Thursday, November 15, 2018

'Botched' missions

"Saudi-UAE alliance orders halt in Hodeidah attack amid peace push".  No, with their tens of billions of dollars worth of western arms, they were going to lose to a group of peasants with rifles, again, and they couldn't afford the embarrassment.

"Gaza truce holds but Israeli minister's resignation leaves government in turmoil".  'Capitulation' to Hamas?  No, that's not it, he had one job, to manage Russia, and he couldn't hack it, so he had to go.  Bibi's going to be able to squirm out of his own corruption problems, and his series of failures in the land thieving business that is his main job, by claiming that he's the only guy who can fix the 'existential' crisis that now ensues.

"botched mission"

"John Bolton Says "No Evidence" Implicating Crown Prince On Khashoggi Kill Tape".  "John Bolton Wins “Defender of Israel” Award From Zionist Lobby Group That Helped Appoint Him" (Webb).  One of the big bags of shekels schlepped by Shlomo came with a coupon for a free award.

Five heads to save one:  "Five Saudis Face Death Penalty Over Khashoggi Killing; Crown Prince Cleared" (Durden).

The hero of the #Resistance, your next American President:  "Avenatti Speaks After Arrest; "I Have Never Struck A Woman"".  Quickest Stalinesque Clintonesque airbrushing evar:  "Michael Avenatti Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges (UPDATE 4)" ("It wasn't too difficult to see this one coming."!!!).  "Brutal Wop Avenatti Releases Statements from Ex-Wives Saying He Didn’t Beat Them" (Anglin).

"America Has No Peace Movement – Blame the ‘White Supremacists’" (Giraldi).  Palestine is a 'queer space', and our eyes glaze over.

"Facebook’s Zuckerberg refuses (again) to testify before world’s parliamentarians" (Pinkerton).

"I'm really tired of the weaponization of our Jewish ethnicity by plutocrats."  Actually, we're all growing fatigued with the Khazars and their tricks, and they are not just pulled by plutocrats.
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