Thursday, August 09, 2018

Farmer terrorism

"‘Farmer terrorism’ is the new Jewish settler slogan justifying the destruction of crops".  Palestinians farming on their own traditional lands is now called 'terrorism'.

I don't like Cole - he's an ultra supremacist Jew who somehow manages to get published by 'anti-Semites' - at all, but here he deals with the interesting question - one of the key questions of our time - of why, say, Bill Kristol, doesn't look like Le Merchant:  "Flinging Poo at a Jew" (the epitome of political incorrectness is highlighted in red):
"This Jewish delusion of being among the “99 percent” is what compels Jews in the West to promote suicidal policies. Some of us really believe that once the “white Christian power structure” is toppled, we’ll lead what replaces it. Which is nonsense. In truth, we’ll be the first ones tossed into the sea. Just ask the Jews of France how welcome they feel now that “people of color” own the streets. This is a Jewish community that largely survived the Nazis, but it’s not surviving the immigrant invasion.
Speaking of Nazis, here’s an irony for the ages: It was Hitler who made the Jews white. Prior to the Holocaust, if you said the word “Jew” to a gentile, the first image that might come to mind would probably not have been a wealthy banker or media mogul, but rather a swarthy shtetl-dweller, a peddler, a rag salesman, Yiddle with a fucking fiddle. There’s a reason 1930s audiences loved Geezil from the Popeye cartoons. He was the stereotype.
But then along came Hitler, who damn near wiped out lower-class Eastern European Jewry. By the 1970s, the caricature of the poor “ethnic” Jew made no sense anymore. If you wanted to stereotype a Jew, you made him an upper-class intellectual nebbish with mother issues, not a lice-infested street vendor. But way too many Jews still see ourselves as the dispossessed, and that illusion informs our politics. We don’t want to face the reality that we’re actually the elite now—so we tell ourselves ghost stories about how Trump wants to put us in camps. That way, we can reassure ourselves that “Okay, maybe we’re a little well-off, but the white Christian powers-that-be want us dead, so we better throw in with our comrades-of-color.”
Take a hack like The New York Times Magazine’s Emily Bazelon. She recently attacked her “fellow whites” for their innumerable flaws. And when a few evil right wingers pointed out that she’s Jewish, she doubled down, stating that she “benefits” from her “whiteness” and therefore whites are “stuck” with her. Yet it took me exactly five seconds to Google-search “Bazelon” and “as a Jew” to reveal column after column in which she refers to Judaism as her “identity” and declares herself a “Jewish liberal.” I knew I’d get those results, because I know Bazelon’s type. She’ll identify as white to attack whites, but—like most Jews—she doesn’t want to lose her “special” identity, her “mark of the oppressed.”"
Kristol and his ilk don't look like Le Merchant because his ancestors managed to get out, by stepping on the corpses of people who look like Le Merchant.  It's obvious that the people who died in Europe in the 30s and 40s died because they couldn't escape, but the kicker is that your ability to escape was a question of class (and the Khazars who run American foreign policy are from the class that got out, with the complication that some of the worst neocons obviously have some non-Khazar blood, some have been 'whitened' with the most important of Khazar intellectual/scientific developments, plastic surgery, and some of the worst Zionists like Saban aren't Khazars at all, so it's complex).  You can't get any more politically incorrect than that!  My question:  Why was there an obvious ethnic bifurcation in Eastern European Jewry?  I'm guessing it is the usual problem of racial purity - the elite Jews - think Rothschilds - didn't interbreed with the ethnic Eastern Europeans, thus remaining pure Khazar.  The same ethnic animus now seems to infect 'white' Jewish attitudes towards the ultra orthodox and the settler movement.  These aren't just policy disagreements - the 'white' Jews actually despise the other Jews, with ironic consequences in weakening Zionism.  As with all supremacisms, the weakness is that the supremacists start to divide themselves on the basis of purity to the ethnic ideal, in this case, how 'white' - purebred Khazar - you are.  This is the single most taboo discussion you can have.

"Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn’t Speak for the Jews" (Klion).  No?  Could have fooled me.  To be read right after reading Cole.

Amazingly on point, Khazar supremacist front Human Rights Watch is going to bat for the mass-murdering Khazar Sackler family by claiming that 'pain management' is a 'human right'!!! You can't make this stuff up!  "Battle Over Opioids: Surprising Push-Back, and Not From Dealers" (Wexler).  Note that you have to be 'woke' to see through this story.

"A Four Person NATO-Funded Team Advises Facebook On Flagging "Propaganda"" (Durden).  The Atlantic Council, due to its obvious lack of any semblance of intellectual rigor, even by the standards of stinktanks, seems like a joke, but here is another example that there is good money and some power to be had in parroting the attitudes of the borg, while providing a parody/semblance of intellectual objectivity and expertise (e.g., Bellingcat).

"Is Democratic Senator Mark Warner The Mastermind Behind Weaponizing US Tech Giants?" (Krieger).

Quite a bit of glee over the tenth anniversary of the failed - and, in retrospect, silly - Georgian war on Russia:
  1. "WSJ: "When Russia Invaded Georgia"" (Sailer);
  2. Sailer's account of what actually happened; 
  3. "Marking 10 Years After Georgia Started War with Russia" (Gorka);
  4. "Repost: Saakashvili Wants War? He Will Get It." (Moon); and
  5. tying Saakashvili's appearance in American 'journalism' to the current world of the American borg: "Was the modern concept of ‘fake news’ born in Georgia a decade ago?" (MacDonald).
Saakashvili can still write PR for the Americans, but he is a man without a country, detested everywhere, with comic repercussions.

"Canadian sniper rifles expected to be in the hands of Ukrainian military by fall, MP says" (Pugliese) (every word is funny, but the last sentence is hilarious):
"While foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland has yet to sign off on the export permit for the rifles, Bezan said he anticipates she will do so as she is a strong supporter of Ukraine.
“If everything goes according to plan I would expect Freeland to sign off sometime this month,” he said. “I think the goal is to have (rifles) in their hands by the time of any fall-winter offensive in Donbass.”
Global Affairs Canada official John Babcock would not say whether Canadian taxpayers are financing the sale, and would not provide any other details about the arms deal. “The government has an obligation to protect confidential commercial information,” he stated in an email. “Further details related to export transactions (for example, names of exporting companies, financial values of individual contracts and transactions, and details of the specific technologies being exported) are protected due to the commercially confidential nature of such information.”
In December, the House of Commons defence committee recommended the Canadian government provide lethal weapons to Ukraine provided it demonstrates it is actively working to eliminate corruption at all levels of government."
"NATO fighter jet ‘accidentally’ fires live missile near Russian border":  "The missile fired by the jet should have self-destructed but apparently failed to do so."

"Venezuela’s soft coup advisor confesses where the opposition failed" (Verdad).  Gene Sharp, the NED, CANVAS, Yugoslavia, and Venezuela.  I would read this, and its comments.  See also:  "Venezuela Parliament Strips Immunity from Lawmakers Over Drone Attack" (one of the alleged coup plotters fled to Colombia!).

"Why Saudi Oil Production Suddenly Dropped" (Paraskova).  Possibly an attempt to jerk up oil prices exploiting uncertainties over the Iran sanctions, but tough to do in a world flooded with oil, or possibly a reflection of a fact tied to the failure of the ARAMCO IPO, the fact that Saudi reserves aren't anywhere near what they are claimed to be.

Shocking news!:  "Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn" (Winstanley).  The extremely hands-on involvement of the Israeli government in what are supposed to be local issues was one of the big revelations of the first half of the Al Jazeera report (the second half, of course, on similar skulduggery in the US, has been shoahed as part of a deal to keep Qatar from being invaded!).
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