Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Man of Sorrows

On the infamous shelved documentary:  "How Israel Spies on US Citizens" (Gresh) (read the whole thing; my emphasis in red):
"Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, said to a gathering of pro-Israel students: “You discredit the messenger as a way of discrediting the message. When you talk about . . . BDS, you talk about them as a hate group, as a movement that absolutely endorses violence against civilians . . . aka terrorism”– and, of course, as anti-semitic. Pollak called Jewish Voice for Peace (a US leftwing organisation focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) “Jewish Voice for Hamas”. He told Kleinfeld: “The majority of Americans are pro-Israel. Whereas if you take a poll of Israel in the UK, it’s just pure hatred of Israel. Your country basically let half of fucking Pakistan move in. So you have a different problem than we do here.

To discredit the messenger, as the documentary reveals, the pro-Israel lobby has built up a spy network over the last few years to gather information on opponents’ private lives, careers and political convictions. Baime said: “The research operation is very high-tech. When I got here a few years ago, the budget was $3,000. Today it’s like a million and a half, or more. Probably it’s two million at this point. I don’t even know, it’s huge. It’s a massive budget.” He and his colleagues are keen to stay invisible: “We do it securely and anonymously. That’s the key.”

One of the groups most feared by Palestinian rights activists is Canary Mission, whose funding, members and methods are shrouded in secrecy. A journalist with close links to the lobby said: “People who hate it, the people who are being targeted by it, call it a blacklist. You have names here that show up on this database. Students and professors, faculty, speakers, organisations that have ties to terrorism, outright ties to terrorism, or terrorists who have called for the destruction of the Jewish state.” Canary Mission’s website describes its aim as being to “ensure that today’s radicals are not tomorrow’s employees.” Above the biography of each victim is the slogan “If you’re a racist, the world should know.”

Kleinfeld managed to talk to Canary Mission’s founder and financial backer, Adam Milstein, chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). Milstein was jailed briefly for tax fraud in 2009, but that didn’t prevent him from carrying on his activities from prison. He explained his philosophy to Kleinfeld: “First of all, investigate who they [the pro-Palestine activists] are. What’s their agenda? They’re picking on the Jews because it’s easy, because it’s popular. We need to expose what they really are. And we need to expose the fact that they are anti everything we believe in. And we need to put them on the run. We’re doing it by exposing who they are, what they are, the fact that they are racist, the fact that they are bigots, [that] they’re anti-democracy.”"
"Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission funder" (Winstanley/Abunimah).

Tweet (MattThomson):
"They have a 3 member ‘management board’, one of whom is anonymous. I kid you not;"
Steve Rosen:  "A lobby is like a night flower: It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."

Tweet (Ben White):
"In 2012, Sacks claimed in The Jerusalem Post that the “accusation” Israel has committed human rights abuses such as "racism" or “crimes against humanity” is “the only form in which an assault on Jews can be stated today.”"
"The Crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn"(Giraldi).  Corbyn, a Man of Sorrow, is on the Via Dolorosa at the moment.  If he dies he dies for the sins of those who wouldn't stand up for him, those cowards afraid of being called names.  Will you let your savior be crucified and mocked by these monsters?

"Jeremy Corbyn and the English Fetishization of Irony" (Mead).  "When Jeremy Corbyn talks about 'British Zionists,' we know exactly what he means" (McTernan, a Bliar shill).  "The Atlantic: How Dare Jeremy Corbyn Criticize Any Jew Anywhere for Lacking Irony?" (Sailer).  It's hilarious that the 'rootless cosmopolitans' are claiming to 'unwelcome'.

Parallel attack:  "Defining Anti-Semitism, Threatening Free Speech" (Richman).
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