Tuesday, October 30, 2018


"Saudi human rights activist attacked by men ‘shouting about Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’ in London":
"“I told them this was not Riyadh, this is London, and the guy immediately said: ‘F*** London, their Queen is our slave and their police are our dogs.”"
"2 Sisters Were Found Dead in the River, Duct-Taped Together. Police Have Few Answers.":
"By Friday, detectives had learned the women were sisters from Saudi Arabia who lived in Fairfax, Va.

Rotana Farea was 22; Tala Farea was 16. They had a history of going missing, and they had recently requested asylum in the United States, the police said."
"Ottawa Should End Paradoxical Arms Deal with Saudis".  The Conservatives 'negotiated' a ridiculously high penalty clause for cancellation (of course, the penalty is there for Canadian partisan political purposes, so a subsequent government couldn't undo the will of the Conservatives), which is where Trudeau hangs his immoral warmongering cap.  The Canadian government should cancel the deal, pay the penalty, and immediately reduce the Canadian defense budget by some multiple of the penalty, just to set a precedent for the vultures who make money off human suffering.

"Ottawa Doubles Down on Double Standards. Canada’s $15 Billion Armaments Deal with The Saudis" (Miles):
"If Canada was truly concerned about humanitarian rights it would stop selling arms to the Saudis, indeed stop selling arms to anyone (it has a government department set up to facilitate this), and stop wallowing in the wake of U.S. foreign policy.  If Canada was truly concerned about climate change, it would not promote the use of bitumen, nor the fracking of the landscape.  Finally, if it wants to demonstrate real intent on both these items, it will listen to the wisdom of the indigenous people who do not want their environment, their land and water, destroyed by societies greed for money and power."
Tweet (Seth Mandel):
"I know I say this often, but bears repeating: we live in a world only Jabotinsky truly understood"
"In the New ‘Halloween,’ a Parable About Jewish Survival" (Leibovitz).

"Jews News Quadruples as Jewish Media Rushes to Shove Shooting Down Goyim Throats" (Anglin).

"Michael Olenick: The Real Story of “MAGA Bomber” Cesar Sayoc’s Foreclosure".  "Cesar Sayoc’s Home Was Foreclosed on by Steve Mnuchin’s Bank, Using Dodgy Paperwork" (Dayen).  Stern, Goldstein, Mnuchin.  Canto XLV.

"Washington Post Says Filipino Alleged Hoax Bombers was a Russian Agent" (Anglin).

"Reports of mysterious Israel to Islamabad flight denied by Pakistan's government".  This was Israeli disinformation - Bibi flew to Oman. "Netanyahu Disappeared from Israel for an Entire 24 Hours and No One Knew" (Silverstein). Note how the fly-over prohibition of the Saudis is finessed by flying first to a Jordanian airport and flying from there.

"Family of Barry and Honey Sherman offers $10-million reward for information on murder of billionaire couple":  "We want to light a fire under the Toronto Police".  Since they know nobody could possibly claim this reward, this is just a publicity stunt to emphasize the lie about Barry.

"Former Syrian White Helmet rescuers, reluctantly resettled, embrace their new lives in Canada".  Is the Canadian government, out of humanitarian concerns, going to provide them with human organs to eat, or will they have to forage them themselves?  Note how woke the comments are!  This point where misplaced virtue signalling meets the quintessence of distilled stupidity clearly endangers the lives of all Canadians, and you have to wonder if this is the point where, as awful as the Conservatives are, it becomes impossible to vote for the feckless while glib Trudeau.  Sometimes teh stupid is just too much.

"Trump Surrenders to John Bolton on Russia and Arms Control" (Ritter):
 "The Europeans had initially balked at the idea of deploying American INF weapons on their territory, fearful that the weapons would be little more than targets for a Soviet nuclear attack, resulting in the destruction of Europe while the United States remained unharmed. To alleviate European concerns, the U.S. agreed to integrate its INF systems with its overall strategic nuclear deterrence posture, meaning that the employment of INF nuclear weapons would trigger an automatic strategic nuclear response. This approach was designed to increase the deterrence value of the INF weapons, since there would be no “localized” nuclear war. But it also meant that given the reduced flight times associated with European-based INF systems, each side would be on a hair-trigger alert, with little or no margin for error. It was the suicidal nature of this arrangement that helped propel Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan to sign the INF Treaty on December 8, 1987.

This history seems to be lost on both Trump and Bolton. Moreover, the recent deployment of the Mk-41 Universal Launch System, also known as Aegis Ashore, in Romania and Poland as part of a NATO ballistic missile shield only increases the danger of inadvertent conflict. Currently configured to fire the SM-3 surface-to-air missile, the Mk-41 is also capable of firing Tomahawk cruise missiles which, if launched in a ground configuration, would represent a violation of the INF Treaty. The U.S. Congress has authorized $58 billion in FY 2018 to fund development of an INF system, the leading candidate for which is a converted Tomahawk.

If the U.S. were ever to make use of the Mk-41 in an anti-missile configuration, the Russians would have seconds to decide if they were being attacked by nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Putin, in a recent speech delivered in Sochi, publicly stated that the Russian nuclear posture operated under the concept of “launch on warning,” meaning once a U.S. or NATO missile strike was detected, Russia would immediately respond with the totality of its nuclear arsenal to annihilate the attacking parties. “We would be victims of an aggression and would get to heaven as martyrs,” Putin said. Those who attacked Russia would “just die and not even have time to repent.”"
I was angry when they partisanly politicized, and thus completely deligitimized, the doomsday clock by moving it ahead when Trump was elected, but this is a legitimate concern, with Bolton = Sheldon, headed to WWIII For The Jews.

"Mark Ames: ShamiWitness: When Bellingcat and Neocons Collaborated With The Most Influential ISIS Propagandist On Twitter".

"Istanbul Summit on Syria Was a Success but Caveats Remain" (Bhadrakumar).  "Putin: Russia Reserves Right to Help Damascus Contain Terror Threat in Idlib".  The guest list is the big thing - no USA, but France and Germany to make it a 'concensus' with Europe.

"Trump and the Khashoggi Conundrum" (Bhadrakumar):
"Khashoggi served, in many capacities for over a decade and a half, the ace Saudi spymaster Prince Turki who was the CIA’s main collaborator for almost 3 decades in the business of using Islamist groups as geopolitical tool in American regional projects in the Greater Middle East. More recently, in the downstream of the Arab Spring appearing on the Arab doorstep, Khashoggi began viewing Islamism as a charioteer for the “democratization” of the Middle East.
As recently as on August 28, he had penned an article in the Washington Post lamenting that the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi was overthrown (with Saudi and UAE backing), or else it could have provided a role model eventually for the transformation of the entire region (read Saudi Arabia.)

Now, it is no big secret that the Saudi regime regards the Muslim Brotherhood as an existential enemy. The regime has historically adopted harsh and violent methods to snuff out any traces of the Brothers on Saudi soil. That is why the Saudis bankrolled the overthrow of Morsi in Egypt. Quite obviously, Khashoggi’s open espousal of the Brothers – and that too, in Washington Post – was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Thirty-five days after the Khashoggi’s article appeared, he met a tragic end.
Khashoggi was planning to settle down in Turkey after his second marriage to a Turkish citizen. A famous dissident from one of Saudi Arabia’s richest families with such excellent connections with the US intelligence establishment who possessed unmatchable insights into how power flows with through the Byzantine corridors of the Saudi royal family settling down in the region in a country whose ruling elite openly empathizes and patronizes the Brothers – it was an intolerable scenario, plainly put, for Riyadh. Simply put, the project had to be stopped on its tracks before it got any further – with whatever means available, come what may. The rallying of the Saudi royal family behind the King Salman and the Crown Prince is perfectly understandable."
"Synagogue Shooter Used Facebook, Twitter, & Gab But Only One Punished Was Gab Who Doesn’t Censor"(The Free Thought Project).  "GoDaddy Boots Gab, Threatens to Steal Domain" (Anglin).

