canada corner:
  1. "Okkk Montreal! That’s some X-treme construction right there!" (from the comments: "Ca st’un bon jack tabarnak", something like 'fuck, that's a fine fellow!');
  2. "Bank robber returns to the scene of his crime 60 years later — for lunch";
  3. "Someone has been dumping dozens of empty Vaseline jars on a Calgary street for years. No one knows why" (Getaneh); and
  4. "Year long consultation before statue moved" (Canada is losing its mind with virtue signaling).
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