Monday, December 03, 2018

This is how it’s done

Tweet (VictoryOfTheLight):
"French police have begun standing down and joining in solidarity with their fellow countrymen. This is how it’s done. France is the flame which has lit the torch. "
The curious thing is that this started as some kind of astroturfing protest against a carbon tax - the sudden and detailed interest of the proles in tax policy around the big issue of who gets the profits from oil is a giveaway (we've got the same 'populist' scam going on in Canada) - but has spiraled out of control and threatens to lead to guillotines in France and across Europe.

"The West Slips Down Another Step" (Armstrong):
". . . if you, as I do, think that the Western version of the MH17 story is a bit fishy, doubt that Assad is dumb enough to do the one thing that would invite Western missiles, regard Whitehall's Skripal story as laughably incoherent, doubt that Litvinenko could write a perfect English sentence, find it absurd to assume that Putin kills people by such easily noticed means, know that there were Russian troops in Crimea all along, notice that the White Helmets have received millions yet can only afford dust masks and flip flops, had heard of the Crimean Tatars before, notice that NATO has expanded up to Russia's borders and not the other way around, know something about Ossetian-Georgian relations, know what the Ukrainian Constitution says about getting rid of presidents, remember Nuland's telephone call, can remember all the people falsely demonised by the Western propaganda machine... If you dare to think those thoughts, these people will call you a victim of (or accomplice in) Russian disinformation and say you need re-education. Certainly they don't want you to be heard."
"Bari Weiss’s piece in NYT saying anti-Zionism is a ‘dragon’ of anti-Semitism allows no comments" (Weiss/Johnson).  Some of the comments point out that Weiss complaining about lack of comments is hypocritical.  Weiss is consistent in not allowing any consideration that Khazar supremacism might have a bearing on the issues raised by his blog, which, when you think about it, is exactly the kind of vitally important obfuscation that defines lite Zionism.  See:  "Yeah But New York Times – Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?" (Anglin).  You might disagree with Anglin, but he is not fundamentally dishonest.

"Yazidi women seek to join case against French company accused of funding Islamic State".

The very definition of a 'limited hangout', allowing that you are a degenerate gambler in order to deflect suspicious that you are using casinos to launder money to be used to fund terrorism:  "Roundup: Grewal gives some answers" (Smith).  Note that it worked, with the (very, very belated, following a mysterious and unexplained 'resignation' that may not be final) story swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

"Marc Lamont Hill politically lynched for telling truth about Palestine" (Abunimah). Tweet (Ann Coulter):
"At least this will put an end to the "Jews-control-the-media" slander."
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