Friday, December 07, 2018


"Unz Goes Nuclear" (Shamir).  This is perhaps the biggest unreported story that exists, all the more striking as it directly affects, in a huge way, the lives of people who we're told run everything for their own interests.  So everything we 'know' about power must be wrong.  Total censorship + extreme anti-gentilism + profound (unbelievable) levels of group supremacist nepotism.  The fact that this isn't any kind of story, anywhere except on Unz, should tell us a lot about conspiracies and how they work.

"Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning" (Hill).  The big general take-away is that Zuck regards all promises and representations made by Facebook to its users about privacy as completely optional, without the necessity of telling anybody, if he can figure a way to make money selling the data.  It is funny as this leak occurred as a direct result of Zuck blowing off another committee, just too arrogant to have to explain himself.

"US Crosses Red Line with Arrest of Huawei CEO for ‘Breaking Iran Sanctions’".  The striking thing - again, with repercussions on our general understanding of the workings of the world - about this diplomatic, and remarkably ill-timed, faux pas, is that it is entirely about 'Hello, Newman' lawfare against Iran, with the US (not to mention Canada) harming itself in a huge way just to satisfy the insane supremacist notions of the Khazars (and of course to add to the shekel collections of really,. really corrupt politicians).

"US Teens’ Trust In Traditional Media Deteriorating".  So, 51% trust these liars?  I find that hard to believe.  Any random person may be a congenital liar, or not, but I am 100% sure that all 'journalists' lie, always.

"Felix Sater and the Steele Dossier by Larry Johnson".  Trump and this group are just a surprisingly unsuccessful group of minor-league grifters.  If they had even a small part of all the ins that the Clintonistas imagine they had with Putin, don't you think some of these crazy plans would have panned out?

"US scrambles to save funding for PA security forces" (Murphy).  Israel has created this complex system whereby the Palestinians serve as their own jailers and oppressors, but even more rabid Zionists and their owned beshekeled American politicians keep threatening the system by defunding the oppression!  You have to laugh.

"The Weekly Standard Is Going Out Of Business" (Wallace).  Funding this rag is just pocket lint for the machers, so this represents a direct message that Kristol's brand of anti-Trumpism while overtly calling for more Wars For The Jews is no longer useful to the Zionist project, and is in fact leading to too much 'knowing'.
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