Monday, August 06, 2018

The script

Lest we forget (((who))) was/is behind calls for Wars For The Jews:  tweet (Chase Madar):
"New Yorker editor David Remnick, who in February 2003 busied himself with “Making A Case” for invading Iraq, also deserves blame …"
Exact same (((people))), making exact same arguments, laughably posing as patriotic 'fellow Americans', not one of them receiving anything but promotions for what they did, now whining for an attack on Iran! At some point, goyim, this becomes an IQ test that you are failing!

"The Rise and Continued Influence of the Neocons. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC)" (interview by Global Research of Robbie Martin; note that a false-flag anthrax attack was in Khazar 'script' from the beginning!) (my emphasis in red):
"So the first one is that how right after 9/11, several of these neocons, I think it’s Don and Fred Kagan, went on TV and radio kind of immediately after for at least a 24-hour 48-hour period after 9/11 and basically blamed Palestinians for the attack, and were basically outright calling for the U.S. to attack Palestine. And even saying that they had no evidence but we should just go and attack them. So could you talk about what happened there, and what was the effect there? Everyone kind of forgets about this but what happened there, and what do you think the effect of that was?

RM: You just opened up a really big can of worms with that question. Well, to fully answer that it would require a totally separate interview, but I’ll do my best to answer it in this short time that we have. What you’re describing is, what I would say, is the neocons flipping up and revealing too much of an early iteration of their script, than the rest of the consensus was ready to reveal or get on board with. And perhaps, even, they jumped ahead with something that the rest of the neocons already decided, we can’t go there. Because, and this is important to know, that Don Kagan is one of the only three authors credited as writing Rebuilding America’s Defenses, the infamous paper that PNAC released that says we need a new Pearl Harbor, a catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.

Don Kagan is someone who just, mostly an obscure figure in this, but I’d like to believe that if he was saying that on the radio within 24 hours of 9/11, that it was something being heavily discussed within that community behind the scenes. And he and his son Fred Kagan are two of the most intellectual, influential neoconservatives in DC. Fred Kagan is behind the Iraq surge, he is also behind the Afghanistan surge for Obama, directly working under David Petraeus. So these are not just like random neocons. It’s important to stress that they are some of the most influential neocon brain-trust type people in DC even though they’re so relatively obscure… They’re not household names.

So to hear both of them saying that we need to clean out Palestine with the U.S. Delta Force raids and the full panoply of U.S. military tools and arsenal, it’s a very shocking thing to hear. Even though I’ve long believed that neocons are some of the most evil people on the planet, that was even surprising for me to hear. That they went ahead and openly said that the U.S. military should do that, and actually, in their broadcast they make it clear that they don’t even care who’s behind 9/11. Which is strange. They say that if we run around tracing the actual perpetrators, we’re just going to be wasting our time and we won’t get anywhere. So what they are saying is that we should just go attack all these countries anyways because even if they’re behind it or not, they hate us and want to kill us.

And Palestine was one of their primary targets to retaliate against in response to 9/11. Now that’s very strange when you look at the day of 9/11, and I’ve actually done a podcast on this, I call it the Palestinian Frame-up, on 9/11, there were four separate incidences that were run throughout U.S. media throughout the day of 9/11 that were attempting to blame Palestinians for the attacks before Bin Laden became the primary culprit that the U.S. media latched on to. So I find that very strange.

And I’m not going to try to explain it here during this interview, but you can look into that. It’s all documented. The news media played footage of Palestinians allegedly celebrating the attacks in the middle of a national emergency at 12 p.m. while thousands of people were still missing during the World Trade Center attacks. So this is the kind of stuff that U.S. media was doing.

So it’s very interesting for me to see neocons actually piggy-backing on that and saying we should attack Palestine. And that’s a rare thing, I think, to find neocons slipping up that badly. And I guess I find that clip particularly fascinating because it’s really one of the only ones like that out there, and to my knowledge, I’m the first one to find it by combing through all these archives. I’ve never heard of it before, never even heard of any neocons saying that before on record.

