Saturday, September 29, 2018


"US-Delisted MEK Terrorists Still Openly Committed to Violence" (Thomas).

"US Intel Officials Publicly Contradict Netanyahu's UN Speech On "New" Iran Atomic Facility" (Durden).  Note that the anonymous American official was revealed by the Rothschild house organ, indicating that Bibi's S-300/no fly zone shenanigans have angered the super-machers.

"Dina Porat, Netanyahu’s secret agent in his war on the ‘new anti-Semitism’" (Mack).  The Khazars are worried that they are giving up the old Holocaust-based 'anti-Semitism' - tried and true method of leading the goyim around by the nose - simply to get embassies moved to Jerusalem.

"The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook".  Shut.  It.  Down.

"It’s time to end the charade and walk away from NAFTA"  (Walkom).  This is basic, and obvious.  Sadly, the traitors 'negotiating' for Canada work directly for American multinationals, so an agreement which binds Canada and Mexico but not the United States is exactly what they have been ordered to provide.

"Canada strips Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship".  This is hilarious.  Canada grants the honorary citizenship to promote the interests of the American Empire, who wanted to use her to open up Burma for colonialization, thought to be blocked by the evil generals.  Essentially, she didn't deliver fast enough, so though she hasn't changed, they are now using the effects of the Saudi campaign against the Rohingya as an excuse to dump the whole problem on her.  Just remember that Canadian 'honorary citizenship' is always a huge insult.

"“Chepiga” and “Boshirov” – what does Bellingcat actually tell us?" (Catte).  "British Intelligence Throws More Novi-Fog™ To Hide The Holes In Its Skripal File" (Moon).  As is so often the case, the comments are an order of magnitude smarter than the article:  "Peddling certainty" (Robinson).  Bellingcat isn't even really trying any longer (I get the impression that Bellingcat's particularly sloppy efforts here are embarrassing some of his usual high-level supporters/clients, but it doesn't matter as the material is intended for the lowest ranks of the (((media)))), and people are still pretending to be fooled:  "Take the Bellingcat Facial Recognition Quiz!" (McCarty).  See tweet by Murray.  NATO could have taken a photo of the patsy, reverse-aged it using proper crime victim aging software, planted it with a Russian source, and then provided that material to Bellingcat, but everybody is so lazy, and certain of the support of fools (or assets) like Robinson, that they don't even bother to put in the effort.

The underlying problem, that the British Official Story is ludicrous, remains:  "William of Ockham Lends His Razor to the Skripal Case" (Slane).

And what, do you ask, is George Soros up to?:  "Serbian President Accuses West Of "Brutal Meddling" In Bosnia-Herzegovina's Elections" (Pavic).

"Is Trump Eyeing A Coup In Venezuela?" (Cunningham).  There have been a series of spectacularly failed American coup attempts on Venezuela, with the general problem being that the CIA keeps falling for the statements of various ne'er-do-wells that they have enough general backing to pull the thing off.  Little 'foam party' Mario is hard at work:  "Apply Logan Act against South Florida, not John Kerry" (Madsen).

Friday, September 28, 2018


"Is Gene Editing Terrorism just a matter of time?" (Engdahl).  Not Engdahl's title, though it does raise an interesting question.

"Slovak Police Arrest Suspects In Mafia Hit That Nearly Brought Down Government" (Durden).

"Conspiracy Theories" (Sailer).  The current bizarre politics of Washington is rooted in the sexual politics of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, and much deeper political manipulation.  The funniest thing is that the best thing that could possibly happen for the Democrats, and the worst thing that could possibly happen for the Republicans (a dead party walking without the social triggers), is for Kavanaugh to be seated and overturn Roe v. Wade.  Roe v. Wade is a bizarre and technically terrible and legally strained - privacy rights, really? - decision which has given the Republicans a hammer to hit the Democrats with, and is basically the only thing keeping them alive as a party.  Let the hillbilly states regulate the issue and, if you actually care about health care for women, set up a system to arrange and pay for women to be treated in non-hillbilly states.  Eventually, the hillbilly states will mostly come around as the majority non-hillbillies will just get tired of all the religious nonsense, and once the issue loses its partisan political significance, it will just fade away.  See:
  1. "The Real Origins of the Religious Right" (Balmer) (as usual always with Assholians, it's all about the right to be racist, hidden behind a battle of the sexes, as that is safer);
  2. "How birth control became part of the evangelical agenda" (Burton);
  3. "The Truth About Christianity And Abortion" (Forrester).
Kick in the teeth:  "The Spectacular Zionist Boomerang" (Atzmon).

"The Real Reasons behind Washington’s War on UNRWA" (Baroud). De-refugeeing the Palestinians, thus removing any legal rights that are associated with being refugees.

'Fellow white people' news:  "Ben Dreyfuss: "People Hate the Mouthy Bro Who Forces You to Listen About How Great They Were at Sports at Their Sad Little Lily White Prep School."" (Sailer).

"The US-Mexico Trade Deal Dies" (Rosser).  Trump's 'art of the deal' gambit of isolating Canada by getting Mexico to betray Mexican-Canadian solidarity - a betrayal which Canada has publicly stated it will not forget - and imposing ridiculous deadlines on NAFTA negotiations, has completely failed (though to be fair, and conspiratorial, the Canadians seem to have convinced the Americans that they are domestically constrained with selling out Canadian dairy farmers until after the Quebec elections on October 1).  There is a lesson to be learned in standing up to seemingly self-assured bullies (see Atzmon above).

"The Abomination of Desolation Standing in the Holy Place" (The Saker).

"Germany Rises as ‘Eurostan’ Looms Closer" (Darkmoon).  It is instructive to note that the Muslims in question aren't your typical cross-section of the population, but a unusually messed up subsection of young men ruined by Wars For The Jews who seem to have been hand-selected to cause the most trouble possible, usually based on some addled political-religious justification.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


"Russia and the Taming of the Israelis" (Shamir).  I doubt that we've seen the full force of the Khazars and their paid-off American shabbos goyim.

There is only one way to deal with supremacists.  You can't coddle them, let them talk their way around the problems they cause, or in any way show what they would consider weakness.  You most certainly can never allow them to convince you they have their own problems well in hand and will fix things, as the lite Zionists constantly do.  Their main ploy is 'the ratchet' - they take each rationalization and acceptance of their bad behavior as the new baseline for increased bad behavior in the future.  The only thing they understand is pure power, and you have to demonstrate that by putting a 'price tag' - their word, from the settlers - on their vile actions.  You knock them down, and kick them in the teeth, hard, and make it clear there is much more where that came from.  They are completely insane - it remains impossible to distinguish any supremacist from a psychopath - but they have a degree of rationality which enables them to engage in self-preservation and back off if you push hard enough.  You have to set them backwards each time they do something horrible (which is always, as that is what they do).  The Russian no fly zone is an excellent start, and Corbyn is also dealing with his Khazar problem in a similar way. "UK’s Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will ‘Recognize a Palestinian State When We Take Office’".  "Defying Israel lobby, Labour votes for arms freeze" (Winstanley). More of this, please.

"Bret Stephens’ neocon vision" (Giraldi). 

'Kangaroo court' seems appropriate for more than one reason.  "MH17: Some Truth Emerging at Last" (ONeill).  "The Highest Degree Of Certainty: The New Evidence In The Downing Of Flight MH17" (Fomine).  They have made a critical error in allowing the Malaysians, who seem to want to find out what happened rather than just frame the Russians, on the tribunal.

Bolton:  "CIA, State Dept. hemorrhaging expertise" (Madsen).

"An Ever Increasing Number of Military Ships Arrives to the Eastern Mediterranean" (Berger).

