Friday, November 02, 2018

New Era

"A Tale of Two Elections" (Giraldi).  The biggest single threat to everyday people these days is politicians, so the obvious answer, always, is to diffuse political power, which means that despite the Clintonistas and the constant cock-ups in policy (or lack thereof), it seems likely that the collective wisdom of voters in a first-past-the-post system - one of the main reasons the elites despise first-past-the-post is that it gives wise voters an element of control that is simply impossible to predict in intentionally more complex systems - will be to put restraints on Trump's possible legislative agenda, meaning the most likely outcome is a Democrat-controlled House.  You can make this analysis without regard to respective policy positions of the two parties, it is just safer for voters not to face a completely unchecked President.  In the American system, with the importance of state-controlled gerrymandering (while noting as it is not as important as Democrats keep saying it is), it is actually more important for the Democrats to start to reverse the long process by which they have lost control of so many governorships.

"Is a Blue Wave or a Red Undertow Coming? (Prediction Time!)" (Van Buren):
"The deck is stacked against us can seem disheartening to voters, and may leave as many sitting home drinking as heading out to the revolution. Already a quarter of millennial students found the 2016 election so traumatic they claim to have PTSD. In psychology, this is known as “catastrophizing,” driving yourself into depression envisioning ridiculous outcomes beyond even a real-world worst case scenario. It can lead to suicide. It’s becoming the core Democratic strategy for the midterms.
Many millennials seem to believe all they have to do is retweet hashtags, sign online petitions, and protest on school days. It created Beto mania, but it didn’t defeat Kavanaugh. This result is a black wave of false hope when social media driven movements fail to cross over into the real world, the appearance of a novel, seemingly authentic movement/moment creating the illusion of action and change. See, for example, the current progressive superhero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose victory was replacing a Democrat with a Democrat, all based on a 13% turnout, only about 27k people from a densely populated district caught sleeping through a primary. A trick play that only works once.
The Democratic party is held back most of all by mistaking an exception for a trend. About a year ago my dog came upon a full box lunch left on the sidewalk. She gulped it down before some sorry construction worker came back, and ever since she stops at that spot, certain one of these days there will be another meal waiting. The year 2008 was historic in American politics, when a near 100% desire for change following an exhausting eight years of Bush drove record turnouts in front of one of the best campaigning politicians since the Greeks invented democracy. The real lessons for the future were missed in the weaker victory over a mediocre opponent in 2012.
Obama could have been FDR. He could have gotten a real healthcare solution but settled for the expedient. He could have saved middle class homes with a New Deal-style mortgage bailout, dramatically reducing economic inequality, but further enriched the One Percent instead. He could have pulled out of Bush’s Middle East mess but instead gave us Iraq War 3.0, and the humanitarian disasters of Syria, Libya, and Yemen. He failed at change, and those swing voters from 2008 know it, even if Democrats now try to push the Obama years as ones of social justice aplenty as a way of countering what they naively think matters most to most people about Trump.
Unless and until Democrats recognize their failures as most Americans lived them and offer change that might happen on the things that really matter, no Blue Wave in 2018. And don’t ask about the Red Undertow of 2020.
BONUS: Meanwhile, while WaPo admonishes us “Democracy Dies In Darkness,” it is owned by a CIA contractor and the richest man on earth. Democrats are trying to sell people that this is some kind of bulwark against corporate fascism when it is the very vanguard of corporate fascism. Best if the millennial freedom fighters don’t figure that one out until after the midterms."
"Fear and Loathing in the Global Middle Class" (Desai).  The problem is that people see themselves, and their children, as trapped in situations which can't possibly get better, and in fact can't possibly get anything other than worse, at an accelerating rate.  You can follow all the rules, every single thing they tell you to do from childhood onwards, and each day you see your life's prospects deteriorate, in many cases actually destroyed, with no end in sight, and nothing you can do about it.  This is in striking contrast to previous generations, which could see problems, but a way out of problems.  It is a little amazing that with the recent development of turbo wealth extraction by the super elites, and all the Wars For The Jews, and what seems like Walking Dead-style invasions of furriners, and a complete inability to deal with health care crises (pharmaceutical industry forced addiction to killing opiods, no possible way to pay for increasing health care costs), that the elites still seem to be struggling with wondering about why everybody seems so angry, and won't behave by accepting their fate and the nice identity politics that are on offer in lieu of any hope for the future.

