Sunday, December 02, 2018


"Special counsel, Democrats step up pressure on Trump over Russia, Assange" (Grey).  You have to marvel at the guiding hand that simultaneously directs both Mueller and Poroschenko (who by the way did somewhat succeed in his Azov boat stunt, scuppering the Trump-Putin meeting planned for Argentina).

Tweets (Glen Greenwald).  When the bizarro Assange-Manafort meeting was floated by a known intelligence asset (who everybody has decided to pretend is just a 'journalist'), and was immediately definitively shot down, causing embarrassment all around (particularly for The Guardian), Plan B, from an anonymous CIA employee, was to float a meta-conspiracy theory that the intelligence asset was made to make a fool of himself (and The Guardian, which has no credibility left - none!; Moon has the whole sordid tale) by that rascal Putin, who fooled him by planting fake news.  You can't make this stuff up!  Well, some people can.

We are in the midst of an officially unnoticed by massive and coordinated speech suppression operation, all described with the nominally good intention of blocking 'hate':  "Words Like Violence: The Left’s Total War on Freedom of Speech" (Houck). 

Leaving aside the colorful language, this does seem to be a purposeful effort to criminalize normal political debate, which seems to be the direction they - and, actually, mostly (((they))) - want us to go:  "UN Migration Pact Would Criminalize Criticism of a Third World Invasion" (Rogers).

"From Behind: RollingStone Bends Their Readers Over" (West).  Lots of interesting stuff here, undermined by West's visceral hatred of Assange, and his vague idea that Assange is somebody's intelligence asset (you'd think if that were so, his handlers might have extracted him by now).

"Assange vs. the Cabal" (Parsons).

The elites used to have some self-imposed restrictions on their grasping because they feared the guillotine, but they've learned they can do literally anything, and get away with it, with no consequences:  "Argentina and France – Opponents of IMF versus Yellow Vests – Where is the Correlation?" (Koenig).  They are so full of themselves now that the plan is closer to this rather than this.

"FBI Raids Home Of New Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower" (Durden).  The FBI continues to operate just like the private security firm for the Clinton family.

"EXCLUSIVE: Google Employees Debated Burying Conservative Media In Search" (Hasson).

Come on, you can get it with one guess!:  "Who’s funding Bannon’s Fourth Reich?" (Madsen).  Part of The Clarification is that the 'strange bedfellows' aren't so strange at all, an issue which goes back further than the Nazi-Zionist alliance, the mentioning of which got Ken Livingstone in so much trouble.  The bonds between group supremacists are much stronger than their alleged animosities.   Madsen's last paragraph is just Clintonista crankiness.

Speaking of monsters who denied Clinton her rightful crown, this is ridiculously important for something that is close to a secret:  "Jill Stein wins Election Reform in PA" (Schwab).

"Learning The Real Lessons Of Yalta To Prevent World War III" (Sieff).

"Syria, Iran, Georgia: Slippery Slope in Discussing Oil Smuggling and Sanctions" (Ferris).  Just like the War On Drugs, the efforts don't stop the behavior, they just increase the profitability to those prepared to work around them.  To a large extent, the sanction regime - and it has become so all-pervasive that it has gotten completely out of hand, step by step - is just a strange product of the two opposing forces, the Zionists and their shekels insisting American politicians do something for the Zionist Empire, and the realization by said politicians that even more boots-on-the-ground Wars For The Jews would be an obvious disaster for the US.  If you add Trump's tariffs, another form of sanctioning, American foreign relations has become simply an elaborate system of financial threats, the most striking aspect of which is that they damage domestic American businesses more than they accomplish any foreign policy goals.  One of the craziest things about sanctions on Iran is that they are supposed to lead directly to 'regime change', when any fool could tell you they are just increasing the legitimacy of the current Iranian government in the eyes of people facing an irrational - and let's not kid ourselves, everybody in Iran knows this is entirely about the shekels of Khazar billionaires - outside threat

"Russia/Syria: Israeli Jet Downed by Syria".  The only thing that is clear is that the Israelis sent something out - perhaps directed at Hezbollah - which was immediately taken care of by Syrian defense installations. We don't know what it was, and whether it was a serious attack or some kind of attempt at probing just how good the new Syrian-Russian emplacements are.  Related:  "Netanyahu’s predicament: The era of easy wars is over" (Baroud).

"New Series: The Worst Democraps Who Want To Be President-- Part I, Tulsi Gabbard".  A classic!  Somebody - practically unique in American politics - who supports real and important progressive issues that would have big positive effects for 97.6% - or something like that, there's always a little vagueness about the actual number! - of the population - like no more Wars For The Jews - gets garotted as she fails fully to support identity politics! Her obvious huge problem is that she could get votes all across the political spectrum, a dangerous woman indeed.  Don't fret - they'll never allow her to get the chance (which should, if you have a brain, tell you something).

"Majority of Quebecers Support the CAQ’s Plan to Ban Religious Symbols" (Authier).

BZ:  "The Incapacitation of Salisbury" (Macilwain).  Note the "reaching up action, as if “picking clothes” or “wool-gathering”".

Bailey seems to have been (badly) coached:  "As Dead as a Doornail Handle". As incompetently as the Official Stories have been cobbled together, you have to wonder if the bad guys are winning simply through constant media repetition.

"The Real Reason Dog Whistles Are Racist" (Sailer).  The actual dog whistle was invented by the man responsible for the intellectual foundation of eugenics!

"How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime" (Brown).  The new info is that Acosta, Trump's secretary of labor, approved the laughably lax plea agreement without talking to, or notifying, the victims.  These days, with prosecutors never ceasing to talk about victims, this is quite striking (if you watched the very good second season of 'Making a Murderer', ex-governor Walker's fuckwad of an AG couldn't open his mouth without saying 'victim' or 'victim's family').  The story seems to have come out specifically (and successfully) to block Acosta from taking over from Sessions as AG   This remains one of those cases where the perpetrators are so powerful (see also, Geffen and his circle) and so spread across the American political spectrum (which stretches all across from insanely right-wing to imperceptibly less insanely right-wing), with Mossad blackmail the underlying purpose of the entire Epstein operation, that any kind of truth is impossible to officially obtain (though the woke can see clearly what went on, starting with the bizarre PR elevation of math teacher Epstein to hedge-fund math genius billionaire, all under the guidance of The Limited billionaire Wexler).
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