"Operation Nina – the Novichok Hoax" (Macilwain).  It is funny that competent British intelligence could have manufactured a credible framing up of the Russians, but actual British intelligence wasn't up to the job.

"The Skripal incident and Bellingcat" (Bell).  The Atlantic Council and NATO could easily hire somebody in Russia to fake any documents they needed, then point Bellingcat in the direction of the fakes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Billions in our community

"Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM" (Murray).  The typical extreme violence, and the cover-up by their (((media))).  It is also typical, in the finest false-flag style, to write it up backwards, as if a Khazar attack on Corbyn and his woke followers is actually an attack on Jews!

(((Stinktank))) news:  "Pompeo, Bolton To Headline Shady Anti-Iran Event During UNGA" (Clifton).

I guarantee that the minute the news came out on the downing of the Russian plane, Bolton headed to the yacht sites to see what the anticipated bags of Sheldon's shekels from railing against the S-300s would buy him.  What some may call the tragic death of Russians, or even the usual Khazar warmongering machinations, Bolton calls 'payday'.  Also:  "US Vows to “Overthrow” Iran as Terrorists Target Iranians" (Cartalucci).  Sometimes the unabashed American support of terrorism by actual terrorists is strikingly revealing.

Part Two:  "“Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part Two of Two " (Joyce) (see also!:  "‘Billions in our community’ — Israel supporters make frank appeals to Jewish wealth and influence" (Weiss) - of course, you are an 'anti-Semite' if you notice):
"Developed alongside his colleagues in the Institute for Social Research and the mass communications clique, these, then, are Flowerman’s six conditions for a radical transformation of values in the White American demographic majority:
1) Control of the channels of mass communications;
2) Saturation with Pro-tolerance messages;
3) Crisis, designed or accidental;
4) Diminishment of Cultural Pride and Self-esteem;
5) Cultivation of Self-Punishment and Group Self-Sanctioning;
6) Sponsorship of willing dupes or traitors.
"We now find ourselves returning to our point of departure. “The whole story is transparently barmy,” said the Guardian’s Jason Wilson when discussing “conspiracy theories” about Cultural Marxism. Consider again what he says this “conspiracy theory” amounts to:
The vogue for the ideas of theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno in the 1960s counterculture culminated with their acolytes’ occupation of the commanding heights of the most important cultural institutions, from universities to Hollywood studios. There, the conspiracy says, they promoted and even enforced ideas which were intended to destroy traditional Christian values and overthrow free enterprise: feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and atheism. And this, apparently, is where political correctness came from. I promise you: this is what they really think … The theory of cultural Marxism is also blatantly antisemitic, drawing on the idea of Jews as a fifth column bringing down western civilisation from within, a racist trope that has a longer history than Marxism.
In light of the facts addressed in this essay, such a theory would seem thoroughly borne out, with the only required alterations being that the process started before the 1960s and involved many more figures than the staff of the Institute for Social Research. The problem with people like Wilson is that they are proof of the very ‘conspiracy theory’ they refute. Raised in a controlled media, saturated with pro-tolerance propaganda, psychologically blasted with crisis after crisis, stripped of cultural pride, consumed by White guilt, and influenced by purchased “sponsors,” he is the perfectly gullible product of the protocols of Samuel H. Flowerman and the mass communications clique."
"Living in wacko-land"(Robinson).  Canadians of Eastern European background seem to be always surprisingly disturbing/disturbed.

Khazar geopolitical thinking involves a lot of projection:  "Israeli Treason in America: Iran’s “A2/AD” Saudi Plan is Scott’s “Anaconda Plan”".

"Turkish media: Erdogan Involved in Ukrainian Church Issue" (Yesiltas).  I wonder if he gets to keep the 'missionary' while losing the sanctions if he does the church thing for the Americans:
". . . the leader of Crimean Tatars and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Dzhemilev said that President Erdogan had confirmed his support in the process of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. “I told him that today Moscow is like a Mecca for the Orthodox but after the UOC becomes independent Istanbul will take the place of Moscow,” Dzhemilev noticed. According to him, when he and Ukrainian president Poroshenko met with Erdogan on July 12, the Turkish leader assured that he would do “everything possible” for the Ukrainian autocephaly and said that he understood the importance of this issue for the Crimean Tatars.

Mustafa Dzhemilev’s words mean that Ankara and personally President Erdogan, who can influence the Ecumenical Patriarchate, are involved in the Ukrainian problem. But what’s the benefit of such an involvement? It’s obvious that Istanbul won’t become a Mecca for the Orthodox. Ukraine with it’s poor economic situation also can hardly make a decent proposal to Turkey. It seems then that Ankara has reached an agreement with the White House.

An independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not the goal of only Kyiv, the Ecumenical Patriarchate or Ankara. It is of great importance for Washington, which intends to restrain Moscow’s influence in the region."
"The Magnitsky Affair: Confessions Of A Hustled Hack" (Hazou).  Browder pops up almost everywhere you look in Russiagate.

You'd like to think that the Assholians, at the very least, could be reliably selfish, and look after their own lives, but no, they've committed to remaining assholes to the bitter end:  "US to be hit worse than almost any other country by climate change, report says" (Griffin).  Being an Assholian is a calling that transcends petty issues like self-interest.  Of course, as we've seen with Wars For The Jews, taking positions diametrically opposed to national self-interest is the American Way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

One-ten and never again

"Confirming Assange's Assertion That WikiLeaks' Source Was The DNC Itself" (Vos) ('pristine emails').  See also:  "Extraordinary and Deliberate Lies from the Guardian" (Murray) and "This Is The "Last Free Generation" Says Julian Assange In Last Pre-Blackout Interview" (Durden).

"Trump Folds On Nordstream 2 Because... Logic" (Luongo):
"From the U.S. side of the equation there are few things in this life that Donald Trump and Barack Obama agree upon, and stopping Nordstream 2 was one of them.  This, of course, tells you that this opposition is coming from somewhere a lot higher than the Presidency.
U.S. and British foreign policy has been obsessed for more than a hundred years with stopping the natural alliance between Germany’s industrial base and Russia’s vast tracts of natural resources as well as Russia’s own science and engineering prowess.
These two countries cannot, in any version of a unipolar world dominated by The Davos Crowd, be allowed to form an economic no less political alliance because the level of coordination and economic prosperity works directly against their goals of lowering everyone’s expectations for what humans can accomplish.
That is their greatest source of power.  The complacency of our accepting low expectations.
So, Donald Trump finally folding on stopping Nordstream 2 is yet another example of the limits of what power the U.S. has and of its threats.  When he denounced the project he said,
“I never thought it was appropriate. I think it’s ridiculous. And I think it’s certainly a very bad thing for the people of Germany. And I’ve said it very loud and clear.”
But notice that he never said why.
Because there is no downside for Germany.  That’s the point.  Russian piped gas is simply cheaper and more reliable than LNG produced more than 3000 miles away.
The downside is for the U.S.
It begins the process of Germany and Russia re-establishing stronger economic ties cut in half by the 2014 sanctions over Crimea.  It keeps Merkel in power a little while longer having stood up to the bully Trump and showing some German independence.
This is something she sorely needs right now coming into regional elections in October.
Most importantly, this gas will be paid for in euros, not dollars.  And this further undermines the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions as Gazprom will have a steady supply of euros to pay back its investors and diversify Russia’s currency reserves."
Part of The Clarification is that Trump is doing no more than what Barry was doing, but what Barry got away with, Trump does not get away with.  Part of it is style (Barry was a 'graceful' motherfucker), but most of it is the fact that the cumulative effect of imperial overreach is finally catching up with the Americans and their Khazar overlords.

