Sunday, December 16, 2018

Damn thing

". . .  I bet you my last keffiyeh that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and I have more genes in common than she does with your prime minister."  Actually, Bibi, unlike the Khazars he works for, is possibly at least partly real 'Jewish'.

"Yair Netanyahu says he’d ‘prefer’ if ‘all the Muslims leave’ Israel".

As with the Joy Reid story and the common #Resistance cartoons of Putin and Trump kissing, it is amazing how much homophobia exists in the world of the professional virtue signalers!:  "Trump Trashes Mika Over Homophobic "Butt Boy" Slur; MSNBC Pulls From Thursday Show".

"How the New Silk Roads are merging into Greater Eurasia" (Escobar):
"As Diesen notes, Russia and China have become inevitable allies because of their “shared objective of restructuring global value-chains and developing a multipolar world”. It’s no wonder Beijing’s drive to develop state-of-the-art national technological platforms is provoking so much anger in Washington."
"False statement charges abound in Mueller probe, in contrast to Hillary Clinton case" (Singman).  The whole Mueller probe amounts to the FBI playing elaborate games of trying to 'turn' people with threats of long jail sentences, not over any crime that may have been committed, but over lying to the FBI, something that should not even be a crime.  Despite this, Mueller still has not managed to find anything of the slightest importance (while the array of real crooks working for Killary remain completely untouchable).  Even the 'lying' is a stretch, more a matter of interpretation of the responses of people who have been tricked:  "FBI Docs Reveal: "Flynn Was Not Lying Or Did Not Think He Was Lying"" (Carter).  "Former FBI SSA Exposes McCabe & Mueller's "Unethtical, Target & Destroy Coercion" Tactics, Defends Flynn" (Gritz).

"Mueller Dropping Russia Probe, Says Trump Working for Israel and Saudis" (Duff).  All completely correct, but, of course, Mueller isn't going risk his life and reputation by getting anywhere close to the truth.


"The US Boogeyman Is Coming For You...No Matter Where In The World You Are" (Black).  Through constant repetition, the neocons have established extraterritorial application of American laws, which should be regarded as some kind of bizarre mistake, as the norm (of course, the ones that are so enforced are the lawfare ones - 'Hello, Newman!' - which promote Zionism).  I note that many Assholian writers of the 'left' have absolutely no problem with this (although (((many))) like whatever promotes Zionism).

"WaPo Claims American "Tortured Then Executed" in Syria - Admits No Evidence" (Cartalucci). (((Rogin)))/Yinon.

The only thing that interests me about Brexit is whether this entire rigmarole is just an elaborate conspiracy to overture the clearly expressed will of the people by tricking the country into a second referendum.

"The Indiscreet Charm of the Gilets Jaunes" (Hopkins).  The (((media))) is naturally taking the line that the Macron Rothschild concessions have worked and the insurgency is (mostly) over, but what appears to have happened is that the Rothschilds have merely ordered their violent agents provocateurs goons to back off, thus making the protests less noticeable.  There is a tricky line in using goons - the violence is supposed to turn the normies off the revolt, but overdo it and you increase the visibility, and the perceived chance of success, of the protest.

"Unequal Justice In Fields Charlottesville Trial—and, Increasingly, Throughout the Left’s America" (Charlotteville Survivor) (background:  "Report from Charlottesville" (Conte)).  They've got him dead to rights on some kind of negligence/vehicular homicide, but murder?  The real criminals here are local officials who set things up specifically to cause trouble (that could later be exploited for the usual #Resistance reasons).  The #Resistance doesn't care - partisan abuse of the legal system is fine with them while they are doing the abusing.

"Every Single Member of US Congress Approved Crushing Sanctions on Nicaragua" (Norton).  "Democrat On Why He Voted to Prolong Yemen War: ‘I Don’t Know a Damn Thing About It’" (Levitz).
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