Sunday, January 20, 2019

It’s the algorithm

"The US Military Is Winning... No, Really, It Is!" (Turse):
"Today, almost 17 years after the war began, two years after Nicholson took the reins, one year after Trump articulated his new plan, victory in any traditional sense is nowhere in sight. Despite spending around $900 billion in Afghanistan, as the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction determined earlier this year, “between 2001 and 2017, U.S. government efforts to stabilize insecure and contested areas in Afghanistan mostly failed.” According to a July 30, 2018, report by that same inspector general, the Taliban was by then contesting control of or controlled about 44% of that country, while Afghan government control and influence over districts had declined by about 16% since Nicholson’s predecessor, General John Campbell, was in command.
And that was before, last month, the Taliban launched a large-scale attack on a provincial capital, Ghazni, a strategically important city, and held it for five days, while taking control of much of the province itself. Finally driven from the city, the Taliban promptly overran a military base in Baghlan Province during its withdrawal. And that was just one day after taking another Afghan military base. In fact, for the previous two months, the Taliban had overrun government checkpoints and outposts on a near-daily basis. And keep in mind that the Taliban is now only a fraction of the story. The U.S. set out to defeat it and al-Qaeda in 2001. Today, Washington faces exponentially more terror groups in Afghanistan -- 21 in all, including an imported franchise from the Iraq War front, ISIS, that grew larger during Nicholson’s tenure.
Given this seemingly dismal state of affairs, you might wonder what happened to Nicholson. Was he cashiered? Fired, Apprentice-style? Quietly ushered out of Afghanistan in disgrace? Hardly. Like the 15 U.S. commanders who preceded him, the four-star general simply rotated out and, at his final press conference from the war zone late last month, was nothing if not upbeat.
“I believe the South Asia Strategy is the right approach. And now we see that approach delivering progress on reconciliation that we had not seen previously,” he announced. “We've also seen a clear progression in the Taliban's public statements, from their 14 February letter to the American people to the recent Eid al-Adha message, where [Taliban leader] Emir Hibatullah acknowledged for the first time that negotiations will, quote, ‘ensure an end to the war,’ end quote.”
In the event that you missed those statements from a chastened Taliban on the threshold of begging for peace, let me quote from the opening of the latter missive, issued late last month:
“This year Eid­ al­-Adha approaches us as our Jihadi struggle against the American occupation is on the threshold of victory due to the help of Allah Almighty. The infidel invading forces have lost all will of combat, their strategy has failed, advanced technology and military equipment rendered useless, [the] sedition and corruption­-sowing group defeated, and the arrogant American generals have been compelled to bow to the Jihadic greatness of the Afghan nation.”
And those conciliatory statements of peace and reconciliation touted by Nicholson? The Taliban says that in order to end “this long war” the “lone option is to end the occupation of Afghanistan and nothing more.”
In June, the 17th American nominated to take command of the war, Lieutenant General Scott Miller, appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee where Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) grilled him on what he would do differently in order to bring the conflict to a conclusion. “I cannot guarantee you a timeline or an end date,” was Miller’s confident reply.
Did the senators then send him packing? Hardly. He was, in fact, easily confirmed and starts work this month. Nor is there any chance Congress will use its power of the purse to end the war. The 2019 budget request for U.S. operations in Afghanistan -- topping out at $46.3 billion -- will certainly be approved."
I've been over this before, but if you keep fighting wars for somebody else's purposes, you can't ever 'win', as you can never elucidate what 'winning' would look like.

"US erodes Russia-Turkey axis in Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  More very late - hail Mary late, if the Khazars believed in Mary, that bitch - Yinonizing attempts by the neocons, complete with no-fly zone.  Tel Aviv must think that Erdoğan is some kind of idiot.

As you would expect, death rates from synthetic opiates correspond, not to medical need, but to the degree of Sackler family 'pushing' to doctors (essentially by bribing them):  "Opioid Deaths Overlap With Pharma’s Target Markets" (Hlavinka).  "Oddly Enough, More Big Pharma Kickbacks for Docs Are Associated With More Opioid Deaths" (Watson).