"US Isolated: Europe’s Big 3, plus China & Russia Outmaneuver Trump to keep Iran Deal at UN" (Cole):
"The meeting was attended by the European Union “Big Three,” i.e. Britain, France and Germany (the E3), plus Russia and China. So four of the five members of the UN Security Council participated. The US was conspicuous by its absence.

In my whole 65 years I have never heard about 4 members of the UN Security Council meeting without the US and with the express purpose of outflanking Washington Policy! This is both weird and ominous."
"Ahvaz Terrorist Attack Exposes US’s New Chapter of Regime Change Wars" (Osman).  "Western media mostly silent on Ahvaz terrorist attack". It a bit strange from a tactical point of view.  It did nothing to weaken the regime - just the opposite in fact - and provided the 'last straw' for the Iranians to finally say 'basta'.  We're seeing the same thing all over the place, in different contexts, with the rest of the world finally focusing on the outrageousness of Khazar-American behavior.  See:
  1. "Escobar: 'The West Against The Rest' Or 'The West Against Itself'?";
  2. "Iran Sanctions Are Damaging The Dollar" (Cunningham) (it remains amazing how much damage the empire will do to itself all solely so a few of its politicians can get shekels, and it all works on the basis that the cumulative effect of all the sanctioning is delayed enough for nobody to notice until it is too late!);
  3. "Venezuela’s Maduro Secures $5bn Chinese Loan & Joins Beijing’s New Silk Road Initiative" (Dobson) versus "U.S. preparing 'actions' in coming days against Venezuela: Pompeo to Fox News" (comical levels of swaggering American incompetence);
  4. "The Syrian Ceasefire Proves How Far Putin Has Come Out on Top" (Cockburn);
  5. "China and India to Iran and Korea, why Russia is the Asian player to watch" (Tselichtchev); 
  6. "China protests as US imposes sanctions over Russian arms deal";
  7. "Here comes the 30-year trade war" (Escobar) (it is nothing short of miraculous that the big gentile magnates, the WASPs who are supposed to rule the world, haven't yet summoned Trump to a meeting where they lay down the law to him);
  8. "Is Langley Unleashing Jihad Against China in Xinjiang?" (Jatras);
  9. "Greater Eurasia coming together in the Russian Far East" (Escobar).
"Iran slams Twitter for shutting down 'real Iranian' accounts".  "Faking The Online Debate On Iran - Inside The MEK".  "Iran Hawks in Washington" (Koenig):
". . . countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China and all those nations that resist the west’s attempts to conquer, command and subdue them have a strong so-called “Fifth Column”, open and covert infiltrated western or local and western-trained and funded ‘assets’. These people are usually embedded in the financial sector, especially the central banks and in trade related activities. They are the ‘recipients’ of the messages from the Hawks from Washington – they propagate them in Iran, bring people to the streets often by paying them – to make believe that there is a strong opposition to the government.

They control the local media, publish false economic information – unemployment, inflation – and seek tightening investment links with the west. The Fifth Columnists, or Atlantists, are helping to manipulate currency exchange rates, devaluations of their country’s – Iran – money; they are exaggerating the impact of sanctions at home to create fear and hostility against the government – in brief, they are weaponizing public opinion against their own government. They are collaborators with Iran’s enemies.

The Fifth Columnists are a dangerous, criminal and non-transparent alliance of opponents working for foreign interests in Iran, as well as in Russia, Venezuela, China, and wherever the Washington hegemon and its dark deep masters want to bring about regime change. Neutralizing them is a huge challenge, as their activities are deeply rooted in their countries financial system, private banking and international trade.

The best way of annihilating their nefarious impact is by applying the rules of Resistance Economy – breaking loose from the western dollar system, de-globalizing the economy, finding back to political and economic sovereignty – local production for local markets with local money and local public banking for the development of the local economy; and by trading with friendly, culturally and ideologically aligned countries. If the link to the globalized west is broken, their power is gone. Iran is on the right path – the future is in the East. The greed-driven aggressive west is committing economic and moral suicide. The west has become a sinking ship."
"All Wars Are Illegal, So What Do We Do About It?" (Flowers/Zeese).  You're not really supposed to notice that war has largely disappeared around the world, except of course for one particular kind of war fought for the imperial ambitions of one tiny group.  "Putting a dollar value on one of oil’s biggest subsidies: military protection" (Roberts).  Since the US is easily self-sufficient in hydrocarbons (largely through permanently ruining large parts of its ecology through fracking), 'protecting' oil is just an excuse to cover for Wars For The Jews.

"The Humanitarian-Interventionist Complex and Syria" (Cobban). The weaponization of 'humanitarian' charity.

The Flowerman smoking gun:  "“Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part One of Two" (Joyce).  I look forward to Part Two.

"SJWs Just Ruined Linux: Linus is Out" (Reznik).  "After SJWs Take Over Linux, Top Devs are Considering Burning It to the Ground" (Sol). Given the importance of the Linux kernel, this story is of vital importance, but is being hidden.  It looks like intentional vandalism/crapification.

"Was NYT Story About Rosenstein 'Coup Attempt' A Setup?" (Durden).  Indubitably, which means the NYT engaged in considerable lying - spreading disinfo from the notorious McCabe, no less - to attempt to trick Trump for partisan political purposes.  Rosenstein is a straight-laced life-long dedicated Republican operator in Washington.  The story is preposterous, but was crafted to appeal to Trump's worst instincts.  See also:  "Just Two NY Times Paragraphs On Russiagate - A Striking Admission" (Durden)

"I Don’t See How a Palestinian State Can Ever Happen" (Fisk)  The biggest mystery of the universe isn't Jew-hatred, but why there isn't more Jew-hatred.  I'm serious - I simply can't understand how the gentiles are so protective of a group that consistently does so much Pure Evil.  "Daily Reminder: Jews Expelled 359 Times – Not 109" (Anglin).  "One-ten and never again"!

"Down with the Working Classes!" (Hopkins).  Links to:  "Disobedient Hungary: From the Soviet to the European Union" (Johnstone), which, um, names the problem.  First comment, by Johnny Rottenborough (my emphasis in red):
"Orban’s reputation in the West as dictator is unquestionably linked to his intense conflict with Hungarian-born financier George Soros
And not only Soros, of course:
‘I know that this battle is difficult for everyone. I understand if some of us are also afraid. This is understandable, because we must fight against an opponent which is different from us. Their faces are not visible, but are hidden from view; they do not fight directly, but by stealth; they are not honourable, but unprincipled; they are not national, but international; they do not believe in work, but speculate with money; they have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.’—Viktor Orbán"


"Consequences - TTG",  The Russians have basically given Bibi and the Khazars two weeks to come up with something resembling an apology and a promise not to do it again, and two weeks is forever in the world of bribery and blackmail, so I'll only believe this when I see the sweet, sweet videos of the first Israeli plane blown to smithereens over Syria.  We still haven't seen the full reaction of the bribed and blackmailed American politicians yet.  The first reason not to be optimistic is that the Russians have constantly played this game of using unfulfilled promises of supplying military technology to gain diplomatic goals.  The second, more important, reason for gloom is that this would represent a real game changer, the first time since the snatching of Eichmann in 1960 that anybody in the world - other than a few Arabs here and there - hasn't accepted the Khazar premise that the Khazars can do whatever the fuck they want, and nobody can stop them, and in particular that international law doesn't apply to them and it is literally anti-Semitic to take steps to ensure it does.  This understanding is so important to the survival and expansion of Israel that the machers will move mountains to preserve it.  In other words, even more than Syria itself, the Russians are challenging the principle that the Khazars are unchallengeable, which itself is based in some kind of illogical mumblings about the Holocaust, and is thus a religious premise.

