Sunday, January 27, 2019

Gassing and maiming

Tweet (George Galloway):
"MSM journalists ( even decent ones) are in a state of denial about the collapse of their credibility amongst an increasingly “woke” general public. Fewer and fewer believe less and less of what they say, are suspicious of what they don’t say, and are deserting them in droves..."
We're getting so much of The Clarification all at once it is almost too much to stand.

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"If you're surprised to see the director of "Human Rights Watch" throwing his support behind a military coup against the democratically-elected government, raise your hand. And smack yourself with it. Then repeat the process, as many times as it takes."
Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"It is sad testament to Human Rights Watch’s abysmal agenda on Venezuela that the organization’s executive director would blame Maduro for attempted coup orchestrated against his govt with key assistance from US officials, who are further destabilizing the country." 
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Hilarious. The right-wing president of Paraguay (where the US backed a soft coup in 2012) is obediently following US orders and supporting the coup in Venezuela, but he doesn't even know the name of the puppet "president" they are trying to install, Guaidó"
"Jew Terrorist Elliot Abrams to Lead Pompeo-Bolton Venezuala Agenda" (Anglin).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Remembering Rachel Abrams - the late wife of Trump's Venezuelan coup czar, Elliot Abrams - and the time she called Palestinians "child sacrificing savages," "devil's spawn," worshippers of a "murder god," and called for their genocide via "
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Washington Post op-ed goes full in praise of Trump's Venezuela coup attempt because "combating Russian influence in our backyard is at the core of our national interest." "
 Tweet (OffGuardian):
"UK Govt: Look at the starving people of Venezuela! We must remove Maduro for their sake! Oh those poor hungry babies! Venezuelan Govt: Can we have our gold back, to buy food? UK: No."
Also as you would expect, the Eurotrash fall in line:  "France, Germany, Spain Give Maduro 8 Days to Hold Snap Election".

"The Vultures of Caracas" (Murray).

"Cocaine And Cash: How Maduro Stays In Power" (Durden). (((Bloomberg))) retypes one of the least clever State Department press releases.  The comments are funny.

Some good news from The Clarification, the Russian neoliberals have been completely discredited by the actions of the West they used to want to be like: "The End of Russia’s ‘Democratic Illusions’ About America" (Cohen).

I'm still certain the Canadian Liberals were using McCallum to send up trial balloons of sanity, but the Americans squawked so Nazi Prime Minister Freeland sent him to the firing squad:  "‘Nobody is feeling good about’ John McCallum’s departure, says PMO source" (Delacourt, retyping, as you would expect, a Liberal press release).  BTW, that's it for me and the Liberals.  Until Nazi Freeland and too-low IQ Trudeau are gone, I'm never voting Liberal again, even at the expense of getting the ridiculous and dangerous Conservatives.  These psychos/morons are literally too dangerous to have in power.

Tweet (Mr. Sinister):
"We quietly helped an attempted coup."
"Why Would the US Want Venezuela’s Oil When It Already Buys 41% of Its Total Exports?" (Korybko) (this would explain the overly-prominent role of Canada in the conspiracy):
"Alongside ensuring full geopolitical control over the Caribbean Basin and ideologically confronting socialism, the US wants to obtain predominant influence over Venezuela in order to incorporate it into a parallel OPEC-like structure for challenging the joint Russian-Saudi OPEC+ arrangement per the author’s late-2016 prediction about the formation of a “North American-South American Petroleum Exporting Countries” (NASAPEC) cartel. This entity would function as “Fortress America’s” energy component and have the potential to exert powerful long-term pressure on the international oil market at Russia and Saudi Arabia’s expense. When coupled with the US and Qatar’s joint LNG investment plans, it’s clear to see that the US is making a global power play for control over the world’s energy industry, which could very adversely affect Russia."
I'm guessing Maduro will still be in power when Macron is long gone (and France will say goodbye to the cruel rule of a Khazarocracy, the worst form of government yet discovered, a fate we all still suffer).  "Watch Live: Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000" (Durden). Tweet (Lisa McKenzie):
"How can stand on the world stage and think he has any authority, is the complete example of the arrogance of the elite man."
"Mueller's Desperate Roger Stone Gambit by Larry Johnson":
". . . if the Trump organization was actively colluding with the Russians and Wikileaks, why were they asking Stone to find out what Wikileaks had and what it intended to do with such material.

This is the most critical revelation, in my view, from this indictment--the Trump campaign did not know what Wikileaks had or what it intended to do. They were reaching out to an outsider--a third party--who claimed to have contacts with Wikileaks. But Stone did not. In typical Roger Stone fashion, his story kept changing. Initially he insisted he was in direct contact with someone there. Not true. He then admitted that he was relying on the word of Randy Credico. That probably was the truth. But Credico's information was second hand. Randy Credico knew the wife of Julian Assange's deceased attorney--Margaret Ratner Kunstler, widow of William Kunstler. She did have contacts at Wikileaks and was in a position to tell Credico that more dirt on Clinton was coming. But Stone was parlaying third hand information to present himself as a guy with inside knowledge. That's not criminal. That is typical of Washington and the world of journalism."
Building a country, one murder at a time: "Israel enjoys West's support for killing Palestinians: Activist".

Tweet (Dr Old Grump):
"It's time for the world to act. The country has seen weeks of violent protests, the embattled President has a less than 17% approval rating, and government forces have been gassing and maiming civilians in the streets. Install Nathalie Arthaud as President of France now!"
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