Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Transit of Hermes

Tweet (Dilma Rousseff) (the comments are almost all with the Generals, presumably reflecting the racial situation of Twitter in Brazil):
"Lula pour le Prix Nobel de la Paix! "
Tweet (Mark Weisbrot) (I keep seeing impressive tweets and statements from Khanna):
"More Courage from Congressman Ro Khanna , writing in Washington Post against the Trump regime change operation in Venezuela. Why are so many sitting on the sidelines as neocon extremists create chaos and destruction and prepare for another war?"
Tweet (Dan Cohen) (with Abrams running the show, and this, we're looking at another War For The Jews):
"Sadistic language from this former Obama aide. People are already dying in Venezuela as a result of US sanctions. Now wants a full lynching."
Tweet (Daniel McAdams):
"What would happen to an American politician who proclaimed himself president, openly accepted foreign money to set up a parallel government, and attempted to get the US military to join him in a violent overthrow? A hell of a lot more than an "investigation"!"
From 2002: "U.S. Papers Hail Venezuelan Coup as Pro-Democracy Move" (FAIR).  "Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America" (Johnson).  "CNN Goes ‘Undercover’ To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela" (Gosztola).  "Venezuela: Guardian sparing neocon blushes" (Knightly).

"Behind the Fakery of the Venezuela Crisis, Something Far Older" (Anon).  Rothschilds and Freemasons versus Jesuits!  "The Transit of Hermes" (Birrell).

"Why Is Justin Trudeau Backing Trump's Coup in Venezuela?" (interview with Engler):
"There’s a quote in terms of Canada’s role historically in terms of serving empire, and the fact that sometimes it’s better to have a sort of Canadian face on an intervention than a more sort of, more easily demonized U.S. face. In his biography, Jacques Chretien, a former prime minister, says quite explicitly that he told Bill Clinton that if we just go along with you in everything, we’re just going to be perceived as a 51st state. But if we, if it looks like we have a little bit of independence, we can do more for you than the CIA can do. And it was almost like–that’s a paraphrase, almost word for word. So there’s just this historic kind of putting a bit of a Canada, a positive Canada cover on policies that the U.S. is pursuing around the world.

And there’s a long history of that in the hemisphere beyond the example that Paul gave with regards to Afghanistan. In Haiti in 2004 Canada played a very important role in the overthrow of the elected government of Jean Bertrand Aristide. And again, there was Bill Graham, the former defense minister, said in a book about about the war in Afghanistan, he said that because Canada officially joined the coalition of the willing that invaded Iraq in 2003, they felt like they needed to not only go heavily into Afghanistan, but also participate significantly in the coup in Haiti.

So part of this Canadian policy in Venezuela today is about Canada’s close ties to the U.S. empire. And Canada, in my opinion, has been quite a beneficiary. The Canadian corporate class have been very much beneficiaries of U.S. empire for half a century. And the mining sector in Latin America is a big force, banking sector is a big force that partly explains Canadian policy there today."
"The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool" (The Saker):
"Remember the almost universal reaction of horror when Bolton was appointed as National Security Advisor? Well, apparently, either the Neocons completely missed that, which I doubt, or they did what they always do and decided to double-down by retrieving Elliott Abrams from storage and appointing him US Special Envoy to Venezuela. I mean, yes, of course, the Neocons are stupid and sociopathic enough not to ever care about others, but in this case I think that we are dealing with a “Skripal tactic”: do something so ridiculously stupid and offensive that it places all your vassals before a stark choice: either submit and pretend like you did not notice or, alternatively, dare to say something and face with wrath of Uncle Shmuel (the Neocon’s version of Uncle Sam). And it worked, in the name of “solidarity” or whatever else, the most faithful lackeys of the Empire immediate fell in line behind the latest US aggression against a sovereign nation in spite of the self-evident fact that this aggression violates every letter of the most sacred principles of international law. This is exactly the same tactic as when they make you clean toilets with a toothbrush or do push-ups in the mud during basic training: not only to condition you to total obedience, but to make you publicly give up any semblance of dignity."
Assholians are all about the sanctity of 'the law' these days:  "Trump/Bolton Threatens ICC Judges: Senior Judge Resigns, Cites US Interference".

"Belarus Prostitute Admits She Fabricated Trump-Russia Evidence Claim" (Durden).  "Don Jr. is Next" (Anglin).  "An American Nightmare" (Napolitano).  "Mueller’s Indictments and James R. Clapper Jr." (Hornberger).

More than just shekels:  "Barbara Walters boasted of love affairs with Israel’s foreign and defense ministers while covering Camp David — former Carter aide".

You'd wonder why the Rothschilds would go after big Israel ally UAE, but it is to whitewash Israel out of the story, and blame it all on 'the Americans':  "Inside the UAE’s secret hacking team of American mercenaries" (Bing/Schectman) and "When 'Former' Spies Run Wild Bad Things Happen" (Moon).

"Gladio Redux – Europe Divided, Conquest to Follow?" (Greenhalgh).  I don't buy a lot of this, but the bomb is clearly Gladio-style 'strategy of tension' applied to deal with the Brexit 'backstop', no doubt by Remainers.

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Meng Extradition a No Win for Canada" (Donovan).  Freeland is simply too evil, and Trudeau too stupid, to hold their current positions.

"French President Macron visits the hangman of Cairo" (Morrow/Lantier).  Looking to the expert for hints on how to get away with ultra-violent ways to deal with big protests.

"“How Did Anyone Even Notice Me?”" (Thoresen review of "(((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump" by Jonathan Weisman, which is basically all about the 'dialectic'):
"In the second chapter, which focuses largely on Israel, Weisman reveals the accuracy of even more of what White Nationalists and the Alt Right already know about Jews: that differences of opinion within the Jewish community exist only to the extent that opinions on what is best for Jews differ. He begins with the notorious Iran nuclear deal of 2015. Those Jews who supported it, Weisman included, were seen as traitors to Jewry. He frames this as a debate between two conceptions of Israel, one tribalist and one internationalist, but writes, “Embedded in both sides of the angry Jewish debate was the freighted question, Which camp supported Israel more?” (p. 72). This, then, is not really a debate between two conceptions of Israel, but rather between two conceptions of Jewish tribalism. Weisman believes that the focus on Israel among Jews residing in America has caused them to neglect their precarious situation here. Though this is not a new position, its advocates lost momentum following the Second World War. However, with America’s slavish devotion to Israel all but enshrined in the Constitution at this point, Weisman and others are even freer now to meddle in domestic affairs for the benefit of Jews without having to worry about being accused of dual loyalty. They can now claim a sort of impartiality with regard to Israel while knowing that it is safely in the hands of the American taxpayer. He writes, “American Jewry should be at least as focused on maintaining political support for Judaism in the United States as it is for sustaining Israel’s security” (p. 84). With Israel secure, Jews can focus even more on dominating American domestic policy and culture. And to do this, they have the perfect weapon."
A reminder of the three seminal Laurent Guyénot articles from the Unz Review:
  1. "Was Vietnam a Holocaust for Zion?";
  2. "Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?";
  3. "9/11 Was an Israeli Job".
In Dialectical engineering, I quoted the Vietnam piece (note that Unz also noted, though I now can't find where, something I never noticed since I wasn't 'woke' at the time I was reading them, that many of the early important writers on the JFK assassination, i.e., Brussell, were Jewish):
"Many of the leading figures of the anti-war movement were also Jewish. But soon after the leaking of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg, with the help of Anthony Russo, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn (all Jewish by birth), other liberal Jewish intellectuals made a 180-degree turn and became leading advocate of the war: they called themselves “neoconservatives”. We have here a fine example of dialectical engineering of history: as Jewish leftists like Noam Chomsky started to protest against the war, former Jewish leftists like Irving Kristol started to protest against the protesters. Meanwhile, Israel could be pushed out of the headlines. Kristol wrote in the magazine of the American Jewish Congress in 1972 that it was necessary to fight against George McGovern’s proposal to reduce the military budget by 30 percent: “This is to drive a knife into the heart of Israel. […] Jews don’t like a big military budget, but it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States. […] American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel.”[20]