And sorry, I still don't buy the Russian story, which seems crafted to appeal as it makes the Israels look like super villains in a cartoon, deftly stepping behind the Russians to avoid the missile.  I mean, it could have happened like that, but how likely is it, compared to the simple story of a French missile downing the Russian plane?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Another crack at WWIII

Although it is impossible to know for sure what happened, the basic structure of the Israeli-French anti-Russian conspiracy is now clear.  The intention was to down a Russian airplane, and hope that fury from the Russian military would lead to an immediate retaliatory attack on what was believed to be the attacker, a French ship hanging around the area, retaliation that would occur before the deft Russian politicians and diplomats could get involved to diffuse the situation.  The French Rothschild Navy - having a Rothschild lackey run France is a little too much on the nose, even for people like me! - was supposed to sustain a massive attack, with the deaths of many French sailors, sacrificed in the purest USS Liberty style, all to allow the Khazars to scream that Russia had attacked a NATO member, thus invoking all the legal apparatus of NATO to lead to WWIII against Russia (of course, the ship was only there on the pretense of 'protecting' Syrians from that most well-advertised false-flag attack, the one by the White Helmets to be blamed on Assad!).  The real issue here is that the Russians came this close to falling for a trick which would lead to the deaths of millions of Russians, for no reason other than that the Khazars are butt-hurt that somebody is successfully standing up to them in the Middle East.  Russia won't let this rest because the French-Israeli conspiracy was literally an existential crisis to the state of Russia (not to mention Europe and the US, but who cares as long as nobody interferes with Khazar supremacism!).

The closest I've seen to a fully woke analysis, raising a lot of the right questions:  "Full Analysis: Russian Disinfo Campaign ‘blames’ Israel For IL-20 Plane Downing, Yet Exonerates France" (Flores).

It is interesting that Israeli 'incompetence' is being used to finesse a robust Russian response:
  1. "Putin, Israel and the Downed Il-20 --- IMPORTANT UPDATE" (The Saker) (note how he changed his tune with the Russian military report);
  2. "Some Fast Thoughts On IL-20 (Andrei Martyanov)";
"Downing of Russian Jet: Israel Fears Putin Will Clip Its Wings in Syria" (Greenhalgh).

"Can the Downing of Russia’s IL-20 be the Beginning of the End for Israeli Hubris?" (Adam).

"Who’s Responsible? The Downing of the Russian Plane Over Latakia Poses Too Many Questions" (Korybko).  Korybko's bizarre pro-Israeli slant is becoming impossible to ignore, and he may be a noamian dialectician!

Note the context of the simultaneous pressures - just as with Iran, the Khazar attacks are 'full spectrum' - being put on Russia in Europe, in Ukraine, and involving the Skripal attacks:
  1. "Johnny Russkii Strikes Again" (note that the usually level-headed Robinson seems to be buying far-fetched claims from a dodgy Russian site, following NATO's Bellingcat, on the Skripal attack!);
  2. "'Fort Trump' Offer Given Serious Consideration: Poland To Host US Military Base" (Savitsky); 
  3. "US Encouraging the Division of Ukraine along Religious Lines" (Gorka) (the Russian Orthodox Church and its powers is a very sensitive issue, making this one of the weirdest but perhaps most disturbing of the attacks); and
  4. "Eight NATO Air Forces to Fly to Ukraine for Massive Drill".
The chutzpah!:  "Putin Has Little Choice but to Allow Israel to Continue Operating in Syria" (Pfeffer).  "Netanyahu signals Israel won’t curb activities against Iran, despite Russia row".  "Israel Asserts it can Bomb Syria at Will despite Downing of Russian Plane".  One obvious question we're not supposed to ask is why is Israel allowed to break international law every day with illegal flights over Syria (and Lebanon), sometimes with deadly attacks (all in self-defense, goyim!), and in this case menacing a Russian military base?!

It remains an open question about how much the world can afford to allow Khazars to run amok, no matter how sweet those shekel bribes are.

Added: I should note that the Russian Official Story of what happened obviously does not make any sense.  There are far too many unlikely moving parts, and the idea that Israel could have anticipated all of this coming together is preposterous, yet Israel is blamed.  I think it far more likely that the kill shot came from an Israeli plane, or, most likely of all, from the French ship.  Of course, admitting the attack came intentionally from France is politically impossible for Putin, as the Russian public would demand a response which would inevitably lead to a direct conflict with NATO.  Given that the Rothschild lackey Macron put the lives of the French sailors in mortal risk (and note how the (((media))) discussion of the gas attack gave Macron the excuse to have his ship in position!), solely for Khazar supremacist goals and in aid of a WWIII which would not benefit France, might lead to somebody on the French ship owning up to what really happened.

ADDED 2: The Russians are thought to be in a difficult diplomatic position here, but it is even worse than it appears.  They can't even honestly explain what happened without falling into the trap set for them.  At the same time, if the Khazars think they can get away with setting up a situation which will inevitably lead to the utter ruination of Russia, there is no reason for them not to try it again (as we've seen countless times, morality is for schmucks, goyim).  How can you deter another version of this trap without being able even to describe the attack honestly?  The best deterrent would be to set up a no-fly zone in western Syria (and Lebanon), but what happens when Israel defies it?  If you enforce it by shooting down the Israeli plane, that brings the Khazars' American lackeys into the equation.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Broken-down hacks

"New York Times’ fraudulent “election plot” dossier escalates anti-Russia hysteria" (Van Auken):
"Mazzetti is notorious for his secretly passing to the CIA in 2011—prior to publication—a piece written by Times columnist Maureen Dowd, along with a note reading, “this didn’t come from me… and please delete after you read.”
Shane was the author of a 2012 article titled “The moral case for drones,” that attempted to justify the assassination program being run out of the White House that claimed the lives of thousands in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere.
The authors are, to put it bluntly, a pair of broken-down hacks, embedded with the US military and intelligence apparatus and held in contempt by serious journalists."
Tweet (OffGuardian):
"No names, no second source, no supporting data. Nothing. The 'great work' involved Bellingcat publishing the unsourced rumours, hints and allegations their NATO handlers slipped them. Tragic these guys either don't see why it's junk or have to pretend they don't"
Smell the freedom!:  "VIDEO REPORT: US Diplomats Involved in Trafficking of Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret Military Program" (Gaytandzhieva).

"WATCH: Congressman Pushing for War in Syria Claims Assad is ‘Butcher of Baghdad’—in IRAQ":
"Ironically, Kinzinger should probably have known that Baghdad was not in Syria, given that he served in the US air force in both Iraq and Afghanistan during his military career."
Did Erdoğan promise to block the false-flag chemical attack?: "Russia, USA, Israel, Iran and Syria: a continuous struggle to trigger or avoid war"(Magnier).  The whole tone of this is oddly pro-Israeli (in line with this tendency to promote the line that the Israelis are desperately trying to prevent war, which also sometimes takes the form that the pacifist Israelis are up against the actions of those damn warmongering 'American' neocons!).  It doesn't matter, as the neocons have redefined the future casus belli to include any de-terrorizing operations by Syria and its allies:  "Idlib: Lull before the hurricane – by Peter Ford".

"The only good news in all of this is that US forces were not involved. This still tells me that Trump and Mattis are still in charge of their chain of command and that other forces are conspiring to drag them into a conflict no one in their right minds wants."

"Bill Browder Strikes Back in Europe" (Luongo).

