Wednesday, January 09, 2019


'Karl' Carson continues to impress.  ""I've Got My Yellow Vest, Do You?"" (Luongo).

"France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests" (Durden).

"The Mysteries Surrounding Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, the Sackler Family’s Second Opioid Company" (Poses).

The context of #Russiagate:  "How The US Spent Billions To Change The Outcome Of Elections Around The World: A Review" (Haiphong).

This is old-fashioned Atwater/Stone/Segretti ratfucking:  "“Dry Alabama” – Second Democrat Psyop Against Roy Moore Revealed" (Anglin).

"How The BBC Manufactured 'Hate' - An Insider's Story" (Krak).

"‘Operation Iris’ & more: New documents tie Integrity Initiative to spin of Skripal affair".  "Prof on Skripal Case: Released Docs Pointing at Direction We Need to Investigate" (my emphasis in red):
"Sputnik: With regard to the Skripal case are there now serious questions for the government to answer when it comes to that?
Professor David Miller: Well, we’ve seen many more documents on the Skripal case in here and indeed some more on Syria, the alleged chemical attack on Douma. And of course the content of these documents is rather fanciful; there’s a large report about social media and media coverage of the Skripal case which fancifully refers to a whole load of people on twitter as being Kremlin trolls which they’re not. So I mean it’s very interesting to see all that and there are questions which arise about the extent to which the British government has been engaged in managing and manipulating media coverage of the Skripal affair.
The questions go deeper, there is a suggestion that there was a meeting called by the Integrity Initiative which involved Pablo Miller, the MI6 operative who was Sergei Skripal’s handler. And that raises very big questions indeed not least because the meeting is alleged to have been a meeting with the White Helmets — an organisation which has been intensely debated in relation to the Syrian conflict and which has been implicated to some extent at least in the fabrication of chemical weapons attack stories in Syria. So it raises all sorts of questions which the government has not begun to explore or explain and which most media has not begun to explore or explain.
Sputnik: There was a reference there, in the documents which suggested that if an incident is not to occur to provoke a tougher reaction against Russia then we need to be taking a tougher stance; and that in the context of the Skripal poisoning is quite sinister sounding isn’t it?
Professor David Miller: It is quite sinister sounding, if you look at the documents and the discussions of alleged propaganda lines on Skripal, which are no more than people doubting British government’s accounts — which is the first thing one should be doing in these circumstances — there is no acknowledgement in there of any more than the British government’s account — which is obviously correct and everyone else is wrong!
Some of the hints of this document are hints which raise questions about the British government’s role in the Skripal affair and those questions will not go away. It really very badly undermines the official British position that this was something done by the Russians — what was the official version? ‘Of a type produced by Russia’. That kind of propaganda is an indication that there is something not right in the Skripal story and these documents are pointing us in a certain direction when we need much more investigation of what happened in the Skripal case than we previously did."
"Dad’s Army’s cover blown" (Kevin).  "‘They made a mess & are fighting fires’: UK academic says Integrity Initiative fatally hurt by leaks".

John RendonTweet (WikiLeaks):
". on the UK government funded semi-covert media influence network , which attacked UK opposition leader and spread fake news about Julian Assange & Catalonia, was developed by the man who brought you the Iraq war."
It's curious that we've had so many big hacking incidents recently.

"US Israel-Palestine “Peace Deal”: $250bn Compensation by Arab States for “Jewish Property Left Behind”".  "What Happened To the Billions Germany Gave Israel?" (Kara-Mustapha).  A relatively small example:  "$40M in Holocaust Reparations Stolen in Massive Scam".

""A Soft Coup Against Donald Trump Is Underway" Declares Major Turkish Daily" (Durden).  "Who is the new member of the U.S. National Security Council?" (Ghaderi).  "End of Endless Wars will Indeed by Glorious!" (Anglin).

"With Golan at Stake, Netanyahu, Bolton Set Trump Straight on US Syria Withdrawal Plan" (Webb).

"India Begins Paying For Iranian Oil In Rupees" (Durden).

"US Envoy Anthony Zinni tasked with resolving Gulf crisis resigns":
"Zinni, a former commander of the US Central Command, said he was stepping down because of the "unwillingness of regional leaders to agree to a viable mediation effort that we offered to conduct or assist in implementing.""
"Second Dead Body Found At LA Home Of Wealthy Democratic Donor"(Durden).  "Great White Defendant Found: Gay Democrat Donor Has SECOND Dead Black Male Prostitute Found In House" (Sailer):
"As Lady Bracknell would say, “To lose one gay black prostitute may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness.”"
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