Against McGovern’s demand for immediate withdrawal from Vietnam, Kristol could have added: “American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to withdraw from Vietnam, it is important to pursue the genocide of the Vietnamese, so that America’s youthful idealists will protest against their own government rather than against Israel’s violation of international law.”"
"2019.01.26 Vietnam: How They Play(ed) Us" (Morrissey) or "Vietnam: How They Play(ed) Us", and its comments.  Long but worthwhile.

"Sure, Donald – Let’s Go Ahead and Go to War with Iran Too. Fuck It. Might as Well at This Point." (Anglin):  "The fuck is this shit?"

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Red tags

"Insights on the Iran deal, BRICS and Venezuela" (Escobar interviews Celso Amorim, former Brazilian foreign minister under Lula):
"Switching to the Obama era, tell us about the role of Brazil, alongside Turkey, in the Iran nuclear negotiation, when you clinched a deal in Tehran in less than 24 hours, only for it to be smashed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the next day.
It was a long process, followed by 19 hours of negotiations, the Iranians tried to reopen one of the issues, both Lula and Erdogan refused. What facilitated our role as mediators was that the US had its hands full in the Middle East. I already had contacts with Javier Solana, then a sort of Foreign Affairs Minister of the EU, and also [Egyptian diplomat] ElBaradei, from my time at the UN. Obama, in a meeting of the G-8 + 5 in Italy, during a bilateral with us, he said three things: ‘I extended my hand and they did not answer’; ‘We need to solve the nuclear dossier’; ‘And I need friends to say what I cannot say’. What we did in the end, because we thought it was the right thing to do, with a lot of work and facing hardships, was exactly what the Americans wanted. One month before the deal I thought it would not happen. But then we received a letter from Obama, and to my greatest surprise, that was a reiteration of the same initial three points.
Hillary always had a different position. I foresaw her reaction as a possibility. We talked on the phone, in Madrid, when I was coming back from Iran, and I said, ‘Look, in Brazil we have this expression, ‘I didn’t read it, and I didn’t like it’. She did not want a deal. In a phone call before my trip, she was adding some other points of discussion and I said, ‘Hillary, this is a trust-building agreement. And these points that you mention were not in the letter delivered by your own President’. I’m not exaggerating, what followed was a silence lasting half a minute. So I thought; did she read the letter? Or she read it, and because they are a great power they can do what they want, and we have to take it, and adapt to it?
So what about China and Russia accepting the American line – no deal, more sanctions?
I know the sweeteners that made them accept it – concessions on the sanctions front. But geopolitically…
What’s your informed hypothesis?
There are two. This was a problem they did not solve. Who’s part of the global directory? The five permanent members of the Security Council. Now we have two developing countries, who are not even part of the Security Council, and they solve it? By coincidence, both were non-permanent members of the Security Council at the time. The other thing is whenever we are discussing a nuclear issue, the five get closer, because they are all nuclear powers."
"Venezuela’s Gold: 3 Times State Wealth in Western Banks “Mysteriously” Vanished".  Frankly, these Assholian - and lackey - banks (and judicial systems) are so crooked that you have to assume that any and all deposits with them are lost.  Since their reputations are all they have, it is a miracle anybody still has any dealings with them.

"Venezuela: What Activists Need To Know About The US-Led Coup" (Zeese/Flowers).

Another analysis of the constitutional problems facing 'Guido' and his bosses:  "The Failure of Guaido’s Constitutional Claim to the Presidency of Venezuela" (Kay).

"Coup in Venezuela: What Next?" (Teruggi).  "Venezuela Will Not Be an Easy Win for Donald Trump" (Purcell). I think he's already lost.  They shot the wad with a tiny attempt at a military uprising, easily suppressed, and there is nothing left to do.  This may work out for the best.  The Venezuelan government was stagnating, seemingly unable to get out of its economic problems (even bearing in mind that most of them are caused by the Americans).  This kind of outside threat tends to focus the mind.

Speaking of 'Guido's' bosses, infamous Trump haters and Joint Presidents Bolton and Abrams are already starting to show some desperation:  ""5,000 Troops To Colombia" To Quell Venezuela Crisis? John Bolton Flashes Notepad Contents At Briefing" (Durden).

"Israel's Story" (Giraldi).  "US Senate advances controversial anti-BDS legislation".

"Intel: Why Israel is recognizing the opposition in Venezuela" (Zaken).

"Syria and Iran Sign Strategic Economic Plan, including Tartus Naval Base".

Why its so hard to find ISIS in Syria - it has been redeployed by the Assholians elsewhere:  "Daesh Militants Transfered From Pakistan to Tajikistan – Russian Official". "US Caught Helping ISIS Commanders Escape from Prison in Afghanistan".

"NewsGuard: A Neoconservative Contrivance Which Promotes an Establishment View" (Giraldi).  You know this isn't going to work.  People will immediately start seeing red tags as a kind of seal of authenticity, and green tags as a sign of forced goodthink.  The next step will have to be having libraries refuse to show red-tagged sites, and then move on to having them banned completely.

"Impotence, substance abuse, brain tumors? New docs reveal ultra-creepy Google ad tracking".

Tweet (The War Nerd) (and Norton):
"Remember the Guardian's Simon Tisdall, who wrote that hilarious article on Idlib as bastion of feminist freedom? Well ol' Simon seems to have quite a record. @medialens found some other classics of his, old and new:"
In these last few months that we are still allowed to (sort of) communicate on the internet, before (((they))) 'shut it down' for too much 'knowing', a lot of 'journalists' are being outed for what they really are, and it is quite amusing in a tragic way.

Tweet (Boots Riley):
"You are an economist with the Brookings Institute, whose staff has many ex-CIA in it. You and the Brookings Institute are a huge part of the world's problems, and have advised the US on how to starve countries and extort them to broaden corporate markets. Shut the fuck up."

Monday, January 28, 2019

Like a choir

"The terrible forthcoming destruction of the « Caribbean Basin »" (Meyssan).  From January 8 (and further back from December 18, with the discussion of the required false-flag:  "The United States are preparing a war between Latin-American states").  Also:  "Les États-Unis créent les conditions de l’invasion du Venezuela" (Meyssen).

The MEK in Afghanistan:  "The use of terrorism according to John Bolton" (Meyssan).

"When You Can't Stand Your Candidate" (Abrams).  You have to wonder how many of Sheldon's shekels Shlomo had to schlep to order to get around Trump's reaction to Abrams' professed hatred of Trump!

The 'Dream Team' makes it completely, and comically, bipartisan:  "'Election-Meddler' Wasserman Schultz Now "Fixing Democracy" In Venezuela" (Durden).

