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"Hate Hoaxer Michael Ron David Kadar Sentenced In Israel" (Sailer):
"The New York Times runs a sizable article on the sentencing of the Israeli-American Jewish man who phoned in all those bomb threats to Jewish institutions in the U.S. and yet, incredibly, never mentions his name nor that he is Jewish."
"Regime Change In China? The Kristol Never Rests" (Sailer).

"Death of HHS official Daniel Best is ruled a suicide". The ol' suicide-by-repeated-blunt-force-trauma, almost as good as the suicide-by-multiple-gun-shots-to-the-head.  He "was found "unresponsive" near the garage door exit of an apartment building" - do you think he could have been under the garage door which went up and down on him (classic place and method of committing suicide!) - and, by complete coincidence, had the single most dangerous job in America, leading "U.S. Department of Health and Human Services efforts to lower prescription drug prices".

After Trump's bizarre attempt to protect MbS, the CIA ups the ante:  "CIA has Recording of Saudi Crown Prince planning Hit on Khashoggi: Turkish ‘Hurriyet’" (Cole).  The CIA and Turkey have got a little thing going on, probably hatched when Bloody Gina paid a personal visit.  I'm sure Erdoğan has told Bloody that he doesn't actually expect to get his hands on her pet, Gülen, but talking about it is good for his domestic politics.

"Russian diplomacy is winning the New Cold War" (Cohen).  The Americans have no answer to this.  Any American attempt at any kind of give-and-take negotiation would, according to the (((neocons))), be a fatal admission of weakness.

"Phanar Phantom" (Shamir).  Heavy duty analysis of the complex Ukrainian/American ecclesiastical attack on Russia.  This is more what American 'diplomacy' looks like, though I'm sure the actual idea came from Ukraine.

"Thanks to the BBC Propaganda Show, the Plausibility of the Door Handle Theory Just Plummeted to Freezing Point" (Slane), describing a series of obvious lies pasted together into a TV show, including:
"At one point the presenter, Jane Corbin, stated the following:
“In Salisbury, it takes two weeks of painstaking investigation for scientists and police to work out exactly how the Skripals came into contact with the Novichok.”
Dept Asst Commissioner Dean Haydon is then seen saying:
“To find the source of the Novichok, actually was our first breakthrough. We identified that it was Novichok on the front door the front door handle of their home address.”
This two week period makes little sense. From the moment it was known that Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey had been poisoned, it should have been very straightforward to start zeroing in on the location of the poisoning. The reason for this is that logically it could only have been in a place that both he and the Skripals had been. And according to Mr Bailey’s story, which was completely different than what many officials previously told us about his movements, this can only have been at the house (not even the bench according to his testimony, as he now apparently wasn’t there when the Skripals were). And so the house should have been locked down, with swabs taken as early as 6th March, and the location of the poison identified. But instead, we got two weeks of “it could be here, it could be there” — all in various places which couldn’t possibly have been the location because Mr Bailey hadn’t actually been to them."
"Hillary Clinton Blames “Vitriolic Jew Media” for 2016 Election Loss" ('Shmuley Ben Shekelheim').  I wouldn't change a word of this.  Clinton's officially throwing refugees under the bus in order to win encompasses the two parts of Clintonista/liberal strategy:
  1. the core concept that 'deplorables', whether European or American, are irredeemably racist, but so stupid as to be easily manipulable; and
  2. the fact that they don't give a shit about the objects of their virtue signalling, except insofar as they can use them to gain votes from the tender-hearted.
'Cluster'-ratfucking:  "British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns" (Moon).

""The Chimera Of Donald Trump, Russian Money Launderer"" (explaining why Mueller is spinning his wheels):
"Is Donald Trump guilty of money laundering? If you ask most Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, they fervently believe that he has been moving money for Russian mobsters for more than twenty years and that an investigation of this will bring Trump’s Presidency to an end. Don’t count on it. Although there is clear evidence of Trump’s past relationship with Russian/American mobsters, knowing someone or collaborating on a business deal is not proof of money laundering. I have spent three decades investigating money laundering cases (I helped develop the civil money laundering case against Philip Morris—click here) and it is clear to me that those who are earnestly accusing Trump of such a crime do not understand what constitutes money laundering.

Apart from not understanding how to make a money laundering case, the anti-Trumpers have failed to grasp another key element to the narrative that Trump was a puppet to the Russians—one of his longtime Russian business associates, Felix Sater, was an FBI informant during the entire time that Robert Mueller was FBI Director. Since Sater was a fully signed up FBI informant or asset, he was in a unique and powerful position to implicate Trump. But none of the “evidence” uncovered or planted by Sater ever produced an indictment of Donald Trump. With the benefit of hindsight it appears that the FBI, relying on Sater, used Trump and his organization as bait to go after Russian mobsters."
"And who was in charge of the FBI during all of the time that Sater was a signed up FBI snitch? You got it—Robert Mueller. Let us just stick with the facts—during Mueller’s term (2001 thru 2013) the FBI did not make or bring a case of money laundering against Donald Trump. Yet, during this period, Felix Sater, a fully signed up and opeating FBI informant, was trying to cobble together real estate deals with Russians of questionable character. Trump and his organization were not implicated in any of this activity in a way that led the FBI to seek an indictment against them.