And then also something else interesting Don Kagan brings up in the recording, and maybe you were going to mention this next, but I’ll just say it because it’s so weird, as he says what would have happened, and keep in mind this is 9/12-01, one day after 9/11. He says, what would have happened if the terrorists had Anthrax on that plane?

GR: Right. Yeah.

RM: And on October 5, weaponized anthrax was sent through the U.S. mail. While the Bush Administration was already inoculated with Cipro. the antibiotic taken to prevent Anthrax infection. So there’s a lot of interesting and very scary questions that are raised just by that single clip. and I’m…to this day it’s still a mystery to me."
We should add 'the script' to 'the visit' in our collection of technical terms in discussing Khazar malfeasance.

"AngloZionist Attack Options Against Iran" (The Saker).  Straightforward utter refutation of the bizarre Margolis piece on Iran.  Tl;dr?  The US, with its usual carpet bombing, can really fuck up Iran, but at a cost that is not bearable by the American empire.  We always have to bear in mind that there is not going to be an American military attack on Iran.  Why do you think the Americans are now risking and straining all their foreign relations with their allies in a hopeless sanction war?  They wouldn't need to piss so many people off if there was any chance of a real war.

"Washington Post Blames Iran For Trump's Unilateral Sanctions Against It" (Moon).  "Can the US Make Iran Sanctions Stick?" (Dorsey).  The weirdness is the huge amount of trade with the UAE, while MbZ promotes American sanctions!  As usual, Zionist pressure for Iranian regime change is going to further weaken the American empire, while not actually achieving regime change.  It is as if, every day, the Americans wake up and say 'what can we do today to weaken our empire?'.

Curious Canadian government comments - about the same stuff that has been going on for years as Canada continues to supply arms for repression - elicits immediate negative response from the Saudi princelings.

"The Israeli Buffer Zone on Syrian Territory Will Have to Wait" (Al-Kassimi).  The Zionist project is imperialism by 'buffer zone', a zone that is to extend from Nile to Euphrates.

Tweets by T.K. of AAK! on the plans for a military coup in South Korea in 2016.  The positive transformation of politics in South Korea in the past few years has been one of the few good stories in our crapified world.

"Soros-funded HRW Defends Terrorists, Accomplices in Thailand" (Thomas).  HRW carefully retconning a Soros color revolution they supported at the time.

"West Fumes as US Meddling in Cambodian Elections is Foiled" (Thomas).  Particularly choice in a Washington obsessed with Russiagate.  Excellent insight from insiders on the American mechanics behind attempted regime change.  I wonder who the regime change 'experts' from Montreal are.

Related!:  "Myanmar leader removed from display at Canadian Museum for Human Rights".  Ha!  This is, of course, the boondoggle 'Holocaust' Museum that the Canadian government was conned into funding by calling it a 'human rights' museum, and you really have to savor it when the curtain on the weaponization of 'human rights' is lifted a bit.

"Brunson alive or Raisuli dead! Really?" (Lang).  Note the usual American jingoism is now being applied against Turkey.  Another example where even slightly competent American diplomacy could have kept Turkey as an American vassal, but no, the Americans are compelled to weaken their empire.

"Two Drones Each Carrying 1Kg Of C-4 Explosive Used In Maduro Assassination Attempt, US Denies Involvement" (Durden).  Note Bolton's pointed non-denial.

"This will sicken you" (Littlewood).  The Khazars could, of course, deal with this in a professional military manner, but the affront to their perceived supreme nature makes them incapable of acting in any way other than brutally.  The participants in these flotillas are truly brave people, as no one can predict how Khazar brutality will play out.

Oopsie in 'wall' politics!:  "Cory Booker Apologizes for Holding Up Anti-Israeli Sign, Explains That He Thought It Was Merely an Anti-American Sign" (Sailer)!  It is just that kind of telling carelessness that can lead to a decrease in the size of your shekel collection.
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