Monday, December 17, 2018

Every. Single. Time.

"Justin Trudeau: Canada looking for way out of Saudi arms deal".  You have to wonder if his handlers are hearing the message that the hypocrisy of constantly virtue signaling plus constantly taking the most immoral (and stupid) action is starting to become a political issue.

" . . . what appear to be problems in more than 400 of Koren’s papers. . . . "it appears that Dr. Koren did not disclose industry support that appears relevant to the primary focus of the publication or otherwise related to the published work.”" . . . Koren retired from Sick Kids in June 2015 and is working in Israel."

"BBC Attempting to Prove Russia Did the Yellow Vests" (Anglin).  Every. Single. Time.:  "With Yellow Vests Still Strong, Jewish Press Making Friendly Photoshops For Macron" (Daily Stormer).  "Ex-1968 student leader Cohn-Bendit denounces French “yellow vest” protests" (Lantier).  Of course, the commie bros completely miss the (((real issue))), tough when (((Cohn-Bendit))) and (((BHL))) lead the pro-Rothschild charge, and when (((Cohn-Bendit))) reflects on the significance of the color yellow.

"Latest Odds of a Shooting War Between NATO and Russia" (Garrison interview with Szamuely).  Note how involved the Brits are in this, which might be a good wag-the-dog distraction for May.  See:  "Anonymous Hackers Expose UK Plans to Mine Sevastopol Days Before Crimea Vote".

"Tory minister 'misled Parliament' over Government-funded infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn" (Ferguson).  Everybody understands that a government can't secretly fund a third-party to take partisan political pot-shots at the main political opposition to the government, and then lie about it when specifically asked.

"British Jews claim right to German citizenship before Brexit" (Zaragovia).  Patriotic Brits to the end . . . oh, wait!:  ""being a European doesn't mean you're not loyal to one country - it means you're loyal to a lot at the same time."".  Rootless cosmopolitans.

"POWELL: New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice".  "The Mueller group disclosed only 2 redacted documents that were already known" (Willmann).  Mueller - obstruction of justice (destroying evidence) and contempt of court (failure to seriously respond to a direct court order).

This again?:  "WaPo Reporter: FBI And CIA Sources Say They Doubt Major Dossier Allegation" (Ross).  It is funny that a mythological meeting in Prague (by Atta with Iraqis) was part of the lying neocon sales job for the disastrous American attack on Iraq.  The news is that the American IC knew a major plank of the dossier was a lie from the beginning, but they used it anyway to get FISA warrants, and it still forms the backbone of what Mueller is doing.

"Time magazine honors journalists facing repression—but snubs Julian Assange" (Martin).  Time is owned by (((Marc Benioff))).

"The Antisemitic Turn of the Rising Far Right ‘Alternative for Germany’ Party" (Salzborn).  Encouraging to see the AfD appear to take a moral position on Israel, rather than the usual Brown-Blue alliance, based mostly on anti-Muslim bigotry, promoted by the Zionists.

"Erdogan warns Trump: Drive YPG Kurds from Manbij or Turkey will Invade".  He's not fooling - the Americans, in their apparently endless efforts to Yinonize Syria, have set up an 'existential threat' to Turkey.

Algorithm wisdom:  "Tumblr’s porn ban is going about as badly as expected" (Bright) and "Facebook Allegedly 'X-Rates' Macron's Photo With Two Shirtless Men".

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