"Turkish court authenticates audio that revealed spy agency MIT’s false flag in Syria":
"A Turkish court recently confirmed the authenticity of a leaked audio clip in which top-ranking Turkish officials are heard discussing the possibility of an intervention in Syria in a false flag operation conducted by Turkish intelligence agency MIT.

In the leaked recording, then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, then-Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu, MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and then-Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Güler are heard discussing military operations in Syria in Davutoglu’s Foreign Ministry office on March 13, 2013.

Fidan says in the recording: “If needed, I would dispatch four men to Syria. [Then] I would have them fire eight mortar shells at the Turkish side and create an excuse for war.”"
"Putin’s firewall around Russia-Turkey partnership" (Bhadrakumar:
"If good diplomacy is about showing tact in handling awkward situations while brilliant diplomacy lies in creating a pathway through a minefield, Putin was probably at his optimal best in navigating the Russian-Turkish partnership out of the reach of the American tentacles. Putin’s remarks after the talks with Erdogan once again underscored that in the Russian estimation, any foreign presence on Syrian soil will lack “international legal grounds” if it is not on the basis of an invitation from Damascus or emanating out of a decision of the UN Security Council. He was specifically referring to the US occupation of Syria. But having said that, Putin qualified that “constructive cooperation” nonetheless becomes necessary even with such partners whose presence in Syria may lack legitimacy. Importantly, Putin added that Russia respects Turkey’s security interests. Then he went on to spring a big surprise:
“And the third. The 1998 treaty between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Turkey is still valid, and it deals specifically with the fight against terrorism. I think this is the legal framework that covers many issues relating to ensuring Turkey’s security on its southern borders. Today we have been discussing this issue thoroughly and intensively enough.”
This needs some explaining. Putin was referring to the Adana Accord of October 1998 between Turkey and Syria regarding cooperation in combating terrorism, which became moribund through the 7-year Syrian conflict. Putin said the agreement “is still valid”, which of course was tantamount to saying that Damascus (and, presumably, Tehran) thought so, too. (By the way, in 2003, Iran too had endorsed the Adana Accord.)
In effect, Putin has suggested that the Adana Accord, which was forged under Egyptian-Iranian mediation following a nasty confrontation between Ankara and Damascus over the Kurdish PKK’s activities and presence in Syria, could still serve as the legal and political framework for securing the Turkish-Syrian border to combat terrorism. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov since amplified Putin’s remark further in media comments on Saturday. While on a visit to Rabat, Lavrov said, “The Adana agreement of 1998 was concluded between Turkey and Syria, its essence is to eliminate Turkey’s concerns about its security. [Syria] entered into this agreement, assuming certain obligations, and we proceed from the assumption that this agreement remains in force. As I understand, so do the state parties to the agreement.”
That is to say, Putin’s proposal offers an alternative to a Turkish occupation of Syrian territory – or involving a joint operation with the US to create a safe zone inside Syria and to enforce it militarily. The Adana Accord states that Syria is committed to eliminate any activity on its territory that would jeopardize Turkey’s security, including “the supply of weapons, logistic material, financial support to and propaganda activities” of Kurdish groups affiliated to the PKK. (The Syrian and Turkish foreign ministers signed an updated treaty in 2010.)
However, there is a caveat here. In order for the Adana Accord to come alive and fully satisfy Turkey’s security needs on the border region with Syria (which used to be the case till 2011 when Turkey became the staging ground for the US-led project to overthrow the Syrian government), Ankara must resuscitate its contacts with Damascus. Simply put, Putin is nudging Erdogan to restore ties with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. After all, under Adana Accord, Syria is committed to protect Turkey’s security, but that obligation is also “on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.”"
"Malaysia stripped of hosting 2019 championships after Israeli ban":
"In an interview with BBC news, Syed Saddiq, Malaysia's minister of youth and sports, defended his country's decision and stressed, “If hosting an international sporting event was more important than safeguarding the interest of our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are being mutilated time after time again then we have lost our moral conscience and moral compass."

Saddiq added, “Malaysia must stand firm.”"
Tweet (Joe Emersberger) (similar ruinously stupid shit from the same assholes):
"Overlaps between countries helping Trump anoint Guaido and the Coalition of the Willing that helped "W" Bush perpetrate the Supreme War Crime in Iraq based on a pack of lies shoud be noted "
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The situation in Venezuela could not be any clearer: Left-wing, formerly colonized nations in the Global South are standing with the legitimate government. Right-wing, colonial and imperialist countries are legitimizing the reactionary coup regime. It is all out in the open."
"Flagrant, Cynical, Public attempt at coup d’état – Venezuela" (Faure).

"Canada joins with imperial ‘Mafia’ to threaten Venezuela" (Engler).

"Zakharova Mocks ‘8 Day Snap Election Deadline’ for Venezuela – But There’s More" (Flores):  "She also joked that Germany, France and Spain “look like a choir.”".  Note that the coup attempt is based on the premise that the assassination attempt on Maduro succeeded, thus fitting 'Guido' into the constitutional argument as Maduro would have been 'permanently unavailable'.  When the assassination failed, the constitutional argument turned into nonsense, but Bolton decided to go ahead and install 'Guido' anyway!

"Anti-Semitic Massachutsets AG Blames the Jews for the Opioid Crisis" (Anglin).

Tweet (Michael H.) ('D Notice' discussion starting with 4chan, but it would explain the odd complete news blackout):
"Meanwhile, and you won’t see this reported in the U.K. due to a virtual news blackout on it, the anti austerity & anti neo liberal movement continues in France ..."
Gotta stop the goyim from knowing:  "Free Speech, Hassan Nasrallah, and Other Victims of Internet Censorship" (Wright).

"Mister Charlie Told Me So" (Hopkins).

Tweet (Raf Sanchez):
"Too good to be true. And yet it is."

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Gassing and maiming

Tweet (George Galloway):
"MSM journalists ( even decent ones) are in a state of denial about the collapse of their credibility amongst an increasingly “woke” general public. Fewer and fewer believe less and less of what they say, are suspicious of what they don’t say, and are deserting them in droves..."
We're getting so much of The Clarification all at once it is almost too much to stand.

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"If you're surprised to see the director of "Human Rights Watch" throwing his support behind a military coup against the democratically-elected government, raise your hand. And smack yourself with it. Then repeat the process, as many times as it takes."
Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"It is sad testament to Human Rights Watch’s abysmal agenda on Venezuela that the organization’s executive director would blame Maduro for attempted coup orchestrated against his govt with key assistance from US officials, who are further destabilizing the country." 
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Hilarious. The right-wing president of Paraguay (where the US backed a soft coup in 2012) is obediently following US orders and supporting the coup in Venezuela, but he doesn't even know the name of the puppet "president" they are trying to install, Guaidó"
"Jew Terrorist Elliot Abrams to Lead Pompeo-Bolton Venezuala Agenda" (Anglin).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Remembering Rachel Abrams - the late wife of Trump's Venezuelan coup czar, Elliot Abrams - and the time she called Palestinians "child sacrificing savages," "devil's spawn," worshippers of a "murder god," and called for their genocide via "
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Washington Post op-ed goes full in praise of Trump's Venezuela coup attempt because "combating Russian influence in our backyard is at the core of our national interest." "
 Tweet (OffGuardian):
"UK Govt: Look at the starving people of Venezuela! We must remove Maduro for their sake! Oh those poor hungry babies! Venezuelan Govt: Can we have our gold back, to buy food? UK: No."
Also as you would expect, the Eurotrash fall in line:  "France, Germany, Spain Give Maduro 8 Days to Hold Snap Election".