"Fixated on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society" (Gessen).  It is the kind of Khazar presumptuousness that is so common we don't even notice it.  They set up an organization to facilitate their own immigration - makes perfect sense - and then decide to make it into a general immigration facilitator for the entire country.  Don't like it, tough shit goy.  We make these decisions.

"The Power to Silence" (Atzmon).  Notice how upset the commie bros are that women - women, if you can possibly believe the outrage! - are replacing some of the rapists (I have a pretty good idea of who funds WSWS!):  "New York Times celebrates downfall of 201 “powerful men:” The ugly face of the #MeToo campaign" (Walsh).  "Beyoncé Urged To Pull Ivy Park Line From Topshop Amid Philip Green Allegations".

Monday, October 29, 2018


It is not debatable that the 'caravan' isn't the coincidental and unorganized decision of thousands of people to simultaneously take a long walk to the United States.  Just the logistical aspect of looking after this many people in a rolling march through Central America would be very complicated, and very expensive.  When you add the 'coincidence'  that they are timed to arrive at the American border just at the American midterms . . . well, you have to be awfully obtuse to miss the conspiracy.  Whose conspiracy is it?  Is it George Soros, who has a record of 'color revolution' trickery (and through his currency manipulation in Asia and Eastern Europe has arguably caused more human suffering that any person in the world, except, of course, for the 'neocons')?  Is it a functionally identical Democrat-supporting Jewish billionaire, perhaps from 'Hollywood' (so they could simultaneously control the messaging)?  Is it a Republican-supporting Jewish billionaire (like Sheldon or Singer), hoping to gin up Republican enthusiasm through fear of this Walking-Dead-style alien invasion?  You can see how this obvious October Surprise is a dangerous, and desperate (both sides think this is a defining election, leading either to Trump impeachment, or some kind of Nazi-like fascism), high-wire PR operation, with the Democrats hoping for violent Trump overreaction which will bring out Democrat voters, and the Republicans hoping for a MAGA revitalization caused by fear of being overrun.

Shooting up a few minor, completely innocent, Jews at a bris (a bris which the (((media))) immediately reidentifed as a safe-sounding 'naming ceremony', making it sound like a simple baptism with which Christians would be comfortable, instead of a bizarre Pedo Bear assault on an infant!!!), does absolutely nothing to advance any anti-Soros complaints, or any complaints about organized Jewish advocacy for mass immigration, so you have to wonder what is really going on.  If anything, the obvious results of such an attack would be the exact opposite of what the shooter claimed to care about (in that regard, similar to the phony bomb attacks, which, of course, started with an alleged attack on none other than Soros, in case the conspiracy is a little too hard for us to see!).

Note the convoluted trip to get to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and blame that kind of thinking directly on Trump!:  "A Country Awash in Fox’s Dark Toxins" (Marshall):
"I managed to involve myself this weekend in a tiny eddy in the storm around the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. As you can see below, early yesterday evening I happened upon this interview on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business News show in which a guest, Chris Farrell, claimed the migrant caravan in southern Mexico was being funded and directed by the “Soros-occupied State Department.” This is, as I explained, is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the foundational anti-Semitic tract, first circulated and perhaps authored by the Czarist secret police in the first years of the 20th century.

If you’re not familiar with this world, “ZOG” is a staple of white supremacist and neo-Nazi literature and websites. It stands for “Zionist Occupied Government” and is a shorthand for the belief that Jews secretly control the US government. Chris Farrell’s phrasing was no accident. All of this is straight out of the most rancid anti-Semitic propaganda. Rob Bowers, the shooter in the Pittsburgh massacre, appears to have been specifically inspired by this conspiracy theory. Indeed, Bowers had also reposted references to “ZOG” on his social media accounts.

A basic review of Bowers’ social media trail leaves no doubt that he was a hardened anti-Semite of longstanding. But what drove him to attack the Tree of Life synagogue was his belief that Soros and other Jews were funding and directing the migrant caravan. Moments before he stormed the synagogue he posted this reference to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) on Gab, a Twitter-like site for white nationalists and anti-Semites: “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”"
Of course, the woke recognize that modern conspiracy thinking about Soros resembles the Protocols as Soros has a long, well-documented and indisputable history of exactly this kind of mass manipulation, and the Protocols are a remarkably prescient document, reflecting the history of the tragic reality of anti-gentilism.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Screw your optics

  1. "What's Gab, the social platform used by the Pittsburgh shooting suspect?" ("I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in.");
  2. "Shut It Down";
  3. "After Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, PayPal bans Gab social network"; and
  4. "Breaking: @joyent, Gab’s new hosting provider, has just pulled our hosting service. They have given us until 9am on Monday to find a solution. Gab will likely be down for weeks because of this. Working on solutions. We will never give up on defending free speech for all people.".

Friday, October 26, 2018


The Gulfie superiority/inferiority complex, Bandar Bush and MbS:  "The Price Of Bin Salman’s Head" (Kadi).  All these people really are beneath contempt.

"US Spy Plane Coordinated Drone Attack On Russian Base In Syria, Kremlin Says" (Durden).  Ongoing campaign of annoying provocative attacks.

"How Could the West Believe Its Own Suspects for So Long?" (Babich).  Saakashvili's history of salmanism, similarly overlooked.

"RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 25 OCTOBER 2018 by Patrick Armstrong".

"Avalanche of Criticism for U of Michigan for Fining Professor over Israel Boycott".  I know this is all about university administrators adding to their already huge shekel collections, but how can they possibly discipline somebody for failing to give a letter of recommendation?  Isn't such a letter the very definition of discretionary?

The Rothschild Republic takes steps to consolidate its power:
  1. "Macron organises French cabinet reshuffle to pursue austerity and militarism";
  2. "Police raid on Mélenchon: The state attacks the Unsubmissive France party" (what you'd expect from an African dictator); and
  3. "After police raids on LFI, French courts and media denounce Mélenchon".
"Court pushes appeal of Hassan Diab's release from French prison to next year". Don't try to tell me these aren't brilliant jurists.  By stringing it along, they maximize their shekel take!

"George Soros-backed university set to leave Hungary" (Heijmans).  Note the Hungarian legal protection against phony 'color universities', and Soros' attempt to evade the law.

"As Dictator Kagame Unmasked, it is Time to Reveal Canadian Connection" (Engler).  Khanadians whitewashing genocide.

"Environment minister's staff signed off on tweet praising Syria for joining Paris accord" (Beeby).  The very definition of ridiculous is being the environment minister in the Trudeau government, but accidentally praising a country the Khazars want to destroy is the cherry on top.

"Germany Admits It Needs More From Russia Than Nordstream 2" (Luongo).  You could easily see Merkel's terminal as a mockery of Trump.

"False Flag? Hate Hoax? Real Deal? Media Doesn't Want You To Ask!" (Sailer). Given the ubikhuity of false flags and swastikas/tipped gravestones from a particular group, it is a bit of a miracle for the (((media))) to even mention the concept of 'false flag', even in making fun of it.  Just mentioning 'false flag' is maximum wrongthinking.

With the inability of the authorities to lie in coherent sentences, and the shambolic Brexit 'negotiations', you really have to wonder if Britain has any kind of positive future:  "Some Extremely Sloppy Detective Work Raises Yet More Questions" (Slane).

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cursing the darkness

"In Major Concession, Trump Will Allow Iran To Remain Connected To SWIFT" (Durden) (alternatives to SWIFT are worrying American banksters):
"The latest statement from Mnuchin and other Treasury Department officials, however, has not assuaged fears and some of the biggest hawks demand a fullblown crackdown. Mark Dubowitz, a sanctions expert and chief executive of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which has pushed hard for crippling sanctions on Iran, told the Free Beacon that Iran must be fully iced out from SWIFT, as was done with North Korea recently as a result of its rogue nuclear program.

