Friday, August 24, 2018


The first thing to do is to read this:  "The First Thing We Do" (Littlefair).  The roots of Assholia in esoteric doctrines of legal interpretation.  Note the reference to the assassination of Vance, a crime for which Walter Leroy Moody was recently executed in Alabama (setting a record; note that Mississippi set the record in the other direction in a rather horrific railroading of a child), despite the fact that considerable doubt exists concerning his guilt.

"The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England (III)" (LaForest):
"Rather than a great mystery, the parachuting of Hess is much more an explanation about the historical reality that transpires in the most obvious way, thanks to the 180 degrees change of behavior by the US about its involvement in the war after the event. Because History was written by those who won the war, what it will fail to explain, or even mention, is that England and the USA had totally different reasons for the funding of Adolf’s diabolical plans. While England wanted Germany to crush every other minor colonial empire to consolidate its own, destroy the dangerous Soviet Union and also deport every European Jew to Palestine to create Israel to finally implement the 1917 Balfour resolution, the objectives of the American banks were definitely not the same as those of the Bank of England. As a matter of fact, one of them was diametrically opposed: they had financed Hitler to crush the British Colonial Empire, and completely take over the role of the hegemonic leaders of the New World Order. Reduced to a much simpler formula, Wall Street sought to replace the Rothschild. By invading England and especially the City of London, a tiny part of the capital that works as an independent state, Hitler would’ve destroyed the Rothschild empire. The City of London was the world’s financial power center and wealthiest square mile on the planet that hosts the Bank of England, the Lloyd’s of London, the London stock exchange, and every other British bank. Everything points to the fact that American bankers and industrials had armed Hitler to the teeth to give a deathblow straight in the heart of the British Empire financial system.
Against all we were taught in school, WW2 is in its essence a triangle of treasons between the great Anglo-Saxon allies in their quest of the world economical and political dominance, and their German proxy. Since history has a tendency to repeat itself, the war in Syria is a carbon-copy replica of WW2, with Daesh playing the Nazis, and the same Western coalition that had to put their boots on the ground when its proxy army began to fail against, once more, Russia."
"Thread by @aaronjmate: "1 Following up on what @MaxBlumenthal pointed out ( this is exemplifies a widespread, fundamental misunderstanding of Manafort's acts in Ukr […]""  Manafort was obviously working - by 'working' I mean influence peddling and money laundering - for the people opposed to Russia, which doesn't fit the Clintonista narrative.

"Meet the most insidious #Resistance grifters" (Higgins).

"Kookspiracy: More Goofy Russian Hacker Gibberish From Random DNC-Hired Security Contractors" (Anglin) (see also).  "Hack attempt on DNC voter database was a false alarm, the national committee says".  Somebody appears to have realized that taking these claims too far is making a mockery of the entire anti-Putin campaign.

"Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined" (Sperry).  An amazing story of the considerable steps taken by the usual FBI suspects not to investigate the emails, with Comey then lying about it.

Tweets (Aaron Maté):
"1/ In a few minutes of airtime today, Michael Cohen attorney Lanny Davis has rejected a key Steele dossier claim, and, more significantly I think, the basis for all of the ceaseless, frenzied speculation that Cohen has something to offer Mueller on Trump-Russia collusion:"
"Donald Trump’s Mafia Mind-Set" (concentration camp guard). The Khazar gangsters that Trump hangs out with act like stereotypical Italian gangsters. I remember as a child, when I was still skeptical about everything - I was born a conspiracy theorist - but still far from being woke, that I had great suspicions about the whole story of Meyer Lansky, who it was explained was only the accountant for the Mafia (Jews being uniquely talented at adding numbers but, of course, not gangsters, as gangsters were all Italian).  The entire sordid history of Khazar gangsterism was hidden by 'Hollywood' behind a preoccupation with the Mafia.  Goldberg brings up a lot of Italian names to change the subject.

"Labour hits new fundraising record of nearly £56m".  They don't seem to need the shekels, so I wonder why they keep pandering to Shlomo.
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