"The Vultures of Caracas" (Murray).

"Cocaine And Cash: How Maduro Stays In Power" (Durden). (((Bloomberg))) retypes one of the least clever State Department press releases.  The comments are funny.

Some good news from The Clarification, the Russian neoliberals have been completely discredited by the actions of the West they used to want to be like: "The End of Russia’s ‘Democratic Illusions’ About America" (Cohen).

I'm still certain the Canadian Liberals were using McCallum to send up trial balloons of sanity, but the Americans squawked so Nazi Prime Minister Freeland sent him to the firing squad:  "‘Nobody is feeling good about’ John McCallum’s departure, says PMO source" (Delacourt, retyping, as you would expect, a Liberal press release).  BTW, that's it for me and the Liberals.  Until Nazi Freeland and too-low IQ Trudeau are gone, I'm never voting Liberal again, even at the expense of getting the ridiculous and dangerous Conservatives.  These psychos/morons are literally too dangerous to have in power.

Tweet (Mr. Sinister):
"We quietly helped an attempted coup."
"Why Would the US Want Venezuela’s Oil When It Already Buys 41% of Its Total Exports?" (Korybko) (this would explain the overly-prominent role of Canada in the conspiracy):
"Alongside ensuring full geopolitical control over the Caribbean Basin and ideologically confronting socialism, the US wants to obtain predominant influence over Venezuela in order to incorporate it into a parallel OPEC-like structure for challenging the joint Russian-Saudi OPEC+ arrangement per the author’s late-2016 prediction about the formation of a “North American-South American Petroleum Exporting Countries” (NASAPEC) cartel. This entity would function as “Fortress America’s” energy component and have the potential to exert powerful long-term pressure on the international oil market at Russia and Saudi Arabia’s expense. When coupled with the US and Qatar’s joint LNG investment plans, it’s clear to see that the US is making a global power play for control over the world’s energy industry, which could very adversely affect Russia."
I'm guessing Maduro will still be in power when Macron is long gone (and France will say goodbye to the cruel rule of a Khazarocracy, the worst form of government yet discovered, a fate we all still suffer).  "Watch Live: Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000" (Durden). Tweet (Lisa McKenzie):
"How can stand on the world stage and think he has any authority, is the complete example of the arrogance of the elite man."
"Mueller's Desperate Roger Stone Gambit by Larry Johnson":
". . . if the Trump organization was actively colluding with the Russians and Wikileaks, why were they asking Stone to find out what Wikileaks had and what it intended to do with such material.

This is the most critical revelation, in my view, from this indictment--the Trump campaign did not know what Wikileaks had or what it intended to do. They were reaching out to an outsider--a third party--who claimed to have contacts with Wikileaks. But Stone did not. In typical Roger Stone fashion, his story kept changing. Initially he insisted he was in direct contact with someone there. Not true. He then admitted that he was relying on the word of Randy Credico. That probably was the truth. But Credico's information was second hand. Randy Credico knew the wife of Julian Assange's deceased attorney--Margaret Ratner Kunstler, widow of William Kunstler. She did have contacts at Wikileaks and was in a position to tell Credico that more dirt on Clinton was coming. But Stone was parlaying third hand information to present himself as a guy with inside knowledge. That's not criminal. That is typical of Washington and the world of journalism."
Building a country, one murder at a time: "Israel enjoys West's support for killing Palestinians: Activist".

Tweet (Dr Old Grump):
"It's time for the world to act. The country has seen weeks of violent protests, the embattled President has a less than 17% approval rating, and government forces have been gassing and maiming civilians in the streets. Install Nathalie Arthaud as President of France now!"

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Juan Guido

There was an impressive rant by a Democrat senator from Colorado named Michael Bennet.  In it he mentioned something important, something I've seen elsewhere but can't find now.  It is the fact that Trump is going to have to expropriate the land for his wall from rich Republican ranchers/landowners.  Trump has no real intention to build the wall - getting the land is literally politically impossible for a Republican President, and always has been - but has to pretend he does due to the centrality of the concept to his 'base' (Ann Coulter has consistently and noisily made the wall the central tenet of MAGA).  He set the whole shutdown up just to make it seem that he did everything he could, but the traitorous Democrats held the country up to ransom, so it just wasn't possible to keep his promise without irreparably damaging the country.  Of course, Trump had to wait for the Democrats to control the House before he could attempt this argument.

"Russiagate Farce: FBI Brings CNN Camera Crew to Film 3am Arrest of Roger Stone". Mueller is encouraging Americans to see this operation as another part of a Clintonista conspiracy.

"Protests in France and Venezuela - Spot the Difference" (Clark).  "Gilets Jaunes Under Attack" (Haynes)

Tweet (Mr. LV426):
"Let me get this straight...the guy who helped create the conditions that all of these immigrants are fleeing in Central America -- the "border crisis" -- was just put in charge of a coup effort in Venezuela by the Trump administration. Is that ironic or just insane?"
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just called the figure Washington is attempting to install as Venezuelan President "Juan *Guido*" - as in the racist term for Italians. America's top diplomat didn't even bother to learn how to pronounce his puppet's name."
Tweet (Jon Zal):
"Anyone criticizing the use of a S.W.A.T. team in Roger Stone's arrest clearly isn't familiar with the danger posed by his collection of trick umbrellas."
Tweet (William LeGate):
"If Trump really wanted to see Hillary locked up, he should’ve just hired her to work on his campaign."

Friday, January 25, 2019

Virtual regime change

"The Coup in Venezuela Must Be Resisted" (Murray):
"But I can think of no precedent at all for recognising a President who does not have and has never had control of the country – and has never been a candidate for President. This idea of the West simply trying to impose a suitably corrupt and biddable leader is really a very startling development. It is astonishing the MSM commentariat and political class appear to see no problem with it. It is a quite extraordinary precedent, and doubtless will lead to many new imperialist adventures."
Tweet (David Mizner):
"Always, always the same. Cartoon vilification of government leader, white-washing of reactionary opposition, elevation of wealthy ex-pats who support US imperialism, erasure of indigenous voices who support government, both sides-ism or silence from American leftists "
"US Regime Change in Venezuela: The Documented Evidence " (Cartalucci).

"5 Reasons Why The US-Led Crusade Against Venezuela May Fail" (Marat).  Extremely atypical to see in Zero Hedge, and the some of the commenters aren't amused, but the points made are strong.

"Trump Recognition of Rival Venezuelan Government Will Set Off a Diplomatic Avalanche" (Madsen).  Trump's madness will lead to total international instability, with the legitimacy of governments now dependent on the whim of a President and the lackey governments he has supporting him.

We've now reached the point of 'virtual regime change', with Trump, not a fan of wasting money on wars, skipping that step by simply announcing that the change has occurred.

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future. We don't want other countries to choose our leaders--so we have to stop trying to choose theirs."
Tweet (Niki Ashton, who lost the last leadership contest to the so-called current leader of the Canadian NDP, who, for all we see of him, is apparently in some kind of protective custody):
"PM Trudeau sides with Trump's regime change agenda and Brazil's fascist President in support of someone calling for a military coup in Venezuela. No! We cannot support an agenda of economic or military coups. #HandsOffVenezuela"
Note the responses are largely from the very loud white rich types who are in exile in places like Canada (an exact parallel to the anti-Castro Cubans, and hopefully will be whining for at least as long).