"Alexander Perepilichnyy possible MI6 links to stay secret" (the plan is to leave the idea he was a British intelligence asset investigating Russian organized crime who was therefore assassinated by that rascal Putin, while maintaining some deniability on the issue whether the British government is in bed with Russian gangsters):
"The government can keep secret the details of whether there were any links between British spies and a Russian businessman who died in mysterious circumstances, a coroner has ruled.

An investigation by Surrey Police later found he died of natural causes.

Critics of the police response say a full public inquiry is now needed to establish whether he was poisoned.

The coroner at the inquest into his death, judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, upheld an application by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who is refusing to publicly release documents from MI5 and MI6 relating to Mr Perepilichnyy for security reasons.

Mr Perepilichnyy, a millionaire businessman, moved to the UK in 2009 and had been helping the Hermitage Capital hedge fund expose an alleged $230m (£176m) money-laundering scheme linked to Russian organised crime.

He spent the night before his death in Paris, where a witness said he fallen ill at a sushi restaurant and was sick several times.

Forensic tests later found no evidence of toxins in his system, although poisoning could not be completely ruled out.

The coroner said he was "mindful" of heightened concern about the case following the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

But he said he agreed with the home secretary that publicly releasing intelligence information would lead to "a real risk of serious harm to national security"."
'Lost':  "Police investigating Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy’s death lost vital evidence".

"Treat Russia Like the Terrorist It Is" (Lake).

"Three Point Failure: The Guardian’s racist campaign against “dirty Russian money”" (Kit):
"Why do oligarchs prefer to London to Moscow?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer – Britain is soft on financial corruption. It is one of the money laundering centres of the WORLD. Because we don’t make millionaires pay taxes, we don’t charge people with embezzlement and we don’t ask inconvenient questions. We have a weak, soft economy that NEEDS money brought in from overseas – no matter how it was acquired – in order to limp along in any kind of vaguely functional way.

That’s a British problem, not a Russian problem.

Russian oligarchs are more comfortable in London than Moscow. The video never stops to ask what this means.

Luke Harding – always just a few heartbeats away from a total paranoid breakdown – talks about the oligarchs being “squeezed out or put in jail” by Putin’s government, but never makes the obvious point that maybe THAT is why they all live in London now, and do nothing but talk about how evil Putin is.

Two ex-bankers are interviewed – Roman Borisovich and Vladimir Ashurkov – they are credited as “anti-corruption” campaigners, with no reference to their personal wealth, how they acquired it, or why they left the country.

The oligarchs in London have been kicked out of Russia for corruption, and taken their ill-gotten fortunes with them. Most of them hate Putin, and would do anything to undermine his government. This very simple reality is never addressed in the video."
"Novichok suspects' drug-fuelled night of 'cannabis and prostitutes' at £75-a-night East London hotel just hours before Salisbury attack":  ". . . the respected investigative website Bellingcat . . . "!

Tweets by T. Greer. See the last five in the stream, e.g., "P.S. A thought on framing: I am displeased with reports that describe this all as a reaction to "terrorism" in scare quotes. There should be no scare quotes. Using the same methodology above, it's easy to confirm that the terrorist concern is real."  Besides the Saudis, the Turks are also heavily involved in this massive terrorist attack against China, as the Uyghurs are regarded as 'Turks', and the area thus a irredentist goal of Turkish nationalists.  "No, the UN Did Not Report China Has ‘Massive Internment Camps’ for Uighur Muslims" (Norton/Singh).  More HRW/NED - each led, naturally, by a Khazar - warmongering PR crap.

"Push to Execute Saudi Clerics Rattles Kingdom’s Power Structure" (Said).  Sunnis!  Their crime is "not openly supporting the government’s pressure campaign against Qatar".

"Saudi Arabia Bankrolled Iran’s MEK with Tons of Gold, Rolexes – Report".

"Woodward: No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion" (Walsh).  "NYT Admits That Its "Mountain of Evidence" For Russian Collusion Is Smaller Than A Molehill" (Moon).  Watch for Mueller to earn his shekels and use his considerable pressure on Manafort and Cohen to have them produce some 'evidence'.

"Not aliens after all? Mysterious solar observatory closure triggered by FBI child porn probe" (Delimont).  Child porn investigation seems to be the new excuse - see also Paddock's brother - for intelligence shenanigans the details of which they don't want us to see, as who's going to argue against stopping child porn?

"FBI Had "Two Sets Of Records" On Trump Investigation; Comey, McCabe Implicated: Carter" (Durden).  The FBI is basically an organized crime organization keeping two sets of books!

"Palestine: the Testbed for Trump’s Plan to Tear Up the Rules-based International Order" (Cook).  This sounds big and political, but the 'plan' is simply to get more shekels.

If you ever start to think that Weiss' motives are pure, and his efforts are anything other than a Khazar supremacist trick, just read this!:  "The Holocaust, vengeance and the Palestinians". Note the typical Khazar stunt of establishing a 'shared understanding' which will later come around and bite you, and anybody in the way of Khazar supremacism, in the ass!

"The Great Unz-Cole Holocaust Debate" (Quinn).  You have to wonder if Unz is running a more sophisticated version of the same stunt.  As I've said before, denialism fits right into (((their))) plans.  Engaging in the 'debate' - in this case, literally between two Khazars, one of which is described as 'brave' - means you accept the premise that whatever happened to the Khazars in Europe still has moral relevance to what is being done to the people of, say, Syria or Palestine today, so they win either way, again, in typical fashion (as with Oslo), by quietly laying down the accepted shared premises of any future 'debate'.  I think:
  1. really bad things happened to Khazars in Europe, on a mass scale, at least some of which was organized by governments or other political entities, although we have been completely blocked from examining the details;
  2. these bad things happened with the connivance of the Khazar leadership (this is the third rail that 'Red Ken' touched), who did so with the intention of concocting a 'refugee crisis' which was a necessary precondition of their plans to find enough Jews to stock their colonial project in the Middle East, while simultaneously cleaning up the Khazar genetics which had been contaminated by centuries of shtetl breeding with gentiles; and
  3. denialism is trick which plays right into their hands by implying that it, and the issues in discussion, have moral relevance to what is being done today.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

J is for joke

Escobar, on what has to be one of the most stunning reveals in recent history:  "Russia reveals the MH17 ‘smoking gun’".  Needless to say, this won't go anywhere as nobody involved in the 'investigation', including the apparently well-shekeled families of the victims, has even the tiniest interest in actually determining what happened.  We now know it was the Ukrainians, either from the ground or, if from a plane from a Ukrainian plane, but you can't start WWIII with that!  The 'J' in JIT stands for 'joke'.

Actually, paid -off 'victims' and the right-wing culture of worshiping victims of crimes, has consistently been a big problem.  Look at the families saying nothing while comical lawfare is conducted against Iran - or even the Saudis, guilty as they are of so much else - involving 9-11.  Even though this kind of legal travesty obscures what really happened and protects the real perps, the families go along with this crap as (((somebody))) has promised them shekels.

The sheer number of problems with the joke is also stunning:  "The Dutch Investigation into Flight MH17 and Kiev’s Veto" (van der Pijl).  Nobody could possibly be innocently that consistently incompetent!  Where are the families screaming for justice?  Oh yeah, paid off.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

MH17, etc.

"The Strange Russian Alibi." and "Lynch Mob Mentality" (Murray).  If they made up their cover stories, they did a remarkably good job of it, even manufacturing parts of the story that nobody would make up due to their implausibility, parts which seem to fit the facts.  Their implausible cover story is thus in line with their implausible lack of tradecraft - Russian government assassins using their own identities with no attempt at disguise on CCTV (and, in a way that is almost a cliché, British CCTV coverage, as with, for example, the 7/7 London terrorist attack, seems to switch on and off for various suspects and victims in mysterious, but convenient, ways)! - and fits tourist much better than Russian agents.

