Saturday, September 01, 2018

Shekel inelasticity

Big development of the day, and wouldn't have happened but for the Turkish economic problem:  "Turkey designates Syria's Tahrir al-Sham as terrorist group".  Also, Putin is personally going to Tehran to get the deal done:  "In Talks with Iran and Turkey, Putin Seeks to End Syrian Conflict".

Or perhaps this is the big development of the day:  "China defies Trump on Iran, Creating new Benchmark Crude Market in Yuan" (Cole).

I've got this thing about important developments  (though given Khazar Whining Syndrome, this one won't slip under the radar!):  "Exclusive: Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies".

Have we reached the point in Zionist manipulation which we could call 'shekel inelasticity', where the shekel bribes are still paid, and the back-room machinations continue, but somehow the bribed politicians just don't get around to behaving as their told?  The shekels buy lots of talk, but we are seeing less and less action.

"Obama’s foreign policy options were continually limited by Netanyahu and the lobby — Ben Rhodes" (Weiss).  The degree of control of the United States by a tiny group is so profound it sounds like some kind of joke:
"Some pressure came from within. When Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel got tired of hearing Rhodes argue for empathy to the Palestinians, “he started calling me Hamas.”
“‘Hamas over here,’ he’d say, ’is going to make it impossible for my kid to have his fucking bar mitzvah in Israel.’”"
"Is the Mueller investigation preparing to indict WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange?" (Cogan).  Dangerous ground, as Mueller would be forcing Assange to pull out the 'nuclear option' of proving Seth Rich was the leaker (which of course immediately puts Mueller's little stunts out of business, and ends Russiagate, and creates an immediate direct threat to the Clinton campaign), and thus presumably that Killary had him killed.

Another familial DNA solve:  "DNA testing used to catch 'Golden State Killer' instrumental in solving nine-year-old Illinois murder, cops say".
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