Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The year of the international Israel Boycot

Solid truth:  "Let's Boycott Israel and Its Friends" (Giraldi):
"Ron Unz has suggested that Beijing might just want to execute a quid pro quo by pulling the licenses of Sheldon Adelson’s casinos operating in Macau, China and shutting them down, thereby eliminating a major source of his revenue. Why go after an Israeli-American casino operator rather than taking steps directly against the U.S. government? The answer is simple. Pressuring Washington is complicated as there are many players involved and unlikely to produce any positive results while Adelson is the prime mover on much of the Trump foreign policy, though one hesitates to refer to it as a policy at all.
Adelson is the world’s leading diaspora Israel-firster and he has the ear of the president of the United States, who reportedly speaks and meets with him regularly. And Adelson uses his considerable financial resources to back up his words of wisdom. He is the fifteenth wealthiest man in America with a reported fortune of $33 billion. He is the number one contributor to the GOP having given $81 million in the last cycle. Admittedly that is chump change to him, but it is more than enough to buy the money hungry and easily corruptible Republicans.
In a certain sense, Adelson has obtained control of the foreign policy of the political party that now controls both the White House and the Senate, and his mission in life is to advance Israeli interests. Among those interests is the continuous punishment of Iran, which does not threaten the United States in any way, through employment of increasingly savage sanctions and threats of violence, which brings us around to the arrest of Meng and the complicity of Adelson in that process. Adelson’s wholly owned talking head National Security Adviser John Bolton reportedly had prior knowledge of the Canadian plans and may have actually been complicit in their formulation. Adelson has also been the major force behind moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, has also convinced the Administration to stop its criticism of the illegal Israeli settlements on Arab land and has been instrumental in cutting off all humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. He prefers tough love when dealing with the Iranians, advocating dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran as a warning to the Mullahs of what more might be coming if they don’t comply with all the American and Israeli demands.
Meanwhile another Israeli, Haim Saban has performed similar work with the Democrats, contributing $5 million to their coffers, making him the top donor to the party. Saban has said that he is a “one issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”"
"How does one right the sinking ship? For starters, the Ron Unz formula for correcting the problem with China provides an excellent roadmap. Israel and its friends do not have a grip on congress, the White House and the media because they are wonderful warm people that others find to be sympathetic. It is difficult even to imagine a scintillating conversation with a malignant toad like Sheldon Adelson. Israel’s ability to corrupt and misdirect is all based on Jewish money, a process in which Zionist oligarchs buy their way to power and access. So the solution is to hit back where it really hurts – boycott Israel and Israeli products and do the same for the companies that are the sources of income for the American Jews who are the principal supporters of the Zionist project.
The United States Congress is currently moving to make it illegal to openly advocate boycotts of Israel or even to inquire about doing so, while 25 states have already also done the same to a greater or lesser extent. Last week a speech therapist in Texas was fired from a job she had held for nine years because she refused to sign an oath affirming that she would not boycott Israel. It is a measure of Jewish power in the U.S. that American politicians choose to provide cover for Israel’s misdeeds even if it means the end of the First Amendment and free speech. But punitive steps intended to intimidate any and all critics of Israel aside, there is no reason why consumers cannot exercise judgement over what they buy and what they are supporting through their spending. If you want to visit Las Vegas, by all means go, but don’t patronize the casinos and hotels owned by Sheldon Adelson, which include The Venetian and Sands Resort.
Democratic party major donor Haim Saban, meanwhile, is a producer of Hollywood children’s entertainment, including the lucrative Power Rangers. You can stop your children from watching his violent programming and tell the network’s advertisers why you are doing so. And then there are businessmen including Bernard Marcus, who is a co-founder of Home Depot and a major supporter of Israel, and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. No one really has to spend $1000 to go to a football game, particularly if the owner is a good friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, and if you need something for your home or are seeking entertainment, choose to spend your dollars somewhere else. Readers can do the homework for the businesses and services that they normally patronize. If outspoken advocates for Israel own the company, take your dollars elsewhere.
As it is nearly impossible in the United States to vote for a politician who is in any way critical of Israel, those who are opposed to the terrible damage that the Israelis and their domestic lobby are doing to the U.S. can instead vote with their purchasing power. It does not afford the same pleasure as “throwing the bums out,” but there will be considerable satisfaction in being able to strike back against a powerful lobby that is so hubristic and insensitive to any criticism that it has become completely tone deaf.
Apart from domestic considerations, observers have noted that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians has been worse than apartheid under South Africa yet South Africa was subjected to multiple boycotts and bans on its participation in international fora, to include even sporting competitions. It is past time to do the same to Israel, which has been shooting dead hundreds of unarmed Palestinians for months now without paying any price at all. Boycotting Israel internationally is a good start. It is non-violent and proportionate and it just might be an idea that will spread and finally bring about some payback for what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabal of war criminals have done and continue to do. As the end of 2018 approaches, it would be something to look forward to if 2019 just might turn out to be the year of the international Israel Boycott."
Other than picking up a couple Canadians, China has been taking the high road on the Meng outrage, presumably hoping that diplomacy will cause Trump to call off his yapping dog Trudeau - for one thing, Meng probably doesn't want to have to stay away from Vancouver forever - and that a nuclear option won't be necessary, but if they need to conclude the issue a casual threat to Sheldon over those casino licenses should fix the problem up very quickly, a fact that should demonstrate what is really going on here.

