Tuesday, December 04, 2018


This is superb:  "Atlantic: Nostalgia For GHW Bush Is Anti-Semitic" (Sailer).  Foer isn't wrong, some of the discussion surrounding the death of George Bush does reflect a nostalgia for a time when the United States was allowed to set its own foreign and military policies, for what it leaders perceived, even if wrong, were American national interests.  Remember George Bush, evil bastard that he was, was the last American President who actually took heed of American interests.  He lost his bid for reelection when the Khazars conspired to have Clinton win, solely based on the fact that Bush listened to the 'arabists' who had concluded that the Israeli settlement program was not in American interests, predicting it would lead, as it has, to decades of unhelpful conflict.  The irony is that had Bush won, and blocked the settlements, there might now be peace in the Middle East, and Israel's future would be assured, if on a smaller patch of land than was planned.

It is telling that Foer's underlying assumption is that American foreign and military policy must be run for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of the Khazar Empire, and it is 'anti-Semitism' for any American to even wax nostalgic for a time when American policies weren't perverted to strange foreign causes..  The neocon shibboleth has always been that the (Jewish) neocons were American patriots, and were consistently acting in the interests of America, even when that was a ridiculous and obvious lie.  Foer takes it a step further.  He doesn't show any guilt about the millions of dead people and the damage done to the world and the United States - the Khazars don't do guilt.  What he demonstrates is unbelievable levels of entitlement.  Foer is admitting that the neocons were acting solely for Khazar interests, and not only that, but they were right to do so, and it is literally hatred of Jews to imagine any other possibility.
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