"Brazil, Fascism and the Left Wing of Neoliberalism" (Urie).  From Weimar Germany to Brazil.
"Back in the U.S., everyone knows that the liberalization of finance and trade in the 1990s was the result of political calculations. That this liberalization was/is bipartisan suggests that maybe the political calculations served certain economic interests. Never mind that these interests were given what they asked for and crashed the economy with it. If economic problems result from political calculations, the solution is political— elect better leaders. If they are driven by economic interests, the solution is to change the way that economic relationships are organized.
Between 1928 and 1932 German industrial production fell by 58%. By 1933, six million formerly employed German workers were begging in the streets and digging through garbage looking for items to sell. The liberal (Socialist Party) response was half-measures and austerity. Within the liberal frame, the Depression was a political problem to be addressed in the realm of the political. Centrist accommodation defined the existing realm. Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, the pit of the Great Depression.
In Brazil in the early-mid 2000s, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, better known as Lula, implemented a Left program that pulled twenty million Brazilians out of poverty. The Brazilian economy briefly recovered after Wall Street crashed it in 2008 before Brazilian public debt was used to force the implementation of austerity. Dilma Rousseff capitulated and Brazil re-entered recession. Rousseff was removed from power in 2016. Hemmed in by Wall Street and IMF mandated austerity, any liberal government that might be elected would meet the same fate as Rousseff.
In Italy in the 1920s, repayment of war debts from WWI led to austerity and recession that preceded the rise of fascist leader Benito Mussolini. In Germany, payment of war reparations and repayment of industrial loans limited the ability of the Weimar government to respond to the Great Depression. Liberal governments that facilitated the financialization of industrial economies in the 1920s were left to serve as debt collectors in the capitalist crisis that followed."
"Pepe Escobar Blasts Brazil's Bolsanaro: "Welcome To The Jungle".  Blaming the problem, in a Clintonista way, on the symptoms - social media posting (the American parallel is 'Russian bots') - rather than the structural disease.  It seems ridiculous to vote for somebody whose stated policies are going to lead to the increased ruination of your life unless you think the only possible hope is to throw the dice and hope that a miracle occurs in the inevitable destruction, all in the knowledge that the 'sensible' voting strategies have completely stopped working.  Much better (though the title is misleading): "Bolsonaro is a Monster Engineered By Our Media" (Cook).  I think it prudent, and accurate, to see all these voting strategies as not insane, or stupid, or evil, but as attempts at getting the best possible result in an impossible situation (which means, first, we have to come to grips with the fact that the situations are impossible for most people).

"Gulf states rush to embrace Israel" (Nassar).  I think the Zionists, who, with President Jared in charge, are quite full of themselves, really wanted MbS replaced (as he couldn't deliver the goods), but the fall-back position will be complete Saudi recognition of Khazar land-theft, based on President Jared informing MbS that Trump support comes with that condition.  The issue is still whether MbS has the power to force that by the rest of the royals, but the Zionists would be happy if he lost his job/head in the effort.

"Leaked U.N. Memo Reveals Saudis Demanded Western Propaganda For $1bn Pledged To Aid Agency" (Durden).  This just strikes me as business as usual for the 'Humanitarian' Industrial Complex, with the only interest coming from the fact that we're hearing about it - demonstrating that the Saudis really don't get good value for all the money they spend in PR (as opposed to another (((group))) I could name) - and we're hearing about it now.

"Imperial-Hipster Bible VICE Did Paid Propaganda for Saudi Arabia" (Norton).

"Saudi Coup "Imminent" As Crown Prince's Uncle Arrives To Oust "Toxic" MbS" (Durden). Read the last paragraph.

In case you think MbS and his goons are chastened by their bonesawing experience:
"Their mother told detectives the day before the bodies were discovered, she received a call from an official at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, ordering the family to leave the U.S. because her daughters had applied for political asylum, New York police said Tuesday."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"“The police are investigating the possibility that the sisters may have carried out a suicide pact, taping themselves together and throwing themselves in the river”<—are you fucking kidding"
"After the mid-term election, Idlib will be cleansed of jihadis" (Lang).  It is looking like Turkey, and the neocons (who are still striving for Yinonization of Syria) will continue to conspire to make everything as difficult as possible, but will slowly, but inevitably, fail (though I suspect there will be a lingering Turkish presence in a relatively small part of Syria for years).  A big reason is that the Americans have, as usual, fallen into their usual Khazar-driven policies that are 100% against real American national interests, and the contradictions have become impossible to hide:  "NATO Is At War With NATO In Northern Syria" (Durden).

