Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Israel should not exist!

"Is Canada Huawei Arrest Attempt to Sabotage Trump Xi Talks?" (Engdahl) (!):
"Rather than retaliate by going after the many top US executives in China, it arrested a former Canadian diplomat in Beijing on suspicion of “endangering national security,” as well as a Canadian entrepreneur with business ties to North Korea.

The connections of that former Canadian diplomat are more than interesting.

Michael Kovrig previously worked as a Canadian diplomat in Beijing, Hong Kong and the United Nations. Chinese national security police took him into custody on December 10 in Beijing. Kovrig is officially listed as “North East Asia adviser” for something called the International Crisis Group.

The International Crisis Group is an NGO with a knack for being involved in key conflict zones such as Myanmar. The magazine Third World Quarterly in a peer-reviewed article in 2014 accused the ICG of “manufacturing” crises.

It was founded by Trump nemesis and Hillary Clinton supporter, George Soros. The Trustees of Kovrig’s employer, the International Crisis Group, include some very notable names. One is of course founder and funder, George Soros. Another trustee is a Canadian billionaire, Frank Guistra. Make a note of the name as it is likely to appear in the news in coming weeks as details emerge of FBI and other US investigations into illegal or shady dealings of the tax-exempt Clinton Foundation. Frank Giustra President & CEO, Fiore Financial Corporation, is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation where he also sits on the board.

His Giustra Foundation works with Elevate Social Businesses, formerly Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, the International Crisis Group, Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, and other partners. Guistra’s UrAsia Energy Ltd. appears in the investigation of the infamous Uranium One scandal during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, which some believe is the real “Russiagate” scandal. Soon we will know more as litigation in the US proceeds.

In sum, it appears that Xi Jinping has chosen a highly interesting target for retaliation in the Canadian arrest of Huawei’s CFO. To date it appears that, if it were the aim of certain dark networks in US and Canadian governments and intelligence to sabotage any constructive USA-China dialogue by the unprecedented arrest of the Huawei senior executive, it may have backfired. The next weeks will tell more."
"Avant le déluge: El Salvador election will drive more asylum-seekers north" (Madsen).  Back to ARENA, d'Aubuisson, and death squads.  As shat upon as El Salvador has been, largely by the Americans, it is impossible to have any sympathy for people who vote like this. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Oh (read the whole thing and note the constant Israeli evil, and a possible explanation of who is behind the caravan conspiracy):
"Protestant fundamentalists are eclipsing the traditional power of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America, with Protestants in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua now numbering 40 percent of the population. Many of the Protestants are recent converts from Catholicism and are members of Charismatic and Pentecostal denominations based in the United States. In every country where leftist governments are plagued by right-wing insurgencies—Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba—the right-wing forces are backed by the Israelis and U.S. fundamentalist groups. These U.S. groups, such as those led by pastors John Hagee, Robert Jeffress, Paula White, and Jerry Falwell, Jr., are in lockstep with the Trump administration and Israel. These groups and individuals, all favoring Trump’s southern border “wall,” are largely responsible for supporting Central American autocracies, propped up by Protestant fundamentalists, that are driving refugees to the U.S. southern border. The question that should asked of the asylum-seekers is: “Are you a Catholic?” The answers may be surprising."
"Airbnb tries to have it both ways on those ‘incredibly complex and emotional’ — and illegal — settlements" (Ofir).  Note the classic Khazar technique of using the (((media))) to lie about something that they intend to have happen, using the lie to nudge the events in the direction they want.  Note also how they immediately unleashed 'Zionist hell' by seeking the support of the vilest and most beshekeled American politicians.

"US Sanctions Against Iran" (Dinh) ("Israel should not exist!"):
"Last month, I was interviewed by Jamejam Daily, an Iranian newspaper. Below is the English version:
There are calls inside and outside the country that Iranian officials would do well to get real about the US demands and drink the coup of poison sooner rather than later. They say the US “maximum pressure campaign” has already inflicted acute strains on Iran’s economy. What’s your view? What should Iran do? Will Iran prove capable of enduring the sanctions?
The US is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal because of pressure from Israel, that’s all. As long as Israel exists, Iran will be targeted. Israel was behind the American war against Iraq and Libya, and it’s seeking to destroy Syria and Iran also. Israel was founded on terror, and is maintained by terror, so peace won’t come to the Middle East until Israel disappears."
Not the Onion:  "Alysin Camerota: What Will Congress Do About Russia's Stunning Propaganda Attacks?" (Madrak).  Greenwald tweetsMoon.

"Amazon and Facebook Reportedly Had a Secret Data-Sharing Agreement, and It Explains So Much" (Hill).  "The Latest Facebook Scandal: Netflix, Spotify Could Read Private Messages, Yandex Was Given IDs" (Durden).

"As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists".

"The Trump Coup Is a Threat to Our Republic by Larry Johnson".  Is it 'ironic' that the investigation against Trump is intended to cover up the same kind of manipulation, partly from outsiders, and partly by the American IC, that Trump and Putin are accused of?  Mueller hasn't gotten anywhere, but he has moved the conversation away from the actual illegal and unconstitutional acts and actors.

"VT Wins Again: Second woman claims billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein ‘directed’ her to have sex with Alan Dershowitz" (Brown).  Everything about this was supposed to be dead and buried with the plea agreement, and the usual shekels spread around to keep victims quiet, and I am shocked that truth keeps oozing out.

"Why we're all children of the corn now" (MetaFilter).  Both the Twitter links - in case there is a problem, here and here - are superb.
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