Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The living and the dead

"Neo-Nazi Brothers Tied to Pittsburgh Massacre" (Marshall).  This makes the synagogue attack look even more false-flaggy.  'Suicides' are common amongst patsies.

Crazy!:  "Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion of President John F. Kennedy" (Curtin).  Making Ochs an Oswald-type, a patriot tricked into thinking he was involved in protecting the President.

"What Does It Mean That CNN is Suing President Trump Over Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials?" (Anglin). On CNN's newly discovered enthusiasm for freedom of speech.

"Jewish Politics in America – A Post Political View" (Atzmon).  We could charitably call the Jewish position on identity politics 'flexible' - good for ye but not necessarily good for we - which is what you would expect from a group which regards the only important identity as Jewish (or, more accurately, Khazar).  Thus you can shoot a Palestinian child dead in the morning, and crow about the importance of gay rights in the afternoon.  This flexibility, together with massively disproportionate Jewish representation in identity advocacy, has lead to conservatives not unreasonably thinking that identity politics is a Jewish conspiracy meant to weaken gentile nations.

"Escobar: Decoding The Hypersonic Putin On A Day Of Remembrance".  Putin's new weapon.  One would hope that Putin's new weapons are coming online at just the time to make WWIII less palatable to Americans, all those big bags of shekels notwithstanding.

"More Guardian Lies About Nicaragua" (McCurdy/McCurdy).  The Guardian isn't even trying any more.  Added!:  tweet (Red 'til I'm Dead).

"Missing Professor at Center of Trump-Russia Probe Wants to Testify Before the Senate: Lawyer".  Mifsud!
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