"Recently SWIFT's board of directors wisely expelled designated North Korean banks without EU direction; they would be wise to do the same thing against banks used by the Islamic Republic of Iran to finance its dangerous and destructive activities," Dubowitz said. "The SWIFT board backed by the U.S. Treasury Department should preserve the integrity of the global financial system; allowing bad banks to stay on SWIFT to threaten the integrity of that system is bad practice and bad policy."

While the US decides whether or not to implement full sanctions on Iran, the possibility remains that Tehran may opt for an alternative currency transfer system being currently developed by Russia, and one which according to unconfirmed reports has also seen tentative participation interest by Europe. Should Trump engage in a full lockdown, that may be just the catalyst that prompts Europe to join the "Russian version" of SWIFT, thereby further eroding the dollar's "weaponized" influence around the globe."
"US-Backed SDF Militia Release Over a Hundred ISIS Terrorists into Northeastern Syria". "Putin: “Yo, So Are Y’all Just Gonna Let ISIS Chop Up Those Prisoners?”" (Batty).  "Syria - U.S. (Again) Only Pretends To Fight ISIS" (Moon).  "US investigating F-15 strike on allied forces in Syria".  "Syria Update by Peter Ford: The Creeping Partition".

Fort Rothschild:  "French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa".

"Canada Provides Safe Haven to White Helmet Terrorist Factions" (Tagliano).  "Not cursing the darkness, and lighting a small candle", a candle which at some point will result in dead Canadians at the hands of these religiously insane monsters.

"The White Helmets Ride Again" (Giraldi).  The MEK and the White Helmets (you could add the bizarre current American relationship with al-Qaeda and ISIS) are conclusive proof that the War on Terror is completely bogus manipulation of the masses (for mostly Zionist goals).  The cynicism, and the fact they get away with it, is amazing!

"US Fueling Terrorism in China" (Cartalucci). The classic, use terrorism to attack a country, then complain bitterly about 'human rights abuses' - the same abuses you commit on a much greater scale pretending to fight the 'war on terror' - when the country under attack attempts to deal with the problem.

"A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War." (Roston).  'American', goyim:
"The company that hired the soldiers and carried out the attack is Spear Operations Group, incorporated in Delaware and founded by Abraham Golan, a charismatic Hungarian Israeli security contractor who lives outside of Pittsburgh. He led the team’s strike against Mayo."
"The Most Shocking Moments of the New Russia Complaint, from ‘Civil War’ to ‘Fake’ Rubio to ‘Colored LGBT’" (Poulsen/Ackerman). Back to reality:  "“Conspiracy to Meme”: DOJ Charges Russian Woman with “Information Warfare”" (Anglin).  "The Shaky Case That Russia Manipulated Social Media to Tip the 2016 Election" (Porter).

"Khashoggi Wasn’t the Only Murder Victim of Mohammed bin Salman" (Madsen). "Fearful Saudi Dissidents: Gov’t Tried to Lure us to Embassies, Too". The fact that Khashoggi would have been completely aware of the history of violent Saudi trickery against dissenters adds credence to the idea that the marriage papers story is bogus, and he was up to something else.

"Khashoggi, Erdogan and the Truth" (Murray).  On the possible cards held by Bloody Gina.

"The problem? The double forgot to change his shoes!"

"Saudis Stop Turkish Investigators From Searching Consulate Water Well: Report" (Durden).  Note the update - they bought enough time to clean out the well.

"So It Turns Out That Saudi Arabia Isn’t Exactly an American Puppet After All" (Korybko).  Ah, that's not what I saw, though it would be hilarious - and highly unlikely - if the Magnitsky Act were applied to such an ally of the Khazars!

"A Convenient Caravan: Cui Bono?" (Knapp).  Typical - and sad - Counterpunch silliness/stupidity. Anybody can see this is a highly organized and well-funded conspiracy (even Marshall - Marshall! - has doubts!).  The only question is whether it is a Soros October Surprise, to motivate Democrat midterm voters watching Trump's violent border over-reaction, or whether it is a Republican Camp of the Saints conspiracy to increase Republican voter enthusiasm through fear of a seemingly relentless, infinite, and unstoppable Walking Dead alien attack.

"The US Is Linking Hezbollah With The Cartels To Advance The Anti-Iranian Infowar" (Korybko). The bizarre idea that Hezbollah is going to attack America from bases in Latin American countries that America mistreats is a staple of Zionist propaganda.

"Jordan Cancels Key Part Of Historic Treaty With Israel, Refusing To Renew Land Annexes" (Durden).  Watch for the Americans to step in and reap some shekels for vetoing the Jordanian decision:  "Jordan terminating peace treaty annexes start of a process, not the end".

"Real hate taught inside Toronto school, not scrawled outside" (Engler).  Extreme anti-gentilism is the only kind of hate that cannot be mentioned.  In fact, it is the only hate that is 'hate' to mention.

"Belgian official: Israel steals organs of Palestinian kids".

"Israeli Spyware is a Blight Unto the Nations" (Diversity Macht Frei).

"Head of German Jewish community revealed to be non-Jewish".

"French Court of Appeal to Render Decision on Dr. Hassan Diab’s Case".  More shekels to be made for the unbelievably corrupt French courts!

"Is Israel Targeting Palestinian Schools, UNRWA, to Cripple Nat’l Movement?" (Baroud).

"Leading US House Democrat demands that Ecuador’s president “hand over” Julian Assange" (Engel).  It is ironic that early Assange made errors of judgment through not being woke on the Khazar problem, an issue on which he has now been thoroughly educated.

"Party's over? Legalization could spell the end of the Marijuana Party".  There have been years of political protests - at the beginning, seemingly hopeless - behind this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The 'fiancée' and Gülen

"Crown Prince "All Smiles" As Saudis Sign $50 Billion In Deals At "Davos In The Desert"" (Durden):
"It's this river of capital that, more than anything else, should insulate MbS from any substantial blowback over the Khashoggi affair, just as it did when he imprisoned rival members of the royal family and women's rights activists, or when he effectively kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon, or as Saudi Arabia continues to wage a war of aggression against innocent civilians in Yemen, much to the international community's bizarre silence."
I'm betting on MbS weathering the storm, perhaps a little weakened.  If so, will there be repercussions?  The attack was obviously from Turkey, backed up by Big Jew (Sheldon) in America (guys like Corker don't open their mouths without shekels).  The Israelis were terrified about this, and tried to ignore it, or even tried the 'Khashoggi was a terrorist' line (i.e., MbS did everybody a favor by bonesawing him).  Will we see a cooling in Saudi-Israeli relations as punishment for Sheldon's attempted coup?

The 'fiancée' and Gülen!!!:  "Insights Into The Khashoggi Ordeal; Who And Why" (Kadi).  Once you start talking about Gülen you bring the CIA into the picture, and everything you think you know about this incident might be wrong!  I like the analysis where Kadi notes that what seems normal to us - going to a government office for a bureaucratic procedure - would not be normal for a Saudi guy of status like Khashoggi.  So what was he really doing?  Was the 'fiancée' his intelligence handler?

"Western Media Attacks Critics of the White Helmets. The New McCarthyism" (Sterling).

"DNC Emails--A Seth Attack Not a Russian Hack by Publius Tacitus" (eight is new):
"So what do we know for certain?

First, no one in the Federal Governemnt—law enforcement or intelligence—was granted access to examine the computer servers and files on the DNC server even after the DNC claimed they had been hacked by a foreign government.

Second, the steps that Crowdstrike allegedly took to shutdown computer hacking by Russia do not match the timeline of the actual download of the documents from the DNC server.

