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"How the War Party Lost the Middle East" (Buchanan).  It is telling that the end of war used to be the cause of joy and celebration, but in the beshekeled and benighted vassal states straining under the harsh yoke of Khazar rule it's the worst fucking disaster in the world.

"Good Riddance to America’s Syria Policy" (Walt).  Some coded references to (((what))) is really going on here - from someone who really knows better! - and what Walt calls the 'wrong way', is, let's face it, the only possible way given what would have happened had Trump provided any kind of warning to the (((warmongers))).

"The Mattis Dilemma" (Giraldi):
"General Mattis does indeed hold views that were shaped by four decades of experience, but most of it was bad and produced wrong conclusions about America’s place in the world. The Cold War was essentially a bi-polar conflict pitting two adversaries that had the ability to destroy all life on the planet. It generated a Manichean viewpoint on good vs. evil that did not reflect reality which was succeeded by a global war on terror declared by Washington that also exploited the good and evil paradigm. Mattis was a product of that kind of thinking, which was also fueled by the concept of American exceptionalism, which saw the United States as the proper promoter and enforcer of universal values.
There is, of course, another viewpoint, which is that American blundering and use of force as a first option has, in fact, created the current dystopia. The United States is not currently venerated as a force for good, quite the opposite. Opinion polls suggest that Washington is overwhelmingly viewed negatively worldwide and it is perceived as being the nation most likely to start wars. That is not exactly what the nation’s Founders envisioned back in 1783.
Trump is right about leaving Syria where nothing beyond prolonging the bloody conflict is being accomplished. Mattis is wrong about supporting “friends.” For an educated man, he misreads history. The First World War and Second World War developed as they did because of alliances. Countries that appear friendly can exploit relationships with other more powerful nations that will have devastating results.
Alliances should be temporary, coming and going based on the interests of the nations involved. In the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia are not actually friends of the United States, and are engaged instead in manipulating Washington to suit their own purposes. Mattis does not understand that and sees a permanent state of war requiring the continued existence of NATO, for example, as a vehicle for deterrence and peace. It is neither. Its very existence depends on a perception of being threatened even where no threat exists, which has poisoned the relationship with Russia since the fall of communism. Worse still, that false perception of threat can lead to war and a global nuclear holocaust."
"Jewish Journalist Posted Anti-Semitic Tweets Under a Fake Account to Discredit Opponents" (Diversity Macht Frei).  We've reached the point when we should be surprised when this kind of thing doesn't happen.

"Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations — Part Two" (Joyce):
"Editor’s note: Andrew Joyce has been permanently banned from Twitter for posting some of these names—just the names, no comments. He was also paid a visit by the UK thought police as a result of those posts. Because of new software, he has been unable to start an account even other pseudonyms."
""Election Meddling" Enters Bizarro World As MSM Ignores Democrat-Linked "Russian Bot" Scheme" (Durden). Naturally, Scott Shane is still employed by the JYT.  The headline that sums it up:  "Firm That Warned Americans Of Russian Bots... Was Running An Army Of Fake Russian Bots" (Ryan).  Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"This is an extremely important point. wrote an article on the Senate Intel Committee report authored by and said nothing about the Alabama meddling operation that same firm carried out. Anything to say for yourself, Scott?"
"New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics" (Maté).

"Rumors Swirl As Mystery Firm Takes Fight With Mueller To Supreme Court" (Durden).  Over 500 comments, mostly unhelpful.  After the appeal court affirmed the lower court ruling, why didn't they lift the secrecy?  All we know is that it is a corporation owned by a country that argued that enforcing the subpoena would breach its domestic laws (an issue that they did a sloppy job of arguing that didn't impress the court).

"So you Think all those (((Hollywood))) Gangsters were Irish or Italians? Think Again." (Bacon).  One of the earliest parts of my wokening is realizing that (((Hollywood))) created a story about the 'mafia' that concerned some minor local gangs of hoodlums, completely missing the real story of the (((leadership))) of important organized crime in America.  Their sons and grandsons have slightly tweaked the methodology:  "The Malaysia Scandal Is Starting to Look Dire for Goldman Sachs" (Taibbi) ("The bank charged prices for its bond issuance that analysts believe were suspiciously high – like a massage price that suggests you’re probably getting more than a massage.") and "Cooking Books and Limiting Responsibility: The Goldman Sachs Playbook" (Kampmark).

"Worse than Obsolete: NATO Creates Enemies" (LaForge). For all intents and purposes, NATO is now just a Khazar proxy army, so the (((media))) does all it can to play this down, and you're not supposed to notice the cumulative listing of outrages.

"UK Government Refuses to Confirm if Israeli Ambassador’s Killers are Free".  'National security' means covering up a false flag.  In all these years, nothing has changed.  Note:
"Although the terrorists were from Abu Nidal Organisation and not Yasser Arafat’s PLO, the Israeli government retaliated by launching Operation Peace for Galilee, a full-scale invasion of Lebanon.