"Andrew Anglin Involved in Problematic Lawsuit Situation" (Knickerbocker).  Anglin made the mistake he constantly warns his readers not to make.

"REVEALED: Amnesty International’s Historic Links to US & UK Intelligence Agencies" (Rubenstein).  From its beginning, just another British intelligence operation, another part of the long line leading to the Integrity Initiative and the White Helmets.

"Buzzfeed, Question Time & the purpose of Fake News" (Knightly).  I think it is simpler than the big conspiracy (the big conspiracy does explain the Guardian).  Buzzfeed, in its very name, is a clickbait scheme (ironically, exactly what the Russians were up to when they were sending out silly memes before the last election).  They are all about the clicks, and they got the clicks.  Who cares about reputation?

They were warned and went ahead anyway:  tweet (Aaron Maté):
"More bad news for Buzzfeed, via WP: in seeking initial comment from Mueller, Buzzfeed "made no reference to the... evidence that Mueller’s investigators" supposedly had. Mueller office "would have more vigorously discouraged the reporters" had they known: "
"The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data" (Best).  They might learn something about themselves!  Carrying this stuff through airports seems awfully dumb to me.

"War on BDS: How AIPAC-Israel Agenda became USG Priority" (Baroud). A revealing inter-Khazar fight.  The machers are furious that the lite Zionists are using BDS to consolidate Khazar thieving to date, while giving up on all the rest of the Zionist Empire that has yet to be stolen.  They are so mad they are demonstrating the obscene degree of control they have over American politicians with obviously unconstitutional efforts to block one particular type of speech.

Sarsour remains a problem they continue to attack by kevinbaconing her (with Farrakahn):  "Women's March doesn’t represent Jews – Laura Loomer shouts after crashing NYC event".  The irony of course is that all these marches in recent American history have been led and organized solely by Khazars for what amounts to Khazar supremacist purposes (which isn't to say there have not been good results from them).  We're so indoctrinated we don't even ask the obvious question of why a woman's march should represent Jews!

"Why is Japan So Bitter About Unstoppable Rise of China" (Vltchek).  There is a meme that has been around for years that Japan is right on the verge of completely collapsing, generally connected to its refusal to give up its genetic homogeneity.

The Remainer conspiracy:  "Second Referendum: Beware The Deception Around A "No Deal" Brexit" (Guinness). The only thing that is stopping them is the fear that the people are on to the trick, and will deliver an even greater Leave vote the next time, as a big fuck you to the establishment.  That would really put them in a pickle.

"Coincidence? - Chief Nurse Of British Army Was First To Arrive At Novichoked Skripal Scene" (Moon).  Good stuff, but there is no evidence that the agent used could have killed him, or was intended to kill him, so they weren't trying to get rid of him.  It is remarkable that it was the army nurse herself who went out of her way to obtain a public award for her daughter, hardly likely if she was part of the conspiracy (or did she think nobody would put the pieces together?).  You almost have to wonder if British intelligence had her reveal herself to send another message to the Russians - we did this, and can and will do it again, and the only reason the victims are alive is that we sent an expert to monitor the scene.

"BRITISH GOVERNMENT DEMOLISHES SKRIPAL HOUSE, ROOF FALLS IN ON THERESA MAY AS EVIDENCE GROWS THAT SERGEI SKRIPAL POISONED HIMSELF BY ACCIDENT" (Helmer).  The MI6 Players present a little dinner theater.  That door handle ought to be in a museum somewhere (along with the part of the plane that Rumsfeld has carted off as a trophy on 9/11, Atta's passport, and the Magic Bullet).

The Khazars want to collect your deets, goyim, and have a trick to get you to let them (it's the human body form of phishing):  tweet (Tim Maughan):
"This is hilarious. got identical twins to try out leading DNA tests. Very different results between brands. Even worse? 23andMe gave different results for *each twin* Their explanation? “It’s the algorithm”"
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