Third, Seth Rich worked at the DNC and had access to the computer server and systems.

Fourth, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange identified Seth Rich as a “source” and posted a $20,000 reward for information concerning his murder.

Fifth, a Federal law enforcement agent told two witnesesses that Seth Rich had email exchanges with Wikileaks.

Sixth, two people with direct access to Julian Assange told three separate sources that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC material published by Wikileaks.

Seventh, the documents published by Guccifer contain meta data that establish that the documents were physically downloaded onto a device like a thumb drive.

Eighth, the NSA has confirmed that it has Top Secret and Secret documents responsive to a FOIA request for information concerning contact between Seth Rich and other people including Julian Assange."
"The EU Russia China Plan to Avert Iran Oil Sanctions" (Engdahl).  Blockchain versus dollar hegemony (thus avoiding NSA scrutiny and providing no target for secondary sanctions).  Of course, it seems pretty obvious that 'Satoshi Nakamoto' (Bitcoin/Silk Road are/were honeypots) is CIA or NSA (and Engdahl specifically refers to a Bitcoin competitor)!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Khlassic twists

"Germany bans arms sales to SA." (Lang).  Germany is often these days the only country that steps up and does the right thing.

Tweet (Vera Bergengruen):
"This is quite the edit to that NYT graf "
"Israel lobbyists smear Khashoggi as terrorist so as to maintain Saudi alliance — and plans for Iran war" (Weiss).  Very close to the truth here.  Besides his failure to be allowed to back up President Jared's eliminationist plans for the Palestinians, MbS was probably also seen as incapable of carrying a war against Iran, given his problems at managing even a tiny war against Yemen.

"Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media “Just the Beginning,” Says Top Neocon Insider" (Blumenthal/Sprague).  Admitting (boasting about) the neocon conspiracy.  See also.  On Fly:  "Neocons never go away–Marco Rubio hires Jamie Fly, ultra-hawk on Iran" (Kane, 2013).

"American Pravda: The ADL in American Society" (Utz).  On the ADL's role as a policeman of speech, their attempt to ignore Utz so as not to draw attention to his writing, the grim and horrifying realities of the Leo Frank child rape/murder, and the typical Khazar institutional PR response to it, which we see repeated over and over and over today. Pretty much the same people are doing exactly the same crimes and cover-ups in 'Hollywood' today.

Utz on the khapture of ivy league admissions offices, and the discrimination against Asian smart people, which will be no doubt blamed on those awful 'whites' who will have to have their admissions reduced to fix this terrible problem:  "American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard". We can never lose sight of the fact that apparent Khazar 'success' in society is almost completely a product of incredible levels of nepotism, much of which is baked into the system through the creation of a massive institutional framework.

The 'caravan' seems to be the Soros 'October surprise', hoping to trip up Trump with his response just before the midterms.  I saw this at Gab, picked up by Anglin, for what it is worth.

More Lamarck, from the concentration camp guard!:  "Inherited Trauma Shapes Your Health" (Khazan).

"The man on the left, the man on the right".

A heartwarming tale of Trump benevolence (read through to the end for the khlassic Khazar twist!):  "For tale of Jewish child ‘saved’ by Trump, a tragic end" (Prince).

There is far too much to blog about these days.

Monday, October 22, 2018


"Crown Prince Salman must be dethroned immediately. Mohammed bin Zayed must be exiled from the region. The trap was set up against Saudi Arabia. Trump is after hundreds of billions." (Karagül):
"The real trap was set against Saudi Arabia. Even though a Saudi Arabia-U.S.-Israel rapport was established and discourse about shielding the Riyadh administration from Iran, the objective was to destroy Saudi Arabia through Salman and Zayed. The next front after the Syria war was the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. They never understood this, they could not understand it. Turkey understood it, but the Arab political mind was blinded.

Now Saudi Arabia is in a very difficult situation. The world collapsed over them. Crown Prince Salman is going through a tough test via Zayed, who has control over him. If the gravity of the situation after the facts revealed with the Khashoggi murder is not comprehended, we will witness a “Saudi Arabia front” in less than a few years. Selling weapons and overnight buildups aside, the Trump administration is using even the Khashoggi murder seize this Saudi Arabia’s hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Riyadh administration must dethrone Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at once. It has no other choice. Otherwise, it is going to pay very heavy prices. If they fail to quash the trap set up targeting Saudi Arabia through bin Zayed, they will be victims of Trump’s “You won’t last two weeks” statement, and the process is going to start to work in that direction. The plot set up through Zayed and Salman must be quelled at once."
We should never forget that the Zionist map for the Middle East involves the annexation to the Zionist Empire of a considerable part of Saudi Arabia.

Tweet (Martin Indyk) (my emphasis in red):
"The problem is that under MBS, Saudi Arabia has become an unreliable strategic partner whose every move seems to help rather than hinder Iran. Yemen intervention is both a humanitarian disaster and a low cost/high gain opportunity for Iran"
 CSI:  MbS:  "Beyond the crime scene: Defining characteristics of Khashoggi murder".

Extremely weak Madsen (no evidence, just supposition):  "Israeli fingerprints also on Khashoggi’s murder".

"Angered by Saudi Plan to Purchase Russian S-400, Trump Admin Exploiting Khashoggi Disappearance to Force Saudis to “Buy American”" (Webb):
". . . there is considerable evidence pointing to the fact that the U.S.’ response to the Khashoggi affair is likely to be determined, not by any Saudi government responsibility for Khashoggi’s fate, but instead whether or not the Saudis choose to follow through with their promise to purchase the $15 billion U.S.-made THAAD missile system or it cheaper, Russia-made equivalent, the S-400. According to reports, the Saudis failed to meet the deadline for their planned THAAD purchase and had hinted in late September that they were planning to buy the S-400 from Russia instead.
While the U.S.’ response to the alleged murder of the Saudi journalist is being cast as a U.S. government effort to defend press freedom and finally hold the Saudi government to account for its long litany of human-rights abuses, there is every indication that the U.S. is not in fact seeking to punish the Saudis for their alleged role in Khashoggi’s apparent murder but instead to punish them for reneging on this $15 billion deal to U.S. weapons giant Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the THAAD system.
Khashoggi’s disappearance merely provided a convenient pretext for the U.S. to pressure the Saudis over abandoning the weapons deal by allowing the U.S. to frame its retaliation as a “human rights” issue. As a result, it seems likely that, if the Saudis move forward with the latter, the U.S. and the Trump administration  the Saudi government guilty of involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance while, if they move forward with the former, the media frenzy and controversy surrounding the Saudi national will likely fizzle out and, with it, Trump’s threats of “severe punishment.”
Ultimately, the response of the U.S. political class to the Khashoggi affair is just the latest example of a U.S. government policy being motivated by the military-industrial complex but masquerading as a policy motivated by concern for “human rights.”