The Israelis occupied parts of Beirut and in September 1982 their Falangist allies massacred hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps while Israeli troops led by future prime minister Ariel Sharon turned a blind eye.

Israeli forces only left in 1985."
"On the road in the Karakoram" (Escobar).  A remarkable engineering achievement, and just a small part of a much larger plan, but for all the hype you'd think it was an eight-lane highway and a number of railway lines. Note the comment by Syed Fazal Abbas:
"An accurate description of CPEC by Pepe. This is the version discussed at high levels in Pak and China, and released to the Media. However, the view from the circle Pepe moves in is in sharp contrast from the street view.

After incessant reading about the New Silk Road and BRI for the last 5 years, I decided to experience the first Belt (CPEC) myself first hand. In October this year I joined a “caravan” of Pak traders and ordinary visitors did the route from Islamabad to Kashgar and back via road a la Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta.

The perilous journey was a fascinating experience. I went from Islamabad to OBL-infamous Abbotabad to Mansehra to Gilgit to Hunza to Sost in Pakistan and then onwards to Khunjerab to Tashkurgan to Kashgar in China. Here are some troubling facts that Pak and Chinese governments should take note.

1. The northern locals are totally unprepared for the incoming onslaught of Chinese products and people when the New Karakoram Highway completes in 2 years. There are not enough hotels, restaurants, warehouses, service centers, medical facilities for traders, travelers, and visitors.

2. The goods traffic is mostly one way - from China to Pakistan. For Pak goods into china there are serious non-tariff barriers, mostly procedural. The Paks have neither the equipment nor skills to meet Chinese legitimate requirements of edible product fumigation etc.

3. On both sides of the border there is antipathy towards the other side. Paks do not trust the Chinese who have developed a reputation of cheating and overcharging (of which I was myself a victim). The treatment of Pak traders at Chinese Custom and Immigration is rough, demeaning, and insulting. The Chinese have a dim view of Pakistani visitors. Furthermore, the Paks of all social and economic classes take a dim view of Chinese love of drinking alcohol, sexual mores, and godlessness.

4. It is very difficult for a Pak to get Chinese visitor or trader visa; takes upwards of 6 months and costs $2000 in agent fees). By contrast a 7 years visitor multiple visa on my Canadian PP took 3 days and cost around $100. It may be fair to add that residents of Gilgit Baltistan need no visa to go to Xinkiang.

Unless Pak and China governments pay immediate attention to these irritants that can be removed via education, the whole BRI/CPEC/New Silk Road experience may turn out to be an ugly one. Since Pak and China bureaucrats mostly travel by air they may not be aware of the reality on the ground."
Also:  "CPEC is the supreme jewel in the Belt and Road crown, the largest foreign development or investment program in modern China’s history, loaded with way more funds than years of US military aid to Islamabad." And, of course, there's a difference between wasting money on corrupt and destructive military 'aide', and spending it on productive national development.

"Western Media Takes Aim at China's OBOR" (Thomas).

The cat has been put in charge of guarding the catnip.  "Saudi Arabia takes charge of Afghan peace talks" and  "Iran challenges Saudi role in the Afghan endgame" (Bhadrakumar) (also):
 "The emergent contradiction can be reconciled in only one way – by Pakistan living up to its stated position, namely, to give primacy to regional consensus on any Afghan settlement. However, Pakistan’s hands are tied after having accepted the multi-billion dollar bailouts recently (amounting to a total of US$ 12 billion) from the Saudis and the Emiratis to cope with its economic crisis. Pakistan had a choice of approaching the IMF but the US made things difficult. That in turn turned out to be a smart American ploy to involve its Saudi and Emirati allies who promptly loosened the purse strings to rescue Pakistan. Suffice to say, Pakistani leadership is no longer free to defy the Saudi-Emirati diktat on Afghan settlement."
What could possibly go wrong?

"What Happens if the Yellow Vests Win?" (Vitchek). An example of the constant pressure to pigeon hole dangerous protests into an intellectual framework, the 'left', where they can be controlled.  It reminds me of how the American 'left' is always so responsible in wondering how the richest country in the world could possibly be able to pay for a first-world health care system.

"YEAR IN REVIEW: 2018 Top Ten Conspiracies".

"Endless Culture War" (Dinh):
"As for the Rade, they have their own dishes, of course. To prepare one delicacy, they place slices of beef over a nest of weaver ants, then poke it to get the pissed-off ants to swarm out to nibble on the meat and urinate on it. The ant piss-marinated beef would then be placed on a tin roof, to be baked by the sun. Weaver ants and their eggs are themselves eaten, in a sweet and sour soup. At banquets, guests wolf down medium rare beef or buffalo dipped in just MSG. Another Dak Lak tribe, the Mnongs, can boast of a barely-cooked-pork salad, served in the pig’s hollowed out carcass."
"Tiresome Things of 2018:" (Van Buren).
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