Friday, November 30, 2018

Link contamination

You have to wonder why the academic topic of rhetoric has essentially disappeared.

"Uber-loser Poroshenko goes “full Saakashvili”" (The Saker).  On the prospects of WWIII as Poroshenko's Plan B - after his attempt to block the elections through martial law failed - to keep himself from losing the next election and, inevitably, going to jail.

"Syria: Alleged Chemical Attack Elicits 180 Degree Response from West" (Cartalucci).  A chemical attack in Syria and crickets from the (((media))) means somebody screwed up!  Where are the White Helmets when we need them?!

"Trump tries to play ‘Cowboys and Indians’ with international treaties" (Madsen).  This is mostly about suppressing competition in the casino business for the benefit of Khazar billionaires and Trump himself.

"If The Saudi's Oil No Longer Matters Why Is Trump Still Supporting Them?" (Moon).  The Clarification.  Just a few years ago fracking seemed like it might be technically impossible, but it has changed the entire world in profound ways, a fact not yet digested by the slowest of world 'leaders'.  The concept of a 'war for oil' is now completely ridiculous.

One of the big crapification developments in recent years - and yet another outrage we can blame largely on the Khazars - is the complete weaponization of 'human rights':  "“Human Rights Movement” Shifts for Focus to Rohingya Conflict yet Again" (Terehov).  The removal of all credibility from human rights complaints is exactly what (((they))) want.

"Major psy-op in Europe exposed: UK government tramples on values it vowed to protect" (Gorka).  "Lack of integrity" (Robinson).  You're not supposed to notice that the Brits have been doing much worse than what Putin has been accused of doing to Americans.

"The criminalization and censorship of Palestinian solidarity on campus" (Elia).  This is just corruption.  'University administrators' are notoriously beshekeled.

"Twitter closes down my account for ‘hateful conduct’" (Greenstein):
"Above all we should recognise that Twitter, like Facebook, is not an impartial platform. It is very much part of Western capitalism and imperialism. It defends the values of oppression and imperialism and it does so in the depoliticised language of equalities. In essence this is an outgrowth of identity politics whereby any identity, even those of Zionists and capitalists is protected because there is no means of differentiating between identities of oppression and the oppressed."
"Dispute Over ‘Lingerie’ Comment Persists, as Society Rejects Professor’s Appeal" (Mangan).  Note that the complainant, who appears to be insane, "was born in Romania and raised in Israel", and this looks exactly like what somebody would do if she were trying to damage the credibility of the entire #metoo movement, a movement which has taken an awful toll on machers.

It pays to increase your word power:  "deadnaming".

"WASHINGTON POST: Tucker Carlson Is Guilty Under The Transitive Property Law Of Crimethink" (Sailer).  It's funny how much the idea of kosher/treif, and the accompanying concept of contamination (requiring two sets of cooking equipment, for example), has infected discussion of intellectual issues.  Remember back to the days of the illegal and immoral and stupid American attack on Iraq, and somebody would righteously complain about it, drawing an approving link from somebody like David Duke (he's still greatly fascinating to a certain group), meaning that the original writer, by the concept of link contamination, was suddenly a 'Nazi'.  Why do we allow (((these people))) to manipulate us this way?

An interesting convoluted Zionist attempt to de-Palestinianize the #Resistance, again with the concept of contamination (a real stretch in this case, involving another favorite 'contaminator' of the Khazars, Louis Farrakhan):  "A Record Number of Women Were Just Elected, but the Women’s March Is Imploding" (see also here and here).  The alleged 'turmoil' is entirely made up by Khazars with the goal of getting Linda Sarsour out of a prominent media position.  Note that Sarsour is contaminated even though she didn't personally attend the contaminating speech!
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