The security of their legends

For all you spy story aficionados, it is possible to see the British intelligence attack on the Skripals, and subsequent attacks and elaboration by Bellingcat, as a MI6/NATO counter-intelligence operation against Russia (which largely failed as Putin knew what was going on, but which does reflect real weaknesses in Russian operational security, which the Russians should learn from): "Cloak and Dagger" (Shamir).  You keep throwing these squibs at the Russians, and learn from how their intelligence services react (the Bellingcat disinformation is a big part of this, in large part as it makes the Russian operatives wonder about the security of their legends).  What must be concerning the West is that not only is Russia consistently out-diplomating them, it also seems to consistently have better sources of information, better intel, better espionage.  A big part of that is that the main western intelligence agencies have abandoned their key competencies to go off on power trips like Russiagate.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Perfidious Albion

"Did The British Collude To Steal The Election For Hillary?" (Farnan):
"Proof of British collusion can be found in the number of British spies and the absence of anyone Russian in the sordid tale.
Halper is inferentially a British spy. The alternative is that he was an American spy conducting rogue operations from England.
Then there is Joseph Mifsud, who walks, quacks and acts like a British spy. The alternative is that he somehow showed up in the middle of a British sting operation against George Papadopoulos as a real Russian spy to play the part of a Russian spy.
More, Mifsud has documented connections to British spy agencies. He traveled to the United States in early February 2017 as a guest of the State Department, an accommodation not ordinarily made to Russian operatives who just stole an election.
Finally, there is the ubiquitous Christopher Steele, author of the dossier. His connections to MI6 cannot be denied. He is a British spy emeritus, who had most recently been employed to find out why England lost itsWorld Cup bid to Russia.
His answer? Putin did it. When you need a retired British spy to find Putin under a mattress, he’s your guy.
Steele was hired by the Clinton campaign but also used as an FBI asset because they were in the Russian collusion business together.
The joint British-U.S.-Clinton effort to fabricate a Russian canard to thwart Trump had a huge effect on the election and its aftermath.
In March, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman had fallen for a ridiculous phishing scheme, releasing his confidential emails to an unknown source.
This has been called “hacking,” but it was not. The DNC’s emails were not hacked until July. The official DNC talking points conflate the phishing with the later hack, which is sometimes confusing.
Even if duplicates of John Podesta’s emails were lost during the July hack, however, expert analysis performed at the behest of the progressive publication The Nation reveals conclusively (until someone can say differently) that it could not have been sourced in Russia, based on the unimpeachable science of download speeds.
For more complete and incisive analysis of the hack that wasn’t, please read Michael Thau’s series here atAmerican Greatness.
The Clinton campaign was able to avoid press scrutiny for the embarrassing contents of the Podesta emails by blaming Trump and Putin under the false Russian flag. More, Trump was caricatured in the crucial last days of the election as Putin’s stooge.
That was the most significant piece of fake news in the election cycle. It necessarily cost Trump votes and could have cost him the election.
In the aftermath of the election, phony Russian collusion disrupted first the transition and then the presidency.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and the House Intelligence Committee, as well as some enterprising reporting by journalists such as Lee Smith, Sara Carter, Andrew McCarthy, John Solomon, Sharyl Attkisson, and Julie Kelly, the facts are coming out."
"In Reversal, Trump No Longer Demands Declassification of Russia Documents" (Shear) (my emphasis in red):
"In a rare retreat, President Trump on Friday reversed himself and said he was no longer demanding that documents related to the Russia investigation be immediately declassified and released to the public.
. . .
A White House statement on Monday said the president had called for the “immediate declassification” of materials that officials used to authorize surveillance of the aide, Carter Page. The president also ordered the release of unredacted text messages sent by current and former law enforcement officials whom Mr. Trump has accused of being part of a deep-state conspiracy against him.
Ordering the release of the documents was a cause célèbre for Mr. Trump’s most fervent supporters on Capitol Hill and at conservative media outlets, who have for months been claiming that the release of the documents would help prove a liberal plot to undermine Mr. Trump.
The president’s abrupt reversal could anger those supporters if they view the decision as evidence that Mr. Trump exhibited weakness by caving to pressure from within his own administration.
In his tweets, Mr. Trump said that Justice Department officials had agreed to release the unredacted documents, but had also warned of what the president called “a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe.” The tweet did not explain further.
The president also said in the tweet — without elaboration — that “key Allies” had called to urge him not to declassify the documents.
According to a former American official and a former British official, the British government expressed grave concerns to the United States government about the release of classified information. The material includes direct references to conversations between American law enforcement officials and Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled a dossier alleging ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Britain’s objection, these former officials said, was over revealing Mr. Steele’s identity in an official document, regardless of whether he had been named in press reports.
Some of the documents at issue involve the beginnings of the Russia investigation, when law enforcement officials submitted an application seeking permission from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to wiretap Mr. Page. Mr. Trump and his Republican allies have claimed that law enforcement officials misled the court to get that permission.
The president’s declassification order on Monday called on law enforcement officials to release about two dozen pages from the surveillance application. Much of the application has already been released, but Mr. Trump’s order would make more of the application available in unredacted form to the public.
Mr. Trump and his allies claim it will show that officials misled the court by not disclosing that the application was based in part on the dossier, which they believe should be discredited as a partisan document funded in part by Democrats."
"Carter Page, the CIA, and the Phony Punch-and-Judy “Lawsuits”"(Gray)  (the assumption of many is that Page is CIA, and the big conspiracy would be a joint effort of clintonista Brennan and his MI6 counterparts to create phony Russiagate stories to influence the election):
."Carter Page himself—who always, from the moment he came onto the Trump campaign as an “advisor,” was a witting plant working in the interests of the CIA—knowingly went to Moscow in July 2016 specifically to create a phony “incident” that Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Michael Isikoff, and David Corn could mangle, twist, sensationalize, and fictionalize into “evidence” against Donald Trump of “Russian collusion,” and so that every single one of those CIA hand-puppets—Carter Page included—could tell slightly altered and contradictory stories about that Moscow trip in articles, books, interviews, and testimony."

Overlapping conspiracies

More evidence of the real conspiracy:  tweet (Aaron David Miller):
"There will never be a moment, including 9/11, that any US Administration has more leverage on Saudi Arabia. It’s time to use it on Yemen; human rights and to recalibrate a relationship that’s out of control."
We're actually seeing two conspiracies, one one top of the other. The first is a Zionist conspiracy to replace MbS with somebody capable of delivering the goods to Israel, something MbS has demonstrated he is incapable of doing. The second is a typical Khazar macher-war, where various Big Jews compete for the glory of being the one to deliver the Zionist Empire. The big problem for MbS was being seen as being too close to President Jared, thus upsetting the other machers (both Sheldon and the machers who control the Democrats).  As is so often the case, Khazar dominance of politics in the West is so absolute (100% control of the media - note that Zuck's job is to clean up the last stragglers - plus 100% bribery/blackmail control over all allowed political parties, etc.), that the only way a poor goy can slip through is by squeezing through the cracks left by Khazar macher in-fighting.

Another aspect - see the comments by King Tut and Mark T. Wayne to this so-so piece by Pieraccini (although his insight on the Apple watch story, that it is an attempt by the Turks to cover up the fact they had bugged the Saudi, and presumably most other, embassies, is probably spot on).  "Amid presidential campaign launch, Clinton Foundation reports rising donations" - the ubiquity of Killery korruption, with Al Waleed bin Talal being one of the princelings - one with an arguably stronger House of Saud pedigree than MbS - receiving the MbS torture/shake-down treatment.  Note:
  • "Talal praised MBS before purge. Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi told Deutsche Welle on Wednesday that detained Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal contacted him just days before being arrested.

  • According to Khashoggi, Bin Talal praised Mohamed bin Salman's vision and invited him to come back to the Kingdom and be part of it."

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Bringing an electric bone saw to a fist fight

"Israel lobbyists smear Khashoggi as terrorist so as to maintain Saudi alliance — and plans for Iran war" (Weiss).  This is deceptive - as you would expect - as while there is some Khazar talk of Khashoggi's connections to the MB, Hamas, the Palestinians and even bin Laden, almost the entire (((media))) is on fire to promote the removal of MbS. My theory, that the Khazars have decided that MbS is not capable of moving their plans ahead, and needs replacement (it seems his younger brother is the preferred choice), remains intact.

Note that Graham, and Schiff (!), and even mass shekel recipient Corker (!!) remain on the MbS-out bandwagon even after the Saudi (ridiculous) limited hangout:  "Saudis confirm Khashoggi's death, claim he died in 'fist fight'" (Toosi/Griffiths).

Remember when President Jared got into trouble with his security clearance over divulging American intel info - and thus sources and methods of American spying -  on which prominent Saudis MbS needed to torture and shake down to maintain his control?  Apparently no one else remembers either!

