Wednesday, August 08, 2018


I think it is a sin to pass up a perfectly good headline staring you in the face:  "Death by 10,000 Cuts: The Zionist campaign to silence Palestine at SFSU" (Abdulhadi) should have been "STFU @ SFSU".  Unrelenting attacks on society, including lawfare, is why Le Merchant constantly finds himself in trouble, wherever and whenever he is.

Speaking of @, '@jack' has clearly mastered the art of pissing on your leg and telling you it is raining:  "Twitter CEO Says "We Haven't Banned Alex Jones As He Hasn't Violated Our Rules"" (Durden).  Of course, you may not be able to see what he writes . . .

"Christopher Steele, FBI's Confidential Human Source by Publius Tacitus".  An excellent fine reading on the recent revelations on Steele obtained by Judicial Watch which, naturally, didn't make the (((media))) (my emphasis in red):
". . . the FBI decision to get into bed with Christopher Steele pre-dated what the American people had been previously told about the FBI's relations with this foreign spy.
But there is a major unanswered question surrounding the decision to recruit and rely on Steele as a Confidential Informant--the U.S. and the United Kingdom have a standing agreement to not recruit each other's intelligence personnel for clandestine activities. Why was this exception made?
Christopher Steele was terminated as a Confidential Human Source for cause. We know this because that part is not redacted in the FBI documents:
CHS confirmed to an outside third party that CHS has a confidential relationship with the FBI. CHS was used as a source for an online article. In the article, CHS revealed CHS’ relationship with the FBI as well as information that CHS obtained and provided to FBI. On November 1, 2016, CHS confirmed all of this to the handling agent. At that time, handling agent advised CHS that the nature of the relationship between the FBI and CHS would change completely and that it was unlikely that the FBI would continue a relationship with the CHS. Additionally, handling agent advised that CHS was not to operate to obtain any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI.
Pay attention to the last item--Steele was told NOT to operate to get any info on behalf of the FBI. So what did he do? After Trump's election Steele provided one more report, which was passed directly to Senator John McCain who in turn passed it to James Comey. What did Comey swear to in the FISA renewal application in January 2017? Did he tell the judge that he was using information from a CHS that had been fired? I doubt it.
What was the precipitating incident or issue that led the FBI to recruit and sign up Steele as a Confidential Human Source? I am told by friends with knowledge of the matter that the impetus came because British Intelligence was passing information to the U.S. Intelligence Community. Did DNI Jim Clapper or CIA Director John Brennan contact the FBI and ask the FBI to bring Christopher Steele on board as an informant?  The Guardian reported that this is exactly what happened (but they got the timing wrong):
. . .  both US and UK intelligence sources acknowledge that GCHQ played an early, prominent role in kickstarting the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, which began in late July 2016.
One source called the British eavesdropping agency the “principal whistleblower”.
According to the Guarding, GCHQ Chief Robert Hannigan spoke directly to John Brennan, who:
used GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter-agency investigation. In late August and September Brennan gave a series of classified briefings to the Gang of Eight, the top-ranking Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate.
This latest document dump makes it very clear that the FBI activity with respect to going after Trump on all matters Russia predates July 2016. More information needs to come out."

We're heading back to seeing the entire attack on Trump spearheaded by British intelligence, and well before it is supposed to have started.
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