"Israel Quietly Transferred $250m Of Sophisticated Spy Systems To Saudi Arabia: Report" (Durden).  Backdoors!

It is curious, but important in imperial history, when a big issue of proclaimed interest to the hegemon is decided with the participation of big vassals of the hegemon, but no hegemon participation:  "Russia Will Decide the Fate of Syria Without America". Russia continues on its pretty much flawless diplomatic run.  To put it in perspective, there was a time when the Brits were a big part of every international decision.  Not so much now.  On the other hand, Putin pops up everywhere, the indispensable guy to get big things done.

"India Calls Trump's Bluff, Will Pay For Russian S-400s In Rubles" (Durden).

"Hassan Nasrallah: We have all the missiles we need, Israeli soldiers desert combat units".  Tl;dr?:  the Israeli soldiers are literally being driven insane, and we have lots and lots of missiles.

The day that the Khazar abomination is literally missiled out of existence should be proclaimed in every country as an international holiday of pure joy.

"The Silk Road and Israël" (Meyssan).  "It Is a New Era, But China’s Balancing Act Will Fail in the Middle East" (Baroud).  The idea is presumably that tying Israel into the New Silk Road will blunt (((neocon))) screaming for an attack on China.  It's logical, except the Khazars aren't logical, and at some point their insane desire to kill people and steal their land will overwhelm any any economic interests in Israel.

"US takes leap of faith toward Taliban" (Bhadrakumar).  It's like a big game of Rush Hour.  It's getting to the point where the only prisoners left in Guantanamo are those not terrorist enough to be of use somewhere for the Empire

"The Achilles Heel of the Door Handle Theory" (Slane):
". . . By 9th March at the latest (but probably several days before), it was known that Mr Bailey, who was by then hospitalised after becoming contaminated, had entered 47 Christie Miller Road on 4th March. This means that – again according to The Met – the house must have been ground zero, because it was the only place, other than the bench, where all three people could have come into contact with the source of the poison. However, it wasn’t until 22nd March that the forensics teams came to check the door, and the reason they did so was apparently not because it was obvious that the house needed checking, but because allegedly an FSB manual had been found mentioning door handles.

So why did it take two weeks or more for investigators to swab the door and identify the alleged location of the poisoning, when according to their own narrative, Mr Bailey’s movements clearly pointed to the house as the location? Why was it that throughout that time other locations for the poisoning were put forward, even though Mr Bailey had not been in those places? And why did it take the alleged discovery of a manual, rather than Mr Bailey’s known visit to the house, before anyone got the idea to swab the door and the door handle?

I think there is only one plausible explanation, and it is this: Mr Bailey wasn’t actually poisoned at the door handle of Mr Skripal’s house at all. Had he really been poisoned there, immediately after it came to light that he had gone to 47 Christie Miller Road on 4th March, the house would have been swabbed from top to bottom and the door handle as location of the poisoning would have been identified by 11th March at the latest. Instead, there was gap of two weeks or more before swabs were taken. Why? Because for some reason, which hasn’t yet been explained, and perhaps never will be, both Mr Bailey’s and the Skripals’ contamination needed to be explained away from The Maltings. And although his going to the house meant that this was a possibility, it took two full weeks, plus the invention of the door handle manual, to settle on a particular location. In other words, someone tried to straighten out what was undoubtedly a very crooked story. But far from straightening it, they only succeeded in bending it even more, out of all recognition."
" & the Great Purge on the Horizon" (Knightly).  It is telling that gab was immediately deplatformed on multiple fronts (to the cheers of characters like Monbiot), while Twitter/Facebook, in an identical situation with respect to Bowers, receive no mention at all.  Also:  "Gab Standard: Twitter Failed to Act on Hundreds of Death Threats from Mail Bombing Suspect" (Nash).

"Neocon and alt-right alliance proves to be a deadly combination" (Madsen).  This gets weird if Kaczynski, and not Moody (who was executed for it), committed the crime.  In this era of false flags, this kind of simplistic analysis doesn't really work.