The Khazars have amassed a tank army to enter Gaza and start that kind of slaughtering again, and are waiting for this issue to be hammered out before proceeding.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Khashoggi and first principles

"The reduction of Israel’s reliance on Bin Salman".

This whole dismemberment thing could have, and normally should have, gone away in a couple days ('journalists' just stop writing and talking about it, and poof! it's gone), yet it continues to linger, and perhaps even intensify (this is nuts, something that would have been incomprehensible a few months ago!:  "Lindsey Graham Wants to ‘Sanction the Hell Out of Saudi Arabia’ Until Crown Prince Is Ousted").

We need to go back to first principles.  The ruinous series of Wars For The Jews has had the cumulative effect of greatly strengthening the position of Iran as a power broker.  The Likudniks, needing an enemy, had already decided to appoint Iran to the role (though, as I keep saying, it is not really suited to the role of Israeli enemy). That's why Trump, beshekeled by Sheldon, pulled out of the nuclear deal, and is perilously risking American hegemony with the sanctions bluff.  The short-term reason for focusing on Iran is Iran's ally Hezbollah, and the Khazar khleptomaniac need to steal land in Lebanon.  The theory, which is largely not true due to the fact that Hezbollah is such a formidable organization by itself, is that weakening Iran weakens the threat from Hezbollah, and will make an Israeli land-theft war on Lebanon possible.

The Saudis have always had this weird two-faced position on the Muslim world.  On the one hand, there is this idea that the Saudi Royals are guardians of world-wide Islam (sometimes, at its most liberal, encompassing Shi'ism).  On the other hand, the princelings are paranoid about their status as unentitled grifters, and won't stick their necks out too far, lest they be chopped off. Hence, the great ambivalence over the Palestinian issue, with traditionally lots of rhetorical support, and fuck all in actual help.  With MbS, the Khazars for the first time got a guy who is unambiguously anti-Shi'ite, extremely reckless, and at the same time willing to publicly support President Jared's ethnic cleansing plans for the Palestinians.  The Khazars saw this as nothing short of a miracle, with all their plans backed up at once.

Yet, something happened.  The senile King (or, we have to assume, the princeling consensus that runs things) stepped in and publicly embarrassed MbS by pulling Saudi support for the plans of President Jared.  A number of weeks later Khashoggi, a well-known defender of the Palestinian cause, is dismembered while still alive, a pure power move by MbS, pour encourager les autres.  The American (((media))) won't shut up about it (I have to note that Khashoggi was the property of The Richest Man In the World, and MbS probably wasn't fully cognizant of the Washington nuances), and characters like Elliott Abrams and Lindsay Graham say surprising things.  Something is up.

What's up is that the Khazars have identified MbS as incapable of maintaining their plans for the Middle East.  He talks a good game, but he can't deliver, and his recklessness, coupled with a simply amazing series of horrible decisions, not to mention a technical lack of ability to govern (this hasn't been mentioned, but it is important and instructive, and turns directly on Iranian relations with the rest of the Middle East:  "Oil output from Saudi, Kuwait shared zone on hold as ties sour"), means that he could be out in a hurry, with who knows what to replace him, possibly leaving Israel in the lurch, having put all its eggs in the MbS basket.  If the Saudis go all the Gulf States would go, leaving Egypt as the only tenuous friend.

I assume the Khazars have somebody in mind to replace MbS, and these machinations are the part we're not seeing.  MbS is, typically, panicking in a reckless but clumsy way ('car accident').  I should also note that the main reason for the falling out of Khashoggi with the Saudi government was his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is also the principle reason for the Saudi attack on Qatar (and also explains the position of the MB-allied Turkish government), the princelings having decided that the main threat to their hold on power is a kind of MB populism.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Monkey Business

"Was Gary Hart Set Up?" (Fallows):
"Atwater had the strength to talk for only five minutes. “It wasn’t a ‘conversation,’ ” Strother said when I spoke with him recently. “There weren’t any pleasantries. It was like he was working down a checklist, and he had something he had to tell me before he died.”

What he wanted to say, according to Strother, was that the episode that had triggered Hart’s withdrawal from the race, which became known as the Monkey Business affair, had been not bad luck but a trap. The sequence of events was confusing at the time and is widely misremembered now. But in brief:

In late March 1987, Hart spent a weekend on a Miami-based yacht called Monkey Business. Two young women joined the boat when it sailed to Bimini. While the boat was docked there, one of the women took a picture of Hart sitting on the pier, with the other, Donna Rice, in his lap. A month after this trip, in early May, the man who had originally invited Hart onto the boat brought the same two women to Washington. The Miami Herald had received a tip about the upcoming visit and was staking out the front of Hart’s house. (A famous profile of Hart by E. J. Dionne in The New York Times Magazine, in which Hart invited the press to “follow me around,” came out after this stakeout—not before, contrary to common belief.) A Herald reporter saw Rice and Hart going into the house through the front door and, not realizing that there was a back door, assumed—when he didn’t see her again—that she had spent the night.

Amid the resulting flap about Hart’s “character” and honesty, he quickly suspended his campaign (within a week), which effectively ended it. Several weeks later came the part of the episode now best remembered: the photo of Hart and Rice together in Bimini, on the cover of the National Enquirer.
. . .
Aware that this might be one of their final conversations, Hart asked Strother to think about the high points of the campaign, and its lows. Hart knew that Strother had been friends with Billy Broadhurst, the man who had taken Hart on the fateful Monkey Business cruise. According to Strother and others involved with the Hart campaign, Broadhurst was from that familiar political category, the campaign groupie and aspiring insider. Broadhurst kept trying to ingratiate himself with Hart, and kept being rebuffed. He was also a high-living, high-spending fixer and lobbyist with frequent money problems.

Strother talked with Hart this spring; Broadhurst had died about a year earlier. In retrospect, Hart asked, what did Strother make of the whole imbroglio?

“Ray said, ‘Why do you ask?’ ” Hart told me, when I called to talk with him about the episode. “And I said there are a whole list of ‘coincidences’ that had been on my mind for 30 years, and that could lead a reasonable person to think none of it happened by accident.

“Ray replied, ‘It’s because you were set up. I know you were set up.’

“I asked him how he could be so certain,” Hart told me. Strother then recounted his long-ago talk with Atwater, and Atwater’s claim that the whole Monkey Business weekend had occurred at his direction. According to Hart, that plan would have involved: contriving an invitation from Broadhurst for Hart to come on a boat ride, when Hart intended to be working on a speech. Ensuring that young women would be invited aboard. Arranging for the Broadhurst boat Hart thought he would be boarding, with some unmemorable name, to be unavailable—so that the group would have to switch to another boat, Monkey Business. Persuading Broadhurst to “forget” to check in with customs clearance at Bimini before closing time, so that the boat “unexpectedly” had to stay overnight there. And, according to Hart, organizing an opportunistic photo-grab.

“There were a lot of people on the dock, people getting off their boats and wandering up and down on the wharf,” Hart told me. “While I was waiting for Broadhurst and whatever he was working out with the customs people, I sat on this little piling on the pier.” Hart said that Donna Rice’s friend and companion on the boat, Lynn Armandt, was standing a short distance away. “Miss Armandt made a gesture to Miss Rice, and she immediately came over and sat on my lap. Miss Armandt took the picture. The whole thing took less than five seconds, with lots of other people around. It was clearly staged, but it was used after the fact to prove that some intimacy existed.”"
"Why is the CBC Lying About Venezuela? Anna Maria Tremonti Manufactures Dissent"(Bodine).  Extra-vigorous lying, even by the low standards of 'journalism'.

'Cross'/Kamm:  "Caught In The Cross Hairs: Media Lens And The Mystery Of The Wikipedia Editor" (Media Lens).

