Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Twitch breathe cough

Twitch!:  "After Brother's Sudden Release From Detention, Alwaleed Says MbS Will Be "100% Vindicated" In Khashoggi Murder".  The brother, bin Tahal, appears to have received the full Ritz Carleton spa treatment package (with complimentary breathing tube).

We're exhausted:  "The Banality of Jews" (Taxi).  It's like having a constant, high-pitched, annoying whine in the background at all times.  Absolutely everything they do has a thick coating of self-centered, self-aggrandizing, supremacist grifting over it:  "Questioning Jewish Progressive Wisdom" (Atzmon).

More Yinon:  "With New U.S. Anti-Iran Policy In Iraq And Syria, The Fig Leaf Of Fighting ISIS Falls" (Magnier).

Don't you just hate it when the shabbos goyim greedily inhale the shekels and then fail to deliver on a real sanctions program (while providing just enough problems to permanently weaken the United States)?: 
  1. "The Gift Horse, Haspel & Fidan" (West);
  2. tweet (Mitchell Prothero);
  3. "Chaos Reigns in Trump Administration over Iranian Sanctions" (Luongo);
  4. "India should stay the course on Iran oil" (Bhadrakumar);
  5. "How US Sanctions on Iran Could Herald a Profound Global Power Shift" (Oborne);
  6. "New Iran Sanctions Risks Long-term US Isolation" (Lawrence).
These are the kind of anomalities that crop up when your politicians take bribes to further the interests of another country.

""Trump Supporters" (*Cough* Black Teens *Cough*) Attack Yet Another Brooklyn Synagogue" (Sailer).  I'm starting to notice a pattern.

"Papadopoulos Details Alleged Entrapment Scheme By Undercover Deep State Agents" (Durden). The mechanics of arranging the conspiracy to set him, and thus the Trump campaign (and, by extension, the Russians), up.
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