Monday, August 13, 2018

Had the guts for anything

Reading between the lines it appears that Putin is assisting Trump in preparing the groundwork for US withdrawal from Afghanistan once the Taliban is legitimized through this kind of diplomatic contact:  "Taliban cross the Rubicon" (Bhadrakumar).  Removing American troops from Afghanistan - and thus removing pressures on Pakistan, pressures which are particularly vital now for the usual Khazar supremacist reasons - is one of the reasons why Putin is the Devil for neocons and 'donor'-model Clintonistas.

"Lapis Lazuli Corridor Leads Afghanistan Towards Eurasian Integration" (Bokarev).  Geography means that Afghanistan actually has excellent prospects once it is de-assholed.

Meanwhile:  "The Afghan Quagmire Gets Deeper, Denser and Bloodier" (Cloughley).  It's incredible how well the (((media))) has shoahed awareness of this war.  Related:  "‘What We Have to Do’: Senate Passes Whopping $717 Billion 2019 Pentagon Budget".

"How Justin Trudeau Should Respond to Saudi Arabia" (Engler).  Good list, but he's missing the obvious cancellation - are there union pressures on Engler? - of the vile light armored vehicles contract.  Not that there is the slightest chance that Trudeau or his Nazi foreign minister will do the right thing in any way.

"Newly released official documents show CIA head Gina Haspel directly supervised waterboarding at “Black Site” in Thailand.  Sen. Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr and Vice Chair Mark Warner hid that, demonstrating once again that today’s Senate “oversight” means “overlook.” Hold your nose and read:" (McGovern).  Mark Warner again, undeniably a traitor.

"Jordan: The Middle East’s Silent Enemy" (Ferris).  The enabler.

"UK: Boris Johnson makes anti-Muslim pitch for Tory Party leadership" (Hyland).  It's funny how blatant it is, he literally intends to dog-whistle his way to being Prime Minister!  Of course, there is usually a modicum of subtlety to a dog whistle - it is after all a signal that only a dog or a racist can hear - but Boris doesn't even give Teh Stupids of Britain the credit of being intelligent enough to be able to figure out any signals beyond outright in-your-face racism.

"The Other Hiroshimas: A Review of ‘Napalm: An American Biography’, by Robert M. Neer" (Barsocchini).  The unique assholianism of the Assholians.  You have to go back to the Belgian Congo (or maybe WWII Japan) to find any kind of comparable intensity of atrocity record, but nobody in modern history comes even slightly close to the atrocity record - both in sheer volume and intensity of Evil - than Americans.

"Russia is stabilizing the Golan front line." (Lang).  Russia has become the real 'indispensible country' that the assholians claim to be.

"Dianne Feinstein Was An "Easy Mark" For China's Spy: Sperry" (Durden).  It is instructive to compare the (non) reaction to this real high-level spying attack (for two decades, with her husband profiting handsomely from the relationship!!!), to the hysteria over made up charges against Russia.

"On Iran, the Neocons Are No Ronald Reagan" (Slavin).  This is from the Atlantic Council (working directly for NATO generals for whom any kind of real war is a big career move), and is thus subtly, but importantly, deceptive, in that the neocons don't actually intend to pressure Iran into regime change, they intend to trick Americans into fighting another outright War For The Jews, up to and including boots on the ground.  This kind of long-term psychological preparation is pure Khazar.

"Turkey’s perfect storm" (Erdemir).  "How Turkey's Currency Crisis Came To Pass" (Moon).  Whenever I see an attack based on currency speculation I have to ask the obvious question, 'what's George Soros up to these days?'  Here's Turkey, teetering on the brink between the US orbit and the Russia-China-Iran axis, so what do the Americans do?  Push it away, as usual, based on Khazar manipulation (in this case, the Zionist motivation is Turkey's refusal to play ball on Iran sanctions).

Another famous American cold case - useful podcast from what are probably the best American true crime podcasters (though they got the Barry Sherman murder-suicide all wrong!) - apparently solved by DNA (note that solving the case was significantly delayed due to Nevada dragging its feet on collecting DNA samples from prisoners):
  1. "Man eyed in Colorado hammer attacks serving prison sentence in Nevada for similar crime";
  2. "If you cant wait until Friday, here is the POI";
  3. "Meet an Inmate"!;
  4. "Alex Christopher Ewing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know"; and
  5. "State law change helped link evidence in Aurora, Lakewood 1984 cold cases to DNA of Nevada inmate".
More American true crime news:
  1. "APD releases DNA Phenotyping Snapshot of Suspect in Oakey Kite's Homicide Case" (another famous unsolved case, similar to the real estate agent murders);
  2. "Oklahoma police hope Golden State Killer method could break open 2004 cold case" (you may have to cut and paste the url - - into a new tab to get this link to work);
  3. 'average Joe' EAR-ONS;
  4. "Did Stephen King's Son Just Solve a 44-Year-Old Murder Mystery?"
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