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Gefilte fish

"British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft" (Murray).  Had Killery not rigged the nomination process Bernie would now be President, so, even as unpredictable as that scenario was, it's not surprising that the Brits might want a look-see at his campaign.  Actually, I suspect they've got at least somebody much higher up the pecking order.

"Turkey threatens to pull the plug on US" (Bhadrakumar).  Note that the same dynamics are still in play, with the only long-term way out for Turkey the return of the Kurdish areas to Syria.  Also note that the Americans are crowing how they are still going to Yinonize Syria - no doubt earning those sweet, sweet shekels for particular politicians and bureaucrats - while they stumble around into various impossible positions.

"Trump Warned Not To Interfere With Prosecution Of Huawei CFO" (Durden).  Trump's ramblings are a clear politicization of the issue, and provide a huge way out for a Canadian judge, or Minister of Justice, who would be allowed to deny extradition on that basis alone, arguing that Trump admitted that the request for extradition was made in bad faith, not for legal reasons but as a trade bargaining chip (without, of course, putting it so starkly).

"US & Canada Violate International Law with the Arrest of Chinese Huawei Exec".  The profound issue here is the illegal extraterritorial application of American laws.  The (((media))) will never mention it, as this is a big weapon of the the Khazars in their usual process of killing people and stealing land.

"After Russia Collusion Theory Falls Flat, Mueller Turns To Middle East In Search Of Trump "Gotcha"" (Durden).  Woah!  Don't expect this to go too far, though Israeli manipulation of American politics is the real third-rail issue, never to be mentioned.  My emphasis in red:
"Mueller has also reportedly been investigating several meetings involving Lebanese-American businessman and UAE emissary George Nader - who helped arrange a meeting between Blackwater founder and Trump ally Erik Prince and Kirill Dmitriev - head of one of Russia's sovereign wealth funds. Nader also acted as a go-between of sorts between various Gulf State government representatives, one "well-connected Israeli," and Trump's team. Nader has been working with Mueller's office since March, however it is unknown what information, if any, he has provided. 
In one August 2016 meeting, first reported by The New York Times and later confirmed by The Daily Beast, Nader told the room that the crown princes of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE were eager to help Trump win the election. Also ready to lend his services was Joel Zamel, a self-styled Mark Zuckerberg of the national-security world with deep ties to Israeli intelligence. Zamel had already been in close contact with the Trump team because one of his companies, Psy Group, had drawn up a plan to use social-media manipulation to help Trump clinch the Republican nomination. The company sent former senior campaign aide Rick Gates that proposal. -Daily Beast
Zamel and Psy Group had more extensive links to the Trump campaign than previously reported, according to the Beast's November reporting. Former employees claim that at least two other individuals from Trump's team reached out to the firm during the campaign. 
Notably, Zamel "remained close to the Trump team throughout the election and into the transition," after having been introduced to the campaign through Nader - who Zamel in turn met through former Dick Cheney aide John Hannah - another target of Mueller's probe. 
Zamel assisted the Trump team right after the election - even crafting a regime change roadmap for Iran. Nader, meanwhile, was promoting a plan to economically sabotage Tehran - ostensibly a scheme by the Saudi and Emiratis to convince the incoming Trump administration to act against Qatar and Iran - their top regional competitors. 
"The New York Times reported this year that Nader worked with Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy to urge the White House to take an aggressive stance against the two countries.," according to the Beast."
""Yes, Virginia, There Is A Deep State!"" (McGovern, discussing Robert Parry's last work):
"It turns out a huge part of the motivation behind Russia-gate was to hide how the Department of Justice, FBI, and CIA (affectionately known as the Deep State) — with their co-opted “assets” in the media — interfered in the 2016 election in a gross attempt to make sure Trump did not win."
"How Britain stole $45 trillion from India"(Hickel).  Note how similar the British set-up was to the petro-dollar as the American way of achieving domination through having the de facto world reserve currency.  Wilkerson in the video above mentions de-dollarization as a world response to the sanctions (which are effectively Sanctions For The Jews).

"Then They Came For Tumblr: Yes, Tech Totalitarians Can Just Pull the Plug" (Collins).  We live in interesting times.  This huge deplatforming is like Ford announcing that for moral reasons it is no longer going to make cars.

"Michael Cohen To Serve Prison Sentence In Luxurious Jewish Country Club" (Cicero).

"How The US Left Failed Brasil" (Mier/Mitchell/Pitts).  Jacobin has published a lot of useful stuff, but it is fundamentally unsound. No doubt it has a 'donor' problem like WSWS, but I've noticed a more profound problem with Assholians generally, as highlighted by the Resistance and the reactions to #Russiagate, where American jingoism permeates all American thinking, including on the 'left'.

"FBI Secretly Collected Data on Aaron Swartz Earlier Than We Thought—in a Case Involving Al Qaeda" (Cameron).  Note how ostensibly fighting the Global War On Terror allows the FBI to do mass grabbing of data which can then be stored and used in unrelated criminal proceedings later.
"Certain types of electronic information, most of which can be described as “metadata,” may be acquired by the FBI without a warrant, provided it certifies there’s a “specific and articulable” link to suspected terrorist activities. This is basically the legal equivalent of a hunch, a threshold which is floors below probable cause. And this key: Obtaining that same information under any other circumstance—except in the case of espionage—would otherwise require a court order.
How specifically the FBI came to possess Swartz’s email data remains unclear.
But after reviewing the document and other related files, several legal experts told Gizmodo the most likely explanation was that the FBI had used a National Security Letter (NSL), a ubiquitous tool for obtaining email header data at the time. An NSL would have enabled federal agents to demand access to the data and then impose a gag order to maintain secrecy around the investigation, all without a judge’s approval.
Authorized under the Stored Communications Act, in cases of suspected terrorism or espionage, these letters enable the FBI to seize a variety of electronic records under its own authority. While agents cannot use an NSL to acquire the contents of an email message, the FBI’s notes appear to show that, in Swartz’s case, it sought only “email headers,” data the FBI would argue falls well within the scope of its power to seize.
Property of the People co-founder and MIT doctoral graduate Ryan Shapiro told Gizmodo that the Justice Department was “particularly aggressive” in court while trying to keep its prior, and formerly undisclosed, investigative interest in Swartz under wraps. It only relented, he said, when it seemed the U.S. attorney feared an unfavorable ruling, which could impact the Justice Department in future court cases.
“The FBI does nearly everything in its power to maintain its functional immunity from the Freedom of Information Act. As one element of its anti-FOIA efforts, the FBI is notorious for the deliberate poverty of its FOIA searches,” he said. “In this case, the Bureau even made the ludicrous claim that documents about Aaron Swartz’s email address, email header data, and domain weren’t related to him, and therefore were outside the scope of the FBI’s search for records about Swartz. It took us years of litigation to force the FBI to finally search for and even partially release this important document.”"
  1. the University of Pittsburgh turned over heaps of potentially sensitive information on its students to the FBI after simply being asked, without telling anybody, and is reticent to discuss the issue now; and
  2. the FBI in 2007 was looking for al-Qaeda at the university.
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