Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Terms of withdrawal

Tweet (Elijah J. Magnier) (hashtag and Twitter links removed):


#USA officers arrived at #Damascus airport onboard an Emirates plane, met with Brdg. General Ali Mamlouk, head of Syria's National Intelligence Bureau, proposed to pull out of  #Syria (incl al-Tanf) in exchange of 3 demands @AlakhbarNews"

"Meeting took place in Mazeh last month. The 3 points:
1. Total withdrawal of #Iran from (only) south #Syria
2. #USA companies have a share in exploiting oil in northeast Syria
3. All data related to terrorists killed & arrested during the 7 years of war"
The oil bit sounds like something Trump would throw in. A requirement of Iranian withdrawal just from the south is remarkably weak. The data on the terrorists is presumably so the CIA can update its employment records!
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