Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Maple syrup pot

"Conservative MP Tony Clement scales back duties, says he’s being extorted over sexually explicit images" (Boutilier):
"A Conservative MP is stepping down from Canada’s fledgling National Security Committee after he says he sent sexually explicit messages and a video to an unknown source.

. . .

It’s unclear what Clement is seeking help for. He’s known in Ottawa as a straitlaced, teetotalling MP."
Everybody has clammed up, and you have to read between the lines, but this funny little story is about some intelligence agency trying to blackmail a Canadian politician in order to obtain classified information.  Canada doesn't have any classified information anybody would want to have, so it presumably concerns information shared with Canada from a third country (US or Britain, probably).

Note the background of Clement (from Wikipedia, footnotes and links removed):
"Clement was born Tony Peter Panayi in Manchester, England, the son of Carol Ann (née Drapkin) and Peter Panayi. His father was a Greek Cypriot and his mother was Jewish (part of her family had immigrated from Aleppo, Syria). He emigrated to Canada in childhood with his parents when he was four years old. His parents divorced and his mother married Ontario politician John Clement, who adopted Tony."
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