Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The components of the 'anguish'

"The Metaphysics to Our Present Global Anguish" (Crooke).

There are two necessary and sufficient components to the 'anguish'.  Crooke deals with the first part, the peculiar problems with Americans, which have a supremacist basis, the kind of thing which looks like a self-worshiping religion (think of 'the city on the hill', the 'American race', the bizarre messianic view that American have a unique role in perfecting the world, etc), all connected to the idea of the inevitability of American dominance based on quasi-religious feelings.  As bad as that is, it is survivable, and the world could deal with American assholery, and true American self-interests can be finessed into mutually beneficial relationships.  As an example of how this could, and should, work, note how China is moving around the planet entering into mutually beneficial deals based on Chinese power, but still benefiting the locals as well.  Nobody is killed, no refugees are produced, no economies are ruined, nobody is left to the tender mercies of real terrorist crazies.

The problem comes with the second component, the second supremacist self-worshiping, the (((people))) who blackmail and bribe American politicians, and run the (((media))) for the sole purpose of promoting the goals of the 'one-issue guys'.  The natural self interests of Americans are ignored, and American power is perverted to further only the interests of this tiny group.  Due to the fact that American power is now turned to the purposes of this tiny group, it is impossible for other countries to find any possible mutually beneficial relationships with Americans.  The entire structure of geopolitics has been turned topsy-turvy.

It is the combination of supremacisms which is fatal.  Without Khazar influence, there is no reason why the Americans wouldn't be enriching themselves around the world, just as the Chinese are (we see hints, but only hints, with Trump, that the US could have a normal adult relationship with Russia, something that is immediately labeled 'treason').  Of course, without the Americans, the Khazars would have had no hope of starting WWIII, fighting any of the Wars For The Jews, achieving any Yinon goals or any foreign regime change, or building their empire, and would likely have settled into some accommodation with the Palestinians on terms which would have been very agreeable to the Israelis (the paradox is that the Israelis, who are doomed, have also been royally screwed over by Khazar influence on American politics).

Of course (and of necessity), the (((media))) has made it impossible for anyone to even mention the problem without being excluded from any polite society, whether on the left or right, as some sort of bigoted monster.  The (((media))) has also completely confused what real national self-interest would be, so fighting various Wars For The Jews, wars which have had appallingly bad effects on both Americans and American victims, is always described as 'necessary' and 'inevitable' 'self-defense' against 'existential threats', leading to the 'delivery of democracy' for the victims, with all the necessary lies - Russian interference in American elections, Trump being controlled by Putin through kompromat, WMDs, aluminum tubes, yellowcake, novichok, Iranian centrifuges, etc., etc., etc. - promoted 24/7 by the (((media))), each lie a bigger whopper than the last, with no objections allowed.

All the Wars For The Jews have been so exhausting that sanctions and various restrictions on trade have now taken their place in the American arsenal, with the plan of the (((plotters))) to use sanctions and, most importantly, secondary sanctions, to lead to the Wars For The Jews and regime changes they still need to finish building their Middle East empire.  As I have already noted, when you sanction you are really sanctioning yourself, putting restrictions on your own people at the expense of others who don't have those problems, and then hope to use secondary sanctions - even more restrictions on the ability of your own people to do business - it's insane!!! - to enforce the first set of sanctions, with the assumption that everybody else will just give up and let you have your way, although that never happens.  The real plan is to have everything break down, leading eventually to the WWIII which will allow for regime change in places perceived as opposed to the goals of the (((plotters))).

You may not think so, but this fits right here:  "Trump said to tell Jordan king: Israel will have a PM named Mohammed if no deal".
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