Sunday, August 26, 2018

In the dark

"Did Sheldon Adelson Just Capture The GOP?" (Clifton).  The numbers are as striking as the Democrat dependence on the 'donor' model.

"International Assadists References Directory" (Ratcliff).  A very distinguished list (except for Noam).  An ocd-level of work, the kind of thing you plug away at 24/7 for months and months in between snacks of bar-b-qued human organs.

Ha!:  "Oil industry wants government to build seawall to protect refineries from climate change effects".  The picture of the typical American is a guy with his hair on fire, standing knee-deep in water, yelling at the top of his lungs that climate change isn't happening and has nothing to do with hydrocarbons or human activity.

"From Chaim Weitzman to Jeremy Corbyn" (Atzmon).  The attacks on Corbyn prove conclusively that Khazars are all just rootless cosmopolitans with no connection whatsoever to whatever country they have the misfortune to be temporarily living in, and who literally despise the non-Khazars around them.  Who are these 'some Jews', an awfully quiet bunch?:
"The Jewish emancipation that began after the French Revolution promised to make Jews equal to their neighbours. With this, the emancipation had limited success. In France, America, Britain and other countries, Jewish political bodies act in defiance of the emancipation and its promise, they operate in the interests of the few and not the many.  In Britain, the Jewish leadership is openly acting against a national party and its leader. It pushes its definition of racism that applies to just one people instead of fighting racism (universally) against any people. It promotes the interests of a foreign criminal state with an horrendous record of war crimes and human rights abuses.

Weizmann was a visionary character.  Zionism, as he painted it, has, over time, won the minds and the hearts of the Jews. Luciana Berger confirmed this when she expressed her offense as a “British Jew” to a mild critique of ‘Zionists’ lack of irony’. The JVL website confirms Weizmann’s observation that they see themselves as Jews before anything else.

While many British Jews may be happy with their community leaders, some Jews might find these developments concerning, and for a good reason. Some Jews see themselves as British first. These Jews will never have a voice ‘as Jews’ because they grasp that it is this attitude that makes Jews into Weizmann’s Zionists. Their only option is to sneak out of the ghetto, alone. and in the wee small hours. They will have to depart from the tribe and the sooner the better."
One recent, and welcome, and very late development with Corbyn is that finally some of the people for whom Corbyn has consistently given his full support, even at considerable personal risk, are speaking up for him.  Needless to say, the (((media))) ensures that the voices of Corbyn support are difficult or impossible to hear.

Galloway has been consistently supportive, and logical:  tweet (George Galloway):
"FIFTY Palestinians were SHOT yesterday in Gaza by the Israeli Occupation Force. FIFTY were SHOT. In ONE day. Can the Labour Friends of this get a grip? Get some perspective "
Nikki, hard at work:  "Hidden internal directive on Syria that got no UNSC approval DOES exist – Russian Foreign Ministry" (note!:  "Meanwhile, the 'not secret' but rather hard-to-find document mentioned by the Russian Foreign Ministry apparently indeed exists: It was briefly mentioned on an official UN website in a temporary job description.").  "What Makes the West Reject Russia’s Syria Reconstruction Initiative?" (Korzun).  If that is not just a rhetorical question the answer is, as always, shekels, shekels which are still, at this impossibly late date, insisting on Syrian regime change.  Again, as always, the Eurotrash are looking after their magnificent shekel collections over the national interests of the countries they pretend to represent.

Even Counterpunch has been in rapid decline recently, which isn't to say it isn't a small bastion of sanity from time to time:  "Be Careful What You Ask For: Wasting Time with Manafort, Cohen, and Russiagate" (Kavanagh).  They are not going to stop as 'wasting time' is the only way they have to protect the 'donor' model.

"ARENA still celebrates man who ordered Romero's assassination".  It's funny how often you see what should be the indefensible loudly and proudly defended and supported.

"Kremlin Sources Go Quiet, Leaving C.I.A. in the Dark About Putin’s Plans for Midterms".  That rascal Putin reaches new levels of evil, now not even sharing with American officials the results of their future midterms which he has already fixed!  Helpfully illustrated in a non-tendentious way with alien-looking British men in bright green hazmat suits.

"Reddit moderators spotted Iranian fake news campaign months ago".  Who knew the Reddit moderators were working for the Iranians?

"Why the United States Will Not Leave Afghanistan Voluntarily" (ONeill).  This sounds very logical, but is based on the bizarre neocon dichotomy that the only possible choices are using wars to fuck up countries, or ceding all development and power to China.  The idea that the US could stop fighting Wars For The Jews and still make money doing deals - the thing which China does every day - is simply not on the table as a possibility.  The real reason why the US won't leave voluntarily is that the Khazars perceive the war in Afghanistan as a check on Pakistan, a country which worries them now even more than usual.
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