Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We may never know

"Who Profits From Iran’s Oil Major Exodus?" (Katona).  Russia and China.  One of the peculiarities of the American ultra-sanctioning war is that many companies are already under full sanctions, and thus are effectively immune from further sanctions.

Related:  "Caspian Sea Convention Signed to Open New Prospects for Region" (Korzun) (big!) and "Could a pipeline of peace help unite Northeast Asia?" (Salmon) (helpful hint if you want it to succeed:  leave the Assholians out of it!) and "Where does Imran Khan’s government stand on China’s Belt and Road?" (Hussain) and "US Supplying Massive Amounts of LNG Gas to Europe is More Hot Air than Reality" (Silverman) (white elephant LNG ports are so imperial decline!).

"What Really Happens to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador" (Koenig).  The Assholian pattern.

"The Bombshell Kushner-Kissinger Lunch That Set Trump On "Collusion Course" With Russia" (Durden).  Lots of moving parts here.

"The Deal: Smelling a Rat, Arabs Sense a Coming Humiliation" (Crooke).  Is Trump sending coded messages to Christian Zionists that he is furthering the plan to lead to the Second Coming?

"How NATO-linked Think Tanks Control EU Refugee Policy" (Engdahl) (Soros, Hadley):
"The European Stability Initiative think-tank of Soros-tied Gerald Knaus is financed by an impressive list of donors. Their website lists them.
The list includes, in addition to Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Soros-tied German Stiftung Mercator, and the Robert Bosch Stiftung. ESI funders also include European Commission. Then, curiously enough the funder list for The Merkel Plan includes an organization with the Orwellian name, The United States Institute of Peace.
Some research reveals that the United States Institute of Peace has anything but a peace-loving background. The United States Institute of Peace is chaired by Stephen Hadley, former US National Security Council adviser during the neo-conservative war-waging Bush-Cheney administration. Its Board of Directors includes Ashton B. Carter, current Obama Administration neo-conservative hawkish Secretary of Defense; Secretary of State John Kerry; Major General Frederick M. Padilla, President of the US National Defense University. These are some very seasoned architects of the US Pentagon Full Spectrum Dominance strategy for world military domination.
The “Merkel Plan” authors at the European Stability Initative, in addition to the largesse of George Soros’ foundations, list as “core” funder, the German Marshall Fund of the United States. As I describe in my book, The Think Tanks, the German Marshall Fund is anything but German. With its seat in Washington, as I noted in the book, “It’s an American think tank with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. In point of fact, its agenda is the deconstruction of postwar Germany and more broadly of the sovereign states of the EU to fit them better into the Wall Street globalization agenda.”
The German Marshall Fund of Washington has been involved in the post-1990 USA agenda of regime change around the world in league with the US-funded National Endowment for Democracy, Soros Foundations, and the CIA front called USAID. As I describe it in the think tanks book, “The major focus of the German Marshall Fund according to its 2013 Annual Report was to support the US State Department agenda for so-called democracy-building operations in former communist countries in eastern and south-eastern Europe, from the Balkans to the Black Sea. Significantly their work included Ukraine. In most instances, they worked together with the USAID, widely identified as a CIA front with ties to the State Department, and the Stewart Mott Foundation which gives funds to the US Government-funded National Endowment for Democracy.”
Notably, the same Stewart Mott Foundation is also a funder of the ESI-authored Merkel Plan, as is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
This all should give pause for reflection as to who and for what goals the Merkel-Erdogan deal for dealing with the EU refugee crisis is intended. Does the Rockefeller-Bush-Clinton faction in the United States intend to use it as a major social engineering experiment to create chaos and social conflict across the EU at the same time their NGOs such as the NED, Freedom House and the Soros Foundations are stirring things up in Syria and Libya and across the Islamic world? Is Germany, as former US presidential adviser and Rockefeller crony, Zbigniew Brzezinski called her, a “vassal” of US power in the post-1990 world? To date the evidence is pretty strong that that’s the case. The role of US and NATO-linked think tanks is central to get an understanding of how the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union are actually controlled from behind the Atlantic curtain."

"Why Confronting Israel Is Important" (Giraldi).  Calls out Noam - noticing Noam's 'dialectic' - and then implausibly says he's 'come around'.

"America's Persistent Russia Delusion by Publius Tacitus".  "‘Too Big to Fail’: Russia-gate One Year After VIPS Showed a Leak, Not a Hack" (Lawrence).

"The Revenge Of Hillary: Senator Mark Warner Proposes The End Of Free Speech" (Armstrong).  Warner, again.  "This bill would effectively end all our freedoms."

"Cooperate Or Die: In Private Meeting, Top Facebook Exec Threatened News Outlets" (Johnson). "Alex Jones Purge: US Tech Giants Meddle into 2018 Midterm Elections" (Korzun).

"Taliban Praises Recent Talks With Washington as ‘Very Helpful’".

"US bomb pieces found at Yemen bus strike site as Pentagon says ‘we may never know’ who supplied it".  Some war crimes happened to some folks, who can say who, if anyone, is to blame?

"America's War on Yemen Exposed" (Cartalucci):
"Canada's feigned concern for "human rights" in Saudi Arabia comes at a time when the Canadian government continues approving of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms sales to Riyadh. This includes small arms and armored personnel carriers Saudi forces are using in their ongoing invasion and occupation of neighboring Yemen.

The feigned divide between Ottawa and Washington over Saudi human rights violations is overshadowed by years of commitment by both North American nations in propping up the Saudi regime, and aiding and abetting the very worst of Riyadh's human rights abuses unfolding amid the Yemeni conflict.

Canada's apparent role is to help compartmentalize the worst of the West's decaying moral authority, containing it with the US, and taking up a more prominent role in the West's industrialized "human rights" and "democracy" leveraging racket.

While Canadian armaments help fuel genocide in Yemen - Canadian diplomats around the world fund agitators and directly meddle in the internal political affairs of foreign nations predicated on promoting "human rights" and "democracy."

In Thailand for example, the US has receded into the shadows, allowing Canada, the UK, and other European nations to openly engage in political meddling on their behalf. US funding and support continues, but the public face of Western "outrage" is increasingly becoming Canadian, British, and Northern European.

However, Canada faces the same problem that has permanently eroded American credibility. And as its role in perpetuating real human rights abuses worldwide continues to be exposed, its feigned concern over token or even manufactured human rights concerns will increasingly appear hypocritical and hollow, undermining the West's collective ability to leverage and hide behind human rights and democracy to advance their self-serving agendas."
The complicated mobile phone conspiracy you won't read about anywhere else: "The Great Charlottesville Hack of 2018: A Message to the People of Charlottesville" (weev).
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