Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Tweet (George Galloway):
"You do know - British journalists - don’t you, that personally unveiled a plaque at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem to commemorate the who murdered scores of BRITISH people in that hotel? Don’t you ? "
"UN Sanction Monitor: U.S. Watches As ISIS In Syria Recuperates, Pumps And Sells More Oil" (Moon).  Oh, Le Head-Lopper, you are my second greatest ally.  I think Trump still believes he's fighting ISIS.

"Saudi-US Propaganda by PBS NewsHour in Houthi-held Yemen" (Boardman).  Lots of use of the passive voice ('people were killed'), and, of course, constant mention of Iran.

"Trump Scores an Own-Goal in the Game Against Iran" (Bhadrakumar).  As usual, Americans putting their own national interests behind those of a country that controls its politicians, a problem that continues as it is literally unmentionable.

There were two highly publicized alt-right rallies over the weekend, which the alt-right recognized as traps to put them in confrontation with much larger groups of violent antifa.  So they didn't show up.  Antifa, enraged, started being violent anyway, which required quite a bit of (((media))) manipulation to cover up, and the whole thing has been a bit of a PR problem for the (((#Resistance))) (even the commie bros were upset that the police actually did their jobs this year, and protected the smaller group from violence by the Police 101 tactic of keeping the groups separate, something they intentionally mangled at last year's rally, and note how the commies misleadingly suggest that the poor turnout was a failure rather than tactics).  Kessler, who organized last year's Charlottesville rally, brought a black guy master of ceremonies to this year's version, and Kessler even gave a nice speech about how racism is bad!

"Is This The Most Important Geopolitical Deal Of 2018?" (Okumus).  Huge, as it brings countries important for hydrocarbons and geography, countries that tended to waver between West and East, firmly into the non-American group.  Note how Trump is forcing Iran into alliances it has always resisted.

"Israel, This Is Not Who We Are" (Lauder).  Lauder is The Devil Himself, but this is a nice demonstration of the growing supremacist racism by the white Khazars against the darkies of the shtetls.  Supremacism inevitably breaks this way.

"Habakkuk on Russia Delusion Syndrome (RDS)".  On Putin, marred by strenuous not-noticing that (((people))) like Brooks are Khazar supremacists who have to cast their particular hatred using American imperialist ideology and terminology.

A pattern, supply the tools for abuses, and then virtue-signal about how appalled you are when the tools are used ("I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"  "Your winnings, sir."):  "Is Canada’s Moral Posturing All Just Fluff? Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Indonesia".

"Beyond The DNC Leak: Hacks and Treason" (Eliason).  A combination of hacks (by Ukrainian intelligence) and a leak (by Seth Rich), with the suggestion that the 'hack' may have been collusion between the Clinton campaign and Ukrainian intelligence, with some Chalupa or other effectively leaving the back door open, perhaps because it aided the Ukrainians in producing the anti-Trump material.  It would be funny if the Dossier, the Ukrainian-manufactured anti-Trump compromat marketed by Steele, was the key to everything.
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