"Petrov, Boshirov and the Burden of Proof" (Slane).

"It Wasn’t Russia (4)" (Shrimpton).  This guy is a bit nuts - he has a laroucheian obsession with German intelligence causing all problems in the world! - but he raises all the good points about how this doesn't fit with an actual Russian intelligence operation.

"UK Wants Skripal Hysteria to Soften Public Before Attacks in Syria – Scholar".  "Freedom of Expression in the UK: Prominent British Scientist and Critic of the Skripal Poisoning Story Arrested" (Nimmo).

"Pravda/Censored/Suppressed: In the situation with the IL-20 there is a French track?"  Makes more sense that the French would do Bibi's dirty work, especially given the convoluted pinball explanation for how the Russian plane was hit, somehow prevented by the Israelis of avoiding what amounted to an implausible friendly fire attack.

"Syrian-Russian Victory Only Way to Avenge Israeli-French Strikes" (Cartalucci).  The argument for cucking is that retaliation is exactly what Bibi wants, and we can't argue with Putin's success rate at being an adult so far.

"Syria - The Rationale Behind The Delay Of Idleb's Liberation - Updated 2x" (Moon).  Or is Erdoğan just buying time for the White Helmets to set up their false flag casus belli, presumably in exchange for American help with his economic problems?

Comment by kinggeor to a VT article:
"Ironically at the same time of this attack US Rep. Amash made the announcement just as Monday’s evening’s massive Israeli strike on Syria was underway, which resulted in a downed Russian surveillance plane carrying 20 Russian airmen amidst the confusion of missiles flying over the Mediterranean.
Congress Members Demand Trump Seek Approval Before Military Action In Syria

While the Pentagon formally denied any US role in the strikes, it was an extremely dangerous situation with yet again the potential for serious escalation between Russia and the US and its allies.
The letter was signed by a handful of Republicans including Thomas Massie, Mark Sanford, and Walter Jones, as well as 42 Democrats. It begins as follows:
We write to strongly urge you to consult with and obtain authorization from Congress before ordering any additional U.S. military action in Syria. We are deeply concerned by recent reports indicating that your administration is preparing again to strike Syria in the event of another chemical weapons attack."
"Israel-Russia Relations and the Downing of Russian Aircraft over Syria" (Korybko).  Off his meds.  Bizarrely paints Israel as the victim of an American conspiracy to come between Israel and Russia!

In the middle of all this nonsense, it seems important to note that the Ukrainians somehow managed, through sheer intelligence incompetence in an ill-advised dump of documents, to implicate themselves - or at the very least, exculpate the Russians - in the downing of  MH17:    "Russian Propaganda’s Rank Fail on MH17" (West).  "Mutual Disbelief" (Robinson).

And Julian swims away.  "Police Stumped In Search For Missing Wikileaks-Linked Cybersecurity Expert" (Durden).  "WikiLeaks Associate Kamphuis’ Belongings Found Floating in Sea, Sparking Homicide Fears" (Webb).

This story has a whiff of old-school conspiracy about it:  "Evacuated Solar Observatory Set To Re-Open; Officials Offer Unbelievable Explanation" (Durden).

Classic lawfare technique is to slip into an agreement some verbiage that seems inconsequential and off topic at the time, but is later abused in the best Le Merchant style:  "Comrade Joseph Massad on Self-determination" (Angry Arab). "A “Gentleman’s Agreement”: How Oslo Worked Out as Planned for Israel" (Cook).  The general understanding laid down by Oslo was that the Palestinians were just squatters on Jewish land, an issue to be dealt with at a later time, which is now.

"NY Town Recognizes That Demography Is Destiny: "Chester Buying Property ‘To Keep The Hasidic Out’"" (Bishop).  The lawfare is going to doom these poor people.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Peak Khazar

There is nothing more dangerous in the world than when the Khazars get full of themselves, as they are now, with all the shekels washing around Washington and all the treason agents, including President Jared, on the American throne.  "Russian military plane with 14 on board disappears during Israeli strikes on Latakia".  "Russian aircraft shot down during Israeli missile attack on main Syrian government port" (Van Auken).  "The Major Attack On Syria Followed Putin-Erdogan Agreement For Demilitarized Zone In Idlib" (Durden).

Putin needs temporarily to stop cucking it up - arguably Erdoğan also got one over on him in the Idlib negotiations - as his adult, diplomatic, turn-the-other-cheek strategies are leading to Israel (and perhaps now France, doing Israel's dirty work thanks to the Rothschild stooge running France) walking all over Russian interests without the slightest fear of reprisal.

"The West should send Israel an ultimatum" (Alexis).  We're clearly reached Peak Khazar, and their never-ending anti-gentilism is either going to kill us, or we're going to put a stop to it.  It is ironic that the Khazar view is that western politics is propelled entirely on the basis of an irrational Jew-hatred, a hatred that basically doesn't exist, except extremely rarely in the face of massive provocation, and the real basis of history in the west at this time is undoubtedly a completely irrational anti-gentilism, all the weirder in that the Khazars are themselves gentiles.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Creeping wokenness

"Syria - The Rationale Behind The Delay Of Idleb's Liberation" (Moon).  Erdoğan is a real nasty piece of shit, authoritarian to the max and personally corrupt, and requires political support from even worse pieces of shit, vicious ultra-conservative Islamists.  Having said that, he's completely rational in every step he takes, works primarily for fairly secular Turkish big-business interests (who want the economic issues to settle down and things to be quiet so they can make money), has his back up against the wall (the Gülen attack from the CIA, the recent economic attack from Trump and the American government), and needs Russian help to get him through the next few years.  He'll talk like he's going for maximalist irredentist land-grabbing positions to appeal to his base (he recently tried to pull this on Iraq, and then reversed), but will eventually fall back to simply ensuring that the Syrian Kurds are under political control, unable to pull the Greater Kurdistan trick, best achieved if the Kurds get some kind of weak autonomy in a federal Syria.

"The Dike Breaks - Netherland Ends Support For "White Helmets" Terrorist Propaganda" (Moon).  This might be an extremely important shift.  The White Helmets are al-Qaeda + British Intelligence + the Khazar western media PR apparatus, so this kind of break by a loyal vassal, as obvious and commonsensical as it may be, may indicate a dangerous and possibly contagious attack of wokenness.