Blah, ambiguous Singh tweet.  Godawful Bernie tweets.

"Arrest of Marzieh Hashemi Reveals Bipartisan Nature of Police State" (Baraka).  "Silence of the Lambs: The Case of Marzieh Hashemi" (Amiri).  The 'official' self-styled protectors of journalism had nothing, or almost nothing, to say about this, as you would expect.  As is so often the case, the 'right' isn't necessarily worse than usual, it is just that the 'left' completely turtles, or worse.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


"Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaido Declares Himself President, Recognized by US and Allies".  This is the single most outrageous action taken by the Assholians (other than the illegal Wars For The Jews, of course).  It shreds all international law completely.  The problem is, if it doesn't work - and it looks very likely that it won't - it wrecks the Assholian Empire, making the Assholians (yet again) looking like weak pussies.  The big issue is that the army is brown, and is woke to the fact they are facing white supremacists.

The various caudillos from various shitholes who went along (Lester Pearson must be turning over in his grave).  I would suggest that Venezuela recognize Killary as US President - she has a lot more claim than the Venezuelan clown backed by the Assholians - but she would have already invaded Venezuela!

"Open Thread: US Backs anti-Maduro Coup in Venezuela" and its comments.  Note the Maidan-style sniper plan (a version of which was used in Syria), to be blamed on the government, forcing the Americans to intervene militarily 'for humanitarian reasons'.  They've already tried this, and I would expect it again.

"Washington Has Appointed a President for Venezuela" (Roberts). How do the Clintonistas keep a straight face when they complain bitterly about Russia's $100,000 click-bait meddling in American elections?

Tweet (Caitlin Johnstone):
"Tell me more about how Facebook is a private company completely separate from the US government."
"The US Army says Iran is the only victor of the Iraq War" (Fernholz).

"Deal Breaker, Donald Trump and The Unmaking of the Iran Nuclear Agreement" (Black).  Review of new Ritter book.

"Iranian TV anchor held as witness freed from US jail".  I'd like to know what the Star Chamber grand jury before which she was forced into to giving testimony was up to (hint: she's working on a BLM documentary).  She's lucky she's an American or we'd never see her again.  Note how the 'witness' scam lets them circumvent various inconveniences like the Constitution.

Medical examiners are always ready to provide a good laugh:  "Deaths of Saudi sisters found in New York river ruled suicide".

"The FBI’s police state operation against Trump" (Martin).  I'd suggest five to ten regional offices, completely separate, across the US, to provide technical forensic assistance to local police, and to deal with inter-state crimes, and wind the entire FBI up.  Otherwise you are going to continue to get this outrageous unconstitutional political meddling.

"Pompeo turns reality upside down" (Giraldi) - 'force for good'.  You have to give them credit for being able to deliver these speeches without falling into fits of laughter.

"Anti-Zionists ARE anti-Semites– Bari Weiss draws the line in the ‘New York Times’" (Weiss).  "Goyim Upset That Roe Jogan is a Jewish Shill" (Anglin).

"Russia, Turkey agree to take steps to 'stabilise' Syria's Idlib".  Note the rare official acknowledgment that the attack was a false flag staged by Trump's own people!:  ""I Won't Back Down": Trump Agreed With Erdogan That ISIS Bombing Was Intentional "Provocation"" (Durden).

"Is a Land Swap Between Turkey and Syria Being Brokered by Russia?" (Sadiq):
"It becomes abundantly clear after reading the RT report that a land swap agreement between Ankara and Damascus under the auspices of Moscow is in the works to avoid standoff over Manbij.

The agreement would likely stipulate that Damascus would give Ankara free hand to mount offensives in the Kurdish-occupied Arab-majority towns Manbij and Kobani in northern Syria in return for Ankara withdrawing its militant proxies from Maarat al-Numan, Khan Sheikhoun and Jisr al-Shughour, all of which are strategically located in the south of Idlib governorate.

Just as Ankara cannot tolerate the presence of the Kurds in northern Syria along Turkey’s southern border in line with its “east of Euphrates” military doctrine, similarly even Ankara would acknowledge the fact that Damascus cannot possibly conceive the long-term presence of Ankara’s jihadist proxies in the aforementioned strategic locations in the south of Idlib governorate threatening the Alawite heartland of coastal Latakia.

If such a land swap agreement is concluded between Ankara and Damascus, it would be a win-win for all parties to the Syrian conflict, excluding the Kurds, of course. But the response of Damascus and Moscow to the concerns of the Kurds has been tepid of late.

Not only have the Kurds committed the perfidy of playing the proxies of Washington during the Syrian conflict which abandoned them after Trump’s announcement of withdrawal of American troops from Syria, but we must also recall another momentous event that took place in Deir al-Zor governorate in February 2018.

On February 7, the US B-52 bombers and Apache helicopters struck a contingent of Syrian government troops and allied forces in Deir al-Zor that reportedly [2] killed and wounded scores of Russian military contractors working for the Russian private security firm, the Wagner group.

The survivors described the bombing as an absolute massacre, and Kremlin lost more Russian citizens in one day than it had lost throughout its more than three-year-long military campaign in support of the Syrian government since September 2015.

The reason why Washington struck Russian contractors working in Syria was that the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – which is mainly comprised of Kurdish YPG militias – had reportedly handed over the control of some areas east of Euphrates River to Deir al-Zor Military Council (DMC), which is the Arab-led component of SDF, and had relocated several battalions of Kurdish YPG militias to Afrin and along Syria’s northern border with Turkey in order to defend the Kurdish-held areas against the onslaught of the Turkish armed forces and allied Syrian militant proxies during Ankara’s “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s northwest that lasted from January to March 2018.

Syrian forces with the backing of Russian contractors took advantage of the opportunity and crossed the Euphrates River to capture an oil refinery located to the east of Euphrates River in the Kurdish-held area of Deir al-Zor.

The US Air Force responded with full force, knowing well the ragtag Arab component of SDF – mainly comprised of local Arab tribesmen and mercenaries to make the Kurdish-led SDF appear more representative and inclusive – was simply not a match for the superior training and arms of Syrian troops and Russian military contractors, consequently causing a carnage in which scores of Russian citizens lost their lives.

Clearly, Moscow and Damascus hold the Kurds responsible for the atrocity along with Washington, and hence it is unlikely that the Syrian military would come to the rescue of the Kurds in the event of a Turkish military offensive east of Euphrates."
As we like to say in Canada, 'two solitudes':  "Nick Sandmann and the Poverty of Social Media Storms" (Marshall) versus "More Verified Hate" (Kersey) and "Identity Stalinism" (Sailer).  Very Rashomon!

"Canada’s ambassador to China backs Meng’s chances of fighting extradition to the U.S." (MacCharles) (it is very likely this is being floated by the Canadian government):
"“I think she has quite good arguments on her side: one, political involvement by comments from Donald Trump in her case; two, there’s an extraterritorial aspect to her case; and three, there’s the issue of Iran sanctions, which are involved in her case, and Canada does not sign onto these Iran sanctions,” said McCallum."
Tweet (Realistic Democrat) (also):
 "I’m a McAuliffe man but Harris’ commitment to AIPAC, Israel and our successful Middle East policy in general is really, really Realistic! Like, whoa!"
"Why some French-speaking non-binary people don't seek treatment in their language".