"In the Bible, The Jews Find a Warrant for the Destruction and Dispossession of Peoples" (Diversity Macht Frei) (and always bearing in mind that a Khazar never appears in the Bible!):
"All three of the Biblical anecdotes referenced by Beinart have the following elements in common:
  • Jews enter a land that isn’t theirs.
  • In contrast to what Beinart implies, they are initially welcomed and well-treated by the locals.
  • In the course of time, the behaviour of the Jews arouses suspicion and anger.
  • Jews then bring ruin upon the original inhabitants of the land they have entered. To the Canaanites they bring death and dispossession. To the Egyptians, they bring plague. To the inhabitants of Sodom (Sodomites!), they bring complete annihilation.
In every case, the local people who were nice to the Jews and accepted them as immigrants or refugees are ultimately harmed or destroyed by them and their vicious God.
Beinart thinks this proves that Jews should be nice to immigrants. I think it proves Gentiles should be suspicious of Jews.
One of the key memes that Jews have tried to impress upon the Goyim mind is that those who are kind to Jews prosper; those who are unkind, suffer.
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
A critical reading of their own “sacred” texts, however, leads to exactly the opposite conclusion: the Jews bring ruin on the peoples they come to live among; the Goyim (the People of the Land) are dispossessed and destroyed by the Jewish presence. And being nice to the Jews doesn’t save them."
"Two Stories From the Propaganda War" (Giraldi) (on Maria Butina, and Elena Alekseevna Khusyainova, whose been charged with memeing with intent to mock):
"The media has been silent about Maria Butina because the case against her is falling apart. In early September prosecutors admitted that they had misunderstood text messages used to support claims that she had offered to trade sex for access to information. Demands that she consequently be released from prison were, however, rejected. Her lawyer observed that
“The impact of this inflammatory allegation, which painted Ms. Butina as some type of Kremlin-trained seductress, or spy-novel honeypot character, trading sex for access and power, cannot be overstated.”
In an attempt to make the Butina embarrassment disappear from the news, the Justice Department has proposed an unprecedented gag order to prevent her attorney from appearing in the media in a way that could prejudice a jury should her case eventually come to trial. Currently there is no court date and Maria remains in jail indefinitely, but the press could care less – she is just one more Russiagate casualty in an ongoing saga that has long since passed her by."
Poor George, The Man Who Does Nothing Wrong, but is blamed for everything by 'anti-Semites' who might as well be shooting up dick chopping ceremonies:  "Varoufakis: "Soros Phoned Tsipras In 2015 And Demanded [My Sacking]"" (Durden).

"Is This The Reason Whitey Bulger Got Whacked In Jail?" (Durden).  This is like a classic crime novel - corrupt prison officials move him from a prison where he is protected, into the general population (even though everybody knows he is an informant) of another prison, and immediately he gets whacked (by inmates who were tipped off that he was arriving), just before he can describe some dirt on the FBI.
"The suspicious circumstances of Bulger's death would suggest that there's more to the story than a routine killing. For one, Bulger was seemingly arbitrarily transferred to the Hazelton facility in West Virginia, which had been the site of three other inmate killings over the past year. Sources also said Bulger hadn't even been processed when he was killed. So, apparently, somebody in the prison population had been tipped off that he was coming. When he arrived, Bulger was mixed in with the general population, leaving him vulnerable.
According to TMZ's sources, the circumstances of Bulger's killing were fittingly brutal for the longtime crime boss, who has bragged about killing no fewer than 40 men, though he was convicted of being involved in 11 killings. Sources told TMZ that Bulger was wheeled into a secluded corner of the prison, where three inmates beat him with a lock in a sock, and then tried to gouge his eyes out - a punishment typically reserved for so-called "rats".
A prison source tells us Bulger -- who is wheelchair bound -- was in general population Tuesday morning. We're told he was approached by 3 other inmates who wheeled him into a corner that could not be seen by surveillance cameras.
Our source says the inmates beat Bulger -- one used a lock in a sock as a weapon -- until he was unconscious. They also attempted to gouge his eyes out with some type of shiv, but were unsuccessful. Bulger fell to the ground covered in bruises and with several dents in his head.
As for the eyes, we've been doing some research -- back in the days of Murder Inc., (the 1940s gangsters, not the rappers) mobsters would gouge out the eyes of witnesses who talked to cops.
According to the Mail, Bulger's death might have something to do with US Rep. Stephen Lynch, who is from Bulger's old neighborhood of Southie, and who recently introduced the Confidential Informant Accountability Act. It's possible, according to the Mail, that Bulger was preparing to open up to a member of Lynch's staff about abuses with the FBI's confidential informant program."
Added!: "Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see".
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