Saturday, January 19, 2019

Flight school

The latest Cohen 'collusion;' story was bullshit of the highest order, and obvious from the get-go (the original title of the article before Mueller took the amazing step of refuting it):  "Skeptics Shred BuzzFeed Over Trump Tower Scoop; Journo Admits He Hasn't Seen Evidence" (Durden) (Leopold in particular has an almost unbelievable reputation for this kind of thing - actually, not at all unbelievable given the standards of 'journalism' these days - for a guy who always seems to find employment as a 'journalist').  "LOL: Bob Mueller’s Special Counsel Office Says Buzzfeed Article On Trump Directing Jew Cohen to Lie is an Inaccurate Hoax" (Rogers).  Marshall had already built a mighty fortress on this nonsense, so it must be a bit of a disappointment:  "Team Mueller Calls Into Question Buzzfeed Report" (Kurtz).

"With Beto O’Rourke as Lightning Rod, Corporate Democrats Aim to Stifle Criticism" (Solomon).  The pattern of taking oil money and voting to promote Republican goals fits the profile of the modern, successful Democrat politician.

"GOP Rep. Seeks to Block Tlaib Palestine Congressional Delegation" (Cole).

Duh!:  "Adelson has ‘more influence’ than Pompeo, ‘controlling’ State Dep’t on Israel, says ‘NYT’ columnist Egan" (Weiss).  Striking to see it in the JYT (must be macher infighting, as the truth is always otherwise banned in the JYT).

As predicted, from Mr. Compromised:  "Syria: In the History of Bad Excuses, This One’s Top-Tier" (Knapp):
 "And this is the best they can come up with? If the troops don’t stay in Syria, they can’t keep getting killed in Syria? Wow, that really shows Trump, doesn’t it?"
"Triumph of Conventional Wisdom: AP Expunges Iran/Contra Pardons from Barr’s Record" (Husseini).  Barr has special skillz (obviously, the AP has no interest whatsoever in censoring facts to protect Trump - they are protecting the newly-sainted Bush crime family and the general sleaziness of Washington politics):
"A president facing a major scandal, just as the highest-profile trial is about to begin, pardons the indicted or convicted officials around him to effectively stop the investigation that’s closing in on his own illegal conduct.

Trump soon? We’ll see. But this actually describes what President George H.W. Bush did in 1992."
"Bases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report" (Turse):
"The annual cost of deploying U.S. military personnel overseas, as well as maintaining and running those foreign bases, tops out at an estimated $150 billion annually, according to the Overseas Bases Realignment and Closure Coalition. The price tag for the outposts alone adds up to about one-third of that total. “U.S. bases abroad cost upwards of $50 billion per year to build and maintain, which is money that could be used to address pressing needs at home in education, health care, housing, and infrastructure,” Vine points out."
"Taibbi: Has The Government Legalized Secret Defense Spending?" (Taibbi).  The 'black books' aren't quite black enough to hide the boondoggles.

"Things Congress Could Do for Peace, From Easiest to Hardest" (Swanson). There is no hope for any of these things from an utterly beshekeled Congress.

"CIS Sues SPLC, Alleges Wire Fraud, RICO Conspiracy" (Kirkwood).  The SPLC was a pioneer in monitizing identity politics.

It is often difficult to get over the idea that the US is intentionally weakening itself to benefit its competitors:  "US Blunders have made Russia the Global Trade Pivot" (Maavak):
"Ultimately, industries in Asia and Europe will seek safer transit routes for their products. The inference here is inevitable: the greatest logistical undertaking in history – China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – will be highly dependent on Russian security umbrella, particularly in Central Asia. Russia also offers an alternative transit option via the Northern Sea Route, thereby avoiding any potential pan-Turkic ructions in Central Asia in the future."
'Karl' Carlson is on a roll:  "When Did Democrats Become the Party of Bill Kristol and Neocon Hacks?".  The end of NATO is starting to become a mainstream position in some parts of the Republican Party.

"Commie Jew Huffington Post Cites “Conservative” Kike Jennifer Rubin Attacking Trump" (Anglin). The Khazars have divided themselves into the goyishe political groupings for convenience and in order to pass as normies, but they really only care about Khazar supremacism.

"U.S. House Passes Bill to Nominate “Anti-Semitism” Head to Monitor Criticism of Israel" (Weir).  411-1, with Amash the one non-traitor.  This will be dismissed as an irrelevant government staffing issue, but the implications are deeply troubling as speech over Zionist wrongdoing is surely going to be further criminalized.

"Israeli historian Benny Morris doubles down on his advocacy for ethnic cleansing" (Ofir) (and yet people still call 'the goyim know, shut it down' memes as somehow 'anti-Semitic'):
"Morris still criticizes Prime Minister Netanyahu for “his unwillingness to talk to the Palestinians about a territorial compromise” and that “he doesn’t put anything on the table that will draw them into discussions”.
But why “discussions”, if Morris doesn’t believe in it anyway? Morris explains:
Even if territorial compromise with the Palestinians is not realistic in this generation, as was also the case earlier, you have to play the diplomatic game – even if you know it won’t lead anywhere – in order to retain the West’s sympathy. You have to look like you’re pursuing peace, even if you’re not.
Let’s pause here – this is really some admission. Morris says that the only point of the “diplomatic game” is to keep up an appearance, in order to “retain the West’s sympathy”. Yes, you heard it here. The ‘peace process’ serves no other function than that of a “diplomatic game”. Here Morris echoes former Prime Minister Itzhak Shamir, who in the very beginning of the famous ‘peace process’ in Madrid in 1991, coined the ‘teaspoon policy’: endless negotiating sessions at which countless teaspoons amounting to mountains of sugar would be stirred into oceans of tea and coffee, but no agreement would ever be reached."
"Justin Trudeau’s pack of lies about BDS" (Abunimah).  Another guy who can't sneak up to you in the dark due to all the shekels rattling in his pockets.

"The Death Penalty for Canada’s Foreign Policy?" (Bently):
"The multiple levels of hypocrisy behind Canada’s claim that it is humane and adhering to the rule of law while China is “politically motivated,” in the current stand-off, begs the question as to Ottawa’s real motives. Coming alongside Chrystia Freeland’s rabid anti-communist campaign in Venezuala and Armenia (she has, for example, recently condemned Maduro as an illegitimate “dictator”); it might make sense that the extradition of Meng is part of a larger conspiracy amongst elements of the Western elite to stage a Cold War II, with China playing the part of the Soviet Union.

If this is true, we might ask whether Prime Minister Trudeau is entirely comfortable with the direction his Foreign Minister is taking Canadian foreign policy. I doubt it would sit well with his father who famously befriended Mao and Castro, and who, it has recently been revealed, was himself under surveillance by the RCMP because of his leftist sympathies."
"When Alexandria took the mic, she talked about the effect of the government shut down on the innocent feds, and she relied on an anecdote about… wait for it… an Arab who came to America to go to flight school in New York."

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