Friday, August 17, 2018


"In Frantic Text To DOJ's Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele Hopes "Important Firewalls Will Hold"" (Carter).  He didn't want Comey to blurt out the big conspiracy between American, British and Ukrainian ICs, the Obama Administration, and the Clinton campaign (and its 'donors').

"Trump Strikes Back at ‘Ringleader’ Brennan" (McGovern).  It seems obvious that it was Brennan who was coordinating the conspiratorial attack on the Trump campaign, which was, of course, really an attack on peaceful relations between Russia and the US.

"Mueller Investigation Seeks to Implicate WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in “Russian Interference”" (Cogan).

"Italy’s NATO Racket... A Bridge Too Far" (Cunningham):
"The catastrophic bridge collapse in Italy this week has prompted a public outcry over the country’s crumbling infrastructure and how it is putting lives at risk. But the question the public in Italy and across Europe should be asking is: why are their governments spending extra tens of billions of dollars on NATO militarism, while neglecting vital civilian infrastructure?"
"Pepe Escobar: Economic War On Iran Is War On Eurasian Integration" (Escobar).  "US Sanctions Foster Emergence of Multipolar World" (Savitsky).  "America the Punitive" (Giraldi).  "US-Turkish Alliance Reaches the Point of No Return" (Bhadrakumar).  "The Turkish crisis and the threat of world war" (Van Auken).  The multiple American sanctioning attacks have reached the level of declarations of war, including a declaration of war against Europe (wrecking Turkey wrecks European banks), all with no real American national interest.

You know, it's nice to look at the 'big picture', except why does every single act done by the Americans obviously weaken them and strengthen their opponents?  It is strikingly odd.  The role of shekels in American politics, with the unnecessary American attack on Turkey turning entirely on Turkey's relations with Iran and Russia, both obvious problems for untrammeled Zionism, remains the unspeakable fact of American politics.

"The Entropy Wars" (Prins).  Domestic policy is similarly incoherent.  What we're seeing is the effects of the stresses from two factors occurring simultaneously: 1) the natural winding down of American imperial hegemony (with the 0.1% trying to capture as much wealth as they can on the way down), and 2) the real world contradictions playing out of having foreign policies completely dictated by a foreign power (through bribing and blackmailing its politicians, and controlling the (((media)))).  It is unusual, maybe unprecedented, for both of these stresses to occur at the same time, and the Americans are in a dangerous place, both for themselves and others.

The Turks are woke, but it would probably be more instructive to use the Star of David charts: "Turkish State Media Exposes The American Empire & Its Media" (Durden).

"The Assassination Attempt Against Venezuela’s Maduro" (Pagliccia interviewed by Korybko).  "Venezuela Top Prosecutor: 34 Involved In Failed Assassination of Maduro".

"Freedom Rider: The United States destroys Venezuela’s economy" (Kimberly).

"Facebook vanishes Venezuela-based left-leaning news network again".  I seem to remember a time when the conspiracies were slightly more subtle.  Indefensible censorship based on advice from a NATO puppet?  Jeez!

"A Response to Misinformation on Nicaragua: It Was a Coup, Not a “Massacre”" (Redvers).  As usual, it is 'liberals' who spread the lies, pretending to care about 'human rights'.  The support of these monsters is necessary for Soros to work his color revolution magic.

"Israel’s border interrogations and the ‘MeToo’ cascade" (Ofir).  It has become trendy for Israel to treat young 'liberal' Jews to a slightly enhanced interrogation experience - with no real danger, of course - as an exciting hint of the much worse things done to the goyim (the frisson is a Khazar thing and reminds me of the 'Stalags'), all in order to enhance their status as Zionist skeptics who are 'fixing' the problems of Israel if only the 'anti-Semites' would leave then alone to do so.  Beinart walks away with a cheap thrill and an enhanced reputation as an 'opponent' of turbo-Zionism.  Note how the #metoo analogy is instructively, and weissianly, wrong - Beinart, as a Khazar, was under absolutely no real threat, but Aslan certainly was.

Uncle Tom gets woke:  "Israel’s “Loyal” Druze move into Open Revolt" (Cook).

The British government is beyond satire:  "BBC Crimewatch Reconstruction of Salisbury Poisonings Shelved After Director Gives up and Considers New Career" (Slane).  You might argue that evidence of competence in governing generally starts with an ability to craft, and stick to, a coherent conspiracy Official Story, and the British government is hilariously inept at this, and Brexit, and everything else.

"Fascistbook: ‘Censorship Does Not End Well’". It is curious that the Deep State has traditionally tolerated the deep American tradition of conspiracy hucksters, as harmless and a way for the marginalized to let off steam, so the coordinated attacks on Jones are a novel escalation.

"Canada vs. Saudi Arabia: Illusions and Reality" (Black).  "Canada Complicit in Saudi War Crimes" (Engler).  Canada owes MbS a hearty thanks for pointing out that Trudeau is attempting to build a government based entirely on virtue-signalling.

"Why is Saudi activist Ensaf Haidar courting the Israel lobby?" (Nassar).  Funny how so much purported 'human rights' promotion is just a racket trolling for shekels.

Speaking of Zizek:  "Hot Take: Slavoj Zizek Believes Trump Rode Communist Wave Into Office" (Bratty).  And more:  "Gender Trouble" (so much for 'believe the victim'!).

A strikingly bizarre piece of (presumably paid) MbZ PR to stave off the allegations of the revealed UAE/Saudi/al-Qaeda alliance playing out in Yemen:  "Inside the UAE’s war on al-Qaeda in Yemen".  The lying is so constant and obvious that it is a pure 'the fuck did I just read' experience.

"Barry Sherman cousins say the billionaire owed them a fiduciary duty" (excuse me while I have a laugh):
"Meanwhile, the investigation into the mysterious murders of Sherman and his wife Honey continues. They were found dead in their Toronto home on Dec. 15, though they likely died two days previously. Police have ruled the deaths, by ligature strangulation, a targeted homicide. Eight months into the investigation, there have been no police updates."
A good lawyer should be able to construct a fiduciary duty here, and it was perhaps a tactical mistake for the trial judge to so airily dismiss the concept.

'Seizure' seems ironically appropriate in a Killary context: "Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy".
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