"The Detention of Huawei’s CFO is Legally Justified. Why Doesn’t the U.S. Say So?" (Ku) (same argument here, with an incoherent headline:  "Why the US needs to stand with Canada and set aside politics in the prosecution of Huawei’s CFO").  From a site called Lawfare, the kind of legalistic quibbling that got the Merchant of Venice in trouble (they seem to have a shabbos goy on staff for this kind of thing).  Everybody knows what is really going on ('Hello, Newman!').  Regardless of the statute they hang their kippahs on, the situation is the same - shekel-driven American laws are illegally enforced outside the US by having vassal states abuse their extradition laws.  The fact it is a banking statute rather than a sanctions statute is irrelevant, and a laughable attempt at taking the shekels.

"Israel on Death Row" (Taxi).

"The Rogue Crown Prince & the Dangerous US-Saudi-Israel Alliance" (Wilkerson interviewed by Jay):
"LARRY WILKERSON: Unfortunately, the latest element in that strategy, and it might make the–I don’t know if MBS was the architect of this, but if he was then it might make me re-evaluate at least somewhat my appraisal of him–the tacit alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel. This is one of the most dangerous alliances of convenience the region has ever seen, because what it does is it gives Saudi Arabia not only the patina of protection that it’s enjoyed, that you just elaborated, ever since FDR, but it now gives it the additional more modern, and more powerful at the moment, cosmetic of being allied with Israel. Because that is what makes U.S. policy in the region. As Gideon Levy of Ha’aretz said the other day, U.S. Middle East policy is not made in Washington. It’s made in Tel Aviv. He is absolutely right. And now it’s made in Tel Aviv-Riyadh because of this tacit alliance between Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman.
This is extremely dangerous for the United States. And I dare say there aren’t five people in the government currently in Washington who understand what I just said.
PAUL JAY: And it seems to me that the real reason Lindsey Graham is so concerned–and I use Lindsey as a symbol for a whole stratum of people, as I say, in both parties–is because the real foreign policy agenda of the Trump administration, of the Lindsey Grahams of this world, and to some extent the Chuck Schumers of this world, is to go after Iran. And when Lindsey Graham says MBS is not a reliable ally–but I think that’s what he’s talking about. He’s screwing up our plan to go after Iran with all this crazy shit.
LARRY WILKERSON: Exactly. And Saudi Arabia, of course, as Bob Gates said so eloquently, wants to fight Iran to the last dead American. I wouldn’t accuse Israel of that. Israel would, for example, put its soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines on our C17s and fly to Iran tomorrow morning and fight them in the streets. So at least Israel’s got that going for it, a little bit of courage.
But Saudi Arabia wants us to do the job for them. We just might do that with this current regime, for the reasons you just briefly mentioned, and also for other reasons that I’m not even sure the President is aware of, but John Bolton is vividly aware of. So this is, as I said, this is an extremely dangerous situation. And the position that the tacit alliance between Riyadh and Tel Aviv has put the United States in is one of extreme danger.
PAUL JAY: How concerned are you that between now and 2020, given how important this attack on Iran is, whether it’s–I’m not talking about invasion attack, but whether it’s bombing infrastructure, something to really weaken Iran and try to bring down the regime.
LARRY WILKERSON: That’s just it; you can’t do it with bombs, Paul. You know, this is a very inexperienced regime even with regard to the military members that are in it, like Joe Mattis. Joe Mattis is a Marine. Joe Mattis might think–I don’t think he does, but he might think–that bombing would be adequate. I don’t think he wants to do anything with regard to force in Iran. But he might think if he has to do something, bombing would be OK because it wouldn’t put any lives in danger other than the ones on the end of the bombs.
PAUL JAY: Where I was headed with this is when you have somebody like Bolton having such influence and all of this and others, how concerned are you that we might see a, quote-unquote, some kind of terrorist attack on American soil blamed on Iranians that’s really, you know, to use the term, some kind of false flag operation?
LARRY WILKERSON: That’s always a fear, especially now that we’ve got so much of this going around the world, and we’ve got so many people saying things every day that are untrue and yet believed by at least a third or more of Americans. And we made lying just a routine in Washington. So yes, it is somewhat to be feared. I don’t think, though, that that would make major military operations kick off unless it were a 9/11-like attack on the United States, and then all bets are off.
I don’t think we would be able to sell that sort of thing with respect to Tehran, though, as easily as we sold it with respect to Baghdad. I just don’t think we would be that big of dupes again. And when I say we, I mean the majority of the American people. I may be wrong, and I may be proven wrong. But I think there will be the kind of hue and cry that I saw stop President Obama from putting troops on the ground, major formations of troops on the ground, in Syria. And I think that hue and cry would be directed at the Congress and the White House. And I think some of the people who’d be crying the loudest would be Trump’s base."
"What Does Israel ‘Occupy’?" (Alcott).  The classic lite Zionist trick is to distinguish the original theft from later thefts, and pretend to deal with the later thefts (in reality, just buying time for more theft) to guard against challenges to the original theft.

"EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Beeley Interviews Yemen’s Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Dr Youself Al-Haderi".  Unstated background is that the MbS/MbZ 'unstoppable' mercenary armies aren't beating the Houthis, and the operation has bogged down.  Killing civilians has taken the place of killing resistance fighters.  I'm hoping that the fact that both MbS and MbZ need a face-saving way to extract themselves from this mess will eventually lead to some conclusion, but the present phony negotiations aren't it.

"Send In The Clowns." (Brazil Wire).  We're seeing it in Canada in Ontario, and Americans have seen quite a bit of it with Trump (Zinke is a classic example), but there is this group of really weird people who are usually unnoticed and hang around the edges of right-wing politics.  Often, they are part of a small core group of friends/enablers/fixers/gang-members/thugs/drug dealers of the weirdo who somehow finds himself in power.  Their ideas are so marginal that they are, at most, the object of scorn and mocking, but nobody figures they are important enough to pay attention to.  These 'populist' leaders get in, and suddenly, these entourages of crazies are running things.  It is quite something to see.  Sadly, a lot of the damage they do is very difficult to fix.

"How Putin's Russia Weaponizes X" (Moon).  Also, the virtue-signalers of the 'left' are now saying that Putin, that rascal!, specifically targeted those dumb black people:  "Russian 2016 Influence Operation Targeted African-Americans on Social Media" (Shane/Frenkel).  This is part of the bigger idea that there is no race problem in America, and the unrest is just Putin stirring ignorant people up.

"Jewish #Pissgate Peddler Admits the Document’s Claims are “Likely False”" (Anglin):
"I understand that this gets a little bit confusing, but here’s the story:
  • Obama and co. wanted to spy on Trump during the campaign to try to find some dirt
  • Hillary Clinton had been funding a fake “opposition research” document through Fusion GPS
  • A key figure at Fusion GPS was married to a key Justice Department official
  • James Comey and Rod Rosenstein knew that the document was paid for by Hillary Clinton, knew it was not real, and yet used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, and through him the entire Trump team
  • As secondary proof, there was a Yahoo! News article by the Jew Isikoff that said the same things as the Steele Dossier, which had been given to him by Fusion GPS
  • Bruce Ohr, whose wife helped put the document together, vouched for its veracity
  • The Jew Weissmann, who was also aware that the document was fake and was working with the Ohr’s to produce it, also vouched for its authenticity
  • After Comey was fired, he cited the document again, and Rosenstein, who also knew the document was fake and was with Comey signing off on it being used the first time, used it again to appoint the special counsel
  • Mueller’s team was then filled with people like Lisa Page, Peter Strzok (lovers who worked at the FBI trying to stop Trump from being elected) and Andrew Weissmann (Jew Justice Department official who helped create Pissgate)
If that all seems incredibly goofy, that is because it is.
None of these people ever expected any of this to become public, so they didn’t really bother doing a very good job with the conspiracy.
But now, it is all out there in the public, shown to be a total hoax from start to finish, meaning that by rights, the entire Mueller probe should be thrown out, and any sentence that has resulted from this investigation vacated.
But instead, this train just keeps on rolling. Even though no one denies any of what I just said – this is all on public record."
"Purdue’s secret OxyContin papers should be released, appeals court rules" (Armstrong/Joseph).
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