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“Ancillary benefits” and “leverage”

"Trump watched US midterm results with top GOP donor Sheldon Adelson":
"US President Donald Trump watched the results come in from Tuesday’s midterm elections at the White House with a number of prominent supporters, among them Jewish billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Stephen Schwarzman.

Adelson, a casino magnate known for his hawkish pro-Israel views, shelled out $112,250,000 for Republicans during the 2018 election cycle, according to a campaign finance monitor, making him the top overall donor in the midterms.

Adelson, who was joined by his wife Miriam at the White House, also contributed heavily to Trump’s 2016 election campaign and earlier this year attended the opening of the United States embassy in Jerusalem, a move he had long pushed for.

Schwarzman, who according to the Center for Responsive Politics gave Republicans $11,750,000 for this year’s elections, is the CEO of private equity firm The Blackstone Group and is considered a close friend of Trump’s.

Other Jewish supporters of the president who attended the election night watch party at the White House were Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and financier Michael Milken, Bloomberg reported."
"What Do We Make of the Midterm Election?" (Roberts) (my emphasis in red) (note that these all-Khazar-all-the-time committee chairmen pose an imminent risk for Assange):
"I would say that, unless white Americans succumb to guilt and collapse, the Democratic Party is finished. The mid-term election was the Democratic Party’s last hurrah.

This would not mean that the future is rosy. The Democrats have forced Trump into an aggressive stance toward the rest of the world. It is aggression that the US cannot back up. Can Trump with his bully personality back down?

How can Trump get rid of his Israeli enumbrance?

It doesn’t seem possible. He would have to backtrack on his embassy and other decisions, and his and his Jewish son-in-law’s close relations with Netanyahu would present not only diplomatic but also family problems if they were broken up by Trump asserting Washington’s independence of Israeli control.

Trump’s subordination to Israel is curious as it does not gain him any political advantage among Democratic Jews. In the midterm electons, the Jews voted overwhelming for Democrats, even though Trump was the first American President, and I think the only head of state, who recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Adam Schiff, a Jew, who has risen to power in the US House of Representatives, says he can’t wait to investigate President Trump. Schiff seems confident he can get Trump. Indeed, Jews, a tiny percentage of the US population, are now placed to take over 5 of the most important House committees: Jerrold Nadler for the Judiciary Committee, Eliot Engel for Foreign Affairs, Nita Lowey, for Appropriations, Adam Schiff for Intelligence and John Yarmuth for Budget.

How to explain that Trump, the most Jewish President in the history of the US, is a target of American Jews?

Perhaps the explanation is that the Jews are more interested in breaking up gentile society, which Jews in their paranoia see as a threat to Jews, than they are in Trump’s total support of Israel’s Middle Eastern policy of genocide for the Palestinians.

Until Donald Trump, no American president ever so completely prostituted himself before the tiny, insignificant state of Israel as Trump has done. How exactly are the “deplorables” proud Americans when their man grovels under the feet of Israel?

How does Trump make American Great Again when he subordinates America to Israel?"
Given the above, very unlikely:  "Forgetting for a moment the fog of war and the induced adrenaline: Is it possible now [with regard to US foreign Policy] to imagine a bipartisan Trump agenda? Like the one that was supposed to start in the Spring of 2017 and which was blatantly interrupted by the Deep State cabal?"

"Pentagon Report Questions US’ Own Legal Justification for Staying in Syria" (my emphasis in red):
"The latest quarterly report by the Lead Inspector General on the status of Operation Inherent Resolve, the codename for the US military’s intervention against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, has paid extensive focus to Iran, mentioning it 105 times in 130 pages. However, while accusing Tehran of posing a growing threat to US forces, the report admits that the Department of Defense has “no evidence” that Iranian troops or Iranian-allied militia have actually attacked the US in Syria.

The report also hints at a confused US policy in Syria, pointing to Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton’s recent statement about keeping US troops in Syria so long as “Iranian troops” and “Iranian proxy militias” remain outside of Iran.

This sentiment, the report admits, has led to “questions about the legal justification of maintaining US troops in Syria, which currently relies on the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force against those who ‘planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001,’ which has been interpreted as including [Daesh].”

Unlike the presence of the Russian military and Iranian military advisors, the US has no internationally recognized legal justification for its presence in Syria, with Damascus repeatedly condemning US operations in the Arab Republic and demanding a US exit from the country.

The DoD points out that in the wake of Bolton’s remarks, military officials have changed tack, paying lip service to the “enduring defeat” of Daesh while telling congressional committees about the “ancillary benefits” and “leverage” provided by the continued presence of US forces in Syria.

Pointing to shifting political goals, which now seem to include “removing Iran and Iranian proxies from the country, influencing the outcome of the Syrian civil war… and stabilizing areas of northeast Syria liberated from [Daesh],” the report warns that “these non-military goals could keep the US military involved in Syria after the defeat of [Daesh]” over an unspecified period.