The White Nationalists are thrilled about Warren's baffling decision - at the very least, if is conclusive proof that she lacks the judgment to be President - to emphasize her life of wrongdoing while emphasizing the idea that race is connected to genetics:  "NEW YORKER: Warren "Promotes Insidious Ideas About Race And DNA"" and "NYT: "Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (And Why Geneticists Are Alarmed)"" (Sailer).

""Who needs Saudi Arabia?" Washpost editorial" (Lang).  Trump touts military deals that are largely fictitious, and the Saudis are totally invested in American military production (meaning they have no choice but to continue to buy American), so even the most cynical arguments about the US sticking by MbS are nonsense, a combination of bribes (riyals and shekels) and force of habit.  It is no longer 1973.

"Israel to destroy Syria’s S-300 defence system, US general says".

"American mercenary boasts of role in ‘targeted assassination program’ in Yemen".

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


"Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince" (Angry Arab):
"I also should say that for many years he continued, and he became a spokesperson for Prince Turki when he became ambassador in Washington, DC. And he got to be close to Western journalists because he was the man to go to. When they wanted to travel to Saudi Arabia, they wanted to interview this prince, that king, the crown prince, he was the fixer for them in that regard and that’s how they got to know him. And then, he attached himself to another prince, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who got in trouble with the new crown prince. That’s where his troubles started. He did not bet on democracy in Saudi Arabia, he bet on the wrong princes.

There princes he bet on fell out of favor, Prince Turki, as well as Prince Al-Waleed, later who wound up in Ritz in Riyadh last year. And for that reason, he had no prince. According to his own testimony, in an article that was written by David Ignatius who was close to him, he tried to be an advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but he wouldn’t take him as an advisor because he always was suspicious about his Islamist past, the fact that he was a member and later close to the Muslim Brotherhood. So, he became – spoke the language of democracy upon leaving the country.

The reason why they wanted to go after him, it had nothing do with his courage or anything like that. It’s because he was so central in the ruling media and political establishment, that his departure from the kingdom was not seen as dissent. He was not a dissenter, he was not a dissident. He never saw himself as one, or even an opposition figure. He spoke of himself as somebody who believed that the crown prince was doing the right thing but going about it the wrong way. I basically believe that he was seen by the government as a defector, that one of their own left the country and joined the enemies rank. And he was also having an audience with Western audiences from Washington DC, from one of the major mainstream newspapers. That was highly embarrassing to the ruling family."
". . . the thing is that the government of Saudi Arabia has changed in the last two years in a major way. For much of the history, since 1953 and the death of the founder, Saudi Arabia, even though it’s a despotic monarchy, is ruled by a collective leadership like the Politburo of the former Soviet Union. You have the royal family, and then you have the senior princes. Those are the ones with whom the king would consult on every matter. For that reason, as sinister and reactionary as Saudi policy was all these decades, but it was a result of a consensus within the royal family. For that, it exhibited signs of caution, reservation and deception always, because they were doing something in secrecy, and in public they were saying something entirely opposite.

Under the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, government has changed. There is no collective leadership. For the first time in the history of the monarchy, we have a sole, undisputed despot who does not allow not only dissent, but advisers. Everybody has to be yes-men, and of course all of them are men, around him. He subordinated all the princes, he ended all the factions representing different princes. So previously, no matter who was king, Jamal Khashoggi was able to move between the princes, to have one patron one day, another patron of another day. That always worked because they were part of the senior princes’ set-up.

Now, there is no set-up like that. All the other princes, even his own half-brother, is under house arrest. This guy doesn’t want to allow anybody to share government, he makes all the decisions. And in fact, we can say that was his death knell. Maybe this is why this is going to change the course of his history. I mean, he will most likely stay in power, but I would argue that his best days are behind him. He will never be as powerful as he has been for the last two years, because now he knows he cannot trust his own instincts. When he ruled entirely based on his instincts, he presumably made the decision to get rid of this guy. He did not think the repercussions were going to be big enough.

And I still argue he’s going to get away with it, and there’s not going to be a price to pay by Western countries, by Turkey or by the United States. I feel they are working on a cover-up story as we speak. But because he had no advisers, he made these decisions. And he is not somebody who is knowledgeable about the world. He does not know about foreign policy as much, and he calculated wrongly. And he is now in very awkward, embarrassing positions, and for that, he will be weaker than ever. And most likely, he will be compelled to bring in other princes, not to share power but at least to be around him when he contemplates making decisions."
"The latest (but likely not last) social media purge".  There aren't any 'norms', and the idea that there are things they wouldn't do for moral or even practical business reasons is simply incorrect.  We have to get over it and realize that it is open season on everybody not in the 0.1%, or anybody who might pose the tiniest possible threat to the status of the 0.1%.

Here's another one, giving people voting choices, and then requiring a do-over when people vote 'wrong', or just ignoring the vote results entirely:  "‘Disappointed’ US wants Macedonia to approve name change despite failed referendum".

"Amnesty Slams US-Led Coalition’s Denials Of Deaths In Raqqa".  The hypocrisy is staggering with a constant steam of claims about atrocities supposedly committed by Russia or Syria when the Assholians pull this kind of mass murder/war crime/crimes against humanity in the same war!

"Ukraine’s Neighbors Are Marching Out of Step" (Savitsky).  All of Ukraine's neighbors have big, legitimate beefs with it, almost all grounded in Ukraine's neo-Nazi supremacism.

"Dirty role of International NGOs in Pakistan" (Raja).

"Uberrima Fides? Witness K, East Timor and the Economy of Espionage" (McPhee).  Using your spy agency to spy for private commercial gain, all justified on the basis of 'national security', and then shamelessly going after a whistle blower, a classic tale of our time.

"“Porcine Plague” epidemic in Belgium: trigger is Pentagon experiments in Georgia" (Voltaire Network).

"Afghanistan: The Doha Meeting is a Farce, There is Nothing to Discuss But The Unconditional Withdrawal of Occupying Forces From Afghanistan." (Mohmand). The author is described as 'Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America during the 1980s'.

"Meet Ten Corporate Giants Helping Israel Massacre Gaza Protesters" (Catron).

"Malaysia to Repeal Death Penalty and Sedition Law" (Paddock).  Dr Mohamad!

"First legal weed sold in Canada at Newfoundland shops".  "Federal ministers to announce plan to expedite pardons for minor pot convictions".

"Saudis Admit Journalist Khashoggi Died During Botched Assassination Attempt".  Satire = Official Story!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pow Wow Chow

"Khashoggi Mystery: Rogue Killers or Rogue Royals?" (Korybko)  The ultimate 'rogue' story would be that the Khashoggi assassination was an attempt by the political enemies of MbS to force him out.  It is not true as, if it were true, MbS would have naturally used this excuse immediately.  In fact, efforts by the Americans to provide MbS with a 'rogue' story are sputtering - requiring sending Pompeo to Riyadh to provide a push to MbS - because, it appears, MbS is so full of himself he wants to take full credit for the attack, and doesn't want to even entertain the possibility that there could be rogue elements in Saudi Arabia damaging his status as the Chief Motherfucker In Charge.

The Assholians have history with this sort of thing:  "Khashoggi and Demetracopoulos" (Othman).

Lots of treachery around the Gulf and further:  "The Arabian Game of Thrones Heats Up" (Madsen).

"Media Likely To Fall For Trump's Trap On Elizbeth Warren: "What's Her Percentage, 1/1000th?"" (Sailer). "Elizabeth Warren Savaged On Social Media As DNA Gambit Backfires; Cherokee Nation Furious" (Durden). Note the tweets by Benny on how hard Warren rode that 'drop of blood'!  HaHa!

"Why Liberal Jews in Israel and the US have made Lara Alqasem a Cause Celebre" (Cook)  Just as with BDS itself, we face constant trickery from these people, with the 'liberals' being the worst of all.  The main trick is phony, controlled, opposition to the supremacism.

