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Superb Clarification by Trump on Justin's 'rule of law!:  "Roundup: Huawei, Trump, and the rule of law" (Smith):
"The issue around the arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Vancouver last week took a number of turns yesterday, and is proving to be an utter gong show, thanks entirely to Donald Trump. So, to recap, the US ambassador to Canada stated that there was absolutely no political motivation behind the request for the arrest and extradition to the US, but meanwhile in China, a former Canadian diplomat who now works with International Crisis Group was arrested in China for no apparent reason, and there is no confirmation as to whether this is in retaliation for the Huawei arrest. Back in Vancouver, said CFO was granted bail for $10 million with five guarantors while she will await extradition hearings – and she has to surrender her passport, be under 24/7 surveillance and wear an ankle monitor, because she is considered a high flight risk. (Here’s a good backgrounder on all of the issues).
And then, it all went pear-shaped. Why? Because Donald Trump suddenly said that he’d intervene in the case if it helps to get a trade deal with China, which undermines the rule of law that Canada has been operating under and trying to assure Beijing that we’re operating under, and that because we have an independent judiciary with processes to be followed (which they can’t get their heads around because their judicial system is politicised), and all of the evidence around the criminal activities, allegations of fraud and of violating sanctions is apparently all for naught, because the US president has put his foot in it. And lo, Canada is relatively screwed by the whole thing. Hooray."
The bottom line is there is simply no possible way for Canada to turn this woman over to the primitive and violent and utterly insane Khazar hordes running the US, so the 'non-political' - ha! - 'rule-of-law' - ha! - Canadian judges are going to have to figure a way around this, no matter how many Bronfman shekels Justin bathes in.

"Taking Huawei Hostage: The Canadian Angle on Meng Arrest" (Black):
". . . Prime Minister Trudeau cannot evade responsibility for this hostage-taking, arrest and detention since his government had to consider the US request and judge whether it was politically motivated. Therefore, the matter must have been considered at the highest level; that’s Trudeau.

Since he has clearly ignored all the circumstances including the fact, firstly, that the offence alleged is not an offence in Canada and does not exist under international law; and secondly, that the US request is politically motivated with the objective of damaging both Iran and China, Trudeau made a political decision to authorize his security forces to arrest and detain Meng.

This was a political arrest. The rule of law in Canada has been suspended, at least in Meng’s case — and so it can be in anyone’s case.

But can we be surprised that the rule of law has ceased to exist in Canada when we remember that in 1999 Canada took part in the aggression against Yugoslavia? when it took part in the aggression against Iraq? when in 2004 its special forces assisted US Marines to put a gun to the head of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti, kidnap him and exile him to Africa? when it took part in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, of Libya, of Syria? when this year it took in White Helmet elements of the proxy forces attacking Syria? when it has been involved in plots to overthrow the Venezuelan government, and the Ukrainian government where Canada supports the fascists who have taken power in Kiev? and when it supports the illegal “sanctions” that is economic warfare against Russia?

Canadians should be angry about their nation being led by people whose loyalty is to Washington instead of to the Canadian people whose interests they care nothing for. They should be angry about this slap in the face of the Chinese people for whom Dr. Norman Bethune, the great Canadian communist, died helping the People’s Liberation Army during the Long March and resistance to the Japanese in the 1930’s.

They should be angry about these traitors isolating Canada from China, from Russia, from Iran, condemning Canada to be nothing more than an outpost of the American empire. For traitors they are as they betray the Canadian people by serving the interests of the Americans and their war machine. Free Meng Wanzhou — for as long as she is held hostage, so are we all.

NOTE: The Ukrainian Foreign Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, has endorsed the arrest of Meng, and instructed Canada’s ambassador to Beijing to explain. In Freeland’s statement to the local press, she “refused to discuss details of the case, citing the imperative of keeping politics out of a live court proceeding”. According to Freeland, “we are a rule-of-law country, and we will be following our laws as we have thus far in this matter, and as we will continue to do.”

“Our Western colleagues use the term ‘international law’ less and less often,” responded Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Instead, they talk more about a rules-based order. I do not see the difference between a rules-based order and international law, but judging by the situations in which this new term is used, our Western colleagues believe that international law is something that calls for universal coordination, while a rules-based order is something they can invent themselves.”

Regarding the Canadian arrest of Meng, Lavrov added:

“It’s an arrogant, jingoist policy no one accepts. It already sparks rejection even amongst the US’ closest allies. It has to end.”"

"Averting World Conflict with China" (Unz). Yes! exactly what I first thought. This is Sheldon-shekel-financed lawfare, and Macao is the pressure point to stop it. Applying appropriate pressure would turn Trump around literally within an hour.  Unz, while good, actually pulls his punches here, as this whole mess is completely lawfare, and needs to be understood as such.
"Her seizure on obscure American sanction violation charges while changing planes in a Canadian airport almost amounts to a kidnapping. One journalist asked how Americans would react if China had seized Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook for violating Chinese law…especially if Sandberg were also the daughter of Steve Jobs.

Indeed, the closest analogy that comes to my mind is when Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia kidnapped the Prime Minister of Lebanon earlier this year and held him hostage. Later he more successfully did the same with hundreds of his wealthiest Saudi subjects, extorting something like $100 billion in ransom from their families before finally releasing them. Then he may have finally over-reached himself when Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident, was killed and dismembered by a bone-saw at the Saudi embassy in Turkey.

