Saturday, January 26, 2019

Juan Guido

There was an impressive rant by a Democrat senator from Colorado named Michael Bennet.  In it he mentioned something important, something I've seen elsewhere but can't find now.  It is the fact that Trump is going to have to expropriate the land for his wall from rich Republican ranchers/landowners.  Trump has no real intention to build the wall - getting the land is literally politically impossible for a Republican President, and always has been - but has to pretend he does due to the centrality of the concept to his 'base' (Ann Coulter has consistently and noisily made the wall the central tenet of MAGA).  He set the whole shutdown up just to make it seem that he did everything he could, but the traitorous Democrats held the country up to ransom, so it just wasn't possible to keep his promise without irreparably damaging the country.  Of course, Trump had to wait for the Democrats to control the House before he could attempt this argument.

"Russiagate Farce: FBI Brings CNN Camera Crew to Film 3am Arrest of Roger Stone". Mueller is encouraging Americans to see this operation as another part of a Clintonista conspiracy.

"Protests in France and Venezuela - Spot the Difference" (Clark).  "Gilets Jaunes Under Attack" (Haynes)

Tweet (Mr. LV426):
"Let me get this straight...the guy who helped create the conditions that all of these immigrants are fleeing in Central America -- the "border crisis" -- was just put in charge of a coup effort in Venezuela by the Trump administration. Is that ironic or just insane?"
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just called the figure Washington is attempting to install as Venezuelan President "Juan *Guido*" - as in the racist term for Italians. America's top diplomat didn't even bother to learn how to pronounce his puppet's name."
Tweet (Jon Zal):
"Anyone criticizing the use of a S.W.A.T. team in Roger Stone's arrest clearly isn't familiar with the danger posed by his collection of trick umbrellas."
Tweet (William LeGate):
"If Trump really wanted to see Hillary locked up, he should’ve just hired her to work on his campaign."
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