"Twitter Bans and “Dehumanisation”: Is the NPC Meme TOO Accurate?" (Laura). Note the immediate reaction that any disturbing internet activity is caused by a 'Russian bot'.

"American Media Seeks to Poison US-Russian Cooperation in Space" (Ulson).

The usual lying/spinning:  "Jeremy Bowen Interviews Christian NDF Commander - Unedited Version" (Beeley).

"The Framing of Russia" (Macilwain).  The theory that British intelligence didn't just stumble upon the Skripal patsies, but was actively involved in manipulating them and manufacturing the evidence.  This makes sense.  A British conspiracy showrunner who knew some Porton Down material was going to be used in a British intelligence attack on the Skripals, with Russia to be framed, would want to have his patsies lined up ahead of time.  You wouldn't want to have to rely on luck in finding suitable Russian patsies in Salisbury at the right time.

"Undue Process: Forgotten FBI Anti-Terrorism Entrapment Debacles" (Bovard)  The investigatory and prosecutorial wrongdoing is quite striking, as in each case they knew they had faulty evidence, but proceeded, kicking and screaming, until they were forced to give up.  Of course, dropping your prosecution because your evidence falls apart doesn't net you a promotion.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Dead lines


"Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Denies Claims He Was Bribed to Kidnap Wanted Turkish Cleric Fethullah Gulen" (Sweeney).  Story denied by Flynn, but it sounds like the kind of crazy thing - snatching somebody under CIA protection! - he might have claimed to have been able to do, and take money for.

"Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results 'Proving' She Is Part Native American" (Durden).  If you go ten generations back you should be able to find just about anything (articled updated with new title to make much the same point:  ""Math Correction" Confirms Warren Could Be 1/1024th Native American").

"Ecuador restores Assange’s communications after 7-month blackout – WikiLeaks".  "Ecuador Restores Julian Assange's Internet, Phone And Visitation Privileges" (Durden).  Moreno, an obvious piece of shit, seemed to be trying to trade Assange for some concessions from the Americans.  Did the deal fall through?  Did the Americans fear what files might have been released?

""Someone Is Not Telling The Truth": Fusion GPS Founder "In Real Legal Jeopardy" According To GOP Lawmaker" (Durden).  Surprisingly large number of shameless liars on the dossier side of the fence.  Of course, they'd go to jail if they didn't lie, or even allowed themselves to be questioned under oath.

"All Eyes on HTS: Buffer Zone Deadline Passes for ‘Al-Qaeda in Syria’". "Deadline passes for Syria's Idlib buffer without fighters leaving".

A memoir:  "Iran’s definitive account of the Iraq war: Written by a female Iraqi Kurd" (Mazaheri).

"Canonization of Saint Oscar Romero" and "The Romero assassination court file" (Muth).

I thought the whole NAFTA thing outed him as another phony, even before he got into power:  "Can President-elect Lopez Obrador Pull Mexico Out of Slumber?" (Vltchek).

"Marie-Claude Bibeau: Canada’s Minister of International Development and Propaganda" and "Ottawa’s Incestuous World of Pro-military Lobbying" (Engler).  Canada's mini MIC. Canada being Canada, a lot of the dirty work has to be done under the guise of 'development'.

"Freedom Rider: Robert Mueller, Shahed Hussain and the FBI war of terror" (Kimberley).  "Cato Institute Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year: Limo Crash Owner Shahed Hussain" (Sailer) (also).  One of his many entrepreneurial endeavors was setting up patsies for the FBI.

"Why the Coordinated Alternative Media Purge Should Terrify Everyone: Soon Those Who Hate Freedom Will Have Unquestioned Access to the Minds of 2 Billion People" (Luther).  "Facebook Accused of ‘Full-Frontal Suppression of Dissent’ After Independent Media Swept Up in Mass Purge" (Johnson).  Zuck cares not a whit about how this looks, and thus presumably has no fear of government regulation or break-up.

"Dubious Apple Watch link to Jamal Khashoggi ‘killing’" (Greenhalgh).  The watch might be a little Turkish macabre embellishment.

"What Happened to the F-22s at Tyndall?" (Greenhalgh) (of course the entire F-35 fleet, both American and Israeli, is 'indisposed', leaving the Khazars with a temporary (?) case of the 'shorts' when it comes to killing people and stealing land):
"We are told that 33 of the 55 F-22s stationed at Tyndall AFB were evacuated to Ohio due to Hurricane Michael which trashed Tyndall AFB. Nothing has been said about the other 22 F-22s.

I am very suspicious about this and it is my strong suspicion that those 22 aircraft have in fact, been transferred to Israel rather than having been destroyed by the hurricane.

We all know that Russia supplied a significant number of S-300s systems to Syria recently, a move which really, really upset the Israelis as it means that their aircraft, with the possible exception of their small number of F-35s are now very vulnerable to being shot down should they enter Syrian airspace.

I am sure that the very moment those S-300s arrived in Syria, the Israelis were demanding the US supply them with weapons to counter this new threat and the obvious choice of weapon to counter S-300 would be the F-22 which might stand a chance due to it’s stealth characteristics.

So have the US secretly transferred 22 F-22s – two squadron’s worth, to Israel as a counter to the Syrian possession of S-300s batteries? The US taxpayer will pick up the bill of course, and they will doubtless be told that the plans were destroyed by Hurricane Michael as a convenient cover story."
"Why do Ukraine’s arms dumps keep exploding?" (Greenhalgh):
"Why is this happening? The answer is simple – to cover up the wholesale theft of arms from Ukraine, arms that later turn up in the hands of fake terror groups like ISIS. Ukraine blames Russia for these incidents of arson, but of course, they always blame Russia; truth is, the Ukrainians are fully complicit in this crime, it is just another aspect of the wholesale theft of Ukraine’s resources and wealth that has been going on for 30 years now, since the Soviet Union fell.

There is a more disturbing aspect to this case though, and it makes a mockery of the official tales of disarmament an destruction of nuclear weapons arsenals in the wake of the fall of  the Soviet Union. In the 1990s, Ukraine signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and voluntarily disarmed itself of nuclear weapons, as international inspection teams toured their weapons stockpiles and monitored the process of removing and shipping off for destruction, of the nuclear warheads.

All the big stuff, the hundred of kilotonnes and megatonne class weapons, the sort of thing you hurl at the enemy atop a long range ballistic missile, those were all disposed of under the watchful gaze of the inspectors and often, Western TV crews. However, the Ukraine also possessed huge numbers of far smaller, tactical class nukes, the sort of thing you would use on a battlefield and ideal for clandestine use.

Many of those Ukrainian mini nukes simply disappeared, most of them were squirrelled away in various depots around Ukraine, secretly kept for future use or, more likely, future highly profitable sale. These hidden, secret nukes were a tempting target for groups who might put a tactical nuke to good use, and inevitably, several were stolen. This is the likely source of the mini nukes that have been used covertly in the Middle East in recent years, such as the Baghdad marketplace bombing on Eid and multiple times in Syria, Damascus being hit more than once.

The destruction of the arms depots by fire is simply the thieves covering their tracks, destroying the evidence of their theft. On at least one occasion in the last couple of years, we believe, based on video footage of the explosion, that a Ukrainian arms dump was completely obliterated by the explosion of a mini nuke in the sub-10 kilotonne class, such an explosion is guaranteed to destroy the evidence of theft.

So ignore the ‘Russia did it’ narrative being pushed by the Ukrainians and the compliant Western media, the people who did it are criminals working for the international crime cabal that created ISIS, that overthrew the Ukrainian government on the Maidan four years ago, that installed Trump in the White House. These Ukrainian ammo dump explosions are an indicator that they are still preparing for further violence, why else would they need to steal weapons and ammunition in huge quantities?"