"Did Khashoggi Really Die?" (Engdahl).  Killary/MB/Alwaleed bin Talal/Qatar/Erdoğan/CIA versus President Kushner/Trump/MBS.  The click-bait title is irrelevant.  The CIA-MB connection is legit, as is the enmity between the CIA and the current Administration.

"Is Terrorism an Israeli Tax?" Yes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

To a pulp

A reminder from WikiLeaks of the true nature of the Democrats/Clintonistas:
""grind him to a pulp" "stick the knife in" With attacks on Bernie Sanders and others heating up in the Democratic candidacy announcement period, a look back at a communication between Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta and PR strategist Joel Johnson."
The Khazar war on Gabbard has begun, or how to spell 'toady' (Ben Norton tweet):
"This hilarious video exemplifies how stupid and infantile discourse on Syria is: If you oppose regime change and arming of fascist contra "rebels," a braindead neocon with a sinecure in the corporate media smears you as an Assad apologist using insults they can't spell or define"
The JYT hiring Weiss - an obvious simpleton, but a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist - while simultaneously un-hiring Norton, is one of the most illustrative examples you can find of current American Khazar-poisoned politics and 'journalism'.

"Fighting Poverty with a Hate Map?" (Mykytyn).  A classic example of the rhetorical question:
"One ‘hate’ group, Radical Traditional Catholicism, are excoriated for blaming Jews for the killing of Christ and “They also embrace extremely conservative social ideals with respect to women.” Is this a hate group? Ultra Orthodox Jews have some pretty vile thoughts about non Jews and also adhere to extremely conservative social ideals for women. Why aren’t the Lubovitches, for instance, on the list?"
"Canada Arrest of China’s HuaWei CFO Meng Wanzhou: Diplomatic Blunder or Cold War Stratagem?" (Michalchuk):
"In essence the charges against Meng Wanzhou are that Wauwei has close ties to Hong Kong-based Skycom Tech Co Ltd, which attempted to sell U.S. equipment contrary the U.S secondary sanctions the U.S. has applied against Iran. These prohibit technology transfers of a non-military use. The U.S. also charged that Meng Wanzhou was not truthful to banks who asked her about links between the two firms. This charge is also particular to U.S. secondary sanctions because they prohibit anyone from having any financial dealing with Iran.
Those facts are important and particular only to U.S. secondary sanctions. Secondary sanctions are particular to the U.S. and are applied only by the U.S. They are beyond those approved by the United Nations. The issue of U.S. secondary sanctions is important in assessing how Canada has behaved through the course of this and whether or not Canada is truly following international norms and the rule of law.
The argument that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou is not legitimate rests on the fact that Canada has no sanctions on Iran that are equivalent to the U.S. secondary sanctions. Canadian sanctions are only those as approved by the United Nations and these are sanctions against military hardware and infrastructure as well as individuals. (a list of these sanctions is included in the “for your reference”at the end of the article)
An example of U.S. secondary sanctions:
“(i) on or after August 7, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the sale, supply, or transfer to Iran of significant goods or services used in connection with the automotive sector of Iran;
(ii) on or after November 5, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of petroleum or petroleum products from Iran;
(iii) on or after November 5, 2018, knowingly engaged in a significant transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of petrochemical products from Iran;”
(the full text of U.S. secondary sanctions is included in the ‘for your reference’ at the end of the article)
U.S secondary sanctions are illegal under international law."
"WaPo Corrects Itself: Nathan Phillips Didn't Fight in Vietnam" (Sailer).  Here's what is supposed to be the most damning shot.  Note how the drummer is aware of the camera, and how he is essentially a pied piper goading these goofy teenagers to act like goofy teenagers.  Remember, he approached them, and started the confrontation (which in fact originally started when a group of crazy black religious cultists started to call the teenagers names).  How is a white independent voter who has or has had teen-aged sons going to view this?  These teenagers have had doxxing threats to ruin their future professional lives, and even death threats.  The culture wars which were started by the Republicans in a desperation attempt to get the 99% to stupidly vote for them - the irony is the teens were on a trip to attend an anti-abortion rally - have been taken over by the Clintonistas, using identity politics, and are equally desperate and despicable.

"‘Fake news’ is okay if it’s about #RussiaGate: Top 7 fake ‘collusion’ stories the media pushed".  "BuzzFeed’s Cohen Lies Just Latest Example of Embarrassing ‘RussiaGate’ Hysteria" (Klarenberg).  "The Fetishization of the Corporate Media" (Hopkins).

"Rep. Omar Says She ‘Unknowingly’ Used ‘Anti-Semitic Trope’ in Tweet".  "Why Michelle Alexander’s ‘NY Times’ column is having such a huge impact" (North) (also).  "Tamika Mallory won’t explicitly say Israel should exist in tense exchange with PBS’s Margaret Hoover" (Kampeas).  A tiny amount of steam venting has appeared, useful to prevent an explosion.  Some find it a tad unsettling:  "Explained // Reports Like Buzzfeed’s of a Democratic Drift on Israel Appear to Be Greatly Exaggerated" (Kampeas).

'Rigged system'.  The screaming is always instructive.  "Why Jeremy Corbyn's 'rigged system' is a template for antisemitism" (Bolton/Pitts).

"Chinese police must guard against 'color revolutions', says top official" (Rothschilds).

"Additional Details And Analysis Of Israeli Strike On Syrian Pantsir-S Air Defense System" (South Front).  It's clear that the repeated attacks are intended to provoke a response, which will help Bibi's reelection, and drag the Americans back in to this War For The Jews.

"Fox & Friends Apologizes For Unfortunate Graphic Saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Dead" (Scarce).  Trump's got another SCOTUS appointment coming up very soon, a real right-winger unlike that liberal wimp Kavanaugh, all thanks to Killary and her pals.

"The White Helmets, alleged organ traders & child kidnappers, should be condemned not condoned" (Beeley).  I wonder if their snacking on the inventory affects their organ trafficking business.

"Guardian Reports More “Good News”, Kids are Dying in Venezuela" (Pear).

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The arrow points into the sea

It makes perfect sense that the Anglo-American IC conspirators trying to start WWIII would have an insider planted in Mueller's team:  "Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud’s Network" (Vos).

Background on the high 'journalism' standards of BuzzFeed:  "BuzzFeed CEO Spoofed Prominent Gun Rights Activist To Spread Disinformation" (Lott).

"Native American "Harassed" By MAGA Kids Exposed As Outrage-Culture Grifter" (Durden).  We've all heard about 'the talk' that black parents give their teen aged sons on how not to be murdered by American policemen.  It seems to me the parents of these rich white kids also need to give 'the talk' on how not to be set up by SJW grifters and have their lives ruined (or worse) by falling for the trickery.

"Media Falsehoods about Syria" (Sterling).  Another 'journalist', luckily no longer with us.

