Saturday, November 03, 2018


"Pittsburgh: Advice to Jews" (Shamir).  Shamir is always worth the read as you can never predict quite what his take will be.  It seems to me the main reason to suspect false flag - the cohencidences which we always see aren't that striking in this case - is that there is no possible rational reason for the shooter to think that his actions would do anything but damage the case of his professed political complaints. 'Screw the optics, I'm going in' means he was completely aware of the essential problem with his plan.  Everything about his actions improved the position of the Jews, either in their essential whining about 'Jew hatred' (and the accompanying necessity of Wars For The Jews to protect Israel), their petitioning for government money for 'security' (which they will, of course, immediately send to Israel to fund illegal settlements), and their political support for illegal immigration.  Terrorism is violence against civilians for political motives, but what do you do if every obvious consequence of the act points against the stated motives of the 'terrorist'?

"When the Jew Began to Hate The South" (V. de Camp).  The Nation of Islam ponders the Leo Frank rape/murder case!

"Mossad false flags only encourage Iran to boost ties with world: Zarif".  "By Way Of Deception - False Flag Terror Acts Press Europe To Sanction Iran" (Moon). States which don't acknowledge the ubiquity of these Zionist false flags, and fall right into the Zionist trick, are just endangering their own citizens who will die as the Mossad keeps doing them.

An interesting case of fake news from Reuters the Rothschild News Network:  "October 30, 2018: MSM Reports About Mysterious Israeli Airstrikes Go Wild" (South Front):
"While these reports seem fascinating for supporters of Israeli actions in Syria, the problem is that no evidence exists to confirm such claims. Syrian military and local sources describe the Israeli claims as an example of fake news designed to save the face of the IDF."
"Israel as Irony" (Dace).  This would be infinitely stronger if he realized that the Khazars, the people who solely run Zionism, aren't in any way, shape, or form Semites.  Fake Semites, who need the fakery to establish their phony Biblical claim to the land, using the concept of 'anti-Semitism' to kill actual Semites (the descendants of the people to whom the promises in the Bible were made) and steal their land - that's some real irony.

"Feds 'Wanted To Get Rid Of' Whitey Bulger, Ex-Con Claims" and "Whitey Bulger's Killing May Have Been Result Of 38-Year-Old Revenge Plot" (Durden).  Lots of people who hated him, and who somehow were tipped off, just happened to be where the feds decided to send him.

"Caravans" (El Salvador Perspectives).  Accepts the story at face value.  I'm starting to think this is more likely a Republican conspiracy to increase Republican voter enthusiasm levels.

"Trump is Puppet of Kissinger, CFR and Rothschilds, the True Architects of Russian Collusion" (Livingstone). A bit Birchian, but there is a lot of data here for more woke researchers.

"$6 Billion of Iranian Money: Why Israeli Firm Black Cube Really Went After Obama's Team" (Levinson).  Note that they are essentially bounty hunters, looking to use their spy-style trickery to recover a share of lawfare money, about the Jewiest thing you'll read all year!
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