Many House Democrats are convinced that there is untapped evidence implicating Trump in a variety of money laundering schemes. But their belief, in my view, is based on a fundamental ignorance about money laundering and financial crimes in general. Tax avoidance, for example, is not money laundering. Highly publicized real estate deals are not the kind of cleaning operation that genuine money launderers embrace. Why? Those kind of deals come with scrutiny and the last thing that criminals with dirty money want is a high profile and public attention.

If you hate Trump and are betting that the Democrat investigative tsunami will bring Trump down, I have a word of advice—don’t bet your house. Donald Trump may be guilty of boorish behavior and brash comments, but the evidence of laundering money for the Russians is not there."
Trump has an insatiable need for capital for his real estate development projects, and a complete lack of scruples about the source of the capital, but that, in itself, doesn't constitute money laundering. The economy would screech to a halt if the source of all investments had to be certified as pure. There is more than a hint that Trump was in on Sater's actions, meaning he was helping Mueller (!) and the FBI fight actual money laundering. If they wanted to find actual Trump criminality, they would be investigating Trump's involvement with corrupt unions in New York City, but, as such unions are firmly Democrat supporting, nobody wants to go there.

"Zionism, Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel" (Brayer).  Rigorous legal analysis of how the law and legal practice in Israel is so fucked up as it is grounded in one principle (I would read all of this as the analysis is consistently impressive):
". . . the most significant binary opposition of Rabbinical Judaism: the Jew/Gentile or Jewish/goy opposition, the consequences of which have always been, and remain, central to Jewish life. Talmon did not explain that the principle of separation derives from kadosh – which is translated as holy, but its literal meaning is “set aside” or “separate from”. The separation that both exists and is demanded for Jews is the separation from the “impure”. God is kadosh and His people must be kadosh too. This is the significance of “chosenness” – chosen by God to have the existential quality of purity. The Jew is pure because he possesses a soul – – nefesh in Hebrew. The purpose of all Jewish ritual is to sustain the state of purity of the Jew. Jews are commanded to do all in their power to avoid being contaminated by what is considered impure. In contrast to Jews, goys or goyim, the latter having the same dictionary meaning as gentium, people, fall into the category of the impure because they are not born with souls and are therefore, existentially separated from God without any possibility of “closing the gap”. Hence in the Jewish lexicon the term goy has a pejorative meaning while gentium does not. This is the fundamental reason that the Jew is not required to the treat the goy as an equal because, according to Judaism, he is not equal. In fact, the goy is considered as chattel because chattel do not have souls. The goy is therefore not fully human. In this essay I shall only use the term goy for this reason.
This existential distinction between the Jew and the goy is reflected in the absence of a Jewish universal moral code, an absence which is not found within either Christianity or Islam. Judaism’s moral code is characterized by its particularity: it only binds Jews vis-à-vis Jews, not Jews vis-à-vis goys. The most outstanding exemplar of this system is that a Jew is not bound to save the life of a goy if saving the life requires the use of electricity or travelling in a motor vehicle, such as an ambulance, because such activities are forbidden on the Sabbath as they are considered forms or work, and a Jew may not work on the Sabbath. a Jew may do so for another Jew according to the law known as pikuah nefesh which translates as saving a soul. A Jew not only may break the Sabbath to save a Jewish soul, he is obligated to do so. Pikuah may be translated as to take care of and to oversee, and nefesh means soul: because goys do not have souls, pikuah nefesh cannot be applied. In addition, another exceptional phenomena of the Jewish moral code is that it does also not make truth binding upon the Jew with respect to the goy. There are only two instances where it is recommended that a Jew ought to tell the truth to a goy: when there is a danger to his life, or if it is in the interests of the Jew or the Jewish community."
Israel is fucked up because 'European Judaisim' is fucked up.  Additionally insane, of course, because, according to their own theology, the people with souls are the people we call Palestinians, and the 'Rabbinical Jews' are just a bunch of pagan goys who have stolen their claim to having souls.

 "Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages".  Paul/Saul traveled all over the Middle East preaching and converting, and went on that weird boat trip to Rome to be tried - the irony throughout is that, like with the assassination of Christ, it is the local Jewish leaders who insist that the Romans take action to execute Paul, but, until his conversion 'on the road to Damascus' Saul was himself a local Jewish leader who insisted that the Romans suppress Christianity! - but ended up everywhere else around the Mediterranean, and never once encountered a Khazar, yet people with names like Shmuley Ben Shekelheim now want to censor references to what the 'Jews' did in the Bible and Koran, when those people are now what we call Palestinians!  I can't even explain how seriously fucked up this is!
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