Mentioning the intensive US drilling at the Al-Tanf Garrison in southern Syria following calls by Iran to end the illegal US presence in the area, the report warns of “several Iranian-backed militias” operating in the same area, with “their presence creat[ing] the potential for violence with US troops and US-backed forces.”

At the same time, the DoD report admits that “neither Iran nor Iranian-backed militias had hindered counter-[Daesh] operations,” and says that the Pentagon has “no evidence” that ‘Iranian troops’ or Iranian-allied militia have actually attacked the US in Syria.

In neighboring Iraq, the report mentions elements of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Shiite militia groups which played a crucial role in defeating Daesh in Iraq, saying that they pose a similar threat to US interests, given what are said to be their “close ties to Iran.”"
In stark contrast to the Americans, Iran, and Iraqi militias, are actually fighting ISIS, yet the American justification for maintaining its illegal military occupation of Syria is fighting those responsible for 9/11, stretched to include ISIS, while relying on rhetoric attacking the groups that are fighting ISIS.  The American position, driven by Khazar shekel bribes of American politicians for Likudnik PR purposes, is incoherent.

Kurds waking up?:  "YPG has withdrawn from the Euphrates fight with IS" (Lang) (and its comments). "Turkey: U.S. Must Break From Syrian Kurds After PKK Reward Offer".  A lot of the inherent fractures seem to have been charted by savvy Russian diplomats years ago, and everything is now slowly playing itself out.

"Trudeau’s Warm Welcome To The “White Helmets” Is Highly Hypocritical" (Korybko):
"The “White Helmets” are part of a global Hybrid War network that was put to devastatingly effective use in the War on Syria before being exposed by the aforementioned independent journalists, and Canada may have been obliged by its NATO allies to do its part in supporting this group upon its recent Israeli-assisted evacuation from the Arab Republic. Canada’s very lenient immigration regime that practically amounts to a policy of “open borders” made the country an ideal destination for these terrorist-linked forces to flee to, where the government could always try to justify its decision under any future pressure on the grounds of guilting the populace into accepting what the Mainstream Media portrays as “innocent victims of the Assad regime”, even though that’s clearly not what they are.

What’s important to keep in mind is that the growing global awareness of the “White Helmets;” true activities in Syria might eventually cause some Canadians to doubt the wisdom of their Prime Minister in letting these very controversial individuals into the country. There’s already a visible trend sweeping the world of conservative movements toppling liberal governments or at the very least hamstringing them like what recently happened in Germany, so it wouldn’t be all too unexpected if this helps fuel the flames of a similar movement in Canada that could chip away at Trudeau’s support. There’s still another year to go before Canadians head to the polls to decide whether he stays on as Prime Minister or is replaced by what could be a conservative politician, so it remains to be seen whether his warm welcome to the “White Helmets” figures into that upcoming campaign or not."
Trudeau's recent incompetence is so overwhelming - a lengthening series of insane unforced errors - that Bronfman must have ordered him to throw the next election to the Conservatives, though the Conservatives are themselves so hapless he may be unable to do it!

"US Declares War on ‘Troika of Tyranny’ Pushing Them Closer to Russia" (Gorka).  More American help for Russia and China.

Any sovereign state that entrusts its gold or money to any western (Khazar-controlled) bank is insane:  "Bank of England Refusing Venezuelan Request to Return $550 Mln in Gold – Report".

To help Afghanistan, part of the crazy-quilt of exceptions:  "Pompeo allows sanctions exception for Iran port development".

Can you imagine if the US abolished the death penalty, except for black people (mind you, that's largely the de facto situation now)!?: "Apartheid: Israel’s Netanyahu wants Death Penalty Solely for Palestinians".

Sounds like Snowden was paid to provide advertising copy:  "US Whistle-Blower: Israeli Software Was Used to Track Saudi Journalist":
"The whistle-blower spoke via video conference from an undisclosed location in Russia at an event organized by Israeli-based strategic, corporate, tech and financial communications firm OH! Orenstein Hoshen."
"Another Journalist Killed During Torture By Saudi Arabia".   MbS, chastened and contrite, a princeling who won't stop looking until the real killers of Khashoggi are found, has learned his lesson, no more bone saws!

Clement has been outed as having a vigorous and enthusiastic history as a #metoo creeper: "Instagram user describes how Tony Clement crossed a line" and "Scheer asks Tony Clement to leave Conservative caucus over sexting scandal".  Canada used to be officially terrified that its security would be damaged by blackmail of homosexuals (given social mores of the times, not a completely unjustified fear), and the RCMP used the splendidly named 'fruit machine' to ensure that potentially blackmailable 'fruits' didn't find themselves in positions with access to classified information.  Clements was vetted before he was put on the intelligence committee, but that vetting presumably didn't include consideration of how blackmailable he was as a #metoo creeper, a telling blind spot in Canadian security policies.  It is getting so we'll have to ban all men from access to classified information!

"Israel’s diamond exports crash as BDS and war crimes impact" (Clinton).  Lots of good details.

"Filming in the Most Depressing City on Earth – Jakarta" (Vltchek)  No-star review.
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