"The Brazen Detention of Marzieh Hashemi, America’s Newest Political Prisoner" (Cohen).  "The US War on Freedom of the Press" (Pear):
"Unbeknownst to most of the public, the US has been in a declared state of emergency since September 11, 2001. The state of emergency was declared by George W. Bush with Proclamation 7463, and it has been renewed annually by Bush, Obama and Trump. In addition, Bush secretly put into effect Continuity of Government (COG). In effect, the US is under martial law, has been since 9/11, and the US Constitution is in state of suspended animation."
"A Tale of Two Walls" (Giraldi).  The total amount of money Trump is requesting for his 'wall' is a couple minutes worth of the annual haul of American wealth turned over to the Khazars each year through their use of blackmail and bribery on American politicians.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Israeli minister calls Michelle Alexander and perhaps other Black intellectuals a “strategic threat” to Israel. As censored Aljazeera film revealed, Israel already targeting Black community covertly: "
Tweet (Behind Israel's Troll Army):
 "Guys. Do you really want to play this game."
Tweet (Afshin Rattansi):
"You literally sent a letter to him subtly suggesting he commit suicide"
Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"Yes, because Syria was defending itself from Israeli aggression. “During my assault, the victim struck back at me. This is unacceptable!” That’s what the Israelis sound like here."
Tweet (WikiLeaks):
 "Top ten false or fabricated stories appearing in the press about WikiLeaks"
"Cyber expert claims India's 2014 general election was 'rigged'".

Parody of Marshall, emptywheel and other partisan Clintonistas:  "EXCLUSIVE: Helsinki Transcript Exposes President Trump as a Russian Agent, Betrayed America for Urinating Prostitutes" (Rogers).

Monday, January 21, 2019

Soros / 'Journalism' / Buck with a 'B'

"Soros, Fake News & Italian Media: Journalist Reveals Plot to Put Rome Under Austerity" (Trovato):
"George Soros, a sworn enemy of the present right-populist coalition government in Rome, has been on something of a mission to put Italy under austerity, with Italian media reporting on such efforts going back to at least 2011. Last October, in an explosive interview for Italian TV, former Prime Minister Mario Monti revealed that Soros had called him at the height of the European sovereign debt crisis eight years ago, urging Italy to accept ‘assistance’ from the IMF to dig out from under its debt problem. Monti refused at the time, saying following Soros’ advice would have turned Italy into another Greece.
On November 26, 2018, in a meeting in Brussels with Timmermans, along with a representative of EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, Soros was again assumed to have brought up the debt issue, with Italian media speculating heavily regarding the vague comments of an EC spokesperson, who said only that they “cannot confirm or deny whether Italy’s budget was discussed.”
Meanwhile, Sputnik Italia contributor Alessio Trovato writes, Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been cutting paychecks “to a considerable number of journalists and influencers whom (surprise) constantly refer to him as a ‘benefactor’ and ‘spontaneously’ support all of his campaigns, including his support for migration, mondialism, Russophobia and colour revolutions.”
A big part of the problem, according to Trovato, is that the mainstream media continues to completely ignore Soros’ activities, or to report on them only with reluctance, even as the billionaire seeks to interfere in democratic processes and the internal affairs of sovereign nations."
"The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros"(Grassegger, at BuzzFeed).  Whatcha doin' from the usual (((nice folks))) who will, of course, scream bitterly about the 'anti-Semitism' they created.  This leaves unsaid the fact that Soros, with his currency manipulations, has probably caused more human suffering than any other living person.

"The Tale of “Count” Soros and the Young Latvian State he Destroyed" (Berger):
"Igors Meija, the chairman of the board of directors of Latvia’s construction company Constructus LV, in one of his recent speeches has quite colorfully described the true nature of the “selfless donations” that George Soros is know of making, ruining Latvia and its economy through those. In particular, the CEO revealed that Soros would often brag that he spent 90 million dollars on “supporting democracy” in Latvia. Yet if one is to take a closer look at the profits Soros and the powerful members of his closed club like the Rothschilds reaped from these investments, one can safely state that they’ve made a lot of money by donating them. Among the most noticeable assets that Soros and other oligarchs own is the Lativian external debt that has recently reached 11 billion dollars due to machinations that Soros pulled off in cooperation with the bribed Latvian officials. This amounts to 6,515 thousands dollars that each Latvian resident has to pay, or 12,509 dollars taken from each economically active person. Even to service this debt Latvian tax payers have to give away 1.1 million dollars a day of their hard-earned cash! Just three months of debt servicing amounts to the 90 million dollars Soros spent on “promoting democracy“ in Latvia! One can admit that Soros and the likes of him know how to get more than impressive ROI rates.
If nothing changes in the foreseeable future and the dire demographic situation in Latvia won’t improve, each economically active resident of Latvia will have to pay 23,882 dollars to the kind philanthropists that ruined their country by 2030. Igors Meija complains that on top of this all, Soros managed to “liberalize” local financial sector by eliminating all Latvian competitors from it, handing over the money of the ruined Latvian banks, such as Latvijas Krājbanka, Trasta komercbanka, ABLV, to overseas debt holders.
Igors Meija is convinced that this “philanthropist” and his “club” won’t stop carnivorous practices, especially once they’ve realized that the obedient Latvian bureaucracy will do anything they demand it to do in a bid to stay in power and profit from the local population. The CEO is convinced that Latvia is reminiscent of America in post-Columbian era. Once the “pale-faced do-gooders” landed on the Latvian shores and offered glass mirrors and beads to the local population in exchange for diamonds and gold, Latvians have had a hard time trying to make their both ends meet.
Similar cases of debt enslavement by Soros and the likes of him can be found in various countries all across the world, where Soros carries on its “philanthropic activities”.
However, Western financial and political elites have been receiving significant dividends from defending George Soros on a multitude of MSM platforms that they own, deliberately hiding the true nature of this soulless plutocrat. Of course, among such media outlets one can find the Guardian, the New York Times and the Financial Times on top on a number of other publications, that have already lost all credibility with the Western public due to the extensive amount of shill work they do for the Western financial elites."
"The Definitive List Of US/UK Media "Russiagate" Fake Stories" (Durden, listing tweets by Hatlem).  "Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story" (Greenwald).

"MSM Begs For Trust After Buzzfeed Debacle" (Johnstone).

Marshall has settled on a theoretical conspiracy theory, based entirely on suppositions and notably without any proven factual background, that Trump is under Putin's sway as Putin controlled planning permissions needed to build the Trump-branded hotel planned for Moscow, negotiations for which went on during the campaign, but which fell through:  "The Hotel Deal Is Really All That Matters".  This is pathetic even by Marshall's standards.  As has been pointed out by many, not only have the sanctions not been lifted, they have been increased, as has the general anti-Russian slant of the entire American government on many, many fronts.

empotywheel has some kind of argument based on the idea that Mueller had to refute the BuzzFeed story in order to preserve whatever shaky credibility (!) Cohen has as a future witness:  "Peter Carr Speaks".

It is difficult not to notice that Trump's big failure throughout was having Khazars as business partners.

