Monday, January 07, 2019

Oppression and resistance

Tweet (Bernie Sanders):
"It’s absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity. Democrats must block consideration of any bills that don’t reopen the government. Let's get our priorities right."
A particularly striking example of The Clarification. See also:  "First Senate bill of 2019 would give Israel billions of dollars, combat BDS, and rebut Trump’s Syria withdrawal" (Weir). There is currently an obvious emergency shekel airlift on Washington, with dozens of Shlomos parachuting down, schlepping huge bags for various politicians and bureaucrats.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"It looks like Pierre Omidyar is funding the reincarnation of Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard and revitalizing the neocon movement behind “Never Trump” cover "
Funding simultaneously the Greenwald stream, and the people-Greenwald-purports-to-criticize stream.  I guess this is 'the dialectic'.

Tweet (Mairav Zonszein):
"First Jerusalem, now the Golan Heights. Area C of the West Bank, next."
These things aren't even remotely connected unless you believe Israel has a right to break up Syria, and Trump has to provide compensation for slowing down the process (by giving Israel things the US obviously has no right to bestow).

The French (((media))), is, naturally, massively undercounting the size of the protests:  "Désinformation sur la participation à l’acte 8 des Gilets jaunes : la grossière manipulation de l’exécutif".

"Star of viral 'yellow vests' music video denies anti-Semitism" (Chazan).  A real stretch, but tellingly indicative of guilt:  “Is describing reality anti-Semitic?”

It's where murder and land theft meets Solidarity with Womyn!:  tweet (Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll):
"Anyone who knows me knows how much it hurts that I cannot celebrate the incoming congresswomen with a full and happy heart. I so want to be fist pumping with them, but can't help feeling completely shut out & frankly hated as a Jewish woman who believes in Israel's right to exist"
Speaking of traitorously taking shekels, John Bolton:  "Syria Withdrawal Now Depends On Turkish Guarantee Not To Attack Kurds" (Durden).  And, of course, setting up yet another false flag:  "Bolton warns Syria against use of chemical weapons".

Taking the opportunity to double down on the madness:  ""Sykes-Picot On Acid": US Considering Syria Partition Plan Amidst Troop Exit" (Durden). This is less worrisome when you realize that people are paid shekels for just discussing it.

"Trump, Syria, and his minders: A yearend surprise." (Lawrence):
". . . the big deal here is vastly more significant than any one policy question. It is whether the president—any U.S. president—can succeed in taking back power over foreign policy from what some of us call the Deep State. It matters not at all if the person to get this done happens to be Trump. I have argued since Trump’s election that he may be a strange figure to get this done, but gaining control over the military-industrial complex is key to more or less everything else this nation needs to fix. You have to start somewhere, but who would have guessed it might be Donald Trump’s White House."
"Canadian charity used donations to fund projects linked to Israeli military" (Dyer).  Over 1600 comments, almost all woke.  The disconnect between how politicians take the shekels and how real human beings feel about it could not be greater.  The 'socialist' NDP remains completely bought:  "Where do NDP MPs stand on CBC story exposing Jewish National Fund?" (Engler).  The key will be if some rich Khazars get bills from the government reversing the huge tax deductions they've taken (I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that!).

There is a remarkable similarity all around the western world in the fundamental disgust real people have for their beshekeled corrupted politicians and the general Khazarian murder/theft project (with its consequent wars and political manipulation), though you only see it popping up in banners at protest marches, comments that somehow survive editing in the few comment fora that remain, and a few tweets before the tweeter is permanently deplatformed (for 'anti-Semitism').  Since you never see the dissent in the (((media))), this issue is the main gap between the (((media))) and the real world.

"‘NYT’ runs article about US Jews abandoning Israel that calls two-state solution ‘a cruel joke’" (Weiss).  Standard Weiss, except the last paragraph displays a hint of self-awareness that the goyim might be on to his trickery.

"Georges Loinger’s extraordinary life" (Swarc) (note how conspiring to further the land theft, with the illegal assistance of French bureaucrats, is still depicted as heroic):
"The task allotted to him by the Mossad L’Aliyah Bet was to deal with French bureaucracy in Marseille, where the organisation was planning the secret dispatch of more than 4,000 Jewish survivors from the German camps to Palestine – then under British rule. This was the background to the story of the Haganah ship Exodus.

As a cover, Loinger was provided with a letter of recommendation by a collaborator of the minister of the interior that would allay any suspicion by other French authorities who were working on Britain’s behalf to stop the traffic in illegal immigration to Palestine. When Loinger was later arrested with other Mossad L’Aliyah Bet operatives in the vicinity of potential ports of departure, his connection to the ministry of the interior ensured their quick release."
Once Trump blurted out his wonderful tweet, everybody started acting as if the future had to go through the Syrian government, making the shekeling wasted:  "Deal with Syria regime 'inevitable': Kurdish commander". Of course, the machers still have to compete to prove it was their bribery shekels that 'saved' Israel, so lots of yachts are going to be bought in the next few months by Washington insiders you wouldn't think could afford them.  Bolton should be able to afford his own personal navy.

"Neocons, Conservatism Inc. Respond To Tucker Carlson Monologue As Deviationist" (Sailer).  On Tucker 'Karl' Carson's remarkable shift to a kind of left populism.  Soros' antifa goons have already physically threatened his family, and I worry he might be hueylonged.
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