Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Debunking debunking

"Is Strasbourg Attack a False Flag to Thwart Yellow Vests?" (Sadiq).  Read the whole thing - really elegant summary of how we got here.
"Keeping this background of the quagmire created by the Western powers in Syria and Iraq to appease their regional allies, Israel and the Gulf states, in mind, it becomes amply clear that the Western powers are not sincere in pursuing their dubious war on terror policy as they have worked hand-in-glove with the Islamic jihadists in the Middle East.

Then how is it possible that a terror attack has occurred in Strasbourg when the Yellow Vests demonstrations have taken France by storm, which are demanding reduction in fuel tax, the reintroduction of wealth tax on large businesses, the raising of the minimum wage, and the resignation of the former investment banker and current President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The only beneficiary of the Strasbourg shooting, it appears, is none other than the French government itself, because after the incident, the government would now put restrictions on freedom of assembly and all kinds of political demonstrations.

Thus it is quite likely that the French deep state might have instigated one of jihadists on its payroll to carry out the Strasbourg atrocity to break the momentum of the Yellow Vests protests, which have posed the single biggest threat to the elitist Macron administration since coming to power last year."
"That ‘Debunking’ of a Paris Protest Fire Photo is Fake"(Zhang).

"Israeli PR jumps the gun (as usual) on Strassbourg false flag" (Barrett).  Consistently so quickly on top of things you'd almost think they arranged them!  Contains a reminder of Gutjahr's good fortune.

France and the Fremch people are currently under a no-holds-barred brutal and murderous attack from the Rothschilds and World Jewry, desperate to protect their precious asset Macron, using every single trick available to them in PR/(((media))) spin and false-flaggery. It's quite something to watch.  Are the French woke enough to fight through it?
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