Saturday, December 29, 2018

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"‘Time to Leave’: Iraq Exercises Sovereignty as MPs Call for Withdrawal of US Troops".  Americans Out is the Spirit of the Age.

"Hold your breath. - The SAA is invited into Manbij by the SDF" (Lang).  Starting to play out nicely.  While the Official Story is that this was something Trump blurted out in a telephone conversation with Erdoğan - fitting nicely into the Clintonista view that Trump is an incompetent madman, and, from the Trump side, avoiding any dangerous notion of an American-Russian conspiracy - it seems far more likely that it was a carefully thought out joint US-Russia-Turkey-Syria plan (with, probably, Iran), which must have been done in the deepest back rooms of Washington to avoid the American neocons.

"Hahahaha: Kurds Call in Syrian Army to Protect Them From Turks" (Anglin).  Note the valid point that the Americans were there simply to serve as human shields, as nobody wanted to accidentally kill one of them.

"Critics of Syria Withdrawal Fueled Rise of ISIS" (Blumenthal).  ISIS, wherever it has been redeployed, and, of course, al-Qaeda, remain the only two reliable American allies.

"Notes On The Withdrawals" (Tracey). This has been another educational moment, part of The Clarification, seeing the Democrats and the 'left' generally as the evil warmongers they really are, and, of course, seeing (((who))) is behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

While there is some good news around, Japan, a country which should really know better, is rapidly going sideways: "Japan plans major defence spending while navigating its pacifist constitution" and "Japan to Refit Aircraft Carrier, Increase Defense Spending" and "Japan government approves record defence budget" - historically, people who buy this shit tend to get around to using it - and "Why Shinzo Abe faces an uphill battle to revise Japan’s constitution".

Note the very organized American 'environmental' trickery:  "Latest Political Goings-on in Japan" (Terehov).

The Luke Harding School of 'Journalism':  "Cohen Prague Claim Crumbles As McClatchy Reporter Admits To Third-Hand Information".  They must be so proud.

"Election Fraud: Democratic Party Operatives Caught Creating ‘Russian Bot’ Farms, Planting Fake News Stories":
"So, it turns out there really was meddling in American democracy by “Russian bots.” Except they weren’t run from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but from the offices of Democrat operatives chiefly responsible for creating and amplifying the “Russiagate” hysteria over the past two years in a textbook case of psychological projection."
"A Reuters Report on Iran That Spurred US Diatribes" (Kesic). Reuters = Rothschild.  A useful case study on how pure Khazar propaganda works its way into the basic understanding of the American government.  Pompeo vows to fight 'until the Rapture'!

"Canadians launch petition to ban Srebrenica genocide denial" (Gadzo).  "“Denying” the Srebrenica Genocide Because It’s Not True: an Interview with Diana Johnstone" (Garrison).

"The Yellow Vests and the Left by Jim Kavanagh + Yellow Vests Shift to the Left" (Kavanagh):
". . . the left has succumbed to deprecating a politics of class solidarity in favor of a politics of solidarity based on like-mindedness on a checklist of issues.
But this has things backward. Solidarity is not a matter of prior agreement. It’s bedrock socialism that you can only build a movement with the working-class we have, not the one we wish for. Which means solidarity must start with material interest, not like-mindedness, You don’t have to agree with me for me to defend your interests.
Agreement doesn’t precede, it results from, solidarity. You get—earn and build—popular support for progressive, socialist, and revolutionary ideas and programs by defending and fighting for people’s material interests, not by interrogating people who are in actual revolt against the neo-liberal state to see whether they have the correct ideas regarding everything on your checklist, and insulting and attacking them if they don’t. That’s the approach of the liberal intellectual, not the left socialist.
Agreement will come from respectful engagement in a common fight for a dignified life for everyone. Or it won’t. There are no guarantees. Because everybody in a capitalist society gets “taught wrong on purpose,” a lot of people with a lot of half-assed ideas—whether kinda-sorta racist or sexist, or kinda-sorta authoritarian, or kinda-sorta in thrall to liberal capitalist politicians, or kinda-sorta self-righteous, or kinda-sorta skeptical of global warming—must get together and learn what ideas, attitudes, and actions help the movement, and what kind of bullshit will guarantee defeat and has to go. Or they won’t, and the movement will fail, or turn nasty.
Furthermore, the change from “normal” opposition to a radical, insurrectionary, or revolutionary movement always starts with an abrupt, unforeseeable explosion over a relatively minor “final straw” slight. And it never starts with an agenda of all the correct demands. What that explosion does, precisely, is initiate a process of struggle and learning, through which the working classes, acting outside of any preconceived agenda, and joined by those who have had the time and privilege to study history and politics, can define not only an agenda of specific demands, but a new type of polity."
What would be really swell is if they could have successful protests without having to be pigeonholed at all, as either 'left' or 'right'.
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