Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Peu importe

"A $2bn Saudi Plan To Assassinate Iran's Leaders Involved Erik Prince And The Trump Transition Team" (Durden) (Prince):
"The Times identifies George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman, and an Israeli named Joel Zamel, who has close ties to Israeli intelligence and owns a company called Psy-Group, as a couple of the key businessmen who attempted to move the plan forward. Notably both are witnesses in the Mueller investigation, but it's unclear if these late breaking revelations have anything to do with the probe.
Interestingly the pair had been deeply involved in "an ambitious campaign of economic warfare against Iran" since at least 2016, when they "sketched out operations like revealing hidden global assets of the Quds force; creating fake social media accounts in Farsi to foment unrest in Iran; financing Iranian opposition groups; and publicizing accusations, real or fictitious, against senior Iranian officials to turn them against one another," according to the Times report. And further George Nader is a known adviser to the UAE crown prince  a country at the forefront of executing the Saudi coalition war on Yemen.
Eventually, the businessmen would pitch the plan to the White House at a moment they thought they could gain a sympathetic ear in the then incoming Trump administration.
This is where controversial Blackwater founder Erik Prince comes in, who long had his own plans of landing major contracts with the Saudis. According to the Times report:
Mr. Nader and Mr. Zamel enlisted Erik Prince, the former head of Blackwater and an adviser to the Trump transition team. They had already discussed elements of their plan with Mr. Prince, in a meeting when they learned of his own paramilitary proposals that he planned to try to sell to the Saudis. A spokesman for Mr. Prince declined to comment.
In a suite on one of the top floors of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York, Mr. Zamel and Mr. Nader spoke to General Assiri and his aides about their Iran plan. The Saudis were interested in the idea but said it was so provocative and potentially destabilizing that they wanted to get the approval of the incoming Trump administration before Saudi Arabia paid for the campaign.
The details of these meetings are unknown, but what is known is that Nader did have somewhat routine access to the White House during the period he shopped the proposal around:
After Mr. Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, Mr. Nader met frequently with White House officials to discuss the economic sabotage plan.
While it's unclear the extent to which the ambitious plan was ever put into motion, a number of journalists and analysts have connected it with last month's bombshell revelation that Green Beret, Navy SEAL, and CIA paramilitary veterans were hired under the aegis of an American based security company called Spear Operations Group to become what a BuzzFeed exclusive described as the private "murder squad" for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ).
Starting in 2015 the UAE sent a group of about a dozen mostly American private contractors to Yemen to conduct targeted killings of prominent clerics and political figures who had run afoul crown prince MBZ in the war-torn country, where the Emirati military has played a lead role in the ongoing Saudi coalition bombing campaign. The group would receive active "target lists" through the UAE military chain of command while en route to Yemen."
Tweet (ISM Palestine):
"Israeli forces have completely destroyed six buildings in so far today. Israel's bank of targets: - A house belonging to Thahir family in Rafah - A house belonging to Breim family - A house belonging to Naji family - Al-Aqsa TV headquarter - Rahma building - Al-Amal Hotel"
"Israel pays dearly for botched raid on Gaza" (Murphy).  Impressive accuracy in the targeting of the retaliation!  Note also how the Israelis immediately lied about the nature of the target.

"Brennan and Clapper Should Not Escape Prosecution" (Kiriakou).  "Clapper and Brennan are felons? Probably yes." (Lang).  Sadly, there is no chance of prosecution, as the whole of Washington would fear the precedent.

"Who’s the Real American Psycho?" (Dowd).  Surprisingly good!  Other than Yemen and Syria - both of which were inherited Wars For The Jews - and ignoring the rhetoric, Trump has thus far been by far the least psychopathic American President in decades.  No contest!

"Who has the Capacity to Boss Trump Around" (Berger) (my emphasis in red):
"If anyone is still amazed by Washington’s detachment from its principal allies across the globe and their national interest, one shouldn’t really be all that surprised. As the Trump administration is in no way pursuing a secret master plan that will allow the US to regain its status of the last geopolitical hegemony, instead it’s following the orders of an outside force. And don’t rush to the conclusion that it’s Russia that is pulling the strings, as Israel has been demanding Washington to bring Tehran down by all means possible for years now. Curiously enough, just recently Israel’s defense minister Avigdor Lieberman has thanked Washington for casting a major blow to Iran’s presence in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and the Gaza Strip.

This is but a part of a secret agreement that was signed by Washington and Tel Aviv last November that resulted in the US adopting the goal of containing Iran as its primary goal in the region. Back then an Israeli delegation full of high-profile military officials was led by the national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat had a meeting with the American counterpart of the latter, Herbert Raymond McMaster. These facts were revealed by the 10th Israeli TV-station at the end of December 2017.

After two days of negotiations, a memorandum of understanding of the nature of the Iranian challenge was signed. The parties agreed to create a total of four working groups aimed at addressing four key issues. The first group was tasked with using behind-the-scenes and diplomatic means to derail Tehran’s nuclear program. The second was to try and limit Iran’s presence in the region, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, while the third one was going to go after Iran’s ballistic program. Finally, the final one was required to intensify conflicts within the region, while making sure that Iran would get itself engaged in every single one of those.

That is why, in a bid to facilitate the work of the first Group, Trump announced Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the deal on Iran’s nuclear program last May.

The second group was behind staging the largest international military games in the region to date – the Arab Shield 1 launched in Egypt on November 3rd. These games can be regarded as an initial stage of preparations for the creation of the so-called Arab NATO, that is going to be as anti-Iran as it could possibly get. As it’s been reported by Reuters, it was the Trump administration that was pushing the countries of the Persian Gulf, together with Egypt and Jordan towards the concept of such an alliance.

Against this backdrop it is noteworthy that Barack Obama would try to take a softer stance on Iran, as he refused to encourage Israel to pursue a direct military confrontation with Tehran, while trying to establish ties with Iran by lifting the sanctions regime. Now the Trump administration is going in the opposite direction, as the Israeli lobby managed to transform the land of the brave into a bully for hire. Today it is doing everything to replace America’s national interests in the Middle East with those pursued by the Jewish state."
"Israel Wins 2018 Election" (Giraldi).

"Why White Gentiles Can’t Get Admission to Ivy League Universities" (Roberts). The khorruption in Ivy League admissions offices is staggering, and even more striking when it is consistently applied against the group that everybody says is running things.  This is one of the key examples of the surprising power of Khazar turbo-nepotisim.

"Jamal Khashoggi: Canada listened to tape of Saudi journalist's murder, says prime minister Trudeau" (Daragahi). Confirming the Turkish account and proving that Le Drian is at least misleading, if not outright lying.

"Pakistan’s Prime Minister pays visit to China" (Terekhov) (this link may not work from this annoyingly flaky site).  "Under the Pakistani volcano" (Escobar).  If you look at a map, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Iran, all have immutable geography on their sides, if they throw their lot in with China.

"Fight over wine labels demonstrates power of Israel lobby, duplicity of Canadian government" (Kattenburg).  ". . . angry calls from deep-pocketed Montreal donors."

"The Plan: Why Israel Is Bent on Supporting Arab Division" (Samo).

"World War I Homage – A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes" (Cunningham).  Macron's Peak Rothschild speech, directed at Trump and 'nationalism' in the most jingoistic context imaginable.  Trump's reaction - right after he had a positive meeting with Macron - is understandable.

As we sit watching them scheme for WWIII, the first War For The Jews:  "Hitler Was Right – Germany Was Stabbed In The Back" (Greenhalgh).

Tweet (peu importe).
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