The (((media))), naturally, won't report this properly, or note its real significance, but this Manafort story is on point on a number of issues, and gets to the real issue of foreign meddling in American politics, not to mention the strikingly cynical way the concept of 'anti-Semitism' now manipulated:  "Manafort and Senior Israeli Official Meddled in Ukraine Elections, Obama Foreign Policy" (also):
"A mysterious Israeli connection appeared on Friday within the pages of the plea deal signed between Paul Manafort, U.S. President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, and the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. 
According to the document, in 2012, while Manafort was working as a lobbyist for the pro-Russian government of Ukraine, he received help from a senior Israeli official in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Ukraine’s then-opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine on October 28, 2012. 
Manafort and the senior Israeli official, who is not named in the document, worked to jointly accuse Tymoshenko’s supporters and allies of supporting anti-Semitism. Manafort bragged at the time that “Obama Jews” would put pressure on the American administration to disavow Tymoshenko and her supporters as a result of his ploy.
“Manafort sought to undermine United States support for Tymoshenko,” the document states. “He orchestrated a scheme to have, as he wrote in a contemporaneous communication, ‘Obama Jews’ put pressure on the [Obama] administration to disavow Tymoshenko” and support the Ukrainian government, which was his client.
The document further states that “Manafort coordinated privately with a senior Israeli government official to issue a written statement” that would highlight the alleged anti-Semitism of his client’s political rivals in Ukraine. Then, “with secret knowledge of that Israeli statement,”  Manafort worked to spread the story in the American media.  “I have someone putting it in the New York Post. Bada bing bada boom,” Manafort wrote to one of his associates. He wanted to use the allegations in order to pressure the Obama administration into acting against his clients’ rivals in Ukraine. “The Jewish community will take this out on Obama on Election Day if he does nothing,” Manafort said at the time.  The document doesn’t name the senior Israeli official that Manafort communicated with. However, in October 2012, at the same time that Manafort was working on this issue, Israel’s then-foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, published a statement attacking the political rivals of Manafort’s clients in Ukraine for espousing anti-Semitism. Lieberman’s statement was featured in reports by a number of American news outlets, including The New York Times and Breitbart.  "Israel is concerned by the recently signed agreement between the Batkivshchyna party and the extremist party Svoboda, who’s anti-Semitic outbursts have caused outrage in Ukraine and Israel more than once," the statement read. Batkivshchyna, or Fatherland, is lead by Tymoshenko, while Svoboda, or Freedom, is an ultra-nationalist party. "For example, in the past, the leader of Svoboda has praised 'the fight against the moscali [derogatory term for Russians] and the zhyd [derogatory term for Jews].' The expression of such views brings to mind the dark pages of history of the last century, which have led humanity to the tragedy of World War Two. Israel condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms, and expresses hope that common sense will prevail," the statement concluded. Lieberman, who is currently defense minister, denied on Friday that he had ever met with, spoken to or worked with Manafort." 
Ha!:  "Israel's Defense Chief Calls for Probe Into Identity of Top Official Embroiled in Manafort Case".

"Sam Patten: Spy 4-Hire: Completing the Jigsaw of Double Agents and “Deep State” Actors" (Kamens):
"Patton has no shame. He has worked for both Mikheil Saakashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili, who replaced Saakashvili, claiming to be his polar opposite, following the 2012 election. Ivanishvili may not be the murderous crook Saakashvili is, but he was also parachuted into his job by the US to clean up the embarrassment Saakashvili had become – and therefore protect US interests, rather than those of Georgia.

Patten is perfectly happy working both sides of the fence, and based on his recent conviction, many sides of many fences. It is this, rather than contrition, which has persuaded him to agree to co-operate with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He is hoping to turn star witness, and “somehow” get more reward from doing that than he is from helping his previous donors. He is still a spy for hire, he has merely changed employer—even now.

But who exactly is that employer? Robert Mueller is making a lot of capital out of allegedly being an impartial Special Prosecutor, whose purpose is to get at the truth. But he is in the same position as healthcare professionals who murder their patients, but get away with it for a long time because everyone HAS to trust a doctor.

We already know much about Robert Mueller, from people with those same Georgian connections, and from the staff of Veterans Today—a US based military/veterans affairs online magazine. He is in thick with the deep state, or whatever you want to call it. As Trump has said, his investigation is not so much about Trump and his dirty deeds, or any alleged connections to Russian or other offshore money (Ukrainian and Georgian, strangely enough) but with maintaining the status quo.

Most of the complaints President Trump has made about Mueller’s “sprawling” investigation have been on target and completely valid. Trump may well be a terrible president, who should be impeached and convicted for war crimes in Yemen and Syria at the very least, but Mueller’s investigation has been an illegitimate “witch hunt” from the get go.

Trump is right: the deep state is trying to trap him, and he has much more important things to think about and work on. He is also right in saying that the top level of the FBI is full of crooks. They include the likes of Bryan Paarmann, the guy sent to – yes- Georgia, to write a report which said that the former Prime Minister had been killed by fumes from a heater rather than by operatives working for Saakashvili, despite his many visible injuries.

Despite Trump’s many crimes, he is being hounded out of office by what he rightly claims is “a sad chapter for law enforcement,” and “a rigged system”. So, has Patten really changed sides by acting as the fall guy, and pleading guilty rather than taking the opportunity to defend himself?

Mueller’s agenda is not to restore justice but to secure the outcome the Deep State wants, before Justice, which would get Trump anyway, can triumph. Then the Deep State can continue to operate above justice, in the same way you wouldn’t dare to give Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein a parking ticket. If Mueller hadn’t been appointed to do this job, Patten would have been one of the best qualified people to do it himself, given his track record and very similar connections.

In Georgia Patten did the same work he has since done for Cambridge Analytica and the CIA. He would write and plant articles in support of one candidate or another, and present these as the opinion of the Georgian people, most of whom couldn’t even read the articles, let alone agree with them.

One of his connections in Georgia was with Robert Mueller himself. Before he became a household name in the Trump investigation, this former FBI director was involved in secret meetings in Georgia dating back to 2008. He was also involved in the cover-up of weapons deals with the Saakashvili regime and John McCain, the illegal re-export of weapons and even drug deals. Most of this was done behind closed doors, albeit known, and has never been covered by the Western Press.

Patten worked for both sides in the Georgian elections, in the hope the US would still be in charge whether the replacement scheme worked or not. On April 30, 2008, US Ambassador Bass met with political consultants Jeremy Rosner and Sam Patten, of Greenberg Associates, the American political consulting company hired by the ruling National Movement party. Rosner said that the UNM has close ties with the Republican Party in the US via Sam Patten. However another of Patten’s cohorts in Georgia was Frank Wisner, who worked for international law firm Patton Boggs. Bidzina Ivanishvili, parachuted in to replace Saakashvili, hired Patton Boggs to lobby for him in the United States.

Patten also spent his time promoting future leaders in waiting in case Ivanishvili messed up in turn. One of these was Temur Yakobishvili. This man can also have his cake and eat it, as he has government experience from the Saakashvili years but is also a Jew, and therefore an outsider – in a country which has historically treated Jews much better than most others have, and would attract great international sympathy by “electing” a Jewish leader.

Sam Patten was responsible for planting an article in a Washington DC based Jewish publication, which happens no longer to be accessible on line, promoting Yakobishvili, a Saakashvili gang member, as a champion of human rights. Here is an excerpt:

“Soon after the funeral, Yakobashvili began to secretly explore his grandfather’s ancient prayer books, leafing through the pages with a curious fascination. “It was the first time I saw the alef bet, and couldn’t understand anything in it,” recalled Yakobashvili, who now speaks fluent Hebrew…..within a short time Yakobashvili had spearheaded the creation of several Jewish campus groups that united activists from across the USSR. It wasn’t long before Yakobashvili was organizing political demonstrations at home and across Europe. Jewish advocacy helped to introduce Yakobashvili and his Jewish compatriots to the global Zionist community.”

It is not hard to see which audience, and whose guilt complexes, this article is courting. If certain feminists can get away with saying “all men are rapists”, it is not hard to make the case that anyone who doesn’t want Yakobishvili back, as the leader of a new, “cleansed” United National Movement, UNM, is a Nazi."

Belling Bellingcat. You have to love how the assumption is that Russian intelligence would send assassins using their real names with no attempt to hide their identities.  Also, see replies to this tweet!

"After Cutting All UNWRA Humanitarian Aid, US to Award Israel with $3.3B/Year in Military Aid" (Webb).

Hello, Newman! news:  "Provoked by BDS campaign, Trump administration says anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism" (Weiss/Johnson).  "Trump administration moves to curb campus criticism of Israel" (Barrows-Friedman) (note the history of the use of lawfare by Marcus, a Khazar identifier at least back to Le Merchant of Venice):
"The announcement was made without public or congressional notification or debate, and reportedly took current and former investigators in the education department “by surprise.”"
"After 9/11: The Staggering Economic and Human Cost of the War on Terror" (Dangl).  Massive understating by at least an order of magnitude of the cost in lives of all the Wars For The Jews, and, I suspect, a similar understating of the economic cost of the anti-gentilism under which we all suffer.  Until we become woke and admit what is really going on, the incomprehensible cost of anti-gentilism, both in lives lost and quality of life for those unlucky enough to survive, is our collective cross to bear.

