Thursday, November 22, 2018

Laughing his head off

"Luongo: Is Bill Browder Behind The Anti-Russia Interpol Propaganda?"  Problem solved:  "Interpol Defies Russia, Elects South Korean As President".

"Khashoggi: How US Media Is Losing Its Moral Compass by Feeding Off Conspiracy Theories" (Jay):
"Erdogan must be laughing his head off in Turkey as he sees day after day that western media just report as facts, what his officials say about the details of the murder. And laughing even hysterically when all he needs to do is write an article taking the moral high ground – don’t laugh – on the rights of journalists in the region and give it to the Post to publish.
Good investigative journalists are cynical about everything which is presented to them. Is, for example, the relationship between Khashoggi and his fiancé entirely what it seemed, or was she directed by Erdogan to ‘honey trap’ the Saudi journalist as part of an elaborate plot to ensnare the Saudi crown prince? Sources from the intelligence community of one middle eastern country (I prefer not to name which one) are at least beginning to wonder about this. And almost certainly so are the Saudis. Yet western journalists who refuse to at least consider that the Khashoggi abduction was bungled (and ended up being a murder) are likely to call this a conspiracy theory. Even if it is, they should at least report on it and mull it. What about all the tools which the hit team brought, they might ask. Could they have been brought to be used to scare Khashoggi into handing over the information that MbS was seeking?
Khashoggi’s fiancé doesn’t seem distraught and the sheer speed in which the couple headed towards the marriage courts is questionable, as is, indeed her own personal relationship with Erdogan, which she even admitted to the BBC. Other questions should be the ‘evidence’ presented by Erdogan, which is looking ropy to say the least, which some journalists are identifying as such.
For the moment, the only certain thing about the Khashoggi affair is how standards of western media have plummeted to an all time low with the Post leading the pack with partisan judgment, check book journalism and an internal guilt trip fuelling their unremarkable reporting, not to mention their abysmal editorial judgment. American media has lost the moral compass and Khashoggi will be remembered for this above all – with many arguing that this, in itself, plays a role in the impunity of those carrying out the rendition and murder. When the Saudis fell into the Turkish trap, they probably believed that Turkey would be the last place in the world to care about one kidnapped journalist. But they could never have imagined how partisan, sloppy and hypocritical western media would be in covering the story. What Khashoggi has taught us is that the day that Americans read newspapers based on the editors’ judgment are well behind us. So why should we read them at all?"
One possibility is that he was acting as a spy for the CIA (that would explain his working for the CIA house organ, the WaPo), and wanted to pretend to 'come out of the cold' and get back in with the princelings (to aid his spying), and was tricked (by the fiancé?) to attend at the consulate so the Saudis could deal with a spy in the traditional manner (the killing of spies is not generally regarded as a moral or legal issue).  Comment by Southerly Buster:
"This is all a struggle between Mossad and the CIA.

Mossad usurped the Saudi Throne and installed Prince MBS, much to the shagrin of the CIA who had been backing the old school hereditary Princes. Khashoggi was in the 'old school Princes' team.

Turkey misceviously exposed the deed as payback, knowing it would cause all types of internal struggles.

It's obvious that Trump's bizarre response (with his heart on his sleeve it reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield comedy bit, including flop sweat), with its unnecessary and factually incorrect statements about Iran - only one (((bunch of monsters))) cares about Iran - was paid for by Sheldon and perhaps (((others))), putting the King and MbS deeply in the debt of the Khazars.  I wonder if we will soon see a reversal of the King's refusal to allow MbS to endorse President Jared's eliminationist plans for the Palestinians.  I am still 100% sure that this whole kerfuffle was a Khazar attempt to replace MbS with someone who could move the Zionist agenda along with more vigor, but Plan B would be to weaken both the King and MbS so (((they))) can push them around more.

CIA involvement makes Trump's statement less about foreign affairs and more about a power struggle within the US government (Trump again siding against the American IC).

"Escobar: Erdogan, MbS, Islamic Leadership, & The Price Of Silence".  So I'm guessing the big deal will be the CIA gets to keep Gülen and other inmates of their asshole-storage farms in return for eating some shit in that there will be no repercussions for the death of its spy, the MbS jackboot will come off Turkey's friend Qatar (no more canal), and the Khazars will (again) cash in their shekels for continued US insanity about Iran and possibly a reversal of the King's veto of the plan of President Jared.

"Woman says she married Khashoggi in ceremony kept secret from his fiancee and some in his family".

Tweet (Amer I. Khan) (see also):
"If this is your standard, you should know that Samantha Power enabled some of the Saudis’ worst atrocities under the Obama administration. Yet here you are ..."
"Christopher Steele's Russia Intel Sucked, Contradicted CIA Assessment: Solomon" (Durden) (my emphasis in red; i.e., not Skripal):
"When it came to the wildly salacious and unproven "Trump-Russia dossier," meanwhile, the icing on this particular cow-pie has to be that Steele's "Kremlin" sources - described in Vanity Fair as "a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure" and "a former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin - was instead a former intelligence figure in Washington D.C.

In notes between Steele's former employer, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, and the former #4 official at the Justice Department, Bruce Ohr, Ohr writes "Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (? not entirely clear) who lives in the US," quoting Simpson. "
"Aspiring Actress Files Restraining Order Against Michael Avenatti" (Durden). I suspect he's good for it, but this has some earmarks of Republican ratfucking.

"Harper: Two Bolton Neocon Aides Are Ousted From The NSC".  Even by the standards of neocons, these were both vile monsters (and one seems to have gone on a royal whim of Melania), so there are some subtleties of power amongst the shekel-storm currently engulfing Washington.

Sheldon's installed a conveyor belt right into the Oval Office, to save poor Shlomo's back bent with having to have schlepped all those bags of shekels:  "US Sanctions Russian, Iranian Companies To Disrupt Oil Shipments To Syria" (Durden).  I'm not sure when we can announce we've reached Peak Jewing, but we're well on the way.

"Prospects for Syrian peace are looking up" (Bhadrakumar).  Nine positive factors.

"Jewess Caught Smuggling Diamonds Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Shekels; Kills Self" (Castillo).  This is a Leviev/blood diamond story, and there must be a lot more to it (which we'll never find out).

"How ‘The New York Times’ Deceived the Public on North Korea" (Shorrock) (even by the lofty millerian standards of the JYT . . .):
"But even a cursory analysis of the imagery should have raised questions. On Monday night, a Korean news outlet pointed out that all the photos analyzed in the CSIS report are dated March 29, 2018—almost two and a half months before Trump and Kim met in Singapore on June 12.
The dates make Sanger’s claim that North Korea is “moving ahead” on missile production after its pledges to Trump laughable; indeed, they make his story look like a serious attempt to deceive the American public about the real progress that has been made in ending the standoff."
"“Moral Hazard” vs Mutual Aid" (Hudson).  'Anti-Semitism' pops up in the comments to this piece published at Naked Capitalism!  Debt, by its very nature, just keeps piling up until it completely gums up your entire economy.  What are you going to do about it?

Tweet (Hanna Jonasson) (if I ever have cause to refer to her again - unlikely as she's lost her fucking mind - I'll call her 'FBI informer Marcy Wheeler', as that's what she has been reduced to!):
"Some journalists keenly cite FBI informer Marcy Wheeler's wild & eager speculations on EDVA's indictment. But indications so far in fact point to the indictment relating to 's case & revelations of US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cablegate, GITMO."
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