Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Grim irony

"America isn't at war."  Wars For The Jews aren't really wars, you Nazi!

This midterm result was the worst possible one for the Democrats, and thus for the United States.  They did just enough to be able to continue to claim that the Clintonista methodology - the 'donor' model - is a successful, winning one, and so they won't have to change it.  They won't be able to gum up Trump's agenda completely - enough of them are really covert Republicans and will vote for many of his policies - and they will make fools of themselves with Russiagate and similar guaranteed losing attacks on Trump personally, which will ensure Trump's reelection.  Still, as usual the voters did their job as best they could, with the wonderful first-past-the-post voting system allowing their collective wisdom exactly the choice they wanted, the best choice available to them when one of the parties has thrown in the towel, reining in Trump while not emasculating him.

"Pipe Bombs: Frantic Denunciations of the False Flag Concept" (McQueen).  "The Oldest Trick In the Book: False Flags to “Justify” War" (Washington's Blog).  We have to start thinking of false flags as the norm.  The bizarre anomalies are the few cases where we're not being tricked and manipulated.

"Canadians ‘weary’ of arms trade with Saudi Arabia, survey says" (Peng).  One of those cases where it is too bad The Star is afraid of comments, as the headline is a spectacular example of perception management.  Weary?:  "The number of Canadians who say their country should not sell military technology to Saudi Arabia has jumped by 14 per cent since last year to 76 per cent."  In politics, 76 per cent is overwhelming.

"‘Grim Irony’: Saudi Strikes Use British Intel to Destroy UK Aid Facilities in Yemen".  You can't really use the word 'irony' when you intended the result!  Essentially they blew up their own virtue signalling by pointing the Saudis right at it, which will just give them a chance to virtue signal again.  They only build these facilities to provide cover for the much worse things they are really up to.

"Why Is Israel Afraid of Khalida Jarrar?" (Baroud):
"According to Jarrar, no Palestinian official should engage in any form of dialogue with Israel, because such engagement helps legitimize a state that is founded on genocide and ethnic cleansing, and is currently carrying out various types of war crimes; the very crimes that Jarrar tried to expose before the ICC.
Expectedly, Jarrar rejects the so-called ‘peace process’, a futile exercise that has no intention or mechanism that is aimed at “implementing international resolutions related to the Palestinian cause and recognizing the fundamental rights of the Palestinians.”"
"Five True Things About Mike Pence" (Gaius Publius).  Five is the best.

"Saudi Arabia Bans Muslims From Israel and Palestine From Mecca – Report".  Weird downplaying of the extremely close relationship between the phony Jews in Israel and the crypto (real) Jews who unfortunately run Saudi Arabia.

My emphasis in red:  "The Trump administration and the U.S. defense industry are scrambling to save the few actual deals in the much-touted $110 billion arms package for Saudi Arabia as concerns rise about the role of the Kingdom’s leadership over the death of a prominent critic."

"The West is Failing Julian Assange" (Maurizi).

"Prince Charles in West Africa to Reaffirm the Commonwealth" (Butler):
"Since Charles and his wife will travel to Ghana on Friday, and then to Nigeria from the 6 -8 November, it’s important to tie up Britain’s interest in West Africa neatly. This report entitled “Oil, British Interests and the Nigerian Civil War,” by Chibuike Uche in
The Journal of African History provides the evidence needed. The author shows the major interest British oil interests played in the Nigeria/Biafra conflict back in the 1970s. Back then Shell and BP wanted “One Nigeria” so that their economic bloodsucking could go on unabated. Just to show the diabolic and inhuman nature of Britain’s geo-policy, let me quote from The Independent and author Michael Leapman, from 1998:
Biafra was one of the great emotive causes of the late Sixties. The name still conjures up images of emaciated children, close to death, starved as a result of the blockade imposed by the Nigerian Federal Government to defeat the secession of the country’s Eastern Region. I was there, and the images do not fade.
Yes, the Brits helped the Nigerian government starve people to death because those people wanted independence. They supplied weapons, money, and more so that Nigeria could return to normal so that British financial interests could be served. Read the story, be disgusted, and consider that Prince Charles was a prince in 1998 too. Now he returns to West Africa with the same purpose.
It’s an interesting footnote here that Princess Diana was killed in August of 1997, especially if we considered her tour of West Africa with Charles back in 1990. I was just reading a story by BBC’s Elizabeth Blunt where the author describes the reason for that visit. Blunt says.
The West African tour was officially meant to be for Prince Charles, as the future head of the Commonwealth, to get to know the region; in reality, it was very much more about getting the right kind of coverage in the British press.
The correspondent’s story reminded me of Lady Diana in this part of Africa, shaking hands with people with leprosy, embracing those with AIDS, and inadvertently making her boring Husband Charles all the more pompous and useless. Seeing him with Camilla this week makes me think of how chummy, stuffy, and utterly safe those royals are. I guess West Africa resources helps keep them that way."
Charles seems to be fully aware of what he is doing, and that it is deeply evil, but has spent his whole life dutifully doing it anyway, and everybody still makes fun of him.

"The Largest Act of Terrorism in Human History – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (4/8)".  Good for Ellsberg, heading into David Irving territory.  If you realized how many huge events in human history have been disappeared, you might turn into a conspiracy theorist:  "Deadly WWII U.S. firebombing raids on Japanese cities largely ignored" ("a month after the firebombing of Dresden") and "Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before".
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