Thursday, August 02, 2018

'Summit' Trump

"Washington Renders itself Irrelevant by Pushing China and Russia Closer Together" (Berger).  The most striking thing throughout is that the Americans always act in such a way to cause the thing they don't want.  Over and over!

See also:  "How BRICS Plus Clashes with the US Economic War on Iran" (Escobar):
 "The mere threat of a US attack on Iran has engineered a rise in oil prices. US reliance on Middle East Oil is going down while fracking – boosted by higher prices – is ramping up. The threat of war increases with Tehran now overtly referring to its power to cripple global energy supplies literally overnight.

In parallel the Houthis, by forcing the Yemen-bombing House of Saud to stop oil shipments via the Bab al-Mandeb port, are configuring the Strait of Hormuz and scores of easily targeted pipelines as even more crucial to the flow of energy that makes the West tick. 

If there ever was a US attack on Iran, Persian Gulf analysts stress only Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela might be able to provide enough oil and gas to make up for lost supplies to the West. That’s not exactly what the Trump administration is looking for."
You have to assume the Americans don't want to push Turkey, a NATO member (at least in name), into the Russia/China orbit, yet it is impossible to imagine a series of American acts that could more quickly do just that.  Some would say this is inevitable, but it is not, as Turkey literally straddles the line between Europe and the Russia/China land mass, and could have gone either way.

"Saudi King overrules Crown Prince, Rejects Trump’s Sell-Out of Palestinians".  Big if true, and explains why President Jared's road to macherhood has been stalled.  It may be that there is an anti-Muslim action so vile that the sane Saudi royals fear that endorsing it might lead to the loss of their heads from an outraged people and army.  Note that Trump largely kept out of this, meaning he can blame the whole thing on President Jared and move on without any loss of face.

"More evidence of Libya blowback: UK Navy rescued Manchester suicide bomber" (Kallio/Norton).  Libya and Syria have really done a number on the western mythologies surrounding the Global War On Terror, and the cynical ways it has been manipulated to achieve other goals, mostly Zionist.  Putin stands out in stark contrast to the Anglo-American Zionist-controlled governments in actually taking terrorism seriously as a threat that needs to be stopped, not coddled in various proxy armies.  Of course, the domestic terrorism that inevitably follows - note the enthusiasm to bring the Islamist terrorist White Helmets to the West to wreck havoc, an action which seems utterly insane on the surface! -is regarded as a good thing as it provides the PR for more Wars For The Jews and more loss of freedoms, accepted as part of the necessity of keeping scared people safe.

"Why will the US leave Syria soon? The Kurds are waking up." (Magnier). An easy out for Trump, in advance of American midterm elections, who can crow 'mission accomplished' in defeating ISIS (highly ironic given that ISIS was, and remains, Americans true 'greatest ally' - unlike Le Merchant! - but un-woke Americans won't notice), and show himself photographed with 'hero' American troops (actually war criminals of the worst sort) returning home.

"Israel 'caught off guard' by Trump's offer to meet Iran's Rouhani".  The main problem in the fine art of gentile management are those goyim who take the shekels and then don't follow instructions.  Does Trump see himself in the history books as 'Summit' Trump, the man who brought peace to the world by ending wars and threats of wars against North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, and Iran?

"Has US-Iran conversation begun already?" (Bhadrakumar). When the history is written and the old archives investigated, there always turn out to be back-channel communications.  It doesn't matter how much the two countries claim to hate each other, and diplomacy continues even during wars.  We know that the Trump Administration wants to get out of Afghanistan, and we know they need Iranian cooperation to do that, so we know there is an anti-Zionist wedge available to circumvent this War For The Jews against Iran, in this case an impossible war.  You can even see Trump in the future publicly thanking Rouhani for his help in the quintessential MAGA action of getting the US out of Afghanistan.  Iran is another country that actively fights terror - much of it (MEK and Sunni Islamist extremism) fostered by the Americans and Israelis - so there is an actual commonality of Iranian interests/values, with real, non-Zionist, American interests/values.

"West Fumes as US Meddling in Cambodian Elections is Foiled" (Thomas).  Irony sails right over the heads of supremacists like Americans.  Isn't interfering in elections the Worst Thing You Can Do, worthy of starting a WWIII over?  See also here.  'Anti-diplomatic' actions worthy of (yet more!) American sanctions are winning an election the Americans don't want you to win:  "US sanctions loom over Hun Sen’s ‘illegitimate’ polls".

The time between the election and The Visit (taking the shekels) is surely faster than the speed of light:  "Politics in bad faith: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigns in Michigan":
"When a WSWS reporter asked the candidates at the post-rally press briefing in Detroit, “Do both of you support withdrawing all US troops from the Middle East and Africa?” El-Sayed gave an evasive non-answer: “We’ve got to make sure that we are focused on a foreign policy that articulates what we all can do when we come together around a more peaceful world.”

A staffer immediately attempted to conclude the briefing. When the reporter restated the question, “Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, are you anti-war? Do you support withdrawing all US troops from the Middle East?”

She replied, “I’m sorry, I’m here to support Abdul.”"
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