We should actually be a bit grateful to Prince Salman since without him America would clearly have the most insane government anywhere in the world. As it stands, we’re merely tied for first."
"The Indiscreet Charm of the Gilets Jaunes" (Hopkins). Largely on (((media))) lying and manipulation, operating at a fever pitch as Rothschild interests are directly involved. Also:  "Blacking Out the Yellow Vests on Cable News: Corporate Media Doing its Job" (Street).  HfT!

Speaking of the 'perverted rabble':  "Uprising in France – The Anatomy of Populism and Challenging the Matrix" (Dugin!):
" , , ,  Christopher Lasch noted a new political trend: it is the elites that are destroying culture and European Logos today. These new western elites, who have reached the pinnacle of power only by their resourcefulness and immense will to power, are much worse and more destructive than the masses.
An ordinary person still maintains some cultural traditions; it is almost impossible to find a “pure proletarian”. But the modern capitalist elites, who have no aristocratism in their senses, are greedy for power, position and comfort. At the same time, more and more marginal types began to penetrate into the “new elite”, people not from peripheral groups, but from minority groups — ethnic, cultural, religious (often sectarians) and sexual — became dominant among them. It is this perverted rabble, according to Christopher Lasch, that forms the basis of the modern globalist elite, which destroys the foundations of civilization.
Accordingly, populism – including the populism of the “yellow vests” – can be viewed as a retaliatory uprising of the people against the elites, who have completely lost their connection with society. The elites have built their own world in which double standards, norms of political correctness, liberal demagogy reign.

According to these “new elites”, the people and society, in their current state, have no place in this world. Therefore, the typical representative of the “new elite”, Hillary Clinton, upset by the success of the right-wing populist Trump, openly insulted ordinary Americans – as deplorables, which in meaning means “shameful.” “Deplorables” have chosen Trump – not because they loved him, but to respond to the “globalist witch” Clinton.

Macron is a representative of the same type of “new elite”. It is curious that on the eve of the elections the French newspaper  ‘Libération’ published the headline ‘Faites ce que vous voulez, mais votez Macron ‘ (“Do what you want, but vote for Macron”). This is an obvious paraphrase of Aleister Crowley, who proclaimed himself in the 20th century as the Antichrist and the Beast 666: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. In other words, obedient crowds should vote for Macron not for some rational reasons, not because of his ideas and virtues, but simply because this is the imperative law of the ruling elite. And the disregard of the elites towards the obedient, slain masses is so open that they do not even bother to seduce them with impracticable promises: “Vote for Macron, because this is an order and this is not discussed.” Vote and then you are free. Otherwise you are deplorables. And that’s all."
"The “Yellow Vests” Are Not “Russian Agents”" (Korybko):
"The French Establishment might still be in a state of disbelief and strategic paralysis after confronting what could objectively be described as Hybrid War threats in the capital’s streets, which isn’t rendering a value judgement or any other sort of implied political commentary about the “Yellow Vests” but simply drawing attention to the tactics that they’ve employed. To explain, the author’s theory of Hybrid Warfare posits that social media networking plays a disproportionately influential role in organizing massive demonstrations such as the ones that the “Yellow Vests” are now known for in Paris, with the deliberately decentralized nature of the socio-political movement making it extremely difficult for the authorities to counteract because there aren’t any official leaders for them to detain in trying to preemptively stop it. Instead, the state is immediately thrown on the defensive by the very nature of the rebellious threat that it’s facing, which usually makes it unable to respond in any effective way and encourages it to fall into the strategic trap of overreacting."
"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reportedly Won't Join AIPAC-sponsored Trip to Israel".  We'll see how this plays out.  I'm not optimistic. It should be noted that this hint is 'news' because it is taken as a given that all new hires will be forced through the required orientation!

"Bowdlerized Obituary: President George H. W. Bush’s 1991-92 Confrontation with Israel" (Giraldi).  Obituaries which fail to mention the one honorable thing he did in his life.

"A very British coup: The spies who went out to the cold" (Galloway).  It's not surprising that they do these kind of things, but they seem to have reached new levels of shamelessness.  Also:  "BBC knowingly broadcasts ‘coded negative imagery’ of Corbyn, top British lawyer claims".

"Venezuela’s Maduro Accuses John Bolton Of Plotting To Assassinate Him Using Mercenaries" (Durden).  It is funny that Maduro is 'paranoid' as, although the Americans admit to having talks with the coup plotters, the talks are claimed to have 'stalled'.

"Nikki Haley: Cheerleader for Apartheid Israel, Swan-song at the United Nations, an Embarrassment" (Hawwash).  She doesn't mind embarrassment - Shlomo's deliveries are always on time and those bags are full!

"Russia To Withdraw Bombers From Venezuela After White House Pressure" (Durden).  Peculiar American imperialist spinning from Durden (the tell on Zero Hedge has always been its attitudes towards Venezuela).  It looks more like the Russians have made their point and are just going to go home when they are good and ready.

"Michael Aventti Puts Jew Pedos on Notice! Based Wop Lawyer About to Go Postal!" (Batty).  This superb tweet has completely changed my negative opinion of Avenatti:
". - I’ll make you a deal. You stop attacking my client Stormy Daniels with falsehoods and bogus claims of extortion (like you did today) and I will not start attacking your VERY close friend and client the infamous pedephile Epstein while asking what you knew and when."
Also:  "Alan Dershowitz defends Dan Gertler, the Israeli criminal billionaire who has looted the DR Congo" (North).

"Kushner: ‘Peace plan to provide safety to Israelis, hope to Palestinians’".  It looks like the pressure on the Saudis has paid off, and the King will let President Jared eliminate the Palestinians.

""Stronghold Of Evil" - Russia Slams America's Illegal Syrian Occupation" (Durden). Yinon.

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