JYT:  "New York Times goads Trump into major new war in Syria" (Van Auken).

"Is Antisemitism Dead? A Philosophical Consideration" (Lowden) (to be read with "Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel was brought to you by Jeffrey Goldberg" (Hirsch)):
"The question of antisemitism’s death is necessarily comparative. It implies that aspects of modern antisemitism that were once “alive” are no longer so. These aspects are easily identified. “Political antisemitism,” which probably began in the 1870s, more or less ceased to exist in 1945 in the sense that explicitly anti-Jewish elements vanished from lobby groups, political parties, and public policy throughout the West. Key facets of political antisemitism such as the management and exclusion of Jews in areas of public life (for example, via voting restrictions and educational quotas) are no longer in place in any Western country, and it is currently unthinkable for anyone to even suggest such policies. Another once-lively aspect of modern antisemitism that is now dead is “anti-Semitic discourse.” The historical presence of anti-Jewish thought in Western literature and its broader culture are today distorted and exaggerated by Jewish academics and those eager for grants.
It is undeniable, however, that a mainly negative discourse about Jews was extant in all areas of Western art and culture prior to the 1950s, and this discourse was a powerful force in energizing and disseminating knowledge about Jews. Linked with cultural discourse was popular journalism. Anti-Jewish newspapers, with mainstream or near-mainstream circulation, were once relatively common in the West. Some editors, such as the Frenchman Édouard Drumont, even rose to public (and electoral) prominence. Again, it is quite unthinkable for something of this nature to happen today.
Perhaps more important than the vanishing of any of these aspects, is the relative disappearance of knowledge of Jews among the Western masses. Indeed, there has been the almost total transformation in what the mass of the public “knows” about Jews. The transformation has been a dramatic shift from objective to subjective knowledge. For example, ask a random member of the public today what they know about Jews, and they would very likely respond by regurgitating a series of banal, media-derived tropes: Jews are good actors/directors/comedians; Jews are harmless and very smart/talented; Jews are a historically downtrodden and victimised group. This is essentially “junk” knowledge; entirely subjective, and more or less useless to forming a meaningful opinion on matters involving Jews — or worse, this “knowledge” is actually obstructive to forming a meaningful opinion on matters involving Jews. The contemporary situation contrasts sharply with the knowledge earlier generations possessed about Jews (derived from politics, journalism, and anti-Semitic discourse), and with the knowledge possessed by those today classed as anti-Semites. This knowledge includes objective facts: population statistics of Jews and their relative wealth; the prevalence of actual positions of influence occupied by Jews, particularly in the media and in the political process (e.g., the Israel Lobby, donors to political candidates); the contents of Jewish intellectual efforts (from the Talmud to the Frankfurt School and beyond); the prevalence of Jews in White Collar crime; the reality of the Jewish relationship with moneylending/usury; the extent and nature of Jewish involvement in the pornography industry; and the manner in which Jews view non-Jews.
An intellectual gulf lies between these two forms and levels of knowledge, and the latter is overwhelmingly stifled by the former. Equally important is the fact that, even when the masses are “educated” on ostensibly objective themes, their educators are likely to be Jewish academics, Jewish authors, or Jewish presenters of Jewish-produced television documentaries. Any account or interpretation of the history of Jewish-European interactions rooted in the perspective or interests of their ancestors is almost non-existent. Thus, in the absence of meaningful contemporary knowledge, Jews have an effective monopoly on historical or historiographical perceptions of their group — something unprecedented for any minority group in world history."
It's amazing how deep the anti-gentilism creeps into all the horrible things that are going on:  "‘Deadly Exchange’: Report Details Israel’s Role in Militarizing US Law Enforcement".

"YouTube shuts down pro-Syrian government channels".  From Al Jazeera, no less, not a traditional place to find out about Khazar censorship/deplatforming of the Syrian government! See also:  "Wikileaked: Israeli Government Launches AI Command Center to Monitor and Report Social Media Anti-Semitism" (Castillo).  "Pro-Israel Group Secretly Ran Misleading Facebook Ads To Target Palestinian-American Poet" (Elliott/Nathan-Kazis).  "Censored film reveals The Israel Project’s secret Facebook campaign" (Abunimah/Winstanley).

"Canada betrays its own citizens. Hassan Diab's case is among its most egregious: Neil Macdonald".  Note the Khazar leaders who now pronounce themselves 'duped' by the Canadian government!!!  Macdonald - and I should note that Macdonald is often uniquely brave in discussing matters related to anti-gentilist attacks, without, of course, identifying them as such! - claims that the problem is that the review is being done by a 'prosecutor' - such a review would normally be done by a prosecutor, a retired judge, or a law professor - but can't bring himself to state the woke position that an obvious Khazar anti-gentilist conspiracy is being 'reviewed' by a Khazar.

Related:  "The Racism and Smear Tactics of B’nai B’rith and Israel-first MPs in Defense of Israeli Crimes" (Engler). The 'left' is so Khazared-up - see also, the Labour Party - it can no longer be seen as even remotely progressive.

"Cuba’s ‘Sonic Attacks’ vs Edinburgh University: The 40% Mystery" (Augist).  It turns out that American diplomats are naturally cognitively impaired, just as you would expect!  No, I'm kidding (I think).  What the American 'experts' did was rig the standard neurological tests to find impairment where there wasn't any, for political reasons, first against Cuba, and now, with the political situation changing, against Russia.

"Saudi Arabia Purchased Israel's Iron Dome Defense System: Controversial Report" (Durden).  As it doesn't work, this is great news (a false sense of security for assholes is never a bad thing), with the bonus that it shows the people of Saudi Arabia just what traitors the drinking, thieving and whoring princelings really are.

"German festival boycotts Brian Eno for pro-BDS views".  They'd disinvite Beethoven to a classical music festival as they didn't care for his views on Hegel.  The Germans. despite being the most informed people in the western world, and thus potentially naturally woke, still have this weird Hologuilt which causes them to behave weirdly.

"Book Accusing Israel of Sparing Palestinian Lives ‘In Order To Control Them’ Wins Women’s Studies Award".  The title of this piece is ridiculous as they intentionally mangle the thesis correctly stated in the first line.  The idea, of course, is that disabled people will damage the Palestinians collectively due to the costs of looking after them, but the idea that the Khazars would be such monsters to do this as an intentional program is impossible to conceive unless you are woke and understand the scourge of anti-gentilism and the inherent evils of supremacism and its disdain for anyone outside the supreme group.  See also:
"Critics have accused Puar of anti-Semitism and labeled the book a “blood libel,” referring to the ancient smear that Jews kill Christian babies in order to use their blood for ritual purposes."
"On David Irving, Nazi Germany, and World War II" (Alexis/Clark).  It is ridiculous to call Irving a denialist, but his sin is insisting on the right to engage in his considerable research into things the goyim aren't supposed to know.

Sailer on the 'somebody would have talked' conundrum:  "Conspiracy Theorists vs. an Actual Giant Conspiracy".  It is amazing how many counter-examples there are in real life proving that people don't in fact talk, or, if they do, their talk is easily dismissed due to the fact that nobody else talked.

It's funny that there is a sphere of 'gossip', which is its own world, and a sphere of 'news', and the spheres rarely meet:  "Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: 'Go Back to Your Bathhouse'".