((('Journalists'))) versus BLM:  Tweet (Margaret Kimberley):
"A wishy washy tweet from the Committee to Protect Journalists re: Marzieh Hashemi. No demand. No outrage. No explanation of the constitutional abuse of “material witness” designation. Just a lame expression of “concern.” "


Sunday, January 20, 2019

It’s the algorithm

"The US Military Is Winning... No, Really, It Is!" (Turse):
"Today, almost 17 years after the war began, two years after Nicholson took the reins, one year after Trump articulated his new plan, victory in any traditional sense is nowhere in sight. Despite spending around $900 billion in Afghanistan, as the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction determined earlier this year, “between 2001 and 2017, U.S. government efforts to stabilize insecure and contested areas in Afghanistan mostly failed.” According to a July 30, 2018, report by that same inspector general, the Taliban was by then contesting control of or controlled about 44% of that country, while Afghan government control and influence over districts had declined by about 16% since Nicholson’s predecessor, General John Campbell, was in command.
And that was before, last month, the Taliban launched a large-scale attack on a provincial capital, Ghazni, a strategically important city, and held it for five days, while taking control of much of the province itself. Finally driven from the city, the Taliban promptly overran a military base in Baghlan Province during its withdrawal. And that was just one day after taking another Afghan military base. In fact, for the previous two months, the Taliban had overrun government checkpoints and outposts on a near-daily basis. And keep in mind that the Taliban is now only a fraction of the story. The U.S. set out to defeat it and al-Qaeda in 2001. Today, Washington faces exponentially more terror groups in Afghanistan -- 21 in all, including an imported franchise from the Iraq War front, ISIS, that grew larger during Nicholson’s tenure.
Given this seemingly dismal state of affairs, you might wonder what happened to Nicholson. Was he cashiered? Fired, Apprentice-style? Quietly ushered out of Afghanistan in disgrace? Hardly. Like the 15 U.S. commanders who preceded him, the four-star general simply rotated out and, at his final press conference from the war zone late last month, was nothing if not upbeat.
“I believe the South Asia Strategy is the right approach. And now we see that approach delivering progress on reconciliation that we had not seen previously,” he announced. “We've also seen a clear progression in the Taliban's public statements, from their 14 February letter to the American people to the recent Eid al-Adha message, where [Taliban leader] Emir Hibatullah acknowledged for the first time that negotiations will, quote, ‘ensure an end to the war,’ end quote.”
In the event that you missed those statements from a chastened Taliban on the threshold of begging for peace, let me quote from the opening of the latter missive, issued late last month:
“This year Eid­ al­-Adha approaches us as our Jihadi struggle against the American occupation is on the threshold of victory due to the help of Allah Almighty. The infidel invading forces have lost all will of combat, their strategy has failed, advanced technology and military equipment rendered useless, [the] sedition and corruption­-sowing group defeated, and the arrogant American generals have been compelled to bow to the Jihadic greatness of the Afghan nation.”
And those conciliatory statements of peace and reconciliation touted by Nicholson? The Taliban says that in order to end “this long war” the “lone option is to end the occupation of Afghanistan and nothing more.”
In June, the 17th American nominated to take command of the war, Lieutenant General Scott Miller, appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee where Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) grilled him on what he would do differently in order to bring the conflict to a conclusion. “I cannot guarantee you a timeline or an end date,” was Miller’s confident reply.
Did the senators then send him packing? Hardly. He was, in fact, easily confirmed and starts work this month. Nor is there any chance Congress will use its power of the purse to end the war. The 2019 budget request for U.S. operations in Afghanistan -- topping out at $46.3 billion -- will certainly be approved."
I've been over this before, but if you keep fighting wars for somebody else's purposes, you can't ever 'win', as you can never elucidate what 'winning' would look like.

"US erodes Russia-Turkey axis in Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  More very late - hail Mary late, if the Khazars believed in Mary, that bitch - Yinonizing attempts by the neocons, complete with no-fly zone.  Tel Aviv must think that Erdoğan is some kind of idiot.

As you would expect, death rates from synthetic opiates correspond, not to medical need, but to the degree of Sackler family 'pushing' to doctors (essentially by bribing them):  "Opioid Deaths Overlap With Pharma’s Target Markets" (Hlavinka).  "Oddly Enough, More Big Pharma Kickbacks for Docs Are Associated With More Opioid Deaths" (Watson).

"Andrew Anglin Involved in Problematic Lawsuit Situation" (Knickerbocker).  Anglin made the mistake he constantly warns his readers not to make.

"REVEALED: Amnesty International’s Historic Links to US & UK Intelligence Agencies" (Rubenstein).  From its beginning, just another British intelligence operation, another part of the long line leading to the Integrity Initiative and the White Helmets.

"Buzzfeed, Question Time & the purpose of Fake News" (Knightly).  I think it is simpler than the big conspiracy (the big conspiracy does explain the Guardian).  Buzzfeed, in its very name, is a clickbait scheme (ironically, exactly what the Russians were up to when they were sending out silly memes before the last election).  They are all about the clicks, and they got the clicks.  Who cares about reputation?

They were warned and went ahead anyway:  tweet (Aaron Maté):
"More bad news for Buzzfeed, via WP: in seeking initial comment from Mueller, Buzzfeed "made no reference to the... evidence that Mueller’s investigators" supposedly had. Mueller office "would have more vigorously discouraged the reporters" had they known: "
"The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data" (Best).  They might learn something about themselves!  Carrying this stuff through airports seems awfully dumb to me.

"War on BDS: How AIPAC-Israel Agenda became USG Priority" (Baroud). A revealing inter-Khazar fight.  The machers are furious that the lite Zionists are using BDS to consolidate Khazar thieving to date, while giving up on all the rest of the Zionist Empire that has yet to be stolen.  They are so mad they are demonstrating the obscene degree of control they have over American politicians with obviously unconstitutional efforts to block one particular type of speech.

Sarsour remains a problem they continue to attack by kevinbaconing her (with Farrakahn):  "Women's March doesn’t represent Jews – Laura Loomer shouts after crashing NYC event".  The irony of course is that all these marches in recent American history have been led and organized solely by Khazars for what amounts to Khazar supremacist purposes (which isn't to say there have not been good results from them).  We're so indoctrinated we don't even ask the obvious question of why a woman's march should represent Jews!

"Why is Japan So Bitter About Unstoppable Rise of China" (Vltchek).  There is a meme that has been around for years that Japan is right on the verge of completely collapsing, generally connected to its refusal to give up its genetic homogeneity.

The Remainer conspiracy:  "Second Referendum: Beware The Deception Around A "No Deal" Brexit" (Guinness). The only thing that is stopping them is the fear that the people are on to the trick, and will deliver an even greater Leave vote the next time, as a big fuck you to the establishment.  That would really put them in a pickle.

"Coincidence? - Chief Nurse Of British Army Was First To Arrive At Novichoked Skripal Scene" (Moon).  Good stuff, but there is no evidence that the agent used could have killed him, or was intended to kill him, so they weren't trying to get rid of him.  It is remarkable that it was the army nurse herself who went out of her way to obtain a public award for her daughter, hardly likely if she was part of the conspiracy (or did she think nobody would put the pieces together?).  You almost have to wonder if British intelligence had her reveal herself to send another message to the Russians - we did this, and can and will do it again, and the only reason the victims are alive is that we sent an expert to monitor the scene.

"BRITISH GOVERNMENT DEMOLISHES SKRIPAL HOUSE, ROOF FALLS IN ON THERESA MAY AS EVIDENCE GROWS THAT SERGEI SKRIPAL POISONED HIMSELF BY ACCIDENT" (Helmer).  The MI6 Players present a little dinner theater.  That door handle ought to be in a museum somewhere (along with the part of the plane that Rumsfeld has carted off as a trophy on 9/11, Atta's passport, and the Magic Bullet).

The Khazars want to collect your deets, goyim, and have a trick to get you to let them (it's the human body form of phishing):  tweet (Tim Maughan):
"This is hilarious. got identical twins to try out leading DNA tests. Very different results between brands. Even worse? 23andMe gave different results for *each